first time you had gay sex

Chicago, IL

#28 Jan 9, 2013
MrSalad wrote:
whats it like? are there any good positions for being on the receiving end? is it that good and sensational? im going to have my first experience soon so just curious please share your stories/experiences
Why don't you try?

Orlando, FL

#30 Jan 22, 2013
I was 11 I think and the boy I was with was 13. We both sat on the bus together during a field trip when he came over and rubbed ny crotch and i got excited. The first thing we did there was go to the bathroom together. He pulled down my pants and started sucking me. We were both in a stall so we had nothing to worry about. Eventually we got in the 69 but a teacher walked in and we had to confess what we did but instead of punishing us he joined us. The 13 year old was fucking me while the teacher was fucking him. One day i invited the 13 year old to a sleep over and our parents were gone so we had sex in the pool the shower and the bed at night. We didnt go to bed until 3:00 we still do jt and I love the feeling of cock in me.

Burnsville, MN

#31 Jan 23, 2013
At age 10 I spent a night at a friends house. We were putting on pj's and decided to show eachother our dicks. We compared and started touching tips than held eachothers cock and balls. I dared him to taste mine, he took the the dare and I remember growning hard in his mouth. for the next 5 hours we exchnged oral pleasures. We were both to young to come and to dumb to figure out butt play or 69 position. He soon moved and I had to find a new sexual male friend. A few years later at another sleepover I convinced a friend to exchange blowjobs. He was to young to come but I remember letting loose in his mouth, what a feeling. Again no butt play except for mild rimming. Now older I still want to have sex with a man. When banging my wife I sometimes think of men. When I jerk off I often think of my young gay experiences but feel a bit cheated not ever having another man's cum in my mouth or ass.

Ashburn, VA

#32 Feb 10, 2013
My first time was when i met an elderly guy while i was hitch hiking!we started talking and he told me that he liked young guys,wud i like to stay the nite with him.i agreed,that nite he undressed me,he lay me on his double bed,he rubbed himself on me,he ejaculated then he licked my balls and he squeezed them,i remember shaking and fainting.when i came round he was carressing my cock,he then told me to put the condom on him,and he penetrated me hard and at the same time holding my cock,i was sitting on his lap!he made love 5 times,he was the first guy i slept with.

Chicago, IL

#33 Feb 12, 2013
On my thirteenth birthday, I saw my older brother 16 naked pulling his pudding. We had often seen each other naked because we shared the same bedroom. I had a difficult time understanding how he could do such a dirty thing. Mom had told us early on that if we played with our meat we would start going blind. Mother had to be correct because my older brother recently had to begin wearing eye glasses.
When my brother saw me watching his dick went soft and he begged me not to tell our mom. I agreed if he showed me how to do it.
A year later he caught me. This time I cried and pleaded with him not to tell. He asked a question. "Last year when you caught me, you did not tell mom so why should I"? We were home alone, so he asked if I cared if he joined me. We looked at each other and he was surprised that my dick was already as big as his. Without asking he took mine in his hand causing me almost to faint. This was 100 times better than jacking myself. He bettered himself by sucking me until I came in his mouth.
We continued until he left for college, only to resume when he returned on semester break.
We had a whole day to ourselves and my brother decided to stay naked until mom returned from work. I undressed and joined. He looked at the brown trail in my briefs and said I could not go nude like that. To my joy he turned me over and ate my hole clean, something he learned from his room mate. He turned over and told me he was still a virgin, but wanted me to be the first to take it.
The best night ever

Durban, South Africa

#34 Feb 16, 2013
I was 13 my neighbor was 10 he invited me over .after dinner we had a Barth in separate bathrooms we changed in the same was the first time we saw each other completely naked me know how to control my body but as I looked at his dick it was hard I ask him if he was enjoying himself . He smiled .i asked him if he want to c me hard he said yes so I layed on the bed flat and asked him to play with it .he grabbed it and then when it got hard he started sucking it it felt so good he placed it on my stomach and lickd from my balls I erected he asked y my pee z with I told him wat it z and it tast nice he touch it then ate it it was I like a dream .he then ask if we could have sex I smiled I got up threw him on the bed and started suck him when we kissed his tough didn't want to leave my mouth .he bend over I push my dick in he moaned I erected again but inside of him at the end I started sucking his dick.he y couldn't sperm I explain it and offered to drink his pee and he peed like for a min I put my head on the pillow to lie down .but he went under the blanked and say he want more sperms to eat so I just peed he didn't mine but dug his but to eat wat was left in there.we slept nude

