Lorain, OH

#1968 Feb 18, 2013
I'm 15 and I've never been with a guy but I really what to. Girls are great but guys know what you really want. Got any takers?

San Antonio, TX

#1970 Feb 18, 2013
Any other guys like to dress in panties and bras to suck a stiff member?

Millstadt, IL

#1971 Feb 18, 2013
I had my first gay experience today. I have been in a steady relationship for three years with a beautiful girl that I love. I am not gay, dont find men attractive until I am really horny.
Today I met up with a guy I know that is really into bondage, because I have always been really curious. He tied my hands behind my back and blindfolded me. Then he stuck his cock in my mouth and the feeling of the warm 8 inch cock made me really hard. He untied me and asked if i liked it and if i wanted him to fuck me. I said yes, but tie me up so I cannot stop if I were to decide not to go through with it. It was the most erotic moment of my life. I had my hands tied to my ankles with a spreader bar, and a bright red penis ball gag down my throat. He pumped my asshole for almost an hour and then ripped the gag out finishing in my mouth. He left me there cum covered and went to get his big black roommate. This guy is 6'5 and plays basketball for our college. He is straight too, but apparently not that afternoon. I am not into blackguys at all and wouldn't ever allow one to throat fuck me or pound my asshole like he did. He came in my ass without a condom and its still dripping out 5 hours later.

This all happened this afternoon, and I can barely walk now. It was awesome and will happen next time my girl leaves town also.

Jersey City, NJ

#1972 Feb 18, 2013
Brad_j wrote:
I'm 15 and I've never been with a guy but I really what to. Girls are great but guys know what you really want. Got any takers?
Hey. Lwts chat 16 m

Bowie, MD

#1975 Feb 18, 2013
I think my first experience was when I was about 8 and he was 6 we used to look at each other naked and hug each other while naked. It was fun

Pomona, CA

#1976 Feb 19, 2013
My first time with another girl was when i went to visit my cousin in texas(im from cali). The girl was my cousins best friend and came to hang out. We were in the forth grade and my cousin went to another room to go get something so me and this girl were alone. The girl asked me to play truth or dare and i said i was first and i picked truth..she asked me what was the craziest thing i ever did & i said i kissed a girl before(but that was it). She said she did too. All of the sudden ...i got so horny i could feel my vagina to throb and told her to prove it so she kissed me and then started to get on top of me. We started off being on a racecar bed and ended up on the floor humping. Then i started to lick her tits and she licked mine. I was so nervious cause i had never done anything to another girls pussy before. She then unbottoned her pants and pulled them down. I was surprized my cousin still hadnt come back. But i took a leap of faith and went deep into her warm juicy pussy...all her juice was going into me. I loved it. Then she went down on me and ohhhh my gosh i never wanted it to end but i heard my cousin coming so we put our clothes back on and acted like nothing happened.
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Waterford, PA

#1977 Feb 19, 2013
My first Tims started bad. At less I though it did. I had told a gay friend of mine. That I would like to try sex with him. We were spouse to have the to our sleft. So we got nude and started to kiss and run are hands all over each other. Then we heard a noise at my door. It was my dad standing in the door way. I didn't know what to say. Then my dad said I have one question. Is this your first time. I look and said yes. He then called my friend over. Then he gave him a bottle of lube. He told my friend to treat me right and told me to have a good time. I had a great time with him. It got a little strange for a minute. When we got down stairs. My mom asked how did I feel. My dad asked if I did enjoy my first time. He said I did enjoy my first time. I told him it was great and I will do it again. Then I ask what he meant. He then told me that him and my mom. Had been shearing boyfriends for years. So they said if I was bi or gay. It was OK with then as long as I was happy and safe. Now me and my wife shear boyfriends.

