He claims that he can't feel pleasure when using a condom. Is this true?

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Chocko love


#1 Feb 1, 2008
Has anyone else had an experience like this? We've never used one but I would like to be safer instead of just having with withdraw before he comes. Does it really decrease the sensation that much?

Wilmington, NC

#2 Feb 1, 2008
it does decrease the sensation. but there are other types of condom on the market, thinner ones. i haven't had much experience with them as my wife doesn't like condoms, but it may be worth a look.

i would think worst case scenario, he'd last longer.
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Rehoboth Beach, DE

#3 Feb 1, 2008
He could be lying trying to use no condom but sometimes they decrease the feel
Who cares

Waldorf, MD

#4 Feb 1, 2008
If he does not want to wear one, he didn't wear one with the women before you. AIDS


#5 Feb 1, 2008
I never bought the "ultra=thin" ones but the regular ones do reduce sensation, but not all that much. A guy can still get much satisfaciton from sex with a condom.

A lot depends on attitude .. if you say it is not problem, then it realy is not gogin to detract from the sex. If yuo say it is an annoying bother then it will detract from the rest of the experience.

He is making excuses, in my opinion.

Condoms do allow men to last longer, most of the time ... so that should be a benefit to you, which he should be happy that he lasts longer for yuo.

Perhaps you can make a deal ... offer to finish him with a BJ afterwords. Use a washcloth after he removes the condom so that any tastes are cleared away ... if yuo use warm water he will love that sensation too ...

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Los Angeles

#6 Feb 1, 2008
AAAhhh dont listen this is the oldest trick in the BOOK!Wear condom, I dont know if its less intense, ive always used a condom but babies and STI's can be life changing.Make the sacrifice please use a condom!

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Scottsdale, AZ

#7 Feb 1, 2008
Every guy I have ever been with has used one and no one has complained so far. My current bf has powerful orgasms and always has one on. So I don't what the problem is..

United States

#8 Jan 9, 2009
It does decrease sensation. But not enough to not be pleasurable. Tell him to try out different kinds, some feel better than others.
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Glen Allen, VA

#9 Jan 14, 2009
No, it decreases sensation slightly but not much. But wearing a condom is worth not getting an STD. You could try thinner polyurethane condoms if you dont like latex. But remember, the thinner ones can break easier.

Warrenton, MO

#10 Mar 4, 2009
I am a guy, and I looked this up, because I have the same problem.

With a condom I cant barely feel anything, I can't even climax. She's been on the pill since, and sex is great.

Don't listen to people say he's lying.

Do you really think he wants kids? Why else would he not want to wear one?
max ludington

Mukwonago, WI

#11 Mar 18, 2009
to call the guy a liar is ridiculous. i have the same problem - i seriously can not feel anything except pressure when wearing a condom. withdrawal plus the pill seems to work, though.(of course it helps that i don't sleep around!)
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Lexington, KY

#12 Mar 18, 2009
Oh yeah, they are not as good as the natural feel but the possibility of not using one is
so much worse than the slight sensation difference
babies and illness are just not sexy at all, if you are trying to get pregnant I guess that is sexy for people that are trying but getting that"I am late" phone call at work right before you go in to a meeting can ruin your whole day, it would have been worse but the EPT was negative. If you get lucky more than once your on borrowed time. I do sleep around so gotta be careful.


#13 Apr 8, 2009
i would tell him he wont be feeling any pleasure if he doesnt use one if u know what i mean

Monrovia, CA

#14 Apr 8, 2009
Chocko love wrote:
Has anyone else had an experience like this? We've never used one but I would like to be safer instead of just having with withdraw before he comes. Does it really decrease the sensation that much?
It's true. Condoms do decrease sensation. And it's worse for circumcised guys, who tend to be slightly desensitized due to not having a foreskin. Be careful of the ultra thin or "lambskin" condoms - although they will still prevent pregnancy, they may not stop HIV transmission (the virus can penetrate the condom material).

If you don't use condoms, then you need to find something that you will use - pill, IUD, diaphram, sponge, etc. Do you know what they call people who use the "withdrawl" method? That's right - PARENTS. That's because even before he cums, he's depositing sperm in you. The "pre-cum" fluid contains plenty to get you pregnant (it only takes 1).

If it turns out that condoms are the only alternative, then remind your BF that he will feel far more stimulation wearing a condom than he will feel not getting laid.

Glen Allen, VA

#16 Apr 9, 2009
It decreases sensation a little but it dosent completely take away all sensation or even most of it. You can use lambskin condoms or extra thin condoms but they break easier and dont protect from STDs as well.

It is essentially this simple. A little loss of sensation is worth not having a baby or getting an STD.

Baltimore, MD

#17 Jun 25, 2009
Having had both protected and unprotected sexual intercourse, I can most definately say that there is indeed a huge difference in sensation. And not just for the man- but for the woman too. Liken it this way- the skin contains various types of nerve endings that are stimulated during intercourse. Some are stimulated by compression of the penis and other by the sensation of friction of the penile skin rubbing against the mucosa of the vagina. Naturally, any barrier between the penile skin and vaginal mucosa will cause a decrease in that type of tactile stimulation. In addition, the contact with the vaginal secretions and rapid heat tranfer adds an element of sensation absent from condom use.
To use an analogy: unprotected sex is to watching a Blu-ray on a plasma television as protected sex is to watching an old VHS tape on an antiquated black and white television.
No matter how thin the barrier device is, it is nonetheless still a barrier. Having never used lambskin condoms, I can only offer an educated conjecture as to why they feel natural- The intestine is a mucusal membrane, not too dissimilar to that of the vaginal mucosa. Hence it would follow that the tactile sensation would be more similar to that of unprotected intercourse.

Vero Beach, FL

#18 Jun 25, 2009
It's true, to some man, wearing a condom means feeling NOTHING AT ALL!


#20 Aug 6, 2009
i have had both protected and unprotected sex. to me sex with condom is like licking sweet with the back on. wearing acondom, i also feel completely nothing, but pressure in my penis.i coul dlast for an hour or more.

Orono, ME

#21 Aug 6, 2009
I am sure that it feels better for a man without a condom and I even prefer it without a condum. More feeling and a variety of sensations when he finishes. However, aids, herpes and babies are very life changing and not for the better. Well babies might be for some. If you prefer unprotected sex, only do it with a known and trusted partner.

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Lakeland, MI

#22 Aug 6, 2009
I just love how some guys claim they can't feel anything if they're wearing a condom, yet those same guys will pretend they didn't realize that the condom slipped off while they were f*cking or that they didn't feel it break and bunch up around the base of their dick before they shot inside their partner.

Which is it?? How can they claim they can't feel anything with a condom on, but when it suddenly disappears, they can't tell? Why? Because it feels the same?

Face it, guys lie a lot get laid and do it in the manner they want to. If a guy won't wear a condom, don't f*ck him.

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