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#1 Aug 1, 2011
any kind anywhere

“Couple That Likes Panties”

Since: Oct 10

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#2 Aug 10, 2011
My sister was in college and gone most of the time. She left a bin full of her panties, consisting of bikini, thong, boyshort and gstring panties. When I had the whole house to myself I liked to go to my sisters room and open her panty drawer and feel all of her panties, many were satin, lace or nylon. When she would visit and stay for the weekend she would leave her dirty panties in the closet in a pile until enough piled up to do a load of laundry at the house. I enjoyed going through all her dirty panties and smelling them. A few times she brought a few friends from college to stay and when they would leave for the mall or something I would go through there bags to find there dirty panties, those were the best when I had several pairs of panties from different girls to sniff. Its amazing how different each girls panties smelt. I would often cum several times sniffing my sisters panties and her friends panties. Check out our profile for more about us.





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Lick and smell wifes

Canfield, OH

#3 May 30, 2012
Wow love the post!! I have a panty fetish as well love to go through hamper wife wears thongs or g strings everyday nothing hotter then taking a pair out and seeing al her white crust in them love to smell them taste them!! My favorite is the string that's sat up her all day or the piece that sits against her ass all day!!! Drives me nuts I can't walk past a pair laying there,love when she jogs before work and takes them off and there still damp and her scent is that much stronger,and omg what a scent she has!!! I've lately have even stated smelling her socks and before everyone judges me her feet don't stink they as weird as it may sound let off a sex scent,very hot!!! Hope to enjoy more posts very hot when everyone shares,I have shared my wife with another man on several occasions and that pair is always the best the next day after she's been filled and wears panties to bed,SOOOO hottttt very very wet and scent filled have even had the guy over to share he panties with him , hope you enjoyed my post and will update soon
moms panty sniffer

United States

#8 Sep 4, 2013
I love the smelll of my moms puss also how good. She tasted when I would lixk and suck her panrties





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Espanola, Canada

#9 Dec 6, 2013
Lol i live all of these posts even the mom one i have sniffed so many pantys i lost count but they all turn me on
Hugo P J Grotius

Ngunnawal, Australia

#10 Mar 13, 2014
"For the aroma of one fair maiden, the war must go on"

Bradford, UK

#11 Apr 11, 2014
I've always fancied this girl, short, brunette with massive titties and a stunning bum. overtime I've gained a pantie sniffing fetish, and haven't been to her house much although I craved sniffing some of her tight panties and bras. one evening I was at her house, she was out and I asked if I could use the bathroom, I wanted to go upstairs so I could sneek into her room, but her mum said I could go to the one downstairs. although disappointed, I saw the washing machine, I quitely looked inside only to find a pink lacy thong, my cock went so hard and although I searched for a bra I couldn't find one. I put them down my boxers and got home, I jacked off and came allover them.. so good

