Sherman Oaks, CA

#24 May 4, 2012
i have been sucking menstruating Women since i was young and now, as a senior, i continue. There are certain ladies here in Los angeles, who know of
my weakness who allow me to see them during their periods. i usually remove the tampon with my mouth and take it into my mouth which tonguing them.

One lady likes to sit on my face during Her period. If i am obedient and follow the Woman's orders, sometimes i am allowed to jack off while She watches. Sometimes not. It all depends on Her mood.

i have a small collection of used sanitary napkins that a lady i know gets for me from Ladies Room trash. i love to rub my face in them and jack off into them.

Other than this fetish, i am a very submissive white male who believes that Females are the supoerior gender and enjoys my role as a Woman's slave.

Clinton Township, MI

#25 May 20, 2012
londonsucker wrote:
i adore removing them with teeth and suck them till they are white!
never had the pleasure of removing them with my teeth but have taken them and cleaned them like they were brand new myself :)
Jamie Taylor


#26 May 27, 2012
Yeah I do it all the time, I'm 17 and whenever I have family reunions I insist that the female relatives use my bathroom, and leave their sanitary items on the side in a bucket where I collect them later! To then pour into the bath and lie there and masturbate with at least two inserted in me, if anyone would please send them to me, it would be much appreciated and they would be put to good use, thank you contact me at - 07854111110
sam161us at gmail

Mesa, AZ

#28 May 29, 2012
I have lots of pictures of me enjoying several of them if someone wants to trade. email me


#29 May 30, 2012
I got sick & tired of having to unblock our toilet, when the girls had flushed their used tampons & pads down it. So my wife bought a small bin to site next to the toilet , for them to put their sanitary wear in.
One afternoon i was sitting on the toilet, & out of curiosity i looked into the bin, & there was a used & still warm tampon. I knew it wasnt my wife's, because she wears pantie pads, so i knew it was one of our daughters. I took the tampon out of the bin, & couldnt resist the temptation to sniff it, knowing it had been up in her vagina. I got the most monsterous erection, & as i masturbated, i put my head back & slowly lowered her tampon into my mouth. It was awesome.
Pantie linner sniffer

Allentown, PA

#30 Jun 13, 2012
I work cleaning and had the temptation to smell a pantie linner l saw and it smelled so sweet I just wanked of imideately but not bloody one never but l usual se lots of them I can advise you guys to work at a factory cleaning where l work there are lots of young girls I've been there a month no luck yet but I smell there pussy on liners at least


#31 Jun 24, 2012
I work as a cleaner in accommodation, and have had many wonderful finds, pads, tampons and soiled panties.
I have a pad I brought home today in a ziplock bag, ready for tomorrow!!!

Houston, TX

#33 Jun 26, 2012
Talk about some sexy vampires ;p
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Chandler, AZ

#37 Jul 1, 2012
Yes, I lick them too!

Since: Jul 12

Location hidden

#38 Jul 23, 2012
A couple years ago my wife and I started going to a tanning salon before we took a trip to Hawaii in February. I had a 4 PM appointment but got there a little early, hoping to get in early. No such luck. Was told at the counter that I would be in booth 4 at the end of the hall and there was one appointment for that booth ahead of me. I turned around to sit in the waiting room and my eyes immediately went to a young girl sitting there with 4 or 5 other people waiting. Actually my eyes went directly to her legs and how much of them I could see because of the extremely short skirt she was wearing. Being the pervert I am, I saw a seat directly across from her and made a beeline for it. The instant I sat down, she looked up from her Seventeen Magazine and I'm sure caught me looking at that eye-magnet location, right where her inner thighs and short skirt met. I could feel my face turn red and I looked up at her face and she smiled at me. She was unbelievably beautiful... but probably only thirteen or fourteen at the most. She had shoulder length dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. The next thing I noticed was how dark and thick her eyebrows were. The sleeves of her sweater were pushed up and I could see she also had lots of dark hair on her forearms. I was amazed at her beauty because I love brown-eyed girls. I couldn't take my eyes off her and she looked up and caught me over and over. I couldn't stop looking at her legs and the light was just right for me to see fine, silky hair on her upper legs. Seeing that confirmed her young age since she must not have started shaving them yet. Looking at all of her dark hair made me wonder if she had curly dark hair between her legs. The instant that thought went through my mind, I felt my cock almost jump in my pants and was hard in seconds. Right about that time I heard a cell phone vibrating and she bent over to reach in the small bag sitting on the floor in front of her. When she bent over, her loose fitting sweater fell open and I could see a small white, padded bra, which also fell open. For a couple seconds I got a nice look at two, small, cone-shaped titties and I was in love. Just as she was sitting back up from grabbing her phone, her knees parted and she started talking softly to someone on her phone. She sat there with her legs apart just enough for me to see a white lace thong and the evidence I was hoping for. Her skirt was so short that I could easily see hear dark pubic hair showing along each side of the white material.(continued)

