First Gay Experience Stories

Los Angeles, CA

#7079 Oct 6, 2013
I recently had my first experience a few weeks ago at school. I am 22 and attending my university, dicking around one day on my break between classes looking at porn. I headed to one of the more deserted bathrooms on campus to jerk off. When I walk in I'm the only one there, so I went into the middle of three stalls, get comfortable, pull out my ipod and start jerking it. A few minutes later someone comes in, takes their time entering the last stall next to me, spends a while wiping down the seat, undoing their pants, etc. I sit there waiting for him to do his business and leave so I can resume when I hear him shuffle, and then I hear that familiar 'fap fap fap' sound. The dude was jerking off too! It got me really hot so I started jerking again, which he could hear. After a few minutes he stuck his hand under the stall. I was really nervous, especially about getting caught, but I got on my knees and pushed my cock under the stall divider and the guy started jerking me off, rubbing my balls and running a finger over my asshole with his other hand. After a bit I exploded all over his hand, and he moved back for a second before he shoved his cock under the divider. It was smaller than mine, maybe 4.5-5 in with long wiry pubes. Guy was Asian I think. I grabbed it, his cock was so hard. I jerked him til he came, cum all over the place. We wiped up and he stayed in the stall while I left--late for my next class! I ended up getting cruised by him (he hangs out in this bathroom all day) another time too.

Green Bay, WI

#7080 Oct 7, 2013
Gayguy wrote:
Can’t believe how different my first time was from all these stories. Came out when I was 16, and my parents could not have been more supportive. Same with most of my friends. A boy I didn’t know very well, started hanging around with me. Suspected he was gay, but never said anything. Corey was cute, and fairly shy. Figured if he was, he would eventually tell me. Took a few months, but he did. Was very traumatic for him, and he cried. I held him as he sobbed, and my heart broke. Nothing else happened. Told my Mom, and she smiled and said she was happy for me, we made a cute couple. I told her we weren’t a couple. She said she thought we should.(Best Mom ever). Couple nights later we were all watching a movie together. I put my hand on his, and he jumped. My Dad smiled, looked at my Mom and said come on Nora, lets let the kids be alone. Corey’s jaw dropped. They left and I nervously put my arm around him. We had our first kiss, and fireworks went off. We cuddled on the couch, spooning, and I ran my hand up his shirt, and lightly stroked his smooth chest, rubbed his soft stomach, tickled his navel. I had an erection. Movie ended, and he went home. Next morning there was a box of condoms in my empty cereal bowl, with a note to always be safe, Love Mom and Dad. Corey and I talked about how nervous we were about the next step. We didn’t plan it. He was over, my parents were going out. Mom kissed me goodnight, and told me “be safe”. Think Mom knew before I did it was going to be that night. We cuddled as usual, when Corey asked if we could go to my room. We nervously undressed each other. We stood, pressed together, kissing our erections together. We laid on the bed kissing, rubbing, and very quickly Corey came, then me. We were covered in semen. I had never felt closer in my life to anyone. We are still together 3 years later. When Corey gets back from class, I’m showing him this, then we’ll make love.
You have great parents and a great lover. You are so blessed.


#7081 Oct 7, 2013
Looking for firat exsperience
horny man


#7082 Oct 7, 2013
I was 13 he was over 40 missed school bus got In car with him he said had to deliver box then drop me off drove down lane to house took box to house came back said no one in said will wait for while we sat in car he took book from door he said look showed me photo of naked man asked me to show him my Cock I said no he said I'll show u mine he just pulled it out he said get yours out I said no he then held me down and pulled my trousers and pants down he then wanted me I let him after I spunked I then let him fuck me

Barking, UK

#7083 Oct 7, 2013
mrh wrote:
<quoted text>
i feel the same way !
Mad theory, I experience the same too, but here it is as crazy as it sounds.

Maybe we were born gay, but throughout our life we've sort of "pushed it away" to the back of our mind by our 'straight upbringing'. When the hormones take over [very powerful], our so called natural side/instincts take over as they're so embedded so deep and far back in our mind.

Sounds like total bollocks, but it is logical and plausible. To me, anyway. What do you think?

Fontana, CA

#7084 Oct 7, 2013
Wanna know about my experience just ask
Carl Latimer


#7085 Oct 7, 2013
I was 14 and in a wood where I gone for a pee. I saw a guy fiddling with his in his pocket. I got hard and he saw it and he then rubbed his over his jeans. I was hard and I rubbed mine. He walked up to me and grabbed mine and put my hand on his over his jeans He was about 45 I guessed. THen he got mine out and got his out and he rubbed mine and I rubbed his as I was frightened not to do it.

Then he pushed my shoulders and pushed me down and rubbed his across my mouth. He then pinched the sides of my cheeks and my mouth opened and he put his in. It was fat and filled my mouth ad he fucked my mouth and cos it was tight I guess I sucked it too and suddenly he cum i my mouth and I choked and it came out of my mouth and down my nose. WHen he finished he got dressed and left.