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Honolulu, HI

#1978 Feb 19, 2013
Beautiful story, beautifully told! thank you <3
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Honolulu, HI

#1979 Feb 19, 2013
mexboi92n wrote:
<quoted text> i also enjoy seeing man on man or shemale fxck men and straight. Porn it all excites me
Me too, but even str8 porn i am thinking of the guy ;-)

Marietta, GA

#1985 Feb 19, 2013
Just last night while I was driving home from the bar with my girlfriend, I was lusting after one of my co-workers, Dave and contemplating following him home and taking advantage of him. As things would go, I chickened out. Instead I decided to stop at a rest area that is know in town as the pickle factory and let me tell you it lives up to it's reputation.I pulled into the rest area and went into the restroom. It was empty so I went back to my car and waited. I saw two men enter, and time was passing and neither came out so I went in. Both men were sitting in the stalls so I sat in the other stall peaking underneath. One man left and the other stayed. I peaked under the stall again to find the man staring at me. I went back out to pretend to look at the map. The man came out and went to his car. I got in my car then headed back for the restroom taking my time. This drew the guy back out of his car and I walked slowly towards the restroom giving him time to catch up. When He caught up I asked him if he was looking for a good time and he said yes. We went behind some bushes and I asked if he wanted me to suck him or if he wanted to ride me up the ass. He said he wanted me to suck him. A bit disappointed, I sucked him even though I wanted to feel someone up my ass.He was about a 5in. cut cock. It felt so good in my mouth. I sucked him and he came hard. I was disappointed he didn't want more. When I finished with him I heard a voice talking to me from another side of the bush telling me good show. I walked up to find an African American man sitting within good view of my performance. He wanted to go deep within the woods to have me suck him. Now mind you this was a fantasy of mine. I never have been with a black person before and really wanted him to plow me up the ass. He refused though and only wanted me to suck his cock. I sucked him hard sticking my tongue up his slit with him yelling that I sucked better than his wife. He had a big uncut cock. I loved the feeling of sucking him off. After a few minutes, he told me to stop. Someone was watching us. I stopped and we yelled out to the spectator to join us. We were worried not knowing if he was a cop or not, but boy was he HOT. A middle aged white man with wash board abs. I started sucking the new comers cock and he said he wanted to watch me suck the black guys cock so I did. after a while I went back to the newcomers cock and sucked it real good. I asked him if he wanted to plow my ass and he said yes. The black man didn't feel comfortable so he left.Mean while, This HOT white guy has me lay on my back and plows right into me. It felt so painful, yet so good. He rode me in a frenzy, until he stopped. I told him to cum in me and he said he already did, so I told him to ride me again. I was in heaven. He had a good size cock, about 7 in. cut. He plowed right back into me and I was in heaven. He came in a few minutes, and I was pleased with his performance. It had been 3 years since I had been plowed like that.He turned around and started sucking my cock real good, thanking me for letting him get off twice up my ass. I turned around and licked his ass. I stuck my cock up it and rode him for a while then told him to suck me. He could suck like crazy. I felt better than ever! I noticed his wedding band, and wished I was his lucky bride. I thought about giving him my phone number before leaving, but decided that maybe fate would bring us back together once again at the same spot.It's amazing to think that you can suck off three guys and get plowed by at least one in 1 evening at a rest area. I will stay updated and speak more about my experiences as they happen.Glad forums like these exist.

North Olmsted, OH

#1986 Feb 19, 2013
Okay..I told this long ago someplace on another Post! lol This was my first 'gay' exp. When I was in about 7th grade, I was up the street at a buddys house. Parents were gone so we were in the finished basement just hanging out etc. He asked if I'd run up to his bedroom and get something he needed off his dresser, can't remember what it was. I jumped up...ran up..ran up 2nd flight..down a long hall (they had 8 kids!)and his an his older bro's bedrm. was in back of a bigger one! So I open first berroom door..walk through, and open my buddys bedrm. door and as I walk in..there on his bed was laying Danny, his older (16 at the time?) blond brother..butt naked on his back! I about crapped freaked out at not only seeing him sleeping/naked..but if he woke up I'd flip out man! lol He had surfer type look and body..and had a very huge (7.5in.?) full hardon as he lay sound asleep (I thought!) So very quietly, I walked past him..went to the dresser and began looking around for what I'd gone for. I found it and grabbed it..and right as I turned around, I froze still at the sight of Dannys hard cock pulsing, and within 5 seconds a massive blast of cum shot out! I stood there with my heart pounding as he lay totally still 'sleeping' as that big smooth dick pulsed off shot after shot of cum! The first two shots came out so hard that it landed all over his neck, and about 3 or 5 more gushers shot up over his smooth chest then abs area. As I began walking past him to leave..I looked down to see about 3 more nice dribbles of cum ooooze out and around his pubes! I then closed door and RAN down the stairs and had to stop to calm down before going back to lower level! lolol...I realised many yrs. later that Danny must have been up there jacking off, heard me coming in...he stopped, acted like he was sleeping..and once he saw me (my back was to him) over at the dresser..he quick jacked it good and that is how he shot off as I turned! He must have been real 'hot' to have me see cause of the amount of cum I remember to this day he shot out! Another side note of this is later that summer on 1 or 2 occassions, he 'hinted' to me about sex things! But I was too young/dumb to pick up on it or do anything about it man. HAD I known...Ohhh MAN could that have been fun! lol..also, me and my buddy Jerry DID jack/suck each other off almost every time we'd do a sleep-over or sleep-out together for that and the next summer!:) SO cool!
Sadly...I very recently found out BOTH of these guys are dead :( They both got into booze/drugs and Jerry drank himself to death 12 yrs. ago (late 30's!) and Danny just a couple yrs. ago now died from an overdose (about 47?). SO sad huh? I'd not seen either in at least 25 yrs.

