Your VERY FIRST Orgasm

Since: Apr 09

Edinburgh, UK

#754 Apr 19, 2009
about 12..used my mums toys..haha

Dubai, UAE

#756 Apr 19, 2009
angel_devil wrote:
ummm 11 i saw this porn mag. and then i saw lyk a pic of a guys d**k and got so horney and went to my house and locked mi in my room and rubbed. i went for more then 30 mins. and it was soo gewd. i do it 2 times a dai now. sometimes ifim free i do it 4 times ;)
Dirty girl, you wanna rub it for me just now?

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#757 Apr 19, 2009
soldado wrote:
<quoted text>
Good i guess, waited for a little maturity before banging everything that moved at the age of 12 like most threads here imply.
true i agree

“Etc - End of Thinking Capacity”

Since: Nov 08


#758 Apr 19, 2009
RedHotCatNipples wrote:
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Haha tell me about it, it actually took a few years due to the fact that
1. I didn't really know what to do myself when I was younger (say, early teens).. And,
2. None of my previous partners were particularly interested in helping me with my "problem"!!-Except the most recent two.. The latter succeeded hehe.
pretty common amongst most men

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#759 Apr 19, 2009
RedHotCatNipples wrote:
<quoted text>
Thanks :)
De nada.


#760 Apr 19, 2009

I'm 16 and my sister is 18. After I came home from Soccer one day I was all hot and sweaty. I wanted to annoy my sister with my stench. She immediately said, "DO YOU EVER SHOWER PROPERLY?!". I then chuckled, she said come here I'm going to show you something.

She took me up to our bathroom, and told me to get naked. I thought she was kidding, but I could tell she wasn't. She just stood there waiting for me to drop my clothing. She turned around and got the water ready for the shower, she told me to get in so as I was just getting ready to get in she told me to wait. So I asked her what was up, she asked me to strip her down.

At this time I wasn't even thinking about her being my sister. I just realized that she was pretty attractive so I stripped her down. At this time it's almost like she knew that I was attracted. She kept saying to me "I'm your sister" trying to get me thinking oh right, she then said. "Let's get this straight you always smell after soccer so I'm going to show you how to properly wash".

At this time, I didn't really care. I still got to see a naked women. She turned off the water after 2 minutes of us being in the shower. She then got down on her knees and said "I can't believe you didn't know I was kidding". She then took my #$%# and started sucking on it. I just stood there and took it, she insisted we move to her bedroom. She took my hand and we walked naked to her room. She laid down and said "I'm ready", I then got on top of her and started to %&$k her brains out.

We screwed around for a good 2 1/2 hours, until she started to squirt on the bed. She didn't want us to stop just like that so now whenever our parents go away we #$#k.

That was truly my first orgasm, and hers as well. She said next time, I could eat her out and we could just do whatever.
I love my uncle


#761 Apr 20, 2009
my first orgasm was when I was 8 ,we were saying with my uncle and I came in from being at a friends house and got saoked in the rain we were gonna all be gone so my uncle could be alone fore a while , but my friend said i needed to go back home , I was so cold he un dressed me and put me in a warm bath and then dryed me off and put me to bed in my bed as I lay there thinking about how he was so careful not to touch me in any bad way I got up and went to his room and asked could i sleep with him , he gave in after a while , I took off my gown and asked him to hold me and he was careful not to do any thing to me at all , I asked him would he kiss me and he said ok I wanted to be special to him , he said he could kiss me in a diffrent way I said ok and he kissed my kitty and gently licked me I felt my whole body shake as he traced every crease with his tounge he said he wanted to find my Magic button and when he did wow was it great , we never have had Intercourse but I see my uncle every week
he said I would find a boy or man to give my virginity to but I never have as long as my uncle will contue to make me orgasm I am happy , I tryed to git him to go all the way but he said no
when I turned 16 I gave him a blow job and he cryed, on my 18th birthday he brought me to what the books call a breathless orgasm , after 6 orgasm's I loose all controll of my bodly functions I pooped on the towel and had about a 3 min orgasm we were both soaked with sweat , so yes my first orgasm and my last orgasm was by my uncle I am now 28 years old , and have had several boy friends but none compare to my uncle


Since: Jan 09


#762 Apr 20, 2009
as far as I remember my first one was when I ate a girl at my house..... when she told me that she is cuming and what I was licking were her juices mixed witha few drops of her piss oozing out in excitement, I could not hold my excitement and I came quite wildly... that was when I was 13 or 14.... thats the earliest memory I have of having an orgasm
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Brampton, Canada

#763 Apr 21, 2009
i think i was 8. i was probably humping a pillow... i'm unsure actually.. i know i humped things in secret (lmfao) at 8, but i don't know if i orgasmed. i barely ever masturbate anymore, i have a dick on call now :)

Luck, WI

#765 Apr 21, 2009
well i was 10 when i had my first orgasim i was in the bathtub and my brother came in and watched me for a while and he was rubbing his pants so i thought i should rub my self down there to and when he saw me do this he undressed and got in the tub with me his cock was huge and and it stood straight up in the tub i was so fascinated that i reached out and touched it when i did this he grabbed me and pulled me out of the tub layed me on the floor and blew on my clit and started rubbing it very slowly then put his heade between my legs and started licking me it tickeled at first but then it started feeling really good when i suddenly felt a weird sensation in my stomacha and my toes curled then i felt something come out of my vagina and i reached doen to touch it and ever since then me and my brother did things like that until i was about 15 and he 18

Perth, Australia

#766 Apr 22, 2009
When i was about 12(girl) i was having a shower and one day i just noticed my vagina i mean i had seen it before obviously but this time i felt like i discovered something new about my body , i was a fairly developed girl and when i started to touch my self feeling great and i wanted more. I remember having a boy over my house and no one was home we decided to go for a swim and when i was half naked only wearing my panties he walked in half naked to.
He ask me take off my panties and i agreed if he took his off we both took them off i felt so excited yet nervous at the same time we started playing with each others parts he rubbed mine really hard and it felt so good and then by body erupted i was so glad we did this and from that day on we have sexually experimented alot im 16 now and i love sex so much.

