First Gay Experience Stories
Young lad southwest

Barking, UK

#3558 Apr 9, 2013
jake wrote:
My first gay experince was wen I was 14. I was with my best friend at a sleep over with a few other guys also 14. One of the boys thought it would be funny to put it on gay after a while we all had bonners eveyone started kissing and touching it other.the sleepover had became a gay orgy it was amazing
Two of the boys came to me and said suck my dick so I did then they both dped me it hurt at first but then I was moaning and groaning enjoying it I felt two dicks in my arse pumping at the same time I felt them cum in my arse it was amazing and after they cumed I cumed and they continued to pump my arse harder and faster I continued to graon and shout ohh yes its was amazing can't wait for the next sleepover ;)
so how old r u now when did this happen .lol
Young lad southwest

Barking, UK

#3559 Apr 9, 2013
dan wrote:
Anyone from UK ?
im in Devon uk u

Since: Dec 12

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#3560 Apr 9, 2013
Nate wrote:
I was so stoked the first time. I was 16, and had finally told my friend that I was in love with that I was gay. He asked me if I wanted to blow him, and I said yes. He locked his door, dropped his shorts and I got him off. 30 minutes later, I was bent over his bed, and he was screwing me. Our whole relationship changed. All he wanted was to put his semen in me. He wouldn’t cuddle, wouldn’t even get naked, just drop his pants. If I was giving him head, he didn’t want me to jerkoff, and made me keep my pants on. Sex was always doggy, with just my butt exposed. He started calling me names while we were having sex, and it hurt me deeply. I realized that he was using me, and nothing would ever develop, so I stopped. Took me 2 years to finally find a partner that cared for me.
You were indeed used. I'm really glad you found someone special who cares. Be sure to care in return. Blessings to you Bud!


#3561 Apr 9, 2013
Young lad southwest wrote:
<quoted text>im in Devon uk u
how old r u ?

United States

#3562 Apr 9, 2013
Hard wrote:
I was 15 years old when I was staying over at a friends house. We slept in the same bed. For the first 20 mins we spooned each other. I could feel his hard cock rubbing up against my butt. I just went under the covers and started blowing him. He had a BIG 8" cock. I deep throated his cock a few times and he blew his load in my mouth. That's when I discovered I liked to swallow HOT LOADS of cum. We had sex with each other for about 3 years until we grew apart. He loved it when I would deep throat his cock & swallow his loads. I let him fuck me a few time, but most of the time we just blew each other. Some of the hottest sex I have ever had. I'm bi now & blow guys when I can tell they are gay or bi. Usually I go to video stores to blow guys and swallow BIG loads. One day I blew 9-10 guys within 1 hour & swallowed every load.
How do you blow them at the video store? What is your technique to get them to unzip?

Brentford, UK

#3563 Apr 9, 2013
15 and really looking forward to my first time anal, ive sucked cock but i really want it inside of me. if any1 wants to mess around then s k y p e me at tom.baxter141
bondage boy

Truro, Canada

#3564 Apr 9, 2013
My first time I was drugged & raped. Canadian residents only! 9029861014
el Gringo

Hartford, CT

#3565 Apr 9, 2013
Evan wrote:
I was 24, and my younger brother and his friend came to NYC to see the sites. Had a small 1BR apt, and I pulled out the sofa bed, and gave his friend a sleeping bag. My brother got this nervous look on his face and then told me he was gay, and would it be OK if he and Adam slept together. Was a little surprised, but kind of always knew, and said whatever, and went to bed. I could hear the mattress squeaking, but not a lot of other noises, other than a quiet “yes yes yes” and then silence. I was hard, thinking about them doing it just on the other side of the wall, and ended up beating off, wondering who did who. The next morning, they were still in bed when I went to work. When I came home, Adam was there alone, my brother was in Brooklyn visiting our Grandmother. Grabbed a beer, and Adam told me how much they appreciated me letting them sleep together. I took a swig, and asked him “so who does who”? Adam was the “catcher”. Asked how that felt, and I got a basic primer in gay sex. It happened fast, and before I knew it, I was getting a bj, and then he grabs the lube, puts it on me and in him, and sits on it. First time I did anal, and it was a lot tighter than any girl. I’m sitting on the couch, him facing away from me, grinding up and down, my hands on his narrow hips pushing and pulling him. He asks me to jerk him, and when I do he spurts onto the carpet. His butt started twitching, and I shot into him. He just leaned back into me as we caught our breaths, and he tells me I’m exactly the same size as my brother. Found that a little too much info, and frankly, even though I had a great orgasm, was kind of disgusted with myself. He got up and went to the bath to clean up, and I washed up his splooge on the carpet. That was my one and only time, but I did beat off each night I heard them, remembering his tight hole.
Hot post it sounds like you still fantasize about it

Since: Apr 13

Marietta, GA

#3567 Apr 10, 2013
My first gay experience was when i was about 11. Me and one of my good friends (a troublemaker who was 3 years older than me) were at my house just playing some video games when we were talking about dick. We decided that we wanted to feel each other so we went in my closet (sounds storybook but true cuz my mom was home) an we started feeling each other through our shorts. It felt really good and then he put his hand down my pants and i got hard. It felt great and then he asked me if i wanted him to suck it and i said no. So i kept rubbing his dick directly and he cummed in my hand and i had an orgasm it was awesome. But know i look back on it and i wish i could have had him suck it and me suck his because i really want to suck a dick now!

