First Gay Experience Stories


#724 Nov 30, 2012
I was always interested in going to a nude beach, I eventually plucked up the courage to go alone to my nearest one (an hours drive). Found lots of guys up the far end, which I eventually found out was the gays end, lots of guys playing with each other, blowing and having s@x. I was frightened at first as they kept signalling me over. I didn't have the courage and left. The next day, I went there again, lots of guys again. As I was walking through the dunes I came across two older guys in their 50's/60's having a 69. I stood and watched and found myself getting hard, the guy underneath looked at me and said to come join in? I shook my head and said I'll just watch. Eventually I got brave enough to go over to them, I knelt down so the guy on tops ass was in front of me. I stroked his balls and started licking his ass hole. I heard him moaning as I rimmed him. I kept going till he blew his load into the guy underneaths mouth. The top guy got off and I got into 69 with the guy on bottom. I sucked him and he sucked me. Another guy started sucking my balls and licking my ass. I felt something cold being smeared over my hole and then a guy crouched over me and eased himself into me and fucked me, he pumped away until I felt him pull out and spray his warm juice all over my back. I have been back many times since.
21 yr old male

Farmington, MI

#726 Nov 30, 2012
I'm so curious and have never had a chance to have my first moment....
possible BI

Saint Louis, MO

#727 Dec 1, 2012
As long as i can remember i have been attracted to dudes specially handsome, iam in mid 20s, dont get me wrong i am attracted to girls also, i have had a few gf's but i find it hard to stop thinking about a oriental guy everytime i c him, i imagine doing something with him, but i cant figure out if he is gay, i can sometimes tell if a dude is gay but he hides it well, when we pass by eachother he is looking at me, once we looked eyes but he turned away.
another occasion i pretended he was not around, then i happen to look n he is looking my way then he looks somewhere.
i think about giving him a bj, making out, maybe f***,(i have considered it but not sure) just talking about it gets me hard!
i really want to have a fling with him, i am not looking for a realtionship, just curious bout same sex for a while
any advice? plz i need help

Since: Dec 12

Middle Island, NY

#728 Dec 1, 2012

My dad asked me what type of guys I was attracted to- which at first I thought was funny for him to be ask, but it made sense. When I told him how I'm not into men who wish to emulate women, or male/female- and that I'd like it to be someone who shares and respects my values and all- he was very surprised and pleased.

Later when he learned it was the guy I was into since I was a kit- he was very surprised that it was him, because he's the last person you'd think was homosexual lol. But he was happy it was him, because my dad respects him a lot.

The sex happened finally last week as I said- after a party we had for him (he's home for good from the military- and getting back into his fighting career). LOL I was nervous as hell at first, because I thought he was going to want to penetrate me, and not only was the idea of that a turnoff, but it would have been painful because he's pretty big down there.

He then basically said that he's not into anal sex- that it was never something two men who loved and respected each other did,(he's very much into warrior culture and history). He also said he didn't want to make me take on the role of a female and get penetrated. So we did the whole frot thing basically- and I have to say... Not only did it feel absolutely amazing physically, I mean really damn amazing! But emotionally and mentally it did as well- which given what I'm also into (martial arts/MMA) it wouldn't have felt too good if he was inside of me.

So basically I now understand why men did as they did back then, and that there are men even in today's age- who follow the old way

Glasgow, UK

#729 Dec 1, 2012
When I was 10 with my cousin who was 13 at the time he was sleeping at my house and we was just chilling and we just started kissing in a joke way but then we Carried on because it felt nice he started feeling my d*ck and he got me hard... My parents were out at this time and he started sucking me off it felt so nice I undressed him and started to jerk him off and suck him off it felt amazing! Then he tried to put his d"ck in my mouth it only last 2 mins though because it hurt because I was only 10 so he started sucking me off instead then made me cum he swallowed then i swallowed him cum after! Amazing time love it.

Sugar Land, TX

#730 Dec 1, 2012
My first gay experience was many, many years ago with my cousin. We were both about 11. But, I want to tell the story of a couple I was with the other night and it was HIS first time ever with a guy. I met them at a porn theater in Dallas. They had come to try something new and pick up a guy to join in to play with her. He told me later that he hadn't considered it turning into a 3some with me and him playing, too, that it was intended only for his wife. She was incredibly sexy and horny. He and I were both working on her. I was between her legs eating her pussy (which I love more than anything) and he was kneeling near her head so she could suck him. I reached up to play with her very large titties and I purposely let the back of my hand brush against his rather large balls. He didn't react negatively and I let it happen a few more times so it was clear it wasn't an accident on my part. Then I stopped eating her and moved up to suck her nipples and he moved down to fuck her and I swiveled down and said "let me put it in her" and grabbed his very nice cock and guided it between her pussylips and tugged him inside. It was hot. After a few strokes, I told him to pull back and I dipped my head between her legs to lick her some more, while my left hand was stroking his dick and then I pulled his cock between my lips and sucked him up and down a few times before putting him back in her pussy. I kept repeating that for a while and then he stopped fucking her and we swapped places and I fucked her for awhile. The 3 of us fucked for a long time with me swapping between eating her and sucking him. She didn't notice until this had been going on for awhile and she asked him "what the hell" and he told her not to worry about it, that it was all good! She ended up coming on my tongue, fingers and cock a dozen or so times (told you she was horny) and I sucked him off once and then ate a cream pie he buried in her hot pussy. She finally sucked me off and yes it was "all good!" Oh, I am definitely bi, not gay. on marriage #3 and have literally been with hundreds of women as well as a hell of a lot of guys.

