9 inch dick

Norfolk, VA

#6356 Feb 6, 2013
im really horny and want a reson 2 jizz any chick wana give me 1

Wilkes Barre, PA

#6358 Feb 6, 2013
I am 12 and I masturbate and get hard and feel a strong feeling but I never came. hELP!!,!!!!
rainbowsunglasse s

Spring, TX

#6360 Feb 8, 2013
My first orgasm...
Funny story.
I was 12 years old and my best friend told me about how she rubs her clit with her vibrating razor, and how it feels really good. Soo, for Christmas I got a super high quality electric vibrating toothbrush. My ultimate goal was to achieve my first orgasm. So in the shower about a month later, I brought the toothbrush in with me, turned it on, and rubbed my clit gently. Mind u, I. had tried to achieve orgasm before, but it never worked. So maybe after 5 minutes of rubbing and locating my "sweet spot" I felt a rough pleasure and instinctively rubbed harder and faster. I knew that was the moment. All of a sudden my body trembled and I felt like I was floating on air. I shifted my body off the floor of the shower and I quieted my pleasured moans by crashing my mouth to my leg. After my amazing orgasm, my toothbrush was warm and I was extremely satisfied!!

Auckland, New Zealand

#6361 Feb 8, 2013
well I was 14, and I started to touch myself, after I had searched up how to masturbate, I was in the bath, water was gushing down on my clit, it felt so nice. I got my hand and started slowly, it felt so good, then I went faster. I suddenly started to feel this rush and I tried to hold it in so it could build up. Then It built up to much and a gush or intense goodness came! I yelped and I couldn't breath , it was the best. I tried to rub myself again but I guess my clit was to tired.

Lima, OH

#6362 Feb 10, 2013
I too had my first orgasm at six years old. I was sitting on the commode, my feet were dangling, as I was too small to reach the floor. I had to pee, and was squeezing my pee muscles, and that's when it happened. It was totally unexpected and shocking, just this massive blooming pleasure in my cunny that convulsed my whole body and made me fall forward, almost made me fall off the commode, it was so deliciously intense. It gradually subsided, and I thought, "Wow! What was THAT!?" I had never felt anything like it, and had no idea how it happened, or how to reproduce it. I only knew it felt better than anything I had ever felt before. I didn't know that I could make it happen at will by masturbating; I didn't know what masturbation was. It was spontaneous and happened without my doing anything or touching myself at all, so it didn't occur to me that touching myself there could make it happen.

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Ontario, Canada

#6364 Feb 10, 2013
I was 26. I was married for 9 years and never had an orgasm. My first orgasm was with the man I was with after him. It took him 2 hours of playing with me to get me to orgasm. I told him I felt like peeing and he kept telling me to go with it and let go. I finally came and squirted out a ton of fluid. Like a sprinkler lol. It was so intense and felt so amazing. Now I can orgasm alot easier and can squirt within 5 mins lol...:)

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#6365 Feb 11, 2013
(Male) My very first orgasm was when I was around 12 or 13. I was in school and it was when I had swimming for P.E. I was in the pool and we had to swim under water from point A to point B. I had a bad time with the pool water getting in my eyes so I had goggles. So it was my turn to go and before me was a girl that I thought was really hot wearing a 2-piece. I started my swim and I looked forward to see how far I was till the wall and saw her top come off to see her breasts and at that time going through puberty, that gave me an instant erection. I tried to just keep swimming and hide it from others, not knowing that they couldn't really see it underwater, but I reached out for the wall to stop me and groped the girl making me orgasm right then and there. Luckily she did not really care that I touched her, but I didn't say anything about seeing her topless.

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#6366 Feb 11, 2013
CanadaSunshine wrote:
I was 26. I was married for 9 years and never had an orgasm. My first orgasm was with the man I was with after him. It took him 2 hours of playing with me to get me to orgasm. I told him I felt like peeing and he kept telling me to go with it and let go. I finally came and squirted out a ton of fluid. Like a sprinkler lol. It was so intense and felt so amazing. Now I can orgasm alot easier and can squirt within 5 mins lol...:)
Thank you for sharing that amazing story.. I had a very similar moment with a former girlfriend. Wow, I guess I'll have that stuck in my head all day! lol
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Bonn, Germany

#6367 Feb 11, 2013
i was 11 when a boy from school fingered me hard

Rogers, MN

#6369 Feb 11, 2013
Mirepoix that story is hot especially when you squirt that much do you squirt far.

