First Gay Experience Stories

Harlingen, TX

#5227 Jun 20, 2013
California wrote:
Anyone from Bakersfield California boys or men that are gay or bi?
I visit Shafter California every summer and its about 15 or 30 minutes away from Bakersfield

Brunswick, OH

#5229 Jun 20, 2013
I just read 520 of these. Wow...

Windermere, FL

#5230 Jun 20, 2013
I too am curious about having sex with men.. I am married with two kids but I always find myself looking and thinking about guys I am 23 african American and live in Orlando Fl. I think I have a thing for young looking guys. Can anyone one help me make up my mind because I love my wife but I am highly attracted to men. What should I do????

Ashburn, VA

#5231 Jun 20, 2013
Eddie321 wrote:
<quoted text> not sure if real person my age, or pedophile
what is your age boy since ronan told us he is 13yrs ,iam bisexual and 19yrs i would lyk to meet Ronan and you as well my mobile number is 0847952760 if on mxit for a little chat my mxit id is: sompisi 145

Ashburn, VA

#5232 Jun 21, 2013
Alfie wrote:
Back when I was 13 years old I lived in a quiet rural neighborhood where i was best friends with this boy called Elliot who was 12. I found him really hot and he had a really nice slim body. Every time I went to his bedroom I could see his dirty light blue knicker briefs lying on the floor and that really turned me on.
At the time I didn't know if he was straight or gay because when we used to play fight he would act sexual to me. I guess he was just playing. Every time we played I gave him wedgies so i could see his pale ass and i could give it a little smack.he was moaning which meant to me he was turned on.
So anyway one sunny day me and him decided to go into the fields to our hidden den next to a river. I didn't know what to do but to do a bit of experimenting on him. We were messing around and i decided to strip to my football nickered briefs and he found it funny and a little bit embarrassing. Without pushing it i decided to ask him to take his trousers off. He felt nervous and he didn't want too but I managed to talk him through it so he took them off. He was then wearing the most beautiful blue nickered briefs iv'e ever seen with a slight bulge.
We both then got the idea so I asked him to lay down on his front so he did and then I layed on top of him.(Just wearing briefs) we started dry humping together and he started moaning. I pulled my briefs down and got my willy out and i gradually pulled his briefs down and i inserted my willie into his ass. I began fucking him hard that he was moaning and pleasing it. He then lays on his back and i sat on his cock and he started fucking me. Up and down we went and my god it felt amazing. We had enough so we got dressed and hed home and sadly we don't see each other any more.
what an expierence you herd! But shame man you cannot see him again ,how old are you nw

Ashburn, VA

#5233 Jun 21, 2013
Bobby wrote:
<quoted text> 0-o
where do u live dude,whats yr age?

Ashburn, VA

#5234 Jun 21, 2013
FancyFree wrote:
My first gay experience was when I was 3 or 4 years old. My older brother's friend used to take me up to our summer house and sit me on his lap. He would fondle my buttocks through my tight blue shorts (I had a bubble butt back then) then he'd pull out my penis and start gently stroking it until it became engorged and throbbing. I could feel his erection pushing up from his crotch into my soft cheeks. He would rub my penis for a long time but because I was so young I never came off. But I do remember enjoying the warm and tingling sensations his attentions gave me. I've never had any gay experiences since but I'be always remained curious....
how old are u now,fancy free! Where do you live bassically


#5236 Jun 21, 2013
Bryan wrote:
I was 15, and had spent the whole day helping my best friend move his Grandma’s stuff into storage. At the end of the day, we went to his hot tub to relax. Brian had a perfect body, and I had lusted for him for years, but never made a move. Sitting there in the tub, the water level just below his perfect nipples was so hot. I complained about my back and neck being sore, and he asked me if I wanted a back rub. I was shocked, as he had never touched me before, but I wasn’t turning that down. Still in the tub, I turned on the bench, and he started kneading my neck and back. It was so awesome, particularly since the bubbles hid my raging erection. I was so relaxed when he finished, I just leaned my back against his chest. That’s when I felt his hand rub up my stomach, and then across my nipples. I about came right then, but he rubbed back down my stomach, and touched my erection through my shorts. He rubbed it a couple of times, then whispered “lets go to my room.” As we climbed out, I could see he was hard too, and I was trembling with nerves and excitement. He closed his door, and pushed my shorts off, telling me his parents wouldn’t be back for hours. It started really tentative, nervously touching each other. But when he rolled on top of me, and our erections met, it was like instinct took over. We kissed, and explosions went off in my head. He licked my nipples then my navel, then my [email protected] I lost it all over my stomach. He moved back next to me and kissed me again. I went down on him tasting that perfect meat. He came fast too. We laid there, cuddling, or semen still dripping down our sides, when we started going at it again. I told him I’d dreamed of this forever, and he said he did too. I asked him to [email protected] me, and we decided it would be best in the shower with hand lotion. I’ll never forget that feeling when as I held onto the towel bar, he slid in , then put his hands on my hips and started doing me. Taking his semen was so hot, and after he was done, he stayed in me and gave me a reach around. We were lovers for about a year, then he discovered girls, and I never had him again. He’s married now, and we are still friends, but it is never mentioned.
Wonderful Story, Must have been a Great Year