United States

#17 Dec 24, 2014
My wife knew a young girl who was down on her luck. The girl was only 21. She had been to our house before and I always got turned on looking at her. She had the hugest boobs I had ever seen, a firm body - curvy in all the right places, but so curvy....Anyway, when the wifey first hit me with the idea of this hot young thing staying with us, I objected. I thought I might not be able to control myself without the wife at home, although I never told her! I eventually agreed. What a sweet little treat! This young thing let me hug on her, put my hands all over her, including her luscious boobs and even her pussy a couple times. That's as far as it got....but the best part was when they both left during the day and I was home alone. This sweet tart always wore the sexiest panties and thongs. She was so naive. They would be straight off her, wet, with the horniest smell I have ever witnessed. One night I saw her in bed masturbating under the covers so I knew her panties would be special. As soon as I picked them up, I would bring the crotch to my face and take a big whiff. Instaboner. The sweetest thing I have EVER smelled. I immediately took them to bed with me. I couldn't pull my nose away from them. It was so smelly and fresh that it was like her horny pussy was right in front of my face. I think my cock grew an inch with every whiff! I moved down to where her ass had been. Even it smelled delicious! I couldn't believe what had happened! There were pussy drippings everywhere! I brought it to my nose and made like her sweet pussy was right in front of me, complete with me telling her how wonderful she smelled. Then when I couldn't take it any longer, I began to kiss it. I loved kissing her pussy. After kissing it and showing my love for her sweet mess, I put my tongue to it. OH.MY.GOD. Fucking fantastic. Here I had been fantasizing about this girl for days and I had her fresh dirty panties in my face. I licked it more and more, getting more worked up. I knew eventually I was going to end up blowing a huge load very hard over this. First, I wanted to enjoy every second. I went back to her ass and smelled it, then licked every little drop in her messy panties. I knew she had been playing with herself to have that much of a mess. get even closer: I put the panties on my head and arranged them so her pussy was right in my face as I lay on the bed. It was like she was sitting on my face and making me smell and taste her dripping crotch. Oh hell...I knew this would get me off quickly so I debated how to go about it. I ran back to where her clean panties were and got one pair. As I got back on the bed, I quickly put her nasty crotch right on top of my face. With each breath, I smelled the sweet stink more and more. I couldn't take it any longer. I stuffed her dirty mess in my mouth and sucked it like nothing I have ever sucked. It was so sweet and nasty that I was ready to cum.....hard. As I sucked her sweet mess, I reached for her clean panties. I knew exactly what I wanted to do. She left me a surprise so I wanted to leave her one. The idea of such a fine pussy walking around all day with my cum pressed against it was too much! I let out a huge moan and watched as I soaked the entire crotch of her clean panties. What a delight! Something I will always remember. If only she knew. I always get horny again just thinking about it. You would think a young girl would be flattered or turned on by this happening....but....well.....c ircumstances dictate that she never finds out. Too bad, I would love to sit her down one night and tell her she has the best pussy I have ever tasted. Now if you will excuse me, I may just have to take a little time to beat off.

San Jose, CA

#19 May 1, 2015
I have a panty fetish and I am always looking for opportunities to sniff women's dirty panties. It just so happens that my neighbor Stacey is a 30 year-old, super cute, full-figured blonde woman. We occasionally chat and I'm always amazed by her sexy body and cute face. Sometimes Stacey wears shorts and tight shirts and I admire her nice round butt and large tits. When Stacey walks into her house, I notice her butt cheeks swinging from side to side and I imagine the smell of her panties. One Friday, Stacey came home from the gym wearing the sexiest little shorts and sports top. Stacey said was going out of town and asked me to check on her cat, handing me a key to her place. My dick got hard thinking about finding some of her dirty panties. Stacey left later that evening and I waited for the longest hour of my life until I knew she was gone and then entered her house. Stacey's cat was just hanging out, as cats tend to do, so I headed straight for her bedroom. Stacey had dirty clothes on the floor and on her bed and my dick got hard when I saw many pairs of dirty panties lying around. I like it when a girl leaves her dirty panties all over the place because then it's not so obvious that someone has been sniffing them. Stacey obviously changed out of her sweaty gym clothes before leaving on her trip because on the floor next to the bed were the sexy little shorts she was wearing earlier that afternoon. My heart was pounding as I opened the waist of the shorts to find a light brown thong, still wet with Stacey's juices. I snatched up Stacy's thong, took a long, deep whiff of the sticky wet crotch, and was immediately in panty-sniffing heaven. Stacey's pussy scent was musky mixed with a hint of pee and sweat. I licked the wet spot and savored the sweet and tangy flavor or Stacey's girl goo. I also sniffed the part of Stacey's thong that had been wedged up her ass crack and was hit with the pungently sweet aroma of Stacey's butthole. I picked up another pair of Stacey's satin panties, wrapped them around my dick, and started jacking off while sniffing and licking the crotch of Stacey's thong and shot a massive load inside her satin panties. Over the weekend I sniffed every pair of Stacey's dirty panties and drained my balls over and over again. When Stacey came back Sunday night and I returned her key, she gave me a big hug and thanked me. I told Stacey I would watch her cat anytime she wanted me to.

