sex big cocks

Oak Park, MI

#2257 Mar 3, 2013
Mynumberis32 wrote:
<quoted text>me
how old are you and how big is you c***
str8 lad uk


#2258 Mar 3, 2013
28FE1ABF fancy dirty chat 24 m uk top bbm cok picx
west mids 1

Cheltenham, UK

#2259 Mar 3, 2013
any1 in west mids 16 or under lookin for first time must be able to acccom or get to gloucester

Rockville Centre, NY

#2260 Mar 3, 2013
Hey 26m looking for first experience trading pics with another guy. I have pics of me in tights, panties, boxers, nude, butt play and w/e upon request. I'm using my lil sis's k ik at lichick92

Casablanca, Morocco

#2261 Mar 3, 2013
sex big cocks wrote:
hey anyone black that whants to f*** a young stud
I do

Godalming, UK

#2262 Mar 3, 2013
With a hotel manager in Wales, I had to give him head in exchange for a room. I wasn't into it at all the first time but the 2nd night we did it again and we 69'nd. That felt pretty good and I enjoyed letting him cum in my mouth.

Chicago, IL

#2263 Mar 3, 2013
I am a gay teenage boy,16. I became interested in naked boys and males after my mother took me to an art museum. I noticed that none of the boys in the paintings had dicks that looked like mine. My mother caught me looking too closely at the males in those Renaissance paintings. She gave be a slap on the butt and told me I was not to stare.
When we returned home, I undressed and asked mom why my pee pee was different from those in all the paintings. She brought out a medical book and opened it while I sat naked on her lap. I saw many pee pees that looked like those in the paintings and a few that looked like mine. Mom showed me that all boys are born looking like those in the paintings, wile many in the U.S. are circumcised like me.
By the time I was 13, I had a penis fixation. I would look at ads for mens and boys underwear and try to imagine how they looked naked. One weekend moms younger brother stayed with us, while on college break. I followed him around like a puppy, even when he went to pee. As he was peeing he saw me look and smiled. Without putting his penis away, he turned and asked if I wanted to see him naked and also show my body to him.
He would undress and let me look if I also swore not to tell anyone. He also wanted to see me naked. We undressed and played with each other all day, because mom was at work. We sat at my computer and looked at pictures of all kinds of naked males. How ever the best looking male I saw was my uncle only 8 years older than me with a smooth body like mine. We looked like brothers even to the size and shape of our dicks and balls. We had a lot of fun being nude together. We showered together before mom came home. As we were drying each other, my uncle said; he was hopping I liked naked boys and men after mom told him about the incident in the museum. That was only the beginning.
One day when I was in HS uncle came for a visit. Like always we had fun together until mom came home. We were sitting at the table dressed having a snack when mom came in. She dropped a bomb on us, asking why we always hurried to dress before she arrived. She seemed to know what we were doing. We had forgotten to clear the computer of gay porn. She also found dirty sheets covered with our love juice. The final blow came as she said the interest my uncle had when she told him that I was looking at all thew naked boys and men in those paintings.
Mom had never said anything because she knew how happy we were. She wanted to know if any one else was involved and was relieved when we assured her, that she was the only one who knew. For the safety of all of us we agreed to keep what we did a secret.

Wellington, New Zealand

#2265 Mar 4, 2013
Sup guys. Am 15 an looking for a first time. Anyone around wellington and under 16 keen??
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#2266 Mar 4, 2013
My 1st time with a guy I allways wnid to tri having my cck suckt so 1 nyt on way home from boxing I pass a public tolets ware I nuw men met to fuk and other things has I have a gf I was abit nurvas so as I went in it was all dark I stood at the urinal with my 8inch out wen a man came over stood at side of my and was looking at my cok I cud feel his eyes on my cok then his hand came over and grasp hold of my throbbing member he ask if I had a gf I sed yes he took me into the loos and drop to his nees I was well scard but then he put his wet mouth round my throbbing cok it was so good as my gf dus not do this for me after about 10 min of him sucking I blow my creem deep in his mouth felt so good need more bbm eney 1 x 28FE1ABF
str8 lad uk for fem lad


#2267 Mar 4, 2013
Jake send bbm pin if ur on bb

New York, NY

#2268 Mar 4, 2013
Was back in the 70’s and visiting my older sister when I was 16 at her college. No coed dorms back then, in fact guys couldn’t even go to a girls room. She arranged for me to stay in the guys dorm with a friend of hers. I was a very shy kid, had never done anything other than look at the naked guys in the gym showers in HS, and then fantasized about them. I was in heaven watching all the college studs showering, and standing at the sinks naked, shaving and brushing their teeth. Happened Saturday night after a frat party. Got back to the room late, fairly ripped, and Brian (the guy whose room I was in), stripped, fell on his bed, and said he needed to get off. I watched in amazement as he started slowly tugging away. He looked over at me staring, and said I could come watch him closer, and I knelt down and watched him slowly pull himself, and rub his smooth chest. He took his hand off, and told me to pull him. God it felt so great to finally have another one in my hand. He whispered for me to lick it, and I did. He pushed my head about halfway down, and shot in my mouth. He said thanks, rolled over and went to sleep. I immediately jerked off to the his taste in my mouth. I woke up in the middle of night, and Brian was sucking my nipple and rubbing my erection. He moved on top of my and ground his erection into mine. It felt so good. He whispered he needed to f@ck me, spread my legs, and fingered me with Vaseline. I had my legs over his shoulders, and he slid in. didn’t hurt at all. He kept telling me how tight I was, and how good it felt, and quickly shot in me. He went back to his bed, and I jerked off again, this time Brian leaking out of me. Gave him one more bj before I left on Sunday.
so confused

