Wives having sex in adult theaters

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#895 Jun 19, 2011
I want to wrote:
This sounds awesome. I want to do it!! But Im afraid to go in alone. I almost did once. I have heard it's mostly gay guys inside. And I'm not gay and I'm not a guy. So.... Guess I'll just have to wonder
I would love to help you with that. [email protected]

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#896 Jun 19, 2011
married 30 years 53 femal wrote:
I have been, not by my husband, but by several men I have worked with at the hospital. Doctors love to seduce nurses and as a rookie nurse was taken to many theaters by young attractive doctors.
Mary Alice
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#897 Jun 19, 2011
2000girl wrote:
Um I'm only 10
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#898 Jun 19, 2011
cumslut wrote:
25yo bi mom 2 daughters. My daddy started taking me to adult theaters when I was 16 I love it gave lots of men BJ's sometimes I got f**ked
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#899 Jun 19, 2011
SuzanneB wrote:
I went to see 'Before the Devil Knows You're Dead' in the movie theatre. I was 17. Marisa Tomei Is Naked for several minutes. Its excessive nudity. thats what i heard and wanted to see so i went. Im Bi and wanted to see Marisas Perfect tities. well i wasnt the only one. there was this really Geeky looking guy there sitting in front of me. he was a skinny black guy. i had been rubbing my pussy waiting for her to get to the part where shes naked and he was doing same thing. he had his weiner out and stroking away. amyway i leaned up and said im gay, i like marisa too can i sit next to u and we will masterbait for her together. he was startled and embarressd but said sure. so i get up there and took off my pants and panties so he knew i wast there to get him in trouble or something. and sat right ext to him i took out lotion from purse and lubed his hand and we were both masterbaiting for her and we came at same time while she was naked. hehe. we were only 2 people in theatre. after we came we cleaned up I brought Huggies baby wipes and a bag, he brought nothing(Huh MEN!) and we watched rest of film together. after film we talked a little and i gave him My panties as a reminder.
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#900 Jun 19, 2011
Denise wrote:
My hubby took me to theatre in Atlanta for the first time last fall. We sat in the back row. Almost immediately 5-6 guys came and sat around us. I spread my legs and fingered myself while my hubby sucked my tits. Just then another couple came in and sat a row in front of us. I am 5'7" 120# black hair she was 5-6 or so and about 150# big bum and huge tits. Me and her rubbed each others pussies while the men jacked off on us a real turn on!
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#901 Jun 19, 2011
Shelley wrote:
My hubby and I plan on going to Buford Cinema on Saturday am any other ladies or other couples?
I once had a crush on a girl name Shelley, would you like to help? I wanted to fu2k her so bad< that was when I was young.

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#902 Jun 19, 2011
amalia wrote:
looking for a theater in houston texas, anyone recommends a good place where i can f-others ...very horney
I would love to help you with that!!!! Let's chat.

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#903 Jun 19, 2011
Pennyp wrote:
Hey guys, I used to go to the adult theater in north Austin and get Gang banged every other day or so. I would usually take on 30-40 guys a day, and get DF (both in my pu..y) 5-6 times. Was 18 and horny. Anyway, I am married now and my husband loves to take me to Adult theaters still. Does any one have the 411 on the theater called " All things Adult"
in Austin. We were planning to have some fun this next weekend, 5-14-11. Its been a little while since I have been covered in cum and my p... filled up, I can't wait. We are either going to Austin or Dallas and would like some to know where I will be the most
Anyone will to cum and join, let me know.
Would you chat with me?

Crosby, TX

#904 Jun 19, 2011
amalia wrote:
looking for a theater in houston texas, anyone recommends a good place where i can f-others ...very horney
you can try smoochies on I-10 usually on wed. or thur. it gets petty good

Since: Jun 11

Houston, TX

#905 Jun 20, 2011
Flako wrote:
<quoted text>
you can try smoochies on I-10 usually on wed. or thur. it gets petty good
I have tried many places in southwest houston, called Bizarre times and megaplexxx, but could not find any FEMALES in the theater/arcade, could someone please help me! what time and what day of the week and what address can I find FEMALES??? help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!