It was scary but it started me going there a lot more

Since: Oct 13

Ashburn, VA

#7086 Oct 7, 2013
Love all dis stories..........gets me on

Since: Oct 13

Ashburn, VA

#7087 Oct 7, 2013
stranger wrote:
Wanna know about my experience just ask
.......yea sure want to

Seattle, WA

#7088 Oct 7, 2013
josh1990 wrote:
<quoted text>.......yea sure want to

Seattle, WA

#7089 Oct 7, 2013
Jonas wrote:
My story isn’t a good one, so skip it if your looking to get your jollies off. I was 14, and stayed with my grandparents on Cape Cod in the summer because my Mom worked. I loved to go fishing, but my grandfather was sick that year, and couldn’t go on a boat. A neighbor of theirs took me fishing. Mr. Harris molested me that first day. He stood up and peed over the boat right next to me. I was staring at his big hairy penis just inches from my face. When he was done, he started pulling on himself, then told me to put it in my mouth. When I first resisted, he took the back of my head and forced me. After he was finished, he did oral on me, and then told me that if I told anyone, he would tell them about how I had an orgasm too. It only got worse, and within a week, he started to do me anally. I can still feel his chest hair rubbing against my back as he held me tight huffing and puffing. That was 5 years ago, and I’m screwed up and in therapy. I’m sexually confused, and at the same time heven’t had sex, I find it brings back too many memories, but I do masturbate a lot. Sorry if this bums anyone out Mr. Harris died 3 years ago.
Dood im sorry that happend but ur not the only one

San Bernardino, CA

#7090 Oct 8, 2013
josh1990 wrote:
<quoted text>.......yea sure want to
ok I'll tell it ;)

San Bernardino, CA

#7091 Oct 8, 2013
The first time I gave a bj was to a family friend.I was 15 I believed when he slept over my house he was 2 years younger but he looks my age though or even older. Point was we fell asleep when I was kind of cold or don't remember but yeah thing is I woke up and I saw him semi hard and I was curious so I grab it I know crazy right but then I wonder what it feel to suck it and I did but I stop because I was afraid he was going to wake up. 2 years later he stayed at my house and I caught him watching porn on his phone and he was like don't tell anyone. I was like I won't. I was like I watch it too once in a while. I was like if he wanted to experiment and he was no I'm not gay but I like insisted but nothing he kinda stop staying over cause of that and usually he would think he too cool to visit anyone. But it wasn't till I finally convince him the next time he came we made a deal we will both give each other a bj and I went first and he was stop it feels wrong and I was like ok. I was but you still have to give me a bj and he was like no. He didn't a hole but he hardly came again. But when he did I made him feel guilty about it he suck my dick but like only 3seconds. Yes lame but I didn't care no more. The funny part was he didn't knew I sucked him before when he was I have two others stories about 2 other guys one is short and one is a bit longer than this one. Just tell me you want to hear more to write more

Ashburn, VA

#7093 Oct 8, 2013
Vizag lo hot top unite mi numbers evandi nenu call chestha plz

Woodhaven, NY

#7094 Oct 8, 2013
Gayguy wrote:
<quoted text>
Oh and yess were two different people
Hey i am 13 where you live

Since: Oct 13

Ashburn, VA

#7095 Oct 8, 2013
add on whatsapp let share our stories n hot pics..................

London, UK

#7096 Oct 8, 2013
I'm looking for someone to meet near Birmingham for no strings fun I'm 18 straight Ok looking and I drive so meeting not really a problem.
Looking for a a lad my age or just older who isn't camp just a normal lad who wants some Fun add my kik a_zzz
No underage!

Since: Feb 09

Location hidden

#7097 Oct 10, 2013
TY for sharing..Ia, totally into gay porno sex now ..obbsessed about cocks.I LOVE looking at erect males with their pink cocks and thicK shafts.
Confused wrote:
I’m so confused. Never had a gay thought in my life, now I’m totally infatuated with this kid, and can’t get him out of my mind. I’m an RA, and have a single room. There’s a “swordsman” that has had a no stop parade of women through his bed, and I let his roommate spend the night in the spare bed in my room. I can not adequately describe how beautiful this kid is. From his bright green eyes, dark red hair, perfect skin. He isn’t handsome, he is beautiful. He’s quiet soft spoken, and laughs at everything I say. Just to see his perfect white teeth framed by his slightly pouty lips, and then the deep dimples that form on either side when he laughs, melts me. That first night, when he stripped to his boxer briefs, he took my breathe away. Slight, yet sinewy, large light pink nipples, smooth tummy, tiny waist, his briefs clinging to his round buns in the back, and showing his bulge in the front. I actually got hard looking at him. Now he is all I think about. Had sex with my gf last night, but it was him that was beneath me in my head, his nipples in my mouth when I sucked hers. His hole I came in, not hers. His head on my chest after, not hers. I felt so disgusted with myself, but here I am, hard as a rock thinking about how I describe him. Part of me wants him so bad, and part thinks it is so disgusting. Sigh, think I’ll just beat off thinking about him.

Seattle, WA

#7098 Oct 10, 2013
youngster wrote:
<quoted text>
Hey i am 13 where you live
old enough more specifically 13

Medford, MA

#7099 Oct 10, 2013
I haven't done anything since I was probably 8 years old. Although I was really young and had no idea how to do what I was doing, I understood what I was doing. My cousins through marriage who were my age and a year older would be together all the time and have sleep overs. One day we found a porno mag in the trash and we flipped through it together but got caught and in trouble. After that we were all really curious about sex and would take our cocks out and be naked together at sleep overs once the adults went to sleep. Eventually we moved on to sucking each other's cocks and never getting caught. There was one time two of us tried to have sex but we had no idea how, but it was still so hot and fun trying. After they moved and we saw them a little less often, a friend from school my other watched sometimes that also stayed over all the time became my new play thing and we were now getting naked together and sleeping like this together and sucking each other off. Then he moved too and I've ever since never done anything again but want to so badly thinking of all those hot times.
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