First Gay Experience Stories

Bedford, UK

#159 Jun 28, 2012
openminded wrote:
<quoted text> That may have been the hottest story I have ever heard! Thanks!
I love your story babe, it made me excited wish I could get my sweet ass gangbanged by a group of black boyss xx ..mmmm

Abingdon, UK

#160 Jun 28, 2012
thanks robertms
that story gave me one heck of a boner thank you.


#161 Jun 29, 2012
Hi, m of 19 now and have 7 inch long dick, i stay in western mumbai, in a need of a guy of 12 to 16 yrs, i ensure that we both can surely enjoy very much, if anybody is interested please let me knw, if anybody is interested then i can give my facebook id, reply fast

New York, NY

#162 Jun 29, 2012
I was 14, and playing basketball at my neighbor's. He was 16 but a little shorter than me, and the score was tied. He threw me the ball and said whoever loses has to blow the winner. I laughed, missed, and he made his shot. We went in got some drinks and went to his room to play video games. I was sitting on the floor, when he walked up next me, pulled his shorts down and waved it in front of me. Ignored him, but he put his hand on the side of my head and pushed it into him. He ordered my to lick it, and I did. I'll never forget that musty smell, or that salty taste, as he got hard and pushed it into my mouth. Fortunately it didnt take very long before he busted in my mouth. When I spit it on the floor he ordered me to clean it up. I got up and headed toward the bathroom, and kept going, scared to death. stayed away from him after that.

Edinburgh, UK

#163 Jun 29, 2012
My Experience was when I was 16 years old, I was at a sleep over with my best mate, and we got bored so we played strip poker, when we both were striped, my best mate just went on his knees and started on my c0ck, it felt so good and after about 3 minutes he stopped and I sucked his. He really liked that as well. Then he started to f*ck me, it did hurt at first but then I loved it, he then stopped and I f*cked him, before I shot, I took it out and we both sucked each other and shot in each others mouth and ate it all. We did it a few times after that, but don't see him anymore. I would so do that again if i had the chance!

New York, NY

#164 Jun 29, 2012
newbie wrote:
<quoted text>the back way out of a basement?
When I grew up, my basement had whats called Bilco doors that were up a half flight of stairs, and opened out into the backyard. Maybe thats what he had. Story does sound a little non-legit tho. Gotta tell ya that a parade of guys used those doors at my house in high school, before and after we did the nasty on the basement couch.

United States

#165 Jun 29, 2012
My first time that I remember was with a family friend...I was like five. he was way older...maybe was a long time ago. but I remember always trying to get him alone. I had fun...I don't regret it...I'd do it all over again too.

Greensboro, NC

#166 Jun 29, 2012
xoxTheGay1 wrote:
<quoted text>
Mine is only like 4 - 5 its embarrassing to me..\
Really how old r u -
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Greensboro, NC

#167 Jun 29, 2012
Crook wrote:
Hi, m of 19 now and have 7 inch long dick, i stay in western mumbai, in a need of a guy of 12 to 16 yrs, i ensure that we both can surely enjoy very much, if anybody is interested please let me knw, if anybody is interested then i can give my facebook id, reply fast
Wats ur name on facebook
Junk Boy


#168 Jun 29, 2012
Hard wrote:
I was 15 years old when I was staying over at a friends house. We slept in the same bed. For the first 20 mins we spooned each other. I could feel his hard cock rubbing up against my butt. I just went under the covers and started blowing him. He had a BIG 8" cock. I deep throated his cock a few times and he blew his load in my mouth. That's when I discovered I liked to swallow HOT LOADS of cum. We had sex with each other for about 3 years until we grew apart. He loved it when I would deep throat his cock & swallow his loads. I let him fuck me a few time, but most of the time we just blew each other. Some of the hottest sex I have ever had. I'm bi now & blow guys when I can tell they are gay or bi. Usually I go to video stores to blow guys and swallow BIG loads. One day I blew 9-10 guys within 1 hour & swallowed every load.
You had me going and sounded gen until that last line then you blew it bud. 9 - 10 in an hour total fantasy but enjoy your w4nk.


#169 Jun 30, 2012
Bigc its 'crook boy' on facebook, and do u stay in mumbai ? How old are u ?


#170 Jun 30, 2012
Sorry, its Crooke Boyie not crook boy

Belfast, UK

#171 Jul 1, 2012
My First Experience was when I was 16 years old [Bi]I was at my mates house for a sleepover, I (as usual) slept with just boxers on, as me and my friend went to sleep (Thinking i was asleep) My friend called my name asking if i was awake, I was going to wait a while to scare him, but then, he reaches over to my c0ck and give me a Hand Job, at this time I was thinking WTF! I let him get on with it, thinking he would stop, then he went over and started sucking my c0ck! I just moved my head up and said to him, what are you doing? and he just got this scared look in his face and went back to his bed. I then said to him 'Why don't you carry on?', so then he smiled and kept sucking my c0ck. He then stopped and I sucked his, it was a great feeling, and I just loved it, after a while I then got up and started to f*ck him, that felt good as well, and then he f*cked me, it hurt at first (I hear this is common) but then i got used to it and enjoyed it, after that we finished by sucking each other and cumming in each others mouth, I really liked that part, it was really nice.

