Naperville, IL

#1065 Jan 12, 2010
lottie wrote:
i was 12 when i had my first orgasom it all started when my god father started rubbing me so i started trying it. it felt so good ( btw im doing it now ):D
get yo hands of o the keyboard dude! there are times to do it... now is not the time
just shy

United States

#1067 Jan 14, 2010
i just had an orgasm in the bath tub and omg is completely different then what i thought it was.Hope no one heard me...:)

Macon, GA

#1068 Jan 16, 2010
I was on a cruise ship vacation and spent a lot of time in the hot tub due to a pulled muscle in one of my legs. The kids enjoyed the hot tub too. What I thought was strange at first was that most kids (ages 6 – 11) were the girls. Some boys would come to the tub but not stay very long. Some of the girls would stay “forever”.
What got my attention was one girl (she later told me she was ten) would sit and stare “out in space”. When she thought I was not looking she would close her eyes and in a few moments a sweet smile would come on her face and she would sigh. She did this several times.
Another (approximate) ten year old kept her hands under the water most of the time. She would sit up, get a weird smile on her face and then it appeared that she shuddered a little. She would then lay back and “rest”.
Another one (age 8) was sitting in the water leaning back against the under water seat and in a few monuments she started laughing. I asked her what was so funny and she said the bubbles had tickled her. I think she realized that I knew what had happened. The smile was replace with an expression of fright and she quickly left.
The smallest/youngest that I observed (what I assumed to be masturbation/orgasm) was in the first grade.(Most of the girls in their conversation with each other would tell their age or their school grade.) She was quite open with what she was doing – probably did not realize this is something that should be done in private. She would stand next to the underwater bench where the bubbles where very strong and (judging by the movement of her shoulder and arm), vigorously rub herself. She then got out, squatted on the outside of the water, with her crotch pointed to the middle of the tub (I had a ring-side-seat on the opposite side) and proceeded to dig a finger (on top of her bathing suite) in her very apparent camel toe.
Lucky for me the water was bubbly and one could not see my raging erections. Before standing to exit the tub I frequently had to wait several minutes in order to insure I was properly “deflated” so as not to disturb another guest.
Many young girls tell of learning to masturbate with a shower head or positioning themselves under the tub faucet. Can anyone relate a story of experiencing some of your first orgasms in a hot tub?

Naperville, IL

#1070 Jan 19, 2010
meg wrote:
i was 10 or around that age and i was watching true life on mtv the episode about swingers and i got really hot. i knew i was horny cus me and my girl friend used to play doctor but i never came then. but they where talking about masturbating. i thought im gona do that now. so i turned on my side put a finger between my pussy lips and kinda wiggled around i must have cummed in 30 seconds. not to mention it was the best orgasm i ever had im 17 now and i cant get enough of it
When you were 10.... u r so lucky... that happened to me when i was 15 lol. by the way i got a nother story after this

Naperville, IL

#1071 Jan 19, 2010
Anymouse wrote:
9. Really.
I was doing leg-raises on the dip bars at the school gym. All quite routine for about the first half minute, then the throbbing boner. Gym teacher kept saying things like "One more; you're doing fine; you can do it; try for twenty.." etc, so I kept pushing through. And my dick started to spasm violently. By the looks on some of the kids faces, those spasms were visible, or maybe it was the bulging shorts. I don't know, and didn't care at the time, it was the most mind blowing experience to date. Left a large patch of precum on my shorts, very embarrassing. From then on, though, lots and lots of girls did the "I'll show you mine if..." thing. Quite funny, really. Became a fan of phys-ed after that. And, interestingly, found that there were quite a lot of exercises that would get me off, including crunches, press-ups, chin-ups...even where no direct dick contact was involved. Weird.
lol that happened to me in pe when i was 15. sadly it was in the guys bathroom. i was doing those things where you hang upside down and you have to bring you head up and i start to get a hard boner and after class girls started going like "ill show you mine if..." stuff. i obviously took the deal and one of them was really hairy lol. but another was so fine, btw it was a brunettes, that we went into the bathroom and omfg i can't type it in!!!!! watever use ur imagination