Englewood, CO

#36 Feb 17, 2013
When I was 14 my friend and I were in gym class, and the teacher gives us about 15 minutes to shower. I never did because I have an amputation of my right foot, so it was hard for me to get in and out of the shower. My friend named Charley, 6 pack abs, brown, wavy hair, and the biggest blue eyes, was there that day after everyone left. This was about 5 minutes before the bell rang and we had the next hour off, and when I was about to leave he said, "Hey Ryan, how come you don't shower after class?" I told him why I couldn't and believe it or not, he asked me if he could help me shower. I've had a crush on him for the longest time and so I said yes. When he started taking off my clothes I nearly fainted, and after he took off mine he took off his, so he wouldn't get his clothes wet. At that same time I stared at his huge dick, and when he saw me staring he asked, "Dude, listen... I'm gay. So, do you want me to HELP you in the shower? ;)" I said yes with all of my heart. We started making out and touching each others bodies. I then went for his big dick and sucked on it. As I did he groaned, and I loved it. We stopped looked at each other, and said that we should hang out some time and finish what we started. We did finish at his house when his parents were not home and we still do to this date. I'm happy to say that we are dating.:)

United States

#37 Feb 17, 2013
I was 12. Id dress in my older sisters panties and bra and dance around the house when everyone was gone. Neighbor boy 2 years older walked in on me. I was terrified. He made me jerk him off, threatened to tell everyone what i was doing if i didnt so i did. Of course, a cupl days later, he finds me in the backyard and demands more. Thats how my first gay relationship started.

Philadelphia, PA

#38 Mar 9, 2013
Im a 14 yr old guy whos lookin to experiment for the first time dus anyone liv in NE Philly

Chicago, IL

#39 Apr 8, 2013
I was 21 on Saturday, while my nephew had his 18th. My nephew had come over to help wash and wax my car. At noon I went into the house to make some sandwiches for lunch. I brought them out to the garage and found my nephew naked with his legs hanging out of my car beating his giant Polish Sausage.
He continued beating his meat not caring that I was there watching. I had never seen another guy hard stroking away. I have a g.f. and we jerk each other off. Until I found my nephew naked, I never once thought of making it with a guy. I kidded the boy by saying, you do that in front of the right guy and you will be raped.
He floored me, when he said he wanted me to do just that. I had cum in my cut-offs, while he did his best to remove my sneakers and shorts. Without asking he licked all my cum off my body and out of my shorts. He turned pushing his butt up into my face, while I for some unknown reason ate his butt not really caring if he had wiped it or not. He insisted I enter him bareback'
After I finished cuming in him, I agreed to have him get on top of me. He came inside of me and fell asleep with his sausage still inside of me.
That night I asked if he was sorry and he said "NO". He had wanted me to fuck him since he was 12 and had everything possible to seduce me but could not. We would go swimming and he would walk around the locker room nude trying to make me look. He gave it one last try on my birthday by letting me see him naked and beating off in my car. It worked.
We showered together for the first time in years before going to sleep naked in my room. We awoke as my mom (his Grandmother) returned from shopping. We quickly slipped into clean briefs and pretended to be asleep when mom checked my room.
We had an early supper and told mom we were going to a hockey game. Instead we went out of town to a lovers lane where we got naked and had gay sex until a police officer shined his flash lite on us. I had my tongue up my nephews ass. Lucky for us, he was the older brother of a friend. He told us to get dressed and suggested that we stop by his brother a few hours later.
We did and where met at the door, by the policeman and his younger brothers dressed only in orange bikini briefs. Their dicks were sticking out of their waste bands.
We were told now we were safe, and could get naked and have all the gay sex we wanted safely. The only stipulation being that all four of us would be going at it.
my mane is Kylea

Leicester, UK

#40 Apr 12, 2013
my first when i was 15, a black guy kale me in his bed for two h. it was diffacult but great
Little brother

