First Gay Experience Stories

Mountain Home, AR

#1309 Jan 16, 2013
Buttin bob wrote:
I was twelve and i was at his house when we were looking at a nurse book when i looked at his penis and it was hard i asked if it was hard and he said yes then i asked if i could see it and he said yes so when i looked at his dick i pulled down my pants and we started jacking of. We did it a lot of times after that ps he is 12 to
It was much the same thing with her and I.


#1310 Jan 16, 2013
pretty horny and hard cuz of reading these things!
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London, UK

#1311 Jan 16, 2013
Bi boy wrote:
<quoted text>im 24, how old are you?
Im16... What's your Skype name or number?

Satellite Provider

#1315 Jan 16, 2013
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Worcester Park, UK

#1316 Jan 17, 2013
My experience is from when I was in the army, I was 24 at the time.
Every year we had a celebration of the founding if the regiment/Unit and usually involves a big party, about 5 years ago it was like 500th anniversary and there were big plans for the weekend which involved loads of VIP visitors including their families visiting and staying the weekend,
so a lot of us got sent to go round the larger empty houses in the camp which would be used to house the visitors, as they were big empty houses we had to go and put wardrobes, bed side cabinets and beds and mattresses in them (which involved building them)
Me and another guy took 1 side of the street and after a few hours were at the last house, I had just assembled a bed in the bed room and threw a mattress on it before jumping on it and lying down exhausted (tiring work moving furniture and mattresses into houses all day)
He then comes in the room with no top on and just stood in the doorway staring at me, he was the same age as me, tanned with a hairless chest and sculpted.
For some reason I went rock hard I don't know why, and he just kept staring at me and he obviously knew I was hard, without saying a word he walked straight over and grabbed my groin through my trousers and starts rubbing me, I make to sit up but with his other hand he pushes my shoulder back onto the bare mattress, before pulling my pants down and sucking me, I honestly don't know why I let him do it, but i didnt stop him! i was totally mesmerised by the feeling!
he then pulls his pants down and can see he was rock hard with a long cock, he then rolls me onto my hands and knees and pulls my pants right down before getting behind me, putting his hands on my shoulders and pulling me back onto him,
it really hurt what he was doing to me but I still didn't stop him, he kept one hand gripped onto my shoulder and with the other kept my head pushed against the mattress
at some point I came but he kept going.
He kept screwing me until he came and honestly I could feel the warmth of his cum inside me,
He held us there for a few moments before he got off the bed grabbed his clothes and walked out!!! Leaving me in the same position, Stunned!!!
He never said a word during it and has never spoke about it nor tried it again!
I still to this day don't know why it happened, but I did enjoy it and still fantasise about it.

Auckland, New Zealand

#1317 Jan 17, 2013
That just sounds like a if fantasy to me. You just let him screw you up the ass with no lube ? First time. Don't think so. Your a dreamer. But that's ok. Lots of us are.

New York, NY

#1319 Jan 17, 2013
I was 17, he as my best friends older brother. He had just started B school at Harvard, and I went to Boston for a college interview, and arranged to stay with him. I knew he was gay, and since he was a dead ringer for my straight best friend that I had lusted over for 3 years in HS, I couldn’t wait to see if I could mess with him. I had been in his apt less than an hour before we were rolling around in his bed pawing licking and rubbing. I had 2 orgasms in the first 10 minutes. When he started fingering me, I was nervous and excited at the same time. He loosened me up, then put on a rubber. I got on all 4’s and felt him spread my cheeks, then press in. I didn’t think I was going to be able to get through it, as I felt a lot of pain. But eventually I relaxed, and it started to feel awesome. I was on my back with my legs over his shoulders when he came, and that look on his face was the best. He fell on top of me after, out of breath, and I had never felt more relaxed or secure than that moment. With the exception of my interview, we spent almost the entire weekend in his bed going at it like rabbits. I remember sitting on the plane home, that throbbing feeling from an abused hole, and loving it. When I finally came out 2 years later, and told my friend, he said he suspected I had done his brother after I got back.

Worcester Park, UK

#1321 Jan 17, 2013
Ross wrote:
That just sounds like a if fantasy to me. You just let him screw you up the ass with no lube ? First time. Don't think so. Your a dreamer. But that's ok. Lots of us are.
Nope, it happened. Dont believe it you want, but it did, and I'm more than well aware there was no lube, I couldn't sit down properly for a long time after that thank you.
Romeo must die

Plot, Pakistan

#1322 Jan 17, 2013
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Romeo must die

Plot, Pakistan

#1323 Jan 17, 2013
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Jacksonville, FL

#1324 Jan 17, 2013
Keith wrote:
Thanks Robert for sharing that story with me. It was erotic.
ohh yeah i just dont get turned on by girls . i love boys just
Pakistani Drone

Reading, PA

#1325 Jan 17, 2013
Romeo must die - you're pretty conceited for someone who lives in such a sh!thole of a country!
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#1326 Jan 17, 2013
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#1327 Jan 17, 2013
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#1328 Jan 17, 2013
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#1329 Jan 17, 2013
Romeo must die wrote:
i am very handsome good looking and very very smart and sexy of 25 Old like a hero plz tel me what i do plz contact with me
look just add me on fb and we will talk :)

Christchurch, UK

#1330 Jan 17, 2013
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Grapevine, TX

#1331 Jan 17, 2013
Open mouth here for you to use as you wish.

Ayr, UK

#1332 Jan 17, 2013
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London, UK

#1333 Jan 17, 2013
I thought I was straight till I went to a sleepover and my friends house, i was 16 and she was 18, she was sat on her bed and I was next to her.
I looked to my left at her pillow and there was a vibrator sticking out from under it.
she saw me looking at it and reached over and grabbed it.
She said "I have a lot of fun with the it vibrates on my clit at the same time "
I sat there in silence, she reached over and kissed me, id never kissed a girl before so I was shocked, then we started getting intimate using tongues, she lay me on the bed, lifted my skirt up and moved my thong to the side, she look at me and asked if I wanted her to stop, I said no, she started licking my clit and the put the vibrator in my pussy I was moaning loads, she then took my hand and put it on the vibrator and told me to keep it there, she stripped and sat on my face doing a 69 position I was licking her out she was licking my clit while using the vibrator, I had the most amazing orgasm, and now we do it all the time.
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