London, UK

#1072 Jan 22, 2010
Well i was like...13? i was on the computer and my friend sent me this porn website, at the time i didnt know what it was when i clicked on in i saw this HUGEE COCK and i felt wet i started touching myself and this hugee tingly sensation when right through me. YUM (:
No Namer

Brookhaven, PA

#1074 Jan 26, 2010

Williston Park, NY

#1075 Jan 26, 2010
tyler wrote:
My first time was last night and i am 13(male) and in 8th grade, I knew what an orgy was, but had never had one, and I wanted to have one cause nearly every boy in my grade got I started rubbing, and i had been doing it for a long time, and nothing happend, then I started getting a little sting feeling, and I was scared as shit cause i didnt think it would hurt any, and i thought i pissed myself, so i stopped the rest from coming out, and went in the bathroom to see that it was semen. was it supposed to hurt that much my first time? did i do something wrong by not letting it all come out???
for guys it always seems to hurt the first time for me and my friends it stung like shit but feels so good after the first time...
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Montréal, Canada

#1076 Jan 27, 2010
The first time, that i pleasured myself i think i was 11, but I didn't have an orgasm, and i would just hold my penis and instead of doing it the way it was supposed to, i was moving the whole thing up and down ,but i think i would still feel from that.
And i remember, i think the head of my member would be purple ... lol XD... That never happens anymore.. O_o maybe it was because I couldn't actually have an orgasm when i was 11. Or at least it's harder for guys to have that before puberty, because your body still can't ....(youknow)
i also remember when i was 8, i think i got really aroused thinking of this girl in my dad's car and i think i was almost also humping the air ,moving around in the CARSEAT. lol

But the first time i had an orgasm was when i was 13 and ... it felt strange actually.. I wouldn't say it felt good at all, it was too much ,i guess, and it didnt feel good, it just felt like if i kept going i think i felt my heart beat faster On my penis?..or maybe not but it was weird...
Here's my msn, if anyone wants to talk

I'm 20 years old now.
Nobodyyouneedtok now

United States

#1077 Jan 27, 2010
Bunkbed kid wrote:
<quoted text>
At school LOL that would make me go to school (7th grade sucks)
7th grade is awful

Washington, DC

#1078 Jan 27, 2010
I was in the 7th grade and had discovered masturbation, though I still didn't know that that was what I was doing. I thought I was just rubbing up against things. I was in my room and was dry humping a shoe. And suddenly, I felt this powerful sensation where I thought I was about to piss my pants. I got up and ran into the bathroom, but there was nothing. I hadn't wet myself. I remember being confused by the sensation. Some time later, I was in the bathroom sitting on the toilet playing with myself. This was probably the first time I was really jerking off, and though I had never really masturbated to orgasm before, I found that I couldn't stop: it felt really good. Suddenly, I came and cum came out of my dick. I sat there dumbfounded. I knew what that meant and was overwhelmed by the fact that I could now have children. The next time I did it it was after a shower. I was also unable to stop myself before I came and I came much more than the first time. It was a little overwhelming that so much could come out of me.

North Las Vegas, NV

#1079 Feb 1, 2010
Omw!! Lol I'm so happy!! I literally just experienced my first orgasm! Haha I love being able to say that! I've been trying for over a year (I'm 14 1/2) to reach orgasm but I could never quite figure it out. When I first started masturbating I was only really aware of the vagina and that did nothing for me... And then I found out about the clit. I have been so frustrated because I then couldn't find my clit. When I finally did about a month ago I was still dissapointed because I would just touch it but I wouldn't feel anything. Then last night I was determined to find pleasure. I got extrememly close to orgasm (I stayed up until 5 in the morning experimenting) but I kept pulling back. Today I woke up with determination and patience lol, and i've been waiting all day throughout school to get home. And aaagh finally success! Omw it was so intense... Lol when it really started to hit I got a bit freaked cuz I felt kind of paralyzed :D mmmm but if felt excrutiatingly good!!!!!!
SecretLifeofGirl s

Sherbrooke, Canada

#1080 Feb 2, 2010
I had my first orgasm at age 8.