Since: Aug 14

Location hidden

#21 May 26, 2015
I was in a pub with my rugby club and got chatting to this fantastic blonde big boobed girl with long sexy legs. I was getting on great making her laugh with every line. She was sat on a high stool and had let her dress drape down it's side so I knew her panties were in contact with the seat. She was a little drunk and laughing hard and I said "you'd better be wearing panties or you'll wet that seat' and with that she lifted her skirt and flashed her divine white cotton panties at me. My tongue hit the floor it was such a sexy sight. Could you do that again? she did God I was so intoxicated at those sweet little panties covering her divine triangle I wanted to dive down and start supper early. She lent forward and said "I'm off to the loo, I might take them off and let you have them" she giggled and went away and I was in a spin. As son as she was away I couldn't help myself and I lent over and sniffed her seat , while I was doing this she came back early as she forgot her handbag- she saw me taking in her sent "That's disgusting!! she exclaimed and left - bugger!

Since: Aug 15

Green Bay, WI

#22 May 27, 2015
One night my girlfriend asked me what kind of dirty fantasies or fetishes i have. I told her that i like to smell dirty panties. She got a interested look on her face and left it at that. Life went on as normal then late one night she got a call from her sister she just got in a fight with her bf and needed to get away from there. When my gf left i went to bathroom looking for a pair of her panties and there on the toilet seat was a pair of them. I knew she left them there on purpose so i picked them and went to the bedroom. By the time i got to the room my c*ck was straining to get out so i stripped out of my cloths. When i looked at the crotch of her panties they were extremely wet and juicy. I could smell them before i got them to my face they were the most intoxicating i have ever smelled.

Minneapolis, MN

#23 May 27, 2015
The first time I sniffed panties I was 13.I spent the nite at my aunts home.She was a single mom.She had one child a girl a year younger than I.Well wen watched a bunch of movies and when she would shift in the love seat I got a n ice view of her panties.I think she did it on purpose.Well we went to bed.At about 3:30 I woke up and had to pee.When I got to bathroom and switched on the lite on the floor were a pair of black satin string bikini panties.I picked them up and the smell made me hard as can be.They moist and smelled so good.I went back to my room and masterbated while sniffing them.I have continued ever since.

Warrington, UK

#24 Feb 8, 2016
luv2sniff wrote:
any kind anywhere
would love to watch someone sniff my wifes dirty knickers

Warrington, UK

#25 Feb 8, 2016
When I'm sniffing my wifes dirty knickers I get very turned on thinking bout others sniffing and licking and having there way with my wifes dirty damp knickers

Glasgow, UK

#26 Feb 9, 2016
34 m into young pantys sniffing

K ik= colossus777

Warrington, UK

#28 Feb 13, 2016
Hornysecurity69 wrote:
<quoted text>
Are you in uk fancy a chat
Yeh in Warrington 07749 255849 or what's app text me sometime
dirty 1

Oldbury, UK

#29 Feb 13, 2016
pantygusset wrote:
<quoted text>
Yeh in Warrington 07749 255849 or what's app text me sometime
Hi I'm in west Midlands, would love to chat about our wives and their panties,when is the best time to cal you

Warrington, UK

#30 Feb 14, 2016
dirty 1 wrote:
<quoted text>
Hi I'm in west Midlands, would love to chat about our wives and their panties,when is the best time to cal you
Text me buddy ill get back

London, UK

#31 Feb 20, 2016
I love to sniff and lick my wifes dirty knickers all the time love the stains and the dampness they taste amazing would love to share her knickers I'm in Warrington text or what's app 07749 255849

Grimsby, UK

#34 Feb 22, 2016
Panties for sale in uk. Anything considered.
poppypearlxx at geemale dott comm
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