Do Arab women like anal sex?

Montréal, Canada

#164 Jul 11, 2011
this message for Fox

I believe you are anal. do you thimk we believe your accusation. who in the world are you. Obviously you need education and you also need to travel

Chicago, IL

#165 Jul 12, 2011
Lmao oh I am it's those religious ppl that need an education n no bible isn't considered education lololol Y u so mad wala I'm entitled to my opinion o.O plus my story isn't anal if anything ur the anal one gettin all pissy geez

Montréal, Canada

#167 Jul 13, 2011
Hey this is for you Mr Fox,

Nothing personal, this is a public opinion Forom, you sound very anal and insist to make your point and dream to have the rest of the audiance share your DIRTY openion

But defenitly you are entiled to your own anal lover openion. My personal openion is the same as the 4 out 5 billion NORMAL people on this plannet.

You can not critisize an entire nation based on few dirty uneducated filthy arabs who were influenced by the internet and wentern porno movies and want to try for practice (and you are right when you point thes people who will some day regret what they did and ask god forgiveness) and you should do the same

What are you going to answer God on the day of Judgment, do you have an answer that will convince god otherwise of your wrong doing, one last question, did you think for one second when these strong giant Angels are pulling you from your feet straight to through you in a 50 year free fall prior to reaching its bottom and last for iternity

If you do not believe, that is your rights while you are temporary alive on earth. If you read and learn may be you will save your sole from this free down fall and iternel suffering.

Which you luck

Chicago, IL

#168 Jul 13, 2011
Psycho... Didn't even waste my time reading this response u seem angry writing an entire paper on this or something? Lmao

Sri Lanka

#169 Jul 14, 2011
in islam wedding is the beautiful incident which makes most of the haram as halal.having sex through marriage is to have peace for both partners at all including sex and to spread generation.islam avoids anal sex strictly.the arab may do or may not.but muslim must not. Or otherwise we have to bear the curse of allah.

Montréal, Canada

#170 Jul 14, 2011
that is exactly all faguet's commun response

Montréal, Canada

#171 Jul 14, 2011
Thank you Muslim, you are absolutly right, there are arab muslim and arab non muslim also other very very minor category that are arab muslims that do not practice due to their bad family envirnment and because of their luck of good muslim education and / or weak iman (faith) are drifted away by the influance of tv, movies, internet and immoral western permitted sins and what is so called normal practice including anal practice.

Anal intercourse is one of the BIGGEST SIN ever, either with men or women (including wifes), and these drifted away people shall remember what GOD did to the people of the profet (LOT - or - LOUT), they all soufred a bad ending, this was well detailed in the Holly Couran, the bible and the Torat.

Sri Lanka

#173 Jul 15, 2011
you r exactly correct wala.may allah protect us from this kind of sins which he denied.

Cedar Lake, IN

#174 Jul 21, 2011
Arab clean wrote:
Arab Muslims are the cleanest human been, they clean with pure water 5 times a day, in addition to other moments of the day or week etc.. They spend most of they daily routine to wash and clean and pray. In addition of the spiritual facts and their great believes to god they are also very clean in their mind, this means they stay away from any anal activity or what so ever simply because it is one of the gretest sin.
Unfortunatly there are some NON muslim Arabs or some Muslims who lived in Western countries (where all the sins are permitted and all the DIRTY sex is allowed even adultary and homosexuality is fully accepted) where very few arab people without religious education, get easily influanced by such DIRTY western practice in movies or in the internet, and certainly do not and will not reflect the 2 Billion clean and God fearing Arab muslim people (men and women) and will remain clean in this life and under the ground and until the day of Judgement where we meet the Unique God in clean state.
The truth of the matter is that Arab People are very genereous, nice and most importantly are respectfull to all countries and to all nations, please do not let yourself get carried away with these fauls stories shown on TV or some movies, because they are strugling to come up with shocking stories to make DIRTY money.
If you really want to know about Arab people, please read the History, travel, explore the world, and go and visit these wonderfull countries where you will make the best friends ever, before making wrong judgment.
God bless you all
Capt: M.J
Arabic man

Amman, Jordan

#176 Jul 27, 2011
The main problem in arabic countries is that mariage takes place at a late age , for woman in her mid twenties , that means she should be virgin after about 15 years of sexual desire , most of them have anal sex before marriage to save there virginity , further more some arab christian married women dont consider anal sex with a stranger as cheating, so it is very easy to use their asses ,they don't mind doing it at all .
In some gulf countries sodomy is common in the early sex life of men . They are used to getting anal sex before their first relation with a woman and thus after marriage they feel that pussy is not as tight as the they have anal sex with their wives

Montréal, Canada

#177 Jul 27, 2011
WTS and Fox and Arabic man, you are not muslims but simply one person with anal dirty fantasy, Your openion is just an openion has no solid truth or grounds, (only dogs burks)

Cedar Lake, IN

#178 Jul 27, 2011
If you learned to spell I might be able to understand your Neanderthal rant. LOL btw not one person so get that straight you poop pusher

Amsterdam, Netherlands

#179 Aug 3, 2011
Well said WTF. This wala guy is a pure poop-pusher. He paints this picture of the Muslim world as a haven of peace while in reality it's a hole of oppression, poverty, superstition and prejudice. Just take a look at their legal systems, rulers, the position of women (especially when worked with acid when she refuses to marry her cousin) and religious minorities ... Enough said.

