Philipsburg, PA

#3600 Apr 10, 2013
Yes, I have done this many times! I'm not gay but I love the feeling with a cock inside me... this is only when I'm horny though!

Kankakee, IL

#3601 Apr 10, 2013
About two years ago I got high and contacted a gay guy nearby I went over and he pulled his pants and started stroking his cock I am not gay but more bi curious he said touch I grabbed his hard cock and started sucking it his cock was big so he kept asking me to deep throat it but because I know what a good bj feels like I took as much as I could we ended up in his bedroom where he did me anally for about thirty seconds I did not like that I ended up sucking him and he came on my face
el Gringo

Hartford, CT

#3603 Apr 10, 2013
johnhoward45 wrote:
My first experience was when i was in 7th grade. I was at my friends house who lives on a pretty large amount of property it had his house, his grandparents house, a pool, and tennis court. I went over for a sleepover and when i got there they were all ready hanging out (john,jack) they are both pretty small in stature being around 5ft tall and i was a good 6ft. They were skaters and i was athletic. We hung out for awhile when john took out his ipod and started to watch porn we all watched it for a little and got hard. John and jack have already done gay stuff before so they had a plan for me. They asked to see my dick at first i said no fearing that it would be small because i've never compared. They said that they would show first, john went up first un zipped his jeans and pulled his dick out, it was pretty small so i became very confident. Next was jack who went infront of me and john and pulled his out. Their penises were almost identical and only about 4 inches but they were hairless so it was like a girl almost. I then got the courage to stand infront of them and slowly pulled down my shorts, my cock sprung out and they looked shocked it being 7 inches. We layed the width of his bed and jack had his ipod in the middle with john on the other side. We watched the porn together and jerked off all commenting on how we each did it. I came over my chest then john and jack. We kept hanging out swimming and playing tennis then that night we were swimming and jumping off the diving board, we would pull our shorts down so we were butt naked and do flips off. After i dived in i came up from the water and john and jack were gone i looked around and saw the light on in the shed wich had a shower in it and lights with a bathroom, it was pretty nice. I pulled my shorts up, opened the door and walked in. Standing in the shower were john and jack in only their boxers washing eachother off with soap, they told me to come in so i did. They pulled down their boxers and mine all of our dicks small from being in the pool. We washed the chlorine off and our dicks loosend up we would ask eachother if we either want to fuck eachother in the ass or get our dicks sucked. We went around untill it came to me, the water was coming down. I got on my knees infront of the two and began sucking and stroking feeling the cocks in my mouth knowing it was weird but still going then i took a break and looked down, i felt more water then normal i lookes up and they were pissing on me, it felt great having the hot water all over me. Then john said "ass" so i bent over infront of him and he slipped his dick in my ass using shampoo as lube. Then jack went infront of me and put his dick in my mouth and they rocked me between them untill they came in me at the same time. Ive done even more with more guys since then, if you wanna know or live in CT kik me at johnhoward45 and we can make more experience stories
Hot Story i also live in the area

El Paso, TX

#3604 Apr 10, 2013
El Paso Texas? Anybody? Need some one to take my cherry ;)
Bailey boy

Saskatoon, Canada

#3606 Apr 10, 2013
oll97 wrote:
i was walking on a path in the woods when a random man said hey there so i said hey and he said u ever done anything? so i was like what then he pulled down his trousers and i got an arection then he started rubbing my buldge so i did what i thought was right and sucked on his cock until he came all over my face then after he started fingering my ass and i enjoyed the feeling. is this normal?x
Yes so I heard that anything that stimulates the body is a normal feeling. And it's your body if you enjoyed it, then you can do it again and again.

Kuwait, Kuwait

#3607 Apr 10, 2013
i had my first gay sex while i was 21, he was in love with me always say weird stuff like come on bitch and i used to wonder why he is calling me his bitch until one day he said that he is tired and sick i hugged him and he said" you want to make me feel happy" i said "yes i want to please you" he got his cock out and he looked at me these horny looks and i started rubbing it he was like "OH OOOOOOOHHHHHH UHHHHHHHHHHOOOOHH MORE MORE" and he was about to cum in my hand when his cock was so hot i have got it inside my mouth and sucked untill he came in my throal and i felt a really hot tasety drink going down my throat, it was really the best moment ever..