Melbourne, Australia

#2269 Mar 4, 2013
im a man i have been skyping guys. looking at their cocks..(i feel its a comparison thing).. i have never felt attracted to a guy until today.. as soon as i saw him i was taken away.. i havent gotten him out of my head.. abs, ass, c00ck were hot and the face was dreamy.. i wanna call him again.. and again.. my first gay crush!!
str8 lad uk for fem lad


#2270 Mar 4, 2013
28FE1ABF looking for fem lads come se my pics cd tv wecom
Boarding school bi

Leicester, UK

#2271 Mar 4, 2013
When I was 15 I was at boarding school and we shared cubicles in a dorm. The guy next to me was really cute, with a tanned toned body and sandy blonde hair (he looked a bit like Leo Di Caprio). At night I could hear him jerking off, so I started to do the same. As time passed we became more and more open and would show each other, but we still had to be quiet so others in the dorm couldn't hear us. We then started to talk about sex during the day and about different jerking off techniques etc. One night we had all watched a slightly raunchy movie (something with Sharon Stone I think) and we were so horny. After lights out he got out of bed and whispered for me to follow him. We snuck out of the boarding house and across the lawn to the classroom block. We started to jerk off and he commented on my size as I was about 7 inches and he was just 5.5... But his cock was so cute. Eventually we started jerking each other off, and we took it in turns until we both came. After that it became a frequent thing and eventually we started to blow each other and 69. I really enjoyed pleasuring him and eventually started to swallow his load. We even tried kissing but he wasn't keen on it (I didn't mind, although it was too intimate). We would sneak out and go for midnight swims and then 69 in the pool change room. I went on to do the same with two other hot and horny guys while at that school. One night a group of us hid under the cricket pitch cover and we all jerked off, only two of us were doing mutual masturbation and the other two couldnt see, as they just jerked themselves off. At one point I even slipped him in my mouth for a quick suck and he gasped but they didnt know, it was so hot! After I went to a co-ed university I started fucking girls and I have never been with a guy again. Interestingly all three guys and me are all straight now. I think many guys have had similar experiences when in their teens. Whilst I am not really attracted to guys now, I have fond memories of those days and would do it all over again if I had the chance. I also still watch straight porn and admire the cocks and wonder what it would feel like in my mouth.

New York, NY

#2272 Mar 4, 2013
I was 19 and in college. Had a 8:00 3 days a week, and would get up early and shower and go have breakfast before class. Showers were always deserted at that time, and I never bothered to close the shower curtain. One morning, I’m washing my hair, and I hear “hey”. Turn around and there’s this perfect white ass staring at me directly across, curtain open as well. It’s a guy from the end of the dorm I didn’t really know, and when he turns around, he has this huge bone, and he’s making no effort to conceal it. All he says, is “hate morning wood, don’t you?” and starts soaping that monster up. I just stare in awe. Without a word, he walks across, steps into my shower, and whispers,“like it?” My own erection gave me away, and he turns off my shower, pulls me into the stalls, and tells me to blow him. I am reluctant, but he pushes me on my shoulders, until I’m sitting on the toilet, and says “go ahead its all clean” My heads was swirling as I blew him, his nuts were slapping my chin, his hand on the back of my neck. He shot in my mouth and left. I just sat there and jerked off. Blew him for about 2 weeks after that, when he told me his roommate was gone for the weekend and he was gonna f@ck me that night. No question, just fact. And f@ck me did he. He was rough, and only concerned with his own pleasure, covering my mouth with a pillow as he slammed me, then would flip me over and start again. Been a submissive bottom ever since.

New York, NY

#2273 Mar 4, 2013
My first “time” was very weird Was at my friend’s house when I was 16 for a huge party his college aged brother threw while his parent were out of the country. I passed out on the couch on their screened porch. Sometime in the middle of the night, I woke up feeling someone on top of me, pulling my boxers down. I cried out, but he stuffed a pillow over my face. I wasn’t a big kid, and the guy on top of me was a good 200+, and he had his arms under my armpits pinning me down. He tried to enter me, but thankfully, he couldn’t penetrate me. Instead he started sliding between my crack, telling me how good my pu@@y felt. It was so dark, I couldn’t see anything, and had no idea who he was. I heard him groan, then felt the wetness on my butt and back, and he laid on top of me catching his breath. He finally whispered to me to stay quiet, or he’d beat the sh!t out of me. Then he got up and left. At first I was out of my mind afraid. I just laid there, my boxers still on my thighs, his semen dripping down onto my scrotum. I got up and got dressed and walked home, it was 4:00 AM. When I got into bed, I relived it in my head, and got hard. I jerked off to the first gay thought I ever had. Never found out who it was, don’t think it was my friends bor, but could have been.

Since: Sep 12

New York, NY

#2274 Mar 4, 2013
[QUOTE who="so confused"my first gay crush!![/QUOTE]

I'm sure it won't be your last...

Fountain Valley, CA

#2276 Mar 5, 2013
sex big cocks wrote:
hey anyone black that whants to f*** a young stud
i do

Grapevine, TX

#2279 Mar 5, 2013
Anyone from DFW area?

Ogden, UT

#2280 Mar 5, 2013
I'm 12 and still have never seen a dick. But I want to see one really bad.

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