Chicago, IL

#41 Apr 14, 2013
There is 5 years difference in age between me and my older brother. We have shared a room for as long as I can remember. We have seen each other naked and think nothing of it. I can remember, when his dick and balls started getting bigger; even seeing him sprout pubic hair. He was and will continue to be my hero.
One day I came home from school early and found my brother and his best friend naked on his bed. I kept quiet and left without them seeing me.
That night at bedtime, my brother asked if I liked what I saw. At first I was tongue tied, because I had thought I was quiet and was not seen. They had seen my reflection in the mirror. My brother explained that they loved each other just like a boy and girl. They had come home early to shave their pubes for a swim meet. I looked at my naked brother and he was as smooth as me.
One thing lead to another and they started jerking. Then they jerked each other and started kissing. On a dare, they sucked each other and found they loved it and each other. My brother asked me not to say anything to our parents. I agreed since I love him very much.
As we got ready for bed, he kissed me on the forehead as always. I asked if a boy's dick was dirty and how it felt. Since I had promised not to tell, my brother showed me by sucking my little peter. It was 1000% better than playing with myself. He also said it would help my dick and balls grow. I didn't care if it did or not; it just felt awesome. I tried to push him away, because I had an urge to pee, but he kept going until I could no longer hold back. I didn't pee but had my first real cum.
We fell out of bed causing dad to come up and see what was going on. He smiled seeing us naked on the floor with our dicks still wet. He thought we were jerking off, telling us not to make too much noise. We should not ware each other out since my brother had a swim meet and next evening. He smiled and gave us a slap on the butt, telling us to get some sleep.
That was the beginning. I was 12 and my brother had just become 17. In the fall, he was going to go to college with his friend on scholarships. We had "fun" every night that summer, but we knew it would end when he left for school.

New York, NY

#42 Apr 15, 2013
It was with Chip, a guy on my XC team. We had only been friends for a few weeks, but could tell something was going to happen. I noticed him checking out guys in the showers after practice, and I had definitely been checking him out. He had a great body, perfect abs, and he was definitely plumper coming out of the showers than when he went in. He was always taking off his shirt, whether when we were running, or at his house playing video games, teasing me with that great chest. One day, he asked me casually if I'd ever messed with a guy. I said no, and asked him if he had. He just shrugged and said a couple of times. I asked what he did, and he asked me if I wanted him to show me. Nervously I said ok. He pulled his shorts off, plopped on his bed already hard, and grabbed some hand lotion from his end table. He squirted some on his pole, and told me to take off my clothes. I did, and watched him rub it onto his inner thighs. I laid down, and he turned on his side, and told me to f@ck his thighs like it's a p@ssy. I started sliding between his legs, holding onto his stomach, my head hitting his sack. He was jerking as I thrusted, and rubbed his stomach, and played with his nipples. He looked back at me, smiled, and lifted his leg up, and told me I could put it in if I wanted. He reached down, positioned my head at his hole, and told me to push it in. It was so tight, and warm, and I only thrusted a couple of times when I blew my load. He told me to not pull out, and he furiously fisted himself until he blew all over his comforter. I held Chip tight, not wanting to stop feeling his hot hole around me, and he started backing on and off me, and this time we went at it for about 5 minutes before I shot again, and he beat off again. After that we screwed like animals every chance we got.

Lima, Peru

#44 Apr 15, 2013
when naked under communal showers after sports, a guy started looking at my cock, so I looke at his: it was sexy:big and fat. We exhanged glances, and once in the lockers we had a short conversation.I invited him to my place where I live alone.We both stipped naked and had huge erections.With a voice of autority he told me to lay in bed, breat towards bed, and ut a oillow below my stomcah to upper my butts, which he commanded I wide-open."I will now penetrate you, it might hurt becuse my c...k hes to pass through the anal sphincters.(we put a condom and LOTS of lube.He did that, t hurt somewhat , beut once inside my rectum he thrusted and thrusted and I had the sensation his c...k was up to my navel..Unbearble pleasure.But it did not end there, if you wnat the story continued, please ask and comment!

Toledo, OH

#45 May 5, 2013
first sex " gay" it's the. best

Abbotsford, Canada

#46 May 6, 2013
the first time I had gay sex... I was aroused and we where both naked.... I felt comfortable.... and both ejaculate too..