Glastonbury, CT

#3608 Apr 11, 2013
In 8th grade during the summer i had football practice. Me and my 2 best friends dan and alex had plans on hanging out after practice so after practice was done we went over to dans house and jumped in his pool for a shower basically. Before this i had sucked guys off and done gay stuff but only for getting off i have never truley been gay. It turns out that dan and alex had given eachother hand jobs before which i only found out after my experience. I had also sucked off alex at dans house while dan was asleep but dan had no clue. So while we were in the pool it was dark out and his parents were out driving. We would challenge eachother to wrestle and dan would always kick me and alexs asses so after the pool was done we went inside and dried off. We went into dans basement and played xbox for awhile then realized dan had a ping pong table. We started to play sting pong and started with hitting eachothers backs then would pull down our shorts and do our asses then dan said "next is dicks!" So alex lost and hessitently pulled down his shorts where his thick cock flopped out of his shorts and into view of me and dan. Alex said "you guys take yours out too!" So we looked at eachother and as i was looking at dan alex came behind me and ripped down my shorts making my hard 7 inch veiny hairless dick come out from my shorts infront of dan. Then i yanked down dans shorts and because of the angle i bent down i put my ass in alexs face and dans cock in my face which was amazing to be in the middle like that. We stood there all with our cocks out looking at eachother and all desided to pull them down all the way off. It was around 11pm and his parents were sound asleep 2 floors up so we were confident. We ended up playing naked ping pong and i said "loser sucks off the winners" which they thought i was joking and lauged but i wanted to lose so i could suck them off. But it turned out that alex really sucked at ping pong or he just really wanted our cocks. So alex ended up losing. We blindfolded him and had him guess who's cock was whoose. Then we put him on the table and made him bend over. Dan put his cock in alexs mouth and my cock in alexs ass which was bigg and smooth and hairless. I fucked his asshole raw untill alex said "switch" and without hesitantion i went on the table, bent over and got the shit fucked out of me. Ive been doing it ever since
Kik me if you live in CT or around CT and can drive johnhoward45
Young lad southwest

Barking, UK

#3610 Apr 11, 2013
dan wrote:
<quoted text>how old r u ?
hey dan where u from in in Devon nr Exeter Torquay area I'm 24 and what about u looking for fun this Friday .
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Plymouth, MN

#3611 Apr 11, 2013
This probably would have been a good story, if you could spell. Save the texts for the cell phone, please.
Musst Read wrote:
I wuz 14 and wuz invited 2 ahh high school graduation party, and i was scared because i knew that every 1 getz all crazy their, so i went any wayz, i went with my cousin, and his 6 senior friendz, i was quikly, givving drinkz, bud, 4 lokoz. and they seemed 2 like me, telling me their frist timz drinking, and 1 of them told me they Luved me, so i thought he wuz kidding so the drinkz kept on flomming, then we were playing spin the bottle, and who had 2 kiss who, then he spunn, and didnt get any 1, so he moved it towerdz me, and he grabbed me, and took me 2 the truk, and he kissed me sme mre. and he started leaning over me, aww i felt hiz huge dik, it was bulgging out of his swim trunkz, and he pulled it down, aww it was so Big, and Hairy. uhh then he asked if i wanted 2 do it, so i said "Yeah", so he pulled out att condom, and a bottle of Vasilin, and was liking me, and fingering me, and stuk it in, god it hurt so bad, but felt so guud, then, we jus passed out, allh burnt out. then he acually wanted 2 be wit me,
and questioz, or opinions!!!
wanna know...

Chicago, IL

#3613 Apr 11, 2013
Anyone from Chicago?

Since: Apr 13

Aurora, CO

#3614 Apr 11, 2013
Ryan wrote:
Well my first time was on a greyhound bus. We were both 19 and complete strangers to eachother. I'd only met him a few hours earlier when he got on the bus. I thought he was straight, at the last rest stop he had chatted the whole time about the lovely breasts on a german backpacker that was sitting diagonally in front of us. When we got back on the bus he complained that it was cold and got a blanket out of his bag. He asked me if I wanted to share it. I felt a bit funny sharing a blanket with another guy, but it was cold so I agreed. After the blanket had been covering us a while I felt his hand slide over into my crotch area. I was shocked, but didn't want to be loud and draw a scene so I quietly asked him what he was doing. He told me to relax and check out the german girls cleavage. I stopped resisting and focused on her cleavage like he told me. He opened me shorts and soon he was rubbing me. His hand felt so good and he knew exactly what to do. After a while I erupted in his hand. He asked me if I would return the favour. I was very hesitant and he could tell so he told me not to worry. After about half an hour I felt guilty though and reached over and did it for him too.
wish stuff like that could happen to me :/

Since: Apr 13

Aurora, CO

#3615 Apr 11, 2013
Anyone in Colorado?

Since: Apr 13

Aurora, CO

#3617 Apr 11, 2013
ayeedoooe123 wrote:
<quoted text> ill make it happen (;
Yummmm please do ;)

Since: Apr 13

Aurora, CO

#3619 Apr 11, 2013
ayeedoooe123 wrote:
<quoted text> ill make it happen (;
When u gonna do that ;)

Mokena, IL

#3621 Apr 11, 2013
Sum15years wrote:
Anyone from Chicago?
yes I am

Chicago, IL

#3622 Apr 11, 2013
The91 wrote:
<quoted text> yes I am
how old are you?

Chicago, IL

#3623 Apr 11, 2013
14yrteen wrote:
Anyone in Chicagoo? Ages 13-15??
I'm 15

Chicago, IL

#3624 Apr 11, 2013
hey wrote:
I'm straight but I want to know how it feels to suck a c**k. Lol. I'm 14 by the way and an athlete. Aha.
where do you live?
young gay chicago


#3625 Apr 11, 2013
Sum15years wrote:
<quoted text> where do you live?
Hey where in chicago u live?

Ruislip, UK

#3626 Apr 11, 2013
;) wanna suck hard c*ck mmmm

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