I'm writing a book and making a documentary film about womens' first orgasms, so if you would like to contribute your personal stories, please write me at

You can remain anonymous if you like, but I encourage you to reveal identity if you comfortable, because both projects are meant to help girls and women overcome embarrasment and celebrate their evolving sexuality. But either way is A-OK!

Hope to hear from you!

Bloomingdale, IL

#1082 Feb 3, 2010
I was 14, and had had a few wet dreams over the previous year, and frequent erections with pre-cum. I'm not sure why I thought pre-cum was semen since it was clear, but I thought that was all that was supposed to happen when rubbing myself. I found it enjoyable to put my hand in my pocket and move my hard-on out of my underwear and down my pants leg between my legs. Then one time I had just come from PE class during the swimming unit. I don't remember thinking about anyone in particular, but I did feel really warm and relaxed since I took a hot shower after swimming. I was in study hall of all places, sitting on the side of the room, proceeded as usual putting my hard-on down my pants leg. With my hand in the pocket I would press it down between my legs, and it would pop back up on its own. This felt great. I kept doing it over and over and over. Then all of a sudden, I felt the uncontrollable urge to pee, and was panicked that I was actually peeing in my pants at the age of 14. The throbbing sensation was unbelievable. Afterwards, I was thankful that I hadn't urinated, and suddenly put two and two together, and all that sex ed stuff from freshman year health class a few months earlier made sense. After that first time, I made sure I masturbated to orgasm several times a day, thinking of (at that time; I'm straight now) my male friends jacking-off and naked pretty girls on the swim team (had co-ed swim practice after school).
I must comment that some of these other stories about sexual contact between family members (incest) and between adults and children undr age 18 (sexual abuse) are quite inappropriate. Whether these stories are true or written by perverts is unknown, but I urge other readers to realize this is wrong, and if there are any moderators on this blog to point out the inappropriate behavior so that ignorant readers who are being abused realize that such actions are abnormal and should be reported to a trusted adult or police.
pete jr revello

Salem, OR

#1083 Feb 4, 2010
i was 9 or 10 i had been watching porn for the last few weeks over time i figured out the reason i was attracted to theses pictures in bed one night i started to jack for sum reason i spit on my hand

it made a sticky mess Ive been addicted to porn ever sense
Anny nomus

Grand Rapids, MI

#1086 Feb 5, 2010
I was 12 and my cousin who was 16 told me about how it would feel good if I rubbed my v-jay. I didn't like touching my self then so he said he would do it for me. He started to rub my clit andit felt real good. Then after a little be he put his pointer and middle finger in my vagina and made a " come hither " motion to rub my g-spot. A few seconds later I felt a feeling that could ony be described as orgasmic. It seemed I lost control f my pelvic area and It move up and down uncontrolably, I began to squirt and I gasped and moaned. This went on for over five minutes as I had many orgasms.
I still haven't had anyone be able to be as good as him. I can always to that good myself. Since then I've masterbated every day several times a day I even got a vibrator

Saudi Arabia

#1087 Feb 5, 2010
beautiful first experience.

Stourbridge, UK

#1088 Feb 6, 2010
I Like Pie
the dog

Hamilton, New Zealand

#1089 Feb 6, 2010
My first wonderful experience
My female husky and i were sitting outside together.She looked at me and i looked at her.She made the first move,came over to me and sniffed my pants (how did she know i had an erection?).She turned around and presented her rear with her tail aside and winked her pussy at me(they do that when they are in heat).Well i couldn't resist the invitation.

Williamsburg, VA

#1090 Feb 6, 2010
Anny nomus wrote:
I was 12 and my cousin who was 16 told me about how it would feel good if I rubbed my v-jay. I didn't like touching my self then so he said he would do it for me. He started to rub my clit andit felt real good. Then after a little be he put his pointer and middle finger in my vagina and made a " come hither " motion to rub my g-spot. A few seconds later I felt a feeling that could ony be described as orgasmic. It seemed I lost control f my pelvic area and It move up and down uncontrolably, I began to squirt and I gasped and moaned. This went on for over five minutes as I had many orgasms.
I still haven't had anyone be able to be as good as him. I can always to that good myself. Since then I've masterbated every day several times a day I even got a vibrator
I bet you I could be as good as him and even better.... What's ur email?

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