Iam 45 and had sex with a 68 year old...
mr wadds

Schaumburg, IL

#24 Oct 6, 2010
stacked and proud wrote:
<quoted text>
well i'm not 68 or anywhere near it,,,, but i'm not 19 either ,,, and i'm posting here :)
Please turn around , they say you can tell a womans age by how many rings are on her rear muff lips.

Binghamton, NY

#25 Oct 6, 2010
my mother has 48 yr old lover he says she great piece

Bowling Green, OH

#26 Oct 13, 2010
bigee wrote:
<quoted text>
Plaker, how did you two get started? You probably have to hide it from your wife - how about the sis in law, does she have to sneak too?
My sister in law is jealous of the wife and just started doing a lot of flirting and complaining. Then started not wearing a bra around me ansd so on. Yes we sneak she is a moaner so it has to be remote.

Liverpool, Australia

#27 Oct 13, 2010
I drove my mothers friend home one day after they been on holidays she was so happy i did took her home that she went to kiss me bye and thank me but by accident we kiss on the lips i got a hardon and she felt it so she got hold of it and she said so nice i wish i could have it... been long time... so i said ok and she went wild sucking then she ask me if i want to put it in between her legs so it was very hot sex im 50 she is her 60s

Since: Nov 11

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#31 Dec 23, 2011
Arthur wrote:
When I was 50 I had sex with a 68-year-old lady friend she was blind a girlfriend of mine and of hers introduced us so I would go to keep her company during the day and talk with her and we would talk nasty she would tell me about all the Dick she had had sex with a teller bought all the girls I've had screwed one night her girlfriend said I want to go home with you give me a ride and I took her home and I told her I'd be right back I came back and I locked the door behind me and I went over to sit down next to her and I give her a big wet kiss on the lips and I put my arm around her and she gave me a big hug after a few minutes of making out I went over to his chair and I took all my clothes off and I came back over to her and I took her hand and I said feel this and then she stood up and she let me take her pants and her diaper off her and holding her hand and her steadying herself all on me I took her into the bedroom. She laid up on the bed I shoved my Dick in her mouth and she sucked on it just like she knew what she was doing and then we started to have sex and I shoved it in her little pussy and I had fun with her and she had fun with me she was as tight as a young girl but just an older younger body in her dated about three maybe four times at night soon after that we started dating and then one day I decided I shouldn't be doing this with her and I just stopped
was it Bcos this lady has/had a disability you ceased to meet-up with her? If so, what gives you the mind that disabled people should never enjoy a sexual relationship? Amputees enjoy sex. Why not any other disadvantaged people. It really gets up my nose when some people, for absolutely no reason other than prejudice seek to cast stupid ideals on others. But for the good luck in life GO I. Yes, I need a W/chair for mobility, but it doesn't affect my c~ck's performance.

Tunnel, NY

#37 Dec 27, 2011
my 64 year old mother give great bj to 18 year old neighbor
Sues Nips

Norwich, NY

#38 Dec 27, 2011
My husband made love to me last night and I'm 69. I also masturbated this morning here. My sex drive is much stronger now in my 60s than it was when I was in my 50s.
Carpe Diem

Henderson, NV

#40 Dec 28, 2011
Through some mysterious coincidence, six "different" people from that vast metropolis of Owatonna, MN have all decided to post on this thread in the last few days. Hmmm...
Join Free

Sydney, Australia

#41 Dec 28, 2011
Carpe Diem wrote:
Through some mysterious coincidence, six "different" people from that vast metropolis of Owatonna, MN have all decided to post on this thread in the last few days. Hmmm...
What a coincidence.
Topix has lots of coincidences, lapses, incarnations, identity crises, gender transformations, regular reversals of every order and magnitude, and then there's dmanda, one of the myriad of great flakes living on the Great Lakes.
If you're going to be a fraud, why not live in 'the windy city', which isn't.

Santa Barbara, CA

#43 Dec 29, 2011
g-men wrote:
I'm 55 and been having sex with a 85yo for the past 3 years she is great in bed I've learned alot her t1ts are saging a bit but I still love them.
My wife sucks better than she ever did, she is 80, her comment was I should be better I have years of experience.
Greg 11451

Metairie, LA

#44 Dec 29, 2011
stacked and proud wrote:
for the record,,,,, i hate being called a MILF,,,,, f*@k you can be a mum at 14,,,,,,
Email me. I'd love to talk to you. [email protected]

Tunnel, NY

#50 Feb 8, 2012
my 65 year old mother has 19 year old kid doing her. he said she great in bed has great mouth saggy boobs

Since: Jan 12

United States

#51 Feb 8, 2012
These stories sure are good ;)

Savannah, NY

#56 Feb 20, 2012
itsalena wrote:
Not that I want to get something started, but don't think it is "they aren't bad in bed," but rather "she wasn't wad in bed."
I can't imagine that once you hit that age, it's magical. I think it was just the woman you were with. Don't expect every 60-70 year old woman to perform the way she did.. you'll be very disappointed.
I'm 57 and have been lucky my gf right now is 86 and does not disappoint me I could not believe how good she is in bed some of the oldtimers who did her many years ago told me she was the best in bed back in the day...my dad past away a few years ago and asked me to help my step-mom if need be I did not know what kind of help he meant but I found out. Shortly after he past she called and asked me to stop for dinner I did not know it would be between her legs she is very good too and at 91 was a shock to me I never knew her age.

