I am now wearing a Stainless Steel Male Chastity belt. I'm about to be divorced, but my wife of 3 years found my enjoyment of wearing this (and my other, older stainless steel chastity belt) shiny stainless steel chastity belt interesting, and arousing at times. We are getting divorced for reasons other than the chastity belt thing. But, I wonder how many people out there do, or would, enjoy chastity devices. I started out with a thing called "Remytube", then went to the CB2000, and found that they either hurt, when I was aroused, or could be removed when I was relaxed, and I could actually bring myself to orgasm relatively easily with a vibrator. So, I decided to try one of the "serious" chastity belts; I took the measurements and ordered a belt from Walter Goethals ... "Carrara" model. It is much like an athletic cup, but has a curved tube, into which goes the penis, and on the sides, are slotted "protectors" that contain, and pretty much contain the testicles... sometimes when it's hot, and my scrotum relaxes, the skin of my scrotum can slightly slip through the ventilation slots of the Carrara. I have managed to bring myself to orgasm only a few times while locked inside the Carrara, but THAT was before I got it "fine-tuned" to fit my body better. Now, I am not able to bring myself to an orgasm while wearing the Carrara; I get very horny and excited.... to the point of actual physical pain, but it feels so good to hurt so bad! I'm throbbing inside the penis tube right now, just writing this; I've had the Carrara Stainless Steel Chastity Belt on now, for almost two days, continuously... the longest I've ever worn it was for 23 days, once ... wow ... it was a real experience! That was when I was single. Of course, I don't want to go into the Courthouse, or anywhere else, where they check you for metal items; I've heard some stories about people being "checked" to see what the metal was; I'm not sure I'm ready to have some guard checking out my steel underwear! It is very arousing ... everytime I move, walk, or go over bumps in the car, it causes a sensation that can be very arousing!... it's like constantly being held by a lover's hands, soflty, or tightly, depending upon how excited I get... since the tube is steel, and will only let me get so big around, and only so long. Wow... throbbing right now, and I just had an involuntary body jerk, when the head of my penis moved in a certain way inside the steel penis tube, and felt very arousing ... it's like a constant "deepthroat" !!! But, I can't get to full length, so, it then causes a situation wherein my penis shaft is trying to grow outside of my body, and ends up bending, and pushing downward, behind my scrotum, against the inside of the bottom of the belt... depending upon how long and how excited my penis is and has been, it can actually end up being very painful, so, I am forced to either remove the belt, or simply distract myself from such intense sexual thoughts... all in all... I love the Chastity belt ... it's going to be about the only sex I have until after our divorce... I just don't feel right having sex with anyone else, until the divorce is final. Kinda wish I didn't have to go to the doctor's or to the courthouse, so I could keep the Chastity Belt on continuously until I find another sex partner... and let her remove the belt!...(except for a bit of hygeine, which, I've found, in the shower, I can get liquid soap between me and the belt, and rinse well, and never have to remove the belt for extended times, and still stay "fresh".... ok, enough for now; hope to hear about others who enjoy Chastity play, or whatever!