Los Angeles, CA

#77 Jun 27, 2010
hoolie girl wrote:
I am a pig. Call me dumpster ass. I also am stoopid. My name is Darcy. I am 52. I try to tell people I am in my 30's and go by the name Hollie Girl.

Los Angeles, CA

#78 Jun 27, 2010
There is nothing better then the smell of a womans sweaty ass!

United States

#79 Jun 27, 2010
NorthStar22 wrote:
<quoted text>
I agree with this poster that it is absolutely normal. It is absolutely normal to not enjoy the odor of your lover's butt as well. Everyone is a little different. It probably has a lot to do with individual personalities and the degree of eroticism that one receives from ass play. I've noticed that most gals' rear ends aren't that smelly yet the odor can be arousing. It is definitely a different odor from feces. Perhaps if a girl was not clean or had too strong of an odor I wouldn't play with her bottom much. A little ass play can be a good addition to the bedroom and you'd be surprised how many females would agree.
by the looks of the picture of u i understand why u like ass sniffing u ugly bastard

Paris, France

#81 Jul 2, 2010
I hav to b honest. I AMA freak I love the smell of poop from a girl I want to lick her ass he all day. It is soo stinky and good. I like her to fart on my face too.

New York, NY

#82 Sep 2, 2010
Would like your answers to these hot polls all about ass...

Mumbai, India

#83 Sep 2, 2010
Jay wrote:
I was in the grocery store and I noticed a nice looking lady with some skin tight sweat pants and a yoga mat in hand. She had the most juicy ass in those sweats...It was round and plump. She was pretty thin, small waist, but a juicy ass. I couldn't help but follow her down an aisle. She stopped and bent over digging through her basket and I couldn't resist. I went over as she was bent over and put my nose right in crack of her sweats and had a instant hard on! Her ass smelled as if she recently took a shit and didn't wipe well, but not too strong. Smelled like "funky butt". She then stood up and as I looked at her, she had no idea someone just sniffed her funky booty, and it was a pleasure!!!
jai she is my wife with big juicey booty

Brooklyn, NY

#84 Oct 3, 2010
I keep my ass clean because I know my man likes my scent and thoroughly sniffs both my holes. I'm 26 and wear no panties and only stockings. I've gotten so horny during the day that I've secreted through my nylons and it's dripped out. I usually masturbate real casually during the day with my legs parked under the desk and no one is aware. I'd be so embarrassed. However, I think my boss has a clue because when I'm in heat I let off an aroma and I've seen him sort of sniffing the air.

One of these days I'll let it drip down my leg and walk over to my boss and nonchalantly wipe the area with my finger so he can deduce what's happening. He's gorgeous and I'd like to suck his juicy cock.

Incidentally, my man transformed me into an ass sniffing freak!
Tuna For Lunch

Los Angeles, CA

#85 Dec 15, 2010
Poopysmellyum wrote:
I hav to b honest. I AMA freak I love the smell of poop from a girl I want to lick her ass he all day. It is soo stinky and good. I like her to fart on my face too.
A lot of guys like to smell a woman's scent, but NOT anything involving excrements! You need some help.
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archie dumper

Mount Prospect, IL

#86 Dec 15, 2010
Poopysmellyum wrote:
I hav to b honest. I AMA freak I love the smell of poop from a girl I want to lick her ass he all day. It is soo stinky and good. I like her to fart on my face too.
Oh for heaven sake wash your stanky asss already you smell like a shithouse!!!! Editttt!!!

Göteborg, Sweden

#94 Apr 4, 2011
I love to smell and lick my girlfriend's asshole. She has a nice round well-proportioned ass, and when she comes home from work after a long sweaty day I'll get a sniff of it through her tight jeans or skirt. The other night I licked her stinky hole before penetrating her from behind whilst holding her ass cheeks open in order to enjoy the sweaty stinky aroma. Magic!

Orlando, FL

#95 Apr 13, 2011
This is just a theory but it must the pheromones. U know its the animal side of humans taking over just like a dog sniffing the females ass b4 f*cking her. Unfortunately I have never had the opportunity to try sniffing a girls bare ass the closest to the real deal was a worn thong I sniffed. The smell made me so hard I had to relieve myself if u know what I mean lol.But this is definately a fantasy I have and its also nice to hear that i'm not a weirdo for wanting to do this.