Muslims like wala blame everything on the West because they are jealous of the prosperity found there. They hate Israel, they hate Hollywood, but secretly they all jack off to American Porn. If they could get a greencard they would be working there the very next day. Muslim men have the same perverted desires as everyone else. wala is just using Taqiya to hide it; this means that an Islamist may lie in order to further the cause of spreading his religion. Heck, Arabs might be even more perverse than other peoples because Muhammed introduced severe regulations to repress anything sexual. Why was that necessary, hmm?

Montréal, Canada

#181 Sep 11, 2011
Nick, well that is your openion, and I respect that. But off course every nation in the world has advantages and disadvantages, that is normal, the West are great Nation with technology and many several wonderfull things so is every country has its own Civilisation and both good and bad history. But you seem attaking the Muslims that is not too nice, we are only tchatting the anal subject which is permitted in the west and off course few Arab they do it. I agree with the justice system is succs in many arab countries and that is why most of the Arabs are now changing their dictators using wonderfull and historical revolutions to reach justice. If you are attacking my typing errors that is fine, but I bet you you are not able to speak arabic or even write one word. We the arabic we speack, read, write at least 2 to 3 different languages, we invented the mathematics, the Physics, the astronomy, the Natural Science, mechanism and thanks to the Arabs and Muslims invention the world today has reached the amazing technology that we see, or the computers that we use is the result of the Arab initial invention. Logharithme for example is Arab Muslim, Algebra his name is Aba Al Jabr (meens the father of Jabr)...etc.. Avicen his Arab Name is Ibnou Sina and hundreds more, the number shape and form you are using and writing every day (are Arab Muslim invention, example 1 ghas one angle, 2 has two angles, 3 has three angles ..... 0 has zero angle ...etc... My self an Airlime Pilot type rated and qualified on Airbus 320 and 340 I am based and fly daily North American Jets, I served the US Airforce. But here is not about myself, I live in the west for almost 35 years and I enjoy living here. the question is when you discover the world by traveling and meet other people you will become someone else and helps you see that every nation is a good nation there are many good people every where, in fact all people are good people. I am not going to insult you back but a little of reading on the Islam and the Muslims and a little of traveling will help you see things differently.

Wish you all the best, I might made some mistakes in typing fast this paragraph, please forgive me.

This is the last time I am participating in this chat forum.

Wish you luck

Dubai, UAE

#182 Sep 11, 2011
WTF wrote:
<quoted text>
anal sex is one of the greatest sins in Islam, it is indeed great and worst one. the consequences are not possible to describe using words. god and it's rules exist without anyone's approval, so we'll see who is wrong or right as we die

Plasencia, Spain

#183 Sep 11, 2011
here we have to talk about that arab use a woman ass yes o no.i think it is difficult to explain i am living in spain fr 15 yrs i have too much spanish friends and i know much families. i know that their are many families have to aviod eating pork and drinking even vine.same in arab countries may be it happen or not but i think 98persant people have not do this bcoz it is a great sin.but every body have their own wies and i think may be sodomo have only 02 parsent root in muslim comunity.i am also muslim and i know that GOD rules are fr ever and true.and it should not be changed. and these roots not only arab countries these 02 parsent in whole which is a great sin.
older and bolder

Perth, Australia

#184 Sep 12, 2011
Johnny wrote:
Its the same in europe.. every male wants to do anal with every girl he bangs.. for centuries in europe women have been on the receiving end of anal..
women the worl over are on the recieving end of anal even here in australia,we love to give it to our aussie chicks

Rabat, Morocco

#185 Sep 12, 2011
highlife wrote:
anal sex is one of the greatest sins in Islam, it is indeed great and worst one.
Oh, rubbish. Compared with eating a bacon sandwich in the Mosque during prayers on Friday, dropping your knickers and taking it up the backside isn't worth bothering about. Anyway I can always atone for it by blowing myself up.

“I Love Riding My Goldwing”

Since: Jul 11

Brady, Texas

#186 Sep 12, 2011
highlife wrote:
<quoted text>
anal sex is one of the greatest sins in Islam, it is indeed great and worst one. the consequences are not possible to describe using words. god and it's rules exist without anyone's approval, so we'll see who is wrong or right as we die
You might want to read this:

A partial excerpt related to hetrosexual anal intercourse:

The majority of Shiite interpreters hold that (1) anal intercourse, while strongly disliked, is not haram (forbidden) provided the wife agrees, and (2), if the wife does not agree, then it is preferable to refrain: "Woman is a means of your pleasure, therefore do not harm her."[10]

Islamabad, Pakistan

#187 Sep 14, 2011
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