#5237 Jun 21, 2013
Ryan wrote:
Really confused. My brother's room mate from college has been here this week from Ohio. Monday morning my bro and p's were at work, and I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth, and he came in and started brushing his teeth. He started talking about how horny he was, then turns on the shower, drops his boxers, and I'm looking at his hard junk. Then he reaches over, slides his hand in my boxers, and asks me if I'm horny. Next thing I know, he's on his knees sucking me off, while jerking himself. Just before I blow, he pulls off and jerks me, and I shot all over his chest. He reaches down grabs some and licks it off his fingers, and then shots on the bathroom floor. I was so disgusted, and avoided him the rest of the day. But the next day, I'm standing at the sink with a bone hoping it's gonna happen again. Same thing, same reaction. And again this morning. Now I'm wondering if he and my bro are doing this.
I Hope for your bro and his mate that they are

United States

#5238 Jun 21, 2013
Lucas wrote:
<quoted text>so do I! I'm in t. Louis!
I do to haha kc
bricking it


#5240 Jun 21, 2013
im 45 now and i have just arranged to meet a guy for some sucking and [email protected] at a hotel my first EVER i have never touched a man in any way before any tips on how to go on with him??

South San Francisco, CA

#5242 Jun 21, 2013
I'm in Fresno ca looking for my first guy to do me
Local guy

Denton, TX

#5243 Jun 21, 2013
Mikey wrote:
Anyone in the DFW area would like for an older guy to help them through their first oral gratification through a guy?
Where what part!?

United States

#5246 Jun 21, 2013
biboyky wrote:
<quoted text> Im in Kentucky
I'm from kentucky too

Ballwin, MO

#5248 Jun 21, 2013
Im 14 bi and have a 7in I was looking out my window when my neighbor was outside he noticed but nothing happened hes really cool 20ish muscular. I always look outside when he comes out to smoke he'll play with his junk. Yesterday he saw me again and I came outside he invited me into his placw my parents were gone so I went. He asked me why I always looked at him and I smiled and looked down. He put his hand on my face and said it was cool. He kissed me then pulled my shirt off and started licking my nipples he took his shirt off and took me to his bed. He got in top of me and we made out then I bit his nipples. His cock was on my stomach he was 9in I sucked him then he fucked me. First I got against the wall and he was gentle then he started fucking me hard. He sucked me and I fucked him which was fun he has the best bubble butt ever. We cleaned up and now he teaches me how to drive which is true just not a car
Horny 15 yearold

Denton, TX

#5249 Jun 21, 2013
Anybody looking for their first experience? I'm looking for ages 13-17. I live in Dallas Texas.

South San Francisco, CA

#5250 Jun 21, 2013
Travis wrote:
Any GAYS and BISEXUAL live in California
I'm in Fresno ca
Mr Confused

Lucknow, India

#5251 Jun 21, 2013
where I live....people hardly seem to be gay...n i guess m a i know one of my friends in 8th grade...he's a muscle dude....we get along well....i have a crush on him...i don't know if he straight or gay...he's always telling me that i am gay...making fun of me.... but then he always touching me keeping his hand on my lap very me a boner in seconds....once he took me to the washroom to show me his muscles...n he took of his shirt...i almost drooled!!! he was soo sexy!!
he aslways talking about i don't know wat he is???

Lucknow, India

#5252 Jun 21, 2013
if i was my sports day.... we had this drill for students in class the guy before me in the line ( dark n hot!!) he held me from back.....from before the curtain...n said he did'nt see me...i was like kk... then he acted to faint when i caught him...he put a hand on my dick n rubbed it tight....he turned me started goin on.... when we were suppposed to go to busses...we were given like 2hours to me n him ( still don't know why?? lol ) went to the bus before was empty. HE SAT BY MY SIDE...MY GLASSES FELL...I COULD'NT REALLY SEE SOMETHIN WITHOUT THEM...i tried to find em.....he said he'll help me...n then he started to touch my dick again....i was so turned on...n then all i coud say was...maybe i'd do things better with my glasses...he said he lead my hand to them... he took my hand n put it on his dick...i loved it!!...then i got my glasses...n we started kissing....n then he took out his cock....i sucked it out...he shot in my mouth itself...he did it for me again...n then we kissed...but after some time...children arrived so we could'nt really carry on.... n unfortunately...that kid transfered.... i still miss my first gay love!!!
Bi firefighter

Brinkhaven, OH

#5253 Jun 21, 2013
Mr Confused wrote:
where I live....people hardly seem to be gay...n i guess m a i know one of my friends in 8th grade...he's a muscle dude....we get along well....i have a crush on him...i don't know if he straight or gay...he's always telling me that i am gay...making fun of me.... but then he always touching me keeping his hand on my lap very me a boner in seconds....once he took me to the washroom to show me his muscles...n he took of his shirt...i almost drooled!!! he was soo sexy!!
he aslways talking about i don't know wat he is???
. I would put money on it that he is either gay or bi since he keeps touching you and putting his hand on your leg
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