Your VERY FIRST Orgasm

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Ketchikan, Alaska

#6641 Jun 4, 2013
Wow!!! 117 yo guy creamin' his jeans, just from watching. Hell I'm only 68yo and I have to work to get cream.
He's a fortunate man.

Reynoldsburg, OH

#6642 Jun 13, 2013
I can happily & shamefully say my first honest orgasm was when I was just out of diapers (4 years old). My mom & dad didn't live together but were still cordial. He was, very much like me now, enthralled by all things sex. He used to come over & hide a big stack of nude magazines in a paper sack under my old crib in the spare bedroom. His had to hide them from his new wife lol. I remember feeling down there long before the first time I saw him bring the bag but had no luck in finishing. I watched him set the bag down one day & curiosity told me to look. The first magazine on top had a cover with black bbw with very big tits. I flipped through a little & was surprised at how many there were. I was really exited about it & my panties got wet. A few weeks later I remember starting to play more. The day in mom was out if the house for a few mins. I remember leaning over the arm of the couch standing on my tip ties with my panties around my ankles. I reached down & rubbed. It didn't take very long before I felt a wave crash over me & I pissed all over the floor almost collapsing lol. There was a huge puddle & my panties were soaked. I didn't get it cleaned up in time before my mom came in. She cleaned it up & fussed at me for hours. I just remember how horny I smelled & what seemed like cups & cups of slimy goo running out of me lol. I am being truthful when I tell this story. It was so hot & I've been playing ever since. I mastered it when I was around 12. I could break away for just a few seconds, lay down, finish, & go on like nothing happened. Walking away satisfied with raisiny finger tips smelling so sweet like virgin sex. I miss it so much lol. I lost my v card when I was just 18. I'll be 21 next month & I've slept with a dangerous amount of men. I'm sex crazed & would t trade it for anything in the world lol. With the excepting of having that sweet young scent back :\

Colorado Springs, CO

#6643 Jun 13, 2013
I was 13 and it was after school. I'd masturbated before then up until the point where I stated heavily breathing, and it occurred to me that there was nothing stopping me from going further. So I got into bed, whipped out my member, and went at it. I went to the point I usually stopped, and kept going. It burned like a mofo, due to the friction, but soon I was enjoying it. I went a little further, and BOOM! Off I went. I had this intense tingly throbbing sensation all over my body, and I could feel my pulse all throughout my nether regions. Then, I ejaculated, and A LOT too. It squirted everywhere, all over my shirt, chest, legs, and hands. Then I felt really weak in the knees and couldn't stand up or walk strait for a few minutes, since then I've been masturbating 4-5 times a week, and come everywhere every time.


#6645 Jun 16, 2013
I was 13 and had been going to bed with hard erections and having difficulty getting to sleep. One night I just started to rub it randomly and let my imagination wander to all the girls at school I fancied. I did this for at least ten minutes before a really intense pleasure began in my penis and it subsided after about 10 seconds. I thought I'd peed in the bed, but couldn't see any liquid. The next day at school I couldn't concentrate and couldn't wait to get home. When I did, I rushed into the toilet and began stroking it with more purpose. After a couple of minutes I had my second very intense orgasm and this time I saw the white fluid spurt out. I knew immediately what it was and from then on I was hooked! At my peak I was masturbating at least 14 times a week.
Nowadays I can only enjoy it if I am watching porn.

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Florence, KY

#6646 Jun 20, 2013
I was 13 and I was on the internet and I decided to look up what a girl looked like naked. I opened up the first picture I saw and my c0ck went up like a rocket. I continued to look at stuff and I decided to try and replicate sex with my hand. It was pretty shackey at first but I got the hang of it and it started to feel really good and I didn't want to stop. I started thinking about this hot girl in my 6th grade class and her small boobs. That was it and I felt something coming up through my penis and bam. I had a very intense orgasm. It was amazing.

Austin, TX

#6647 Jun 22, 2013
I saw a boob and I was like woah


#6648 Jun 22, 2013
Stefan wrote:
I saw a boob and I was like woah
What happened when u saw it lol

London, UK

#6649 Jun 22, 2013


#6650 Jun 23, 2013
i am 12 and my friend is hot and one night after school me and my mate went to the park soon after my mate touched my down there and soon after we were on top of each other kissing hard.

later that night me and my mate went to my house my mum and dad wasn't there me and me mate were cuddling on my bed my mate slowly touched my girl bit and soon after we were naked and licking each other and my mate got 10 high lights and stuck it up my girl bit and then i had an orgasm it was so nice and my mate is a girl
Hotty 123


#6653 Jun 24, 2013
'I remember a boy stoked my leg im a dark school prediction and I just grabbed his hand and shoved it in my thong I was so wet his fingers practically slipped in I was 12 at the time I ran the toilets however he followed and inserted me it was so good I exploded , i am now15 and my neighbour who is around 60-70 has regular intercorse with me when his wife is at work and the shop owner over over my street also runs and licks my pussy in the condom isle .