North Olmsted, OH

#1987 Feb 19, 2013
HEY GIANNI?! Please use condoms guy okay?:O) YOU want to keep healthy AND keep others the same RIGHT?! it's no big deal dude..go get pack of the BEST which are LifeStyles condoms! They are super thin so it feels 98% like you have nothing ON..but they are very strong condoms. Keep them hid in your car/trunk etc. and USE one every single time you screw..or get screwed okay? PLEASE!

United States

#1989 Feb 19, 2013
This is a true story.
I have always been with girls and never had a thought about being with a guy. However, when I turned 30 I got a little curious about the subject. So, I started watching gay and bi porn. I lived in Miami at the time. One weekend I was alone in my apartment so I decided to go to a gay club in ft.lauderdale. Figuring no one would know me up there. While at the bar,nervous as hell, I met a very good looking guy. We talk for a while and e could tell I was nervous. Suddenly I felt his hand rubbing my crotch. Shit... I thought.. Now he knew I was hard all along. The thing is I was turned on by all the other guys making out in the room. Long story short we went back to my place and did it all. I surprised myself as I was the one who undressed him and started sucking his cock. Then he undressed me and put me across the arm of the couch on my stomach and sucked my cock.. But then I felt his tongue in my ass. It was the most incredible feeling. All I could do was try to open my legs as far as possible so he would put his tongue deeper in me. He kept licking from my balls pass my hole and up to the top of my ass.. Then he would shove his tongue into me. He then asked me to get up because he was ready. He placed a condom on my cock and put lub on my fingers and asked me to lub him up..when i did he walked onto my balcony which was facing the beach, I lived on Collins Ave, and climbed into a chair with his ass facing me... All I heard was fucked me good right here. I entered him and he was so warm and tight. So I asked how many times he had been fucked and he said this was the third time but I was the second guy he had been with. Like I said before.. I had only been with girls before but my cock had never gotten as hard as it did before that night. My best position was when I was laying on my back and he straddled me reverse cowgirl style. I could see his hard cock bouncing around every time I entered him. I could see his reflection in the sliding door. It was amazing to see him shoot his cum unto his chest without him having to touch his cock. He did not jack off at all.. He came just from me being inside him. Just telling this story now make me hard.
Young lad southwest

Hove, UK

#1990 Feb 19, 2013
Dan wrote:
<quoted text>
im from devon uk
so where in Devon are u .
Young lad southwest

Hove, UK

#1991 Feb 19, 2013
Dan wrote:
<quoted text>
North devin, barnstaple. 16. U?
kl so what u into . What do u look like I'm in early 20 in live nr Exeter love guys inn jeans and looking for guys to have fun with .