Kinshasa, Congo, The Democratic Republic of the

#6371 Feb 11, 2013
I was 10 and I had this back massager and it was always there but it never occured to me what I could use it 4. One day I got itout plugged it in and at first I was like whatever but after when I told my BFF she tried it on herself and told me what she did. Then I did the sam and I felt this feeling I have to pee but then I started squirting and I was like screaming but my girlfriend got it sticked to me w/ duck tape and my hands were tied so my orgasm was for like a minute than I was so tired and felt a desire to stop and just lay there. So I did.mEventually I fell asleep and when I woke up it was midnight andI did it again. From now on I use it every day.

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#6373 Feb 13, 2013
L_e_e12 ki k wrote:
Great story's all!
Keep them coming and keep posting your appreciation so this subject stay high on the list....
I agree... ;)

Kinshasa, Congo, The Democratic Republic of the

#6374 Feb 13, 2013
billy bob wrote:
my first orgasm came over me while being curios and was totally dressed in my moms clothes.i tried on her nylon panties, a half slip, belt with seamed thigh high nylon, with a nylon and lace demi bra,then i put on her nylon and multi layered knee length short sleeved party dress. i was rubbing myself good so i didn't hear mom come home. till i heard someone in the kitchen. but it was feeling so good i couldn't stop and continued only to stand up then she flew through my door yelling i couldn't stop i tell you, i lifted the dress and slip up and continued as soon as she was in reaching distance i got my first nut a stream flew out and on her skirt, the second on her hand and leg.she lifted her dress sensing out the damages. and then i saw what i fantasized about so many times, she had a smooth vagina and her clit barely peeking out of her outer lips. then i involuntarily shoot 3 long streams again 2 completely covering her mound and the last again on her foot.she yelled what the hell boy. she said get your ass out of my clothes then we are going to talk. as she left i seen her lick the rest of my come off her hand. she later came to me and said i made her so horny from this then said she would forget everything if i would dress up again and let her ride a few orgasms from my teen boner.i said oh hell yeah.
OkaymNow I don't do this but What the hell is wrong with you?!

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Ketchikan, Alaska

#6375 Feb 14, 2013
Lola wrote:
<quoted text> OkaymNow I don't do this but What the hell is wrong with you?!
Nothing is wrong with him "Lola" I used to babysit this one child and he had a sexy young mom, and I would put on her underclothes, because it felt good on my bod. BTW I am now 68 and a man's man. But occasionally I wear women's clothing,bc I like the way it feels on my bod.
Also,I don't feel any thing like 'sick for my desires.

Denison, IA

#6376 Feb 14, 2013
I remember my first time. I was in 5th grade. So 10? There were several times previously that I would play with myself. I never knew why I did that, I just started doing it. but it must have been months of playing with myself before it actually happened. I was laying on my bed, it was the top bunk. It was completely dark and I was on my back havin a go at it. It seemed like the usual. What happened is almost hard to describe. I remember thinking to myself "man, this is starting to feel really good. I know why grown ups do this now!" It began to get so intense and I loved it. Then all of a sudden it began to pulsate rapidly. I had my blanket over me in the event that someone might open my door so when I came, it was all over my hand. I kept going till it was done and I got up and turned on my light. My parents had never talked to me about this kind of stuff so I was looking at my hand like "What the fu.. What is this!?" Fortunately, even tho I didn't know what it was, I continued to do it every night for quite some time. The only downfall that I noticed was that when I came, I would be so tired that I would forget to pull up my pants. I would always wake up a couple hours later and curse myself for just layin there with my pants down lol.
Sabrina Drewds

Mesa, AZ

#6377 Feb 17, 2013
Okay sooooo.... I saw this giggly thing in the kitchen that looked just like a penis . I went to my room and stuck it between the flaps then let go so its stuck in ur crotch
Then get a harder pillow ( mabye feather) lay on ur stomach then just slide around
To where ur crotch is.u should feel orgasm around 3-5 minutes !l GOoD LuCK

Birmingham, AL

#6378 Feb 17, 2013
My first orgasm was when I was ten. I was in my room watching family guy when they were getting me horny. So I grabbed the mirror and started rubbin up and down on my clit. Next thing you know I had an orgasm ididnt know what to do I got scared and went and layed down. Then about 1 minute later I wanted to do it again.:)!

Canoga Park, CA

#6379 Feb 17, 2013
Maygen wrote:
i started vibrating my clint when i was twelve now i do it like every night when my parents are sleeping
what did u vibrate it with ?

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#6381 Feb 17, 2013
Jackie wrote:
<quoted text> what did u vibrate it with ?
ill help you out text me 6825039159

Corpus Christi, TX

#6382 Feb 17, 2013
When i had my first orgasm i was so scared i thoufht that i was gonna die lol there was a throbbing pain i felt and my legs kept jerking so i went in the bathroom and i saw a clear fluid streaming out

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