Euless, TX

#769 Apr 29, 2009
i got raped by my babysitter when i was ten....she was seventeen......first gal i ever came inside...........

Sarasota, FL

#770 Apr 30, 2009
My first orgasm occurred the day before my 14th birthday. Up until that point, I did not know what masturbation was. My "package" had been developed for many months prior to this time. For some reason, I became horny (as I now know it) as I could not get to sleep one night, as it was very warm in the house. Laying on top of the sheets, I reached down & began stroking my hard cock, as it seemed like the natural thing to do. After a short time, maybe a couple of minutes, I felt a VERY different, VERY pleasurable sensation in my lower abdomen that built up VERY quickly.(This was my then-unknown, but now very familar, point-of-no-return sensation). Almost immediately, a lava-flow like ejaculation took place, with my cum running down my shaft onto my hand. The first part of the ejaculate had some dark colors mixed in with it--but then looked whiteish as I kept coming. After I was done, I sure wanted to do that again--and have been, ever since!

West Molesey, UK

#772 May 1, 2009
For as long as I can remember I placed a pillow between my legs and squeezed on it when settling down for sleep. The pleasure relaxed me, but I didn't actually cum.
When I was 10, I found a body massager hidden in my mum's drawers.It was a mains powered, variable speed vibrator, used for "relaxing massages"
I plugged it in, and eventually it found it's way to the "special place" between my legs. The sensation was absolutely overwhelming, almost unbearable, but I somehow couldn't stop. In what was probably less than a minute I had what I now know was an orgasm. I kept turning up the speed to make myself have more and more contractions, until I was virtually hysterical with pleasure, but also fear and guilt.
None of my friends would admit to experiencing anything like what I described to them, and for 2 years I thought I was some sort of freak. It didn't stop me sneaking into mum's room at every opportunity though. Inevitably I got caught by my mum one evening, and luckily she was really understanding and helpful in explaining how normal it is to masturbate.
I only wish boys were as good at making me cum as that massager, though!
so young for it

Auckland, New Zealand

#773 May 1, 2009
westland wrote:
<quoted text>
The weird feeling you had could've been from the fear of height....It doesn't mean you came.
I was seven when I had to climb a rope at primary school. The teacher said we had to do it so I did. It seemed so high (around 3 metres). We had to climb to the top, over the bar and back down.I was so scared and my whole body was shaking. i made it over the top and as I slid slowly back down, my legs were wrapped tigtly around the rope. The rope was rubbing on my dick and I started to have a sensation build in my lower region. It became so intense and almost had me letting go - only adding to the fear. But I couldnt and didnt want it to stop. So in front of my whole class of boys and girls - had my first orgasm. I will never forget it and it's still the most intense one ive ever had. DEFINATLY an orgasm.
Big Evil

Trenton, MI

#774 May 2, 2009
My first orgasm...? Hmmm i had to be porlby aroundmaybe 11 or so, and my freind that happend to be female and i were upstairz in my room.juz kinda chillin, then we started kissing, and i felt myself get large and she starting playing wit it, then all sudden she put her mouth on it i wuz like, O.O wait! and b4 i could say nuttin it hurt and throbbed and i orgasmed, i wuz like wut tha hell wuz dat, but fiuggred out after she "explained" some things i got eveyrhting ;)(shes wuz 14 btw XD)
jose the spaniard

Trenton, NJ

#776 May 2, 2009
My first one was at 9 it wasn't really great but what I consider my first orgasm was at age 15 with my girlfriend when I was over her house over the summer she was wearing shorts and I just started fingering her and I licked her and gave her an orgasm then she grabbed my c*** and put it in her mouth and started giving me a blowjob and then I came wildly it was amazing.
mr anonymous

United States

#777 May 3, 2009
I don't really remember my first orgasm but I do remember my first masturbating experience. I was around 11 years old and thinking about girls naked was starting to get me excited in a special new way. While I was home alone I was watching a topless scene over and over from an R rated movie we had and I started playing with my penis, and then realized it felt really good to rub it up and down. I don't think I had an erection this first time but I remember feeling really aroused and excited. A little bit of precum came out and then I stopped and felt it and saw it was sticky. I was really confused and stopped, I thought I was too young for that sort of thing to happen and I didn't know what to expect. I remember doing this a few more times, but getting my first erection and full orgasm I don't remember. What an exhilarating time in our lives though right??

United States

#778 May 5, 2009
I had my first orgasm at the age of fourteen. i was in my room on my bed masturbating. i started to feel this great feeling and then i orgasmed. it was great!


#779 May 5, 2009
my first orgasm was at 12, i was home alone when i found a vibrator in my parents bedroom.I took the vibrator into my room and put it on the end of my ****, i then turned it on, slowly at first but then faster and faster, eventually i blew my load on my bed.

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