New York, NY

#1992 Feb 19, 2013
I had just starting working after college, and was in NYC for a training conference. I roomed with this other guy from Denver. First time I meet him he was butt naked. Walked in the hotel room, and he was standing at the sink shaving, He was fairly ripped, later learned he rowed for Boston College. Soft he was pretty big and thicker than me. Without a shred of self consciousness, he turned told me his name was Jake, and shook my hand. After dinner we went to the hotel bar, and ended up picking up this drunk average looking woman, and I ended up in my first 3 way in our room. I ate her out while he got head, then I moved up and started doing her, while she gave him head. He pushed a pillow under her butt, and while I was doing her, he started licking her clit. She was going crazy, bucking and moaning, and I slipped out and thrust right over his cheek. He grabbed my around my base, put his mouth over my head, took a couple of sucks, then guided me back into her, and went back to licking her. I popped in her, and pulled out, and sat back and watched him do her. He cracked a nut in her, and we got her dressed and out and went to bed. I woke up the next morning with a hangover, and when I turned over, Jake was slowly jerking his bed. I asked him if wanted some privacy, and he just looked at me and said “dude, I sucked your dick. Not gonna get all bent outta shape rubbing one out in front of you.” He licked his finger, ran it under his slit, then tasted it. Then said how he could still test her on him. I was hard, so I joined him. That’s when it happened. He got up, grabbed a bottle and came over to me. He squirted it on me and rubbed it in, Then he fingered himself, straddled me, reached back grabbed me and sat down on it. He slid down all the way, and waited a few seconds then started to bounce up and down, with his eyes closed. I was in shock, but also really aroused, he was so warm and tight. His erection was bouncing from my stomach to his, and he grabbed and started tugging hard. He froze, then shot all over me. I shot almost immediately into him. He climbed off me, and went in the shower. I stared at him at training, not believing what had happened. That night he didn’t even bother getting in his bed, and I ended up taking my first pole. I liked it. Had sex every night for 2 weeks, and then whenever we were at conferences for the next 5 years.

Markham, IL

#1993 Feb 19, 2013
When I was 14 I slept over my friends house and we're both straight but in the middle of the night he asked if I wanted to lick his foot but for some reason I did it since it turned me on so as I was doing it he moaned so then I decided to start feeling his dick and then he took off his pants and I started sucking his hot cock then we switched. We had to be quiet since it was in the middle of the night but did we have fun. That was the first and only gay experience I ever had and would like to talk more about it through kik

Manchester, UK

#1994 Feb 19, 2013
Fact wrote:
I was very young and I found boys and men attractive. I remember some family members men flirting and playing with me and getting grabbed by them. At school it was no different. My teacher had me stay after class and he rubbed his cock all over me. I was scared but yet excited and I liked it. This teacher did this to me a couple of times until he had the courage to pull my pants down and his cock out. He didn't penetrate me but he rubbed his cock in my butt hole and he unloaded a huge load of cum all over me. He was married and invited me to go camping with his family and my parents allowed it. When we were at our camp site he and two of his brother took me into the woods and they raped me big time. I remember crying as they pounded my butt and as they forced their cock into my mouth. They took turns until they came inside me. When they were done I could barely walk. For the entire weekend I was sexually abused and humilated. When I got home I was bleeding from my behind. I bled for a long time that I had to go to the doctor and I ended up get stiches for being tored up.
How old was you when it happend?
And how old are you now?


#1995 Feb 19, 2013
My first time was when I was 10 and he was 11. He was a very close family friend and we would visit each others house every day. Every time we were together we would kiss and hug all the time That year his family moved away about 75 miles away. Now they would visit us every month and would stay over. One night I came home and found out that he had come with his mum and sister to stay over. In the night me and him slept in my room and it was the best night ever. We both got naked and suck each other off. We kissed for a long time his warm Lips all over me. He asked if he could fuck me and I was all up for it. He fucked me first and had cum in me about 5 mins later. I then done the same to him. I'm 18 now and don't really see him a lot. I've been with a couple of guys for one night stands and am willing to have more


#1996 Feb 19, 2013
I need my 1st experience..I'm str8 but have a burnin desire to be dominated by 1 or more men, I've gta GF and 2kids but all I can think abwt is teasing and seducing a man, I'm confused and dnt no wat to do?? Thers a gay guy who lives at the top of my road I know him and he knows me but dosent have a clue I fantasize abwt him, I keep buildin up the courage to drop a hint but chicken out evry time lol :( x

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