Glasgow, UK

#731 Dec 1, 2012
Put his d"ick in my ass*

Satellite Provider

#733 Dec 1, 2012
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#737 Dec 1, 2012
Nothing like a good finger f**k to get u in thee mood for the main event

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#738 Dec 1, 2012
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Hampton Bays, NY

#740 Dec 1, 2012
Swaggwalk wrote:
Should I try being gay
No. It's not something you try to do. You either want to have sex with guys or you don't.

Muskogee, OK

#742 Dec 1, 2012
My first time was last weekend I am 12 my friend was 15 and I was staying the night with him bc my mom was out... he asked if he wanted to go swimming so I did and we were sitting around and I out of the blue said u have u ever had a first gay experience before and I had always wanted to do something with him but never worked up the nerve but when I asked him he said no and I just said oh so we get out and dry off it was close to abt 10 ish at night and we got dressed and went to his bedroom we played video games for a while and we got to talking but then kinda stopped by the time we got done playing games we went to bed and he made me a palette in the floor and I layed there for a while and he asked me if I was awake and I said yeah he asked me if I wanted to get up in his bed so I did and and I had always wanted to sleep wit him to see what it was like and he turned faced toward me and said u will do any dare right and I said yeah so he asked me to suck his dick at first I got really nervous and denied but he was like come on and begging me so I faced back toward him again and he pushed my head under the covers and pulled his dick out he started touching my face and I worked up the nerve and put it in my mouth I had never felt so nervous in my life put I started to suck him off and he came in my mouth and I swalloed all his cum in my mouth twice then he asked me to give him a hand job and I did that for abt 10 mins and then stopped by this time it was like 4:00 in the morning and so we just decided to go to bed that morning wen I woke up he was still asleep and I thought about doing it again but I didn't bc his dad was up so I went back to sleep then at about 11:00 we finally got up and we didn't really talk about it but this weekend we went to his back bedroom and talked for a while and he said he is gonna take a nap and I waited in there and payed wit him while he did he fell asleep and he got a boner so I got up and put my hand down his pants and jerked him off and then have him head but when he woke up he asked me why he was so horney and I told him and he didn't really care but I really hope we can keep this up bc it is really awesome but he is straight I'm bi but there's my story

Pittsburgh, PA

#744 Dec 3, 2012
Well, my friend and I were on a school trip. We were both Freshman, he was 14 and I was 15. We were in a local theme park on this trip. We had gone to the Starbucks inside the park and gotten smoothies with 2 friends of ours. This was right before the time we were leaving. We would be driving back to the hotel which was about 2 hours away. Since we both had gotten smoothies, we decided to go pee at the restroom near the exit before leaving to get on the buses. We walked in. At this time, I had finished my smoothie, but he was still drinking his. We walked in and were the only 2 in the restroom. We both went to 2 urinals, the ones farthest away from each other. Since he was still drinking his smoothie, he had one hand on his smoothie, and one hand on his peter. I used both hands to cover my peter while peeing. He probably hadn't thought what hand he should put his smoothie in though. I finished peeing before him, and I zipped up. When I turned around, I noticed him peeing opposite of me, and his peter was completely exposed because he had his peter in his right hand, and his smoothie in his left. Because of this, I completely saw his peter. In shock, I barley stopped and just continued to turn around to wash my hands. His peter didn't look very big from the angle he was holding it in, but it very well could have been very big. I never looked at a boy in that way before this time. Ever since that trip about 6 months ago, I haven't been able to stop thinking about it or look at him without thinking of it. I haven't told me about it to this day either. Was one of the greatest days of my life.


#746 Dec 4, 2012
Ok so I have now officially came out as bi, I told my current gf and she said "I already kinda knew due to I love playing with her doldos and I'd told her about when I was younger" that all happened 3 months ago, since then she was wanted me to suck and fuck a dick in front of her so on the weekend we went to melb with 4 mates, I ended up sucking them and letting them screw me taking turns..., was the best night ever

Ellijay, GA

#747 Dec 4, 2012
Ok I am bi but should I tell my girlfriend because I love her and I'm afraid she will leave me none of my family knows and only my closet friend know I'm scared bc my family goes to church and my dad always jokes about gays like it's wrong and I don't know how they will act
Sexy mom

Guildford, UK

#748 Dec 4, 2012
I'm not gay but I've seen my son and his boyfriend going at it before!
Hot Woman

Parramatta, Australia

#750 Dec 4, 2012
Sexy mom wrote:
I'm not gay but I've seen my son and his boyfriend going at it before!
Did it make you hot and wet. Wish I could have been with you watching.


#751 Dec 4, 2012
Leave the shower on next time. Acts as great lude n nothing like getting hot n sweaty in the shower.
Sexy mom

Guildford, UK

#753 Dec 5, 2012
Hot Woman wrote:
<quoted text>
Did it make you hot and wet. Wish I could have been with you watching.
Yeah it was so hot! He doesn't know that I watched him though!

Cicero, IL

#754 Dec 5, 2012
Sexy mom wrote:
<quoted text>
Yeah it was so hot! He doesn't know that I watched him though!
You should post the story
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