Since: Jul 12

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#39 Jul 23, 2012
(Continued from other post)
Just as I was getting a good look, the girl at the desk called, "Stephanie, booth 4 is ready". I was completely depressed when my new love immediately got up, and started down the hall toward booth 4. Just before she got to the room, an employee slipped into the room ahead of her and I could see he pulled the trash bag out of the can and quickly put in a new bag. Stephanie went in and closed the door behind her.
The whole time she was in there, I kept thinking that she was in that room, totally naked and how much I'd love see her tiny titties and silky dark muff. Then I thought, I'm going to be the next person in that room and I hope no one cleans the tanning bed where her perfect little naked butt was laying.
About twenty minutes went by and the door to booth 4 opened and Stephanie walked out. As she walked through the waiting room, she again caught me looking at her and smiled at me. My name was called and I began walking back to the booth. I began to strip down, knowing I was going to jack off in the tanning bed, thinking about Stephanie. Just as I slipped off my underwear, I happened to notice the trash can. I about had a heart attack when I realized what I was seeing. There was a torn white and yellow Tampax wrapper, a white Tampax applicator tube with bright red blood smeared on it and a tissue folded over with a white tampon string sticking out of it. I practically dove into the trashcan and removed everything. I carefully handled the end of the applicator tube and licked the blood off one side while I began stroking my throbbing cock. I eased the applicator into the wrapper to save it and opened the tissue, which had blood soaking through the bottom half. I stood there looking at the saturated tampon, knowing it had been inside that beautiful girl's vagina only minutes earlier.
I laid down on the tanning bed holding the tampon string and lowered it to my nose while I jacked off wildly. I almost came knowing I was smelling a beautiful little girl's pussy. Before I could even think, I lowered the tampon into my mouth and squeezed it between my tongue and the roof of my mouth. I could taste a surge of blood as I squeezed it and came instantly, squirting cum completely over my head. I still have Stephanie's sweet tampon today and jack off with it in my mouth often. I wish Stephanie would read this and know how many times I've fantasized about eating and fucking her... when she's of legal age of course :) If you know a Stephanie who would be about 15 or 16 now, tell her I'd love a new, fresh one.
one crazy guy

Moulton, IA

#40 Aug 11, 2012
i loved to take my daughters used tampon and stick it up my ass and jerk off with her panties emmmm still makes me hard thinkin about it..
blood sucker

Dallas, TX

#41 Aug 17, 2012
My name is drew and i started sucmin on pads at my current age 18. I was in my best friends house using her restroom and saw one of her pads in the trash so i opened it and it was so wet and smelled so good that i started to get a massive boner. I put it in my pocket and said i was leaving. At home in my restroom i opened it again and started to rub it on my face and suck it. I liked the fact that there was gewy luggys of blood on the pad. So i cummed on it and sucked all the blood and cum out of it. I still collect then every month and she doesn't even know it.
Period Player

Daleville, IN

#42 Aug 29, 2012
I've enjoyed reading about other guys 'adventures' with used maxi pads or tampons, I feel like I should share my own.

I've been doing the same thing for years. Sucking blood out of them, masturbating with period blood, etc.

I've been able to snatch the used tampons and maxi pads of:

- 2 Girlfriends.
- 8 Female friends.
- Countless coworkers.

Something really fun to try is squeezing a fresh and heavily soiled tampon over **** and playing in the sticky, red mess.

Since: Jan 12

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#44 Aug 29, 2012
Well if its all dried out and hard, no I would pass. However if it was saturated and still warm, you bet ya.

Since: Jul 12

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#45 Sep 5, 2012
I wish I had a way to contact you. I'd love to have you send me one of your daughter's messy tampons. I want to suck on it while I jack off and send you a picture of me doing it. How old is she now and when did she start her period. I bet you wish you could change her tampon for her. She's just lay there in front of you smiling, and spread her legs with the little white string showing as she hands you a new tampon and applicator. You could gently tug on the string over and over really fast until she cums and then slowly slide it out of her tight little vagina. You'd hold the wet tampon to keep from letting anything touch it, and I'll bed you wouldn't be able to resist leaning forward and kissing her tender lips then sliding your tongue between them, tasting her fresh blood. You unwrap the new tampon and start to position it to slide into her but she stops you and reaches for your throbbing penis....
one crazy guy wrote:
i loved to take my daughters used tampon and stick it up my ass and jerk off with her panties emmmm still makes me hard thinkin about it..
hard dick


#47 Sep 27, 2012
so hot just finished one fresh tampon wile reading this.

Bangalore, India

#48 Sep 28, 2012
I love to sniff my wife panty and tampon

North Bay, Canada

#49 Sep 30, 2012
Period Player wrote:
I've enjoyed reading about other guys 'adventures' with used maxi pads or tampons, I feel like I should share my own.
I've been doing the same thing for years. Sucking blood out of them, masturbating with period blood, etc.
I've been able to snatch the used tampons and maxi pads of:
- 2 Girlfriends.
- 8 Female friends.
- Countless coworkers.
Something really fun to try is squeezing a fresh and heavily soiled tampon over **** and playing in the sticky, red mess.
do you have blackberry,I can trade pics of pads with you

Columbia, SC

#51 Oct 15, 2012
sexslave1966 wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm a bi-male and would love to lick you while you are on your period!!! sliding my tongue in and out of you getting every last drop of juices so I could and taste the extra juices you are making and I wouldn't stop unless you really wanted me to :) <sigh> really would love to get some pu**y blood please!!!!
. Sexy!

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