Waxhaw, NC

#47 May 21, 2013
This actually happened today, so I though I'd share it: last night I got a text from this hot guy named Connor. We are both on the neighborhood swim team and both r 12. Yesterday at practice he wore his speedo REALLY low, to the point where a bit of his pubes hung out. He texted me later that night saying we should go 30 min early to practice to work on our breasts stroke, so I agreed. Now Connor is like really popular at our school, and no1 though of him as gay, but he proved everyone wrong. So I him there at 5:25, an he was the only one there; the pool was completely deserted. We took the swimsuit from our bags and went into the bathroom to change. As soon as we closed the door, he reached his hand inside my pant and felt my cock. It got hard immediately and he realized I liked it. He undid my button down shirt (we both had. 6 packs from swimming) and unzipped my khakis. He brought my duck out and started licking the tip. It felt amazing. He probably wasn't a beginner at giving bj's cuz DAYUM it was good. After the bj, he took of his tight underarmor shirt and revealed his abs. He took out his cock and I grabbed it and thrust it into my mouth. I sucked for a while. After the sucking he pulled down his shorts but left his under wear, hot pink briefs with his 5" stickin out the whole. I pulled pulled his underwear to his knees and made him sit on my dick. He started moaning and he loved it. I cummed inside him a d he said "ERUPT INSIDE ME" we laughed and got our speedos on afterwards and went out to the pool. Since I was still a horny little prick, I wore a bright orange speedo that cut off at my crotch and I could see It have Connor the whole practice haha. We plan to have a sleep over on Friday 😊

Waxhaw, NC

#48 May 21, 2013
Ryan wrote:
Note: I'm not the same Ryan as above.:)
So, when I was 14 I had this friend who I knew my whole life and so I've seen him naked in the past but one day things changed. I was heading over to his house just to hang out as usual, and when I got there I knocked on the door and there was no answer. In the past someone always answered the door in a heartbeat. Thinking that he just was in the shower I used the garage.(I knew his combination because we've known each other for ever.)
When I went inside it was empty, I wondered around until I stopped and heard something, the shower running. I went upstairs and waited outside of the door until I heard the water stop running. I then knocked on the door and went in. It didn't really bother him that he was butt naked in front of me because of our relationship, but this time it was different. His dick was hard and huge! I stared at it while getting a bulge in my own pants. When he noticed that mine was hard he asked, "Hey, what's up? Do you want to feel it Ryan?" I didn't know what to say because my friend was gorgeous, blue eyes, blonde hair, and as ripped and tan as it comes. I just nodded my head and went for his cock. It felt amazing to actually touch so I went to suck it. When I did he let out a huge moan and after about 5 minutes of that we went to his room where I took of all of my clothes and jumped on him kissing his perfect lips. After a while of that he flipped me over and fucked the hell out of me. I groaned so much, and it didn't take long to notice two things that day: I fucked my best friend for the first and certainly not the last, and that this would turn into something amazing!
. That is sexy. R u still young? I'm on only 12 but I saw that's lots the people on here r older
Type in your comments bel

Ankara, Turkey

#49 May 25, 2013

Winnipeg, Canada

#50 May 27, 2013
I was 14. I was babysitting three boys 6, 8 and 10 years old. One night I was looking at some of those old beefcake magazines, where good-looking very young guys pose in posing straps or bareassed nude.. That 10 year old came along and looked at them with me and said he really liked the c*cks and the a**es. He started to undess, and told me, "If you undress and lie down on the floor, I will show you what Alex and I have been doing each afternoon." When I did that, he rolled me over on my stomach. He f***ed me in my *ss, and did I ever enjoy it! I had been wanting to get f***ed for a long time.

We lay ther playing and looking at pictures for quite a while, then I asked him if I could s**k his c**k. We really knew nothing about c**ks***ng, but we learned quick. I could cum, but he could not. We played for 8 years together, always looking at beefcake or nude girlie mags. He got the white stuff when he was 13, same age as I had got it.

Does anyone remember those beefcake mags? Everyone in them was young, between 14 and 22 or so, built like a f***in' Greek god on steroids, and only in their imagination were they hiding their c**ks! I especially liked "Adonis," "The Body Beautiful," "The Young Physique," and "Demi Gods." I also especially envied the ones who were 14, 15, 16 or 17. I always knew I had a bigger c**k than any of them, if not so nice an *ss!

Lovely to recollect!
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