Savannah, NY

#58 Feb 20, 2012
Savan74 wrote:
<quoted text>
Really? do the woman have any desire left at that age or is one sided forced action? I am also with an old lady of 70 and I am 38, but 86 and 91 is too much!
My fingers slipped I'm 56 but to answer your question I only do my step-mom maybe once a month if that but yes there is a lot of desire and for the 86 year old at least once a week and since we have newly weds living above us it's been a bit more often. The girl is a moaner and it makes me so horny and my gf too so our sex life has picked up a bit. I never force any action both are toppers and control the pace which I learned many years ago when my mother was alive I did not want to hurt her be carefull it does not take much to brack a bone when you are f@@king hard and deep.

Rochester, MN

#60 Feb 21, 2012
I met a 62-year-old lad at my church I am 50 years ol and she asked me to come to her house for dinner one night while I was over there she started talking real sexy used to tell me all kinds of sex used to hav but since her husband died there wasn't any man in her life'she was not a very pretty woman but she had a beautiful body I sent one to show me your puss. She said okay she pulled her pants down in front of me and she said the chair and spread her legs wide ope I got a real big erection and I unzipped my pant and pull my pants down she got real excited me in her walk bare naked into the bedroom we both crawled up onto the be. She started to suck my Dick and I start to eat her pussy starts she was awesom then she told me let's make love so I called up in between her legs and I screwed he shoved it so deep in her pussy that she will while at first after I got her going goo we had sex three or four times at night she asked me to stay the night and sleep with her and her daughter came in on us the next mornin she went right out of the room and her mother went t to see wha she wanted I just come to take you to breakfast mom but I see you got compan are you too can be an item she told he not to say nothing at church about thi she didn't want to give a lecture from her pastor about immorality and having sex when you're not marrie we never intended to get married anyway but we seen each other on a weekly basis for about the next six year when she had to go to nursing homes when she died her daughter told me that she was the best friend my mom ever ha my dad never to turn out well

Rochester, MN

#61 Feb 21, 2012
Savan74 wrote:
<quoted text>
Great, It means I can still love my mom for 15 more years atleast.. I am 38 and she is 70 currently.. and we do it happily and regularly.... but that with an 85 yrs might be very amazing.. I need to try it. Do they have any energy at that age to support??
there's nothing wrong with having sex with an older lady I've done lots of old ladies I'm in my 50s and I love him even older than 60 I've had one that was 84 I had used lubrication on her. Inside her but I tell you what that old gal had plenty of energy to be scared to do it they wanted to just as much as you

Rochester, MN

#63 Feb 24, 2012
I am 50 and I had sex with the 65-year-old lady she was blind as a bat he could see nothing I was volunteering to help her she asked me to help her get ready for bed so I helped her get ready for bed she asked me to get underwear out of the door for her when I came back with some she had no clothes on and asked me to help her get dressed I walked up to her and looked her in her blind eyes and my hand went right for her crotch after a few minutes of playing with her I told her I was going to have sex with her and that she didn't have no excuses so I took her and I hope to lay on the bed and I got on top of her and she let me drive my rock hard Dick into her pussy she did not make any noises she just said it felt good or I did not notice any noises she said she hadn't had sex in a long time I like her I went back next week to get me some more pussy I talked her on the phone and she talks dirty to me she is a phone sex when I can come over and see her I think she gives off more than I do she has to go to a doctor in two states away she's asking me to take her I haven't given her an answer yet but I'm going to probably wind up doing it I just hope I can keep my hands off her I like her that much I didn't say I love her how can you love your sex buddy when you're both just use each other for sex

Rochester, MN

#65 Feb 27, 2012
Who is 60-year-old ma I am 35 years old I went out and I screwed the shiT out of him he was pretty good in be always trying to take him for his money but now I'm pregnan with the old boys baby I don't love him I just wanted his mone my parents find out what is up to and they're up in age to their ver mad at me for taking advantage of this whole ma I don't know what to do I thought of getting an abortio but this might be my only last chance to have a baby to because of my age I wish I had never gotten involved with an older ma but just think if I screwed him enough maybe I'll have a heart attack and leave me all of his money

Rochester, MN

#66 Feb 27, 2012
I just met a 70-year-old man who came on to me right away I want to have sex with him I just got a run into them a little more I am 56 years old horny as hell the next time I see him I asked him if he wants to screw me if he can still get it up he's mine since my husband died I really miss sex my husband had a heart attack while we were having sex I felt bad for quite a while but after two years of mourning him I'm ready to move on I know I'm ready again

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