Since: Apr 13

Marietta, GA

#3571 Apr 10, 2013
19044772545 text me guys

Onion Lake, Canada

#3572 Apr 10, 2013
I just took 15 inches in my ass when I was 9 I loved it it was my brothers ever since then I've been bouncing on it. Oh my I love it so much deep gut feeling mmmmmm!

Burpengary, Australia

#3573 Apr 10, 2013
Met wrote:
I just took 15 inches in my ass when I was 9 I loved it it was my brothers ever since then I've been bouncing on it. Oh my I love it so much deep gut feeling mmmmmm!
thats hot :) message me on ki kname above
Curious Bystander

Waterloo, Canada

#3576 Apr 10, 2013
Man. I wish I could be broken in hard by a hot stud, too. A boy can dream, can he, a boy can dream...
k lee


#3577 Apr 10, 2013
I was 14 when one day me and my brother both was sleeping on the sofa he feel a sleep first but was in his boxers I was really hard also in my boxers so I slowly pulled down is boxers and start rubbing my dick on his ass check's and he got hard and work up and went what evr you doing feel's good so I start wanking I'm off and he starting wanking me off we both cum on each other and that started thinking what it would be like to suck cock so we sucked each other off I deep throuted him add the cummed I loved the taste off it so I sollowed it all he put mine in his mouth and I cummed as soon as it went in his mouth I then bent over and he put is 10ish in my ass thickness off a can of coke! It hurt! But I loved it! So much!! And then we went to sleep it carryed on for a year till I didn't want to do it no more!!!... I new it liked it the first time when we and my dad got up to It comment if you wanna know what happend between me and my dad

United States

#3578 Apr 10, 2013
MET. You took a 15in dick when u was 9?

New York, NY

#3579 Apr 10, 2013
Mmmmm wrote:
MET. You took a 15in dick when u was 9?
Yeah right. And he was a leprechaun as well.
k lee


#3580 Apr 10, 2013
Anyone wanna know about the time I was on holiday with my friends dad?

Teddington, UK

#3581 Apr 10, 2013
Hi, I'm 17, for about 3 years I've been meeting men on the internet and going on cam with them, being their slaves, etc. I always makes sure they're older so I feel dominated. Anyway, I'm into girls but when I'm horny I get attracted to men, August last year I was on cam with my girlfriend, jerking off, when the connection went, so to fulfil my needs I searched for a man on the internet, I met one, he was 28 (so 12 years older) and lived a mere 25 minutes (drive) from me, he drove, and I decided I would meet him.

I was very nervous, I asked him what clothes he wanted me to wear & he told me, I wore a pair of my mums tight denim shorts, a thong, stockings and a slutty see through top. He also asked me to bring a pair of dirty boxer shorts for him, so I did. When he pulled up, he got out of the car and we started chatting, we walked to a muddy, dirty, farm near my house, there was cows out, watching. He kissed me and straight away grabbed my ass, at this stage I already had pre-cum, He told me to get on my knees (in the mud) and beg for his cock, which I did for about 30 seconds, he called me "pathetic" and shoved his hard cock down my throat, I was sucking it when suddenly a car drove right past us and stopped. At this stage I was nervous and he seemed fine, he told me to keep sucking his cock, 2 men got out of the car and walked over to us. Little did I know they were friends of his and he had set me up to be group fucked. One of them came over to me and said "I hope you're hungry" at this stage I was confused, this is when he told me their names (John & Ray) and told me they were here to fuck me.

Ray unzipped his trousers and made me suck his cock whilst the original man pulled down my shorts and spanked me hard numerous times. John asked me If I had ever been pissed on before I replied "Only by myself", he replied "not any more" and started pissing on my face, I loved it, at this stage I was fully aroused and feeling like the whore I am.

All 3 men fucked me at some stage during the hour they were there, all 3 men cummed on my face and in my mouth, I was made to walk home in just a thong, covered in cum, piss, swear, & shame. I never heard from them again.

I'm so fucking horny thinking about that night now, I need it again!:(


#3582 Apr 10, 2013
Tyler wrote:
<quoted text>Riverside
Wanna meet?

Concord, CA

#3583 Apr 10, 2013
I've. Been trying so hard to find my dirt guy its not easy at all
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