Houston, TX

#6654 Jun 24, 2013
My best friend told me about it. He had walked in on this brother and so his brother showed him how to do it. So my best friend did it and I watched. I tried two different nights. It felt great but nothing happened. So then the third night we sit their looking at playboy and jacking it for well over an hour. I felt my toes tingle. This strange feeling went up my spine and into my neck. It went around the back of my neck and up behind my ears. Right then I blew my load. I sprayed all over. It went all over my buddy and me and the wall behind me. It hurt so damn bad. It was like cramps in my gut. I was in so much pain I wanted to yell for my mom. My friend calmed me down and the pain slowly went away. I'm no sure why it was so painful the first time. I have always thought about the feeling that went up my spine and behind my ears. I have never had it sense. I always thanked god that this didn't happen during my first sexual encounter. I would have really freaked.

Portland, ME

#6655 Jun 26, 2013
I was 13 and wanted to have an orgasm like in porn. I looked up how to do it on line and when I found out I went and watched porn and started rubbing my clit when I started getting a good feeling I rubbed harder and faster and started moaning like crazy. I was home alone at the time and I do this everyday. It felt so good I started to shake and scream "yes yes fuck oh oh mmmm yeah yeah" and I actually squirted all over my couch.. It wAs amazing! And this is not a lie ;)

Hamilton, OH

#6656 Jun 26, 2013
mmmm nice story, Lucy! How old are you now?

Hamilton, OH

#6657 Jun 26, 2013
Becky wrote:
I had my first orgasm about a year ago and it was so amazing!
I was in the shower and i unhooked the detatchable shower head. I then unscrewed the shower head from the pipe thing that brought the water to it. You just have to unscrew it until it comes off.
Then i sat down in the shower and spread my vaj. The water was shotting out more because it didnt have the shower head to make it spray. So i found the right temperature and water pressure and found an amazing spot just above my clit. I moved it about in small circular motions and it started to feel amazing. The feeling got even more intense and i was tempted to stop because the feeling was so strong. Then i orgasmed and i moaned so loud. I didnt care though coz my parents were out. But the feeling was so good. If felt as if it was rushing through my body. It was the biggest feeling of pleasure i have ever felt.
I continued to do this every night and it still feels so good!
I recently found my mums vibrator and have been having some fun with that too! I love to use it whilst watching porn!
Chat to me if you want!!!
I used to email a girl who would tell me about doing that in the shower. It always sounds so hot!
Ben h

Coppell, TX

#6659 Jun 30, 2013
I am in my room mastrubating as I type. I am 12 just gone through puberty and have heard of orgasms. I want to have one now

Hockessin, DE

#6660 Jun 30, 2013
I was 12 years old at school and this boy tripped and fall on me his hand landed on my vagina and when he got up his hands curled and touched it, he said sorry and left it felt REALLYYYY good and then I hurried went home and locked the door, my mom went out for about an hour and I layed on my bed my legs spread I started rubbing my vagina it felt really good but It didin't really do anything so I got my electric toothbrush and put that on my vagina I cummed within 5 minutes. I jumped on it a lot of times, then told my mom it was broken. I've been doing that ever since (I'm 18)

Morgan Hill, CA

#6661 Jun 30, 2013
Last night I had my first orgasm, it didnt feel as good as I thought. I had this weird feeling in my arms and legs and I didn't get too wet, any tips or tricks for this not using a toothbrush or shower head? Thanks

Morgan Hill, CA

#6662 Jun 30, 2013
But I love masturbating

Toronto, Canada

#6664 Jun 30, 2013
I was 11 when I was on the Internet and found myself on a porn website, I didn't know what to do but the woman moaning on the site made me really hard and back then I didn't know how to jerk off. So I squeezed my thighs between my balls and it felt good so I squeezed them tighter and tighter and all of a sudden I gave out a moan and white liquid came out of my dick and I thought I had pissed myself....I was scared but I eventually did it every night and soon I learned how to jerk off.

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Hmm Twinkle Twinkle little...

#6666 Jul 1, 2013
i was 16 years old when i had first done
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