how 2 finger a girl properly

how 2 finger a girl properly

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stoner 2k7

Farnham, UK

#1 May 22, 2007
i have finger my ex girlfreind and i fingerd her piss hole how do i find the fanny ?? please help me im having sex with her on friday at a party





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Mr Ber-guh

Victorville, CA

#2 May 22, 2007
If you're about to finger ur girl, it is highly probably she's already dripping wet. If she's not, then it's not time to finger yet. Make sure u get her all horny with foreplay before u try going inside her.
The first thing I do when I finger a girl is massage her vagina lips gently and her clit (specially the clit). This is the lil bump at the top of the vagina and it feels a lil softer and smoother than the rest of the tissue around it. Massage the lips up and down or in circles. I'd say to try both to see which techniques produces the best results (all girls r different). Then once u have smeered her natural lub all around then you can start going in, try to start slow with 1 finger and eventually try it faster with more fingers. Be very careful of not to do it with too many fingers or doing it too fast because this will make ur girl uncomfortable and it may even hurt her. This are not good news if you want to get laid.
Once your finger (or fingers) are inside the vagina you can try a bunch of different things:
1. Go In-N-Out. Like I said b4, all girls are different, so try different speeds and fingers to see which give you the best results.
2. Massage in circles. Try drawing a circle inside the vagina.
3. Find the G-Spot.(My personal favorite). Yes, the g-spot does exist and yes, the girls go crazy when you touch em there if u do it the right way. All the g-spots are in the same general area inside the vagina. You can find it by sticking your finger inside of her and then making an upward hook and the top of her vagina (like if you were trying to touch at her belly buttom from inside the pussy). A woman's vagina is not a very big place, but it can be difficult to find the g-spot for begginners. Try exploring the upper part of the vagina with ur fingers and u'll eventually find it (You'll know when you do, believe me)
Once you've done a couple of these steps (or all of them), you probably got ur girl super horny and ready for action. You can start having intercourse, start doing oral sex on her (which u can combine with the steps mentioned above) or u can even start fingering other areas (by other areas i mean the anus). Make sure u don't finger the ass unless ur completly sure she's up 4 it, otherwise you'll end up getting slapped!
N e ways, that's my advice to you and I hope it's usefull as it has been to me ;)





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United States

#7 Jun 26, 2007
dont forget that only about 30-40% of women really enjoy fingering. only good stuff most of the time comes down to soft clitoris stimulation. and only use your weakest fingers to control your strength

United States

#8 Jun 26, 2007
my girlfriend is like all tickelish
down there how do i stop that

United States

#9 Jun 27, 2007
shes not tickle-ish. she's shy. and if she's tickleish, its probably because she's really sensitive. GENTLE. i hate it when guys just thrust it and rub it like we like pain.

Mansfield, UK

#11 Jun 27, 2007
I would take not of mr bur gah

even his discription was getting me wet
Duracell-Jack-Ra bbit


#12 Jul 4, 2007
urm.. right... slighty off the subject...but need some advice, when me an my girlfriend have sex, i can go for hours, she has many orgasms, but i cant finish.... would it have anything to do with me exerting too much energy, or could it be possible the condom was too small? it was a bastard to put on...

Allentown, PA

#13 Jul 4, 2007
ok well this is wat i think some times guya ask girls if they can finger there girl and the girl may not want to but she says yes bc she feels funny saying no so guy watever u do dont pressure ur girl she dont like that trust me! but when its time ull kno but for now giving head is better!
Phinaeus Latherpants

Owego, NY

#15 Jul 5, 2007
lawrence wrote:
my girlfriend is like all tickelish
down there how do i stop that
Encase her entire pelvis in concrete.





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Georgetown, TX

#17 Aug 13, 2007
how would i go about fingerin my gitrlfriend in the ass, i know she is up for it but what do i do?????

Columbus, OH

#18 Aug 13, 2007
The best fingering motions are not in and out, but rather up and down. I can make even the hardest of girls to get off in one minute or less via the g-spot and the up and down motion. Of course it is always more fun to get them so horny before cumming that when they do actually come with this technique, they squirt like crazy.

Fun stuff.

Milwaukee, WI

#19 Aug 13, 2007
Please - oh please - trim your fingernails and smooth them with a good nail file. You have no idea how much it can hurt and turn off a woman if you don't start out smooth. Have fun!





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United States

#20 Aug 14, 2007
Phinaeus Latherpants wrote:
<quoted text>Encase her entire pelvis in concrete.
Mr me


#21 Aug 29, 2007
how long do u do it til she finished or wot?

Dublin, Ireland

#22 Aug 30, 2007
Til she orgasms....

Sun City, FL

#25 Sep 5, 2007
Rock her with the shocker baby! Shell never forget it!

Hammonton, NJ

#26 Sep 5, 2007
My wife had a year long affair and her lover really taught her how to enjoy ejaculating. Problem is now she will not do it with me.

Cheyenne, WY

#28 Sep 8, 2007
my girl doesent squirt or anything seems like she gets really exsited then she pulls my hand away

Cheyenne, WY

#29 Sep 8, 2007
i was eating her out and fingering her at the same time she really liked that ... but she wont tell me were her hot spots are she says shes not use to that because shes use to girls and dosent have to tell them

Sykesville, MD

#30 Sep 11, 2007
kuchirikato wrote:
i was eating her out and fingering her at the same time she really liked that ... but she wont tell me were her hot spots are she says shes not use to that because shes use to girls and dosent have to tell them
WoW, I just love when my husband does this to me.
He gets me so horny with his fingers and tounge.....I recommend this to all!
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