Anyway after that we did it a few more times, a few days after that. Haven't done it in a while but may call him up later ;)

South Africa

#172 Jul 1, 2012
Wow guys I'm 19 and still a virgin!

Mumbai, India

#173 Jul 1, 2012
Bad luck Virgy

Hendersonville, TN

#175 Jul 2, 2012
When me and my neighbor were 7 we used to dance naked in front of each other. then when we were 11 i dared him to suck mine and he said only if you do mine first, so i did. is sucked his 4 inch til he orgasmed then he pulled my underwear down and started sucking mine, 8 inch, til i did too. we kept doing that til we were 13. well recently he came over and we started playing video games and he asked did i still wanna mess around and i said sure. now he has a 6 inch cock and i a 12. we first started by kissing a little then we pulled each others underwear down and then we started sucking. i sucked him first and it felt really good. this went on for about 10 minutes then he cummed in my mouth, tasted amazing, i swallowed it. then he sucked mine and embarassingly it only went for like 4 mins, but it was a huge load and he swallowed every bit of it. :)

Warrington, UK

#176 Jul 3, 2012
When is was about 12 me and my next door nabour were in his room, where he suggested we play a game the idea of the game was to touch parts of your body's together. It started off with hands then lead to lips then penis together. The game finished off with rubbing your penis of the others bum. It was very exciting but neither of us got an errection or thought of it as sexual. The images of that day have stayed with me and replayed over and over again. The more I thought about it the more I wanted to find out what the experience would be like in a more sexual way. To find out I finally decided to take some steps forward in the discovery a week before my 21st birthday. I went on to a gay webcam website to watch guys play with them selfs, I instantly got the biggest erection I have ever had so decided to show it off. One of the guys I got connected to on the I found out to live near me, he was 18 and a virgin like me. He asked if I would be up for meeting up, I was going to turn the computer off at that point in shear terror, but for some reason I got the courage to say yes, we meet up 2 hours later at mine. We were both very nervous but after a long chat we started to make out, this went on for about half an hour before I felt myself getting a boner, I then started to undress the guy down to his boxers and he did the same to me. We both had rock hard bonkers by this point so I pulled his boxers down and started to give him a blow job, it felt amazing. We took turns in giving each other a blowjob for a while. I was about to cum in his mouth when he stopped and ask if he could put his cock in my arse. I didn't really want to go this far when I originally said yes to meeting up but it just felt so right up to this point so I agreed. Oh my god was I glad I said yes. The inical insertion was a bit uncomfortable as he had a lot of girth but once it was in and started thrusting I was in heaven. He pulled out just befor he came so I could finish him off with a blowjob. It was then my turn. I had nothing to compare it too as I hadn't had sex with a girl before despite originally being straight, but I loved fucking even more. I think it was due to the tightness around my shaft that made the felling so good. I enjoyed it so much I started thrusting faster than I though I would ever had been able to do. I managed to pull out in time to pull the rubber off so he could finish me off the way I did for him. It was the best ejaculation I had ever had. I'm still a closet gay as I don't know how my family and friends will take the news and because of this I haven't had sex against yet, but it was only a month ago and I expect that when I go back to uni I will have plenty of opportunities.
17m str8

Euless, TX

#177 Jul 3, 2012
whats your kik?^^uniboy?

Warren, NJ

#178 Jul 3, 2012
Keith wrote:
Well maybe not gay, but okay with same sex sex. I don't think I'm gay because I have no desire to be in a permanent relationship with a guy. I'm not attracted to guys (except when horny) and I do not find guys fun to look at (again, except when horny.)
Do anyone have any stories like mine?
no, but I do feel exactly the same way. I want to experiment really badly just to know what it's like.

Pacoima, CA

#184 Jul 11, 2012
I was 12 and my other friend was 11. He and I were like best friends that tell each other everything! Then, one night when I was sleeping over his house, he asked me to come to his Patio in private and while my other friend stayed. He told me that in his old neiborhood this kid and him would always suck each other off and stuff. And my other friend has been doing the same with some other friends. I've always Known I was bi but, I knee this was my chance. So, I suggested that we should do it, just to lose the urge. Were sucked ravisher offend kissed a lot! It was Great! But, we don't do it anymore. I would love the second chance!

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