#906 Jun 20, 2011

Doha, Qatar

#907 Jun 20, 2011
have you ever watched your wife or gf in an adult theater
I'm from Houston but have been working in the Middle East. I'm a Manager for a large company doing work here and am returning to Houston mid July. I have had an experience with a man/woman in an adult bookstore, on two occasions. I'm relatively handsome, not bragging, just that it is easy for me to get the attention of others. Anyawy, I was waiting around in the dark, feeling kind of stupid, inside the video booth area, a guy/gal walked in, looked around and signalled me to join them...OK....he sat down on the small bench and she leaned me against the wall, under the screen where the video was being shown, then, she went down on me so that the guy could watch and jack off....for me - it was great....she was smiling, I was smiling, he was smiling... I've had other experiences but am somewhat reluctant to talk about them in this open forum. [email protected]

Grand Rapids, MI

#908 Jun 20, 2011
mike1111 wrote:
i would love to see her ...i have few amateur movies filmed in adult theaters..it drives me crazy...
Mike would love to see them could you send me a copy [email protected]

United States

#909 Jun 20, 2011
Harrison wrote:
Adult Depot is a great place to go. My wife and I have gone there several time and always had some fun with a guy or two.
I been here alot and have f____ two different women here. that is over a two year time period.

“Hold on to my waist ”

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#910 Jun 20, 2011
I am in Palmdale. Would you know where I may find one of these places.. would like to try them..
Beasty wrote:
I went to one here In Hollywood a few years back & it was fun watching all the guys get close & start jacking off.
When one touched her she asked me, what should I do?
& I told her whatever she wanted.
well to make a long story short, we ended up just leaving.
later on she told me she wanted me to encourage her.
& I thought, that if she wanted to she would & she totally did but was nervous on how I'd feel if she did anything.
her fear was that she'd have to finish him if she started.
Bummer, I wish I would said jack on his cock some & see what from there.
Oh well.
to be honest my biggest fear about doing this sorta thing is STD's
I mean come on guy that hang out there dont have the best judgement when it comes to sex, I'm sure.
I'm sure they'd prefer to do her without a condomif they could.
& that being said are more likely to have STD's.
Sure theres condoms, but thats not 100%.
so back 10 years ago I would totally do it.
Today, its more of a maybe.
My Girl is probably up for it.
but the theater I'd take her to is in west hollywood ( the gay part of town, but it does have a straight theater in the few they have inside the building )
& to think that she'd be playing with a guy that just did some other guys up the butt turns me off.
If we went it would be to let others watch us.
& once they started getting pushy we'd leave.
Thats another problem, sometimes they get pushy & in those theaters alot of times the guys are high or drunk..
I know this for a fact.
Yes I've visit Adult theaters since I was 15 & the places have'nt changed.
sure now they do video instead of 8mm film but the people are all the same.
& before you say it.
No I dont have any STDs.
as I accused many who visit might.

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#911 Jun 21, 2011
IHMJack wrote:
<quoted text>I have tried many places in southwest houston, called Bizarre times and megaplexxx, but could not find any FEMALES in the theater/arcade, could someone please help me! what time and what day of the week and what address can I find FEMALES??? help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

Trust me, I have been there too... And all ya find is all guys in there... Not my thing either... Where's the women that go to these????? If u find out let me know too. I been in and outa them searching too

Elmwood Park, IL

#912 Jun 22, 2011
where r these adult theaters in the chicago land area so me and my girl can watch and have some fun hit me up @ timberlane1616@yahoo
first time for me

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#913 Jun 23, 2011
Went to an adult theater today. I've been there before. Place is dark and everybody I've ever seen in there is gay. They will come on to you and you can just tell them no thanks and they will move away and watch you jackoff. I stop sometimes before I go to work. Like to go in watch the movie and jack off. Well today there was a middle aged couple(about my age) sitting about half way down next to the wall and she was blowing her man. I sat on the other side so I could watch. Who needs to watch the movie when you have a live show right?She gets done and he starts fingering her. She takes out her tits and he's sucking them. I'm hard as a rock now. He waves me over. I moved next to them and she's jacking me off and I'm fingering her pussy. Man was she tight. He hands me a condom and tells me I can fuck her if I like. So I stand up in the middle of this place drop my pants down and start fucking her. I wanted to hold out till she came first. That took about 2 mins for her. Now I'm fired up thinking lets see how many time she can come before I do. I lasted about 15 mins. She came 2 more times and I can't hold out anymore. I pulled out and she pulls the condom off and starts sucking me off. I got hard like right now!!!!!!! Lasted about 2 mins and shot my load again. I almost called in sick and stayed there the rest of the day. Man was that crazy. I hope they come back.

Alpharetta, GA

#914 Jun 23, 2011
I have never been to the Twin Cinemas in Atlanta but I am curious to try it out. I am new to adult theaters so I don't know what to expect. Should I go with a male escort or would it be "safe" to go by myself if I went during the day?
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