Since: Apr 11

Jamison, PA

#96 Apr 13, 2011
Love the smells and loe to keep the panties to enjoy whn sh is not around.

Since: Apr 11

Jamison, PA

#97 Apr 14, 2011
The thongs do not smell half as good as the bare A$$


#99 Apr 25, 2011
My girl's sweaty ass in the morning is almost as enjoyable as after a long day. I had the pleasure of that musky stink this very morning. We had just awoken and she gave me the ok to go down there. I peeled off her panties, parted her asscheeks and caught a whiff of that intoxicating sweaty magic. I licked her arsehole clean, then, what with her being tired and all, turned her on her front and wanked til I shot my load over her plump arse cheeks. Hard to beat!

Glendale, CA

#100 May 4, 2011
I love licking a girls ass and having her fart in my face
NO shit for me id like a sweaty ass but natural anygirls or guys wanna discuss this email me

Edgware, UK

#102 May 8, 2011
I once got this girl id been chasing for ages ,got her into me room uni room and got busy but when i pulled down her panties i was shocked to see it had green skid marks all over , complete turn off, I made up like i had put my back out and she offered to suck me off instead but it didnt work i just wanted her gone , am i too petty?

Chesapeake, VA

#104 May 11, 2011
Judge me all you want, but I love the smell of a woman's butt, although I prefer it to be clothed. And that goes for whether it's sweaty or after she's taken a dump. I agree it's the pheromones.

Someone mentioned that an attractive woman using the bathroom seems like an anomaly, which to me also makes sense.

London, UK

#105 Jun 8, 2011
i agree a womans ass smell is a turn on, nt wen she has just had a dump. Like just before her shower or bak from aerobics. I am lucky she doesnt mind and will come over and bend over for me. It turns me on, she has gd sex, everyone wins. It the same wiv her panties, always a lovely musky aroma wer her anus has been. So enjoy!

Since: May 11

Location hidden

#107 Jun 8, 2011
sassie chick wrote:
<quoted text>
It's normal for men to be aroused by the smell of a woman's body, each to their own, i had a partner who enjoyed resting his head between my thighs near enough to my V, sniffing me like a dog on heat and telling me he didn't know what it was but he just loved the smell of me, he'd also bury his head in my armpits and loved it, every second of it, made me feel even more womanly and appreaciated for being a woman, and being his woman, i think when you are so close to a person in such a way nothing can beat it, because it's almost as though you want to get inside of their skin you want them so much, the ultimate and deepest form of intimacy is when there are no barriers, or hang ups, and you explore til you hearts content i think it's a beautiful thing.
..........could never have said it better myself.thanks

Shelby, NC

#108 Jun 13, 2011
Julie was a friend of mine who loved doing gross things to guys. First I have to lick her bare feet clean after she walked barefoot half the day.Then we were watching TV on the couch. It was late and she was talking way loud. When I asked her "What about your neighbors?" She replied "They can kiss my ass. In fact, so can you." And in one swift motion, the shorts and panties were on the floor and I was on my back on the couch looking up at her huge, looming bum. The smell hit me immediately. She looked down and whispered in my ear and said "I want you to enjoy the aroma before you clean it out for me. I guess the alcohol made me agreeable so I lay still and wait for her beautiful ass to descend onto my face. She was very quick about it and in no time my nose was embedded between her globes, as I listened to her command "SMELL!" "Don't you love that wonderful aroma"? The smelling continued for about 15 minutes. Then the smothering began. I was threatened with death by ass smothering repeatedly if I did not comply which meant thrusting my tongue up her brown chute. She then warned me that it made her feel like "going" and that if she had to "go" I would be required to eat, chew and swallow whatever comes out. She boasted how she had done it previously to one guy and two girls. After about 45 minutes of being ridden like a mechanical bull, I spent 15 minutes washing her scent off of my face. Later that month I visited her 4 more times where I was routinely treated to the same thing, but for longer periods of time.

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