do most guys shower naked in public s...


#70 Jul 20, 2013
which pool you go to
love to join you !!!!

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#71 Jul 20, 2013
Been swimming for years most pools I go too men shower off.


#72 Jul 20, 2013
love seeing all as we.shower but love young teens !!!!


#73 Jul 20, 2013
anyone up for chats ?

Mauldin, SC

#74 Jul 20, 2013
jojo wrote:
I love it when dads take their young daughters into the dressing room with them. I've done it many times. I undress her and myself and take shower with her. Some men look away, but most nod approvingly.
Wish I had thought of that when my daughter was young. All my grandchildren are boys. Would love to take an 8 to 12 yr old to the guy showers

Oslo, Norway

#75 Jul 24, 2013
James wrote:
anyone up for chats ?
Yeah absolutely

Cardiff, UK

#77 Aug 12, 2013
People-watching in pool showers and locker rooms is always interesting. U get the shy ones and the exhibitionists and sometimes a teaser. These r always fantastic looking guys and they know it, in the shower they will be naked but stand so no-one can see their cocks. Drying thmselves takes a long time, plenty of time to admire their physiques and even their asses but the cock is kept hidden by a towel and you only are allowed a brief glimpse right at the end of the proceedings.
One time there was an Indian boy there who obviously was proud of his puberty and spent ages wandering round the room before he got dressed.
But kids in locker rooms r an embarrassment and it wd be better if there were separate family facilities. One little boy even commented to his dad on the size of my cock...I was so embarrassed.

Greenwell Springs, LA

#78 Aug 12, 2013
For several months I went to Planet Fitness 3x a week. I only saw 1 1/2 penes--a fat gray-haired white men and the top half of a black penis--he was drying his feet. There are individual shower stalls with curtains, and everyone got completely dry before he came out with towel securely around his waist. I was amazed at so much modesty!

Sydney, Australia

#79 Sep 1, 2013
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Phoenix, AZ

#80 Oct 27, 2013
Fdehm wrote:
<quoted text>
R u man or female. Soo like u like

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#82 Nov 1, 2013
In Fernandina Beach/Amelia Island, Nassau County, Florida one of the few places that still has indoor open showers, urinals with no partitions/dividers (which is very rare these days), and open changing area is the bath houses on the beachfront parks: Burney Park (on Burney Park Road near the American Beach section) and Peter's Point (Peter's Point Road). It's really nice and convenient to have indoor showers and changing area to change prior and after the beach and to shower after the beach to get all the salt, shells, and sand off before getting into the vehicle and possibly making a few stops before going home. Most beaches in Florida don't have that luxury nor do they look as nice or natural as the beach of Amelia Island/Fernandina Beach.

Some people change and shower in there with no problem but others only shower in swimsuits with looks quite silly and would especially to those who are European or if they showered that way in Europe. It seems like people over 50 are the ones who are the least prudish and skittish about showering and changing nude or using a urinal with no partition instead of going in a stall. It seems that those are who young, fit, and good looking are the most prudish while people who are average looking, are older, hairy, gray hair, or have more weight on them don't give a crap who sees them. I went in there one time to wash the sand off my feet and there was a young, fit man who seemed upset that he was no longer alone in the shower room and stood side ways and held his swimsuit over his front area while the sideway position would concealed the back of the buttocks. If he was that uncomfortable I don't understand why he disrobed and showered there to begin with. People need to grow up!

I think it is society trying to make males ashamed of their own nudity and that of other males not the fact that there are gay people out there. Society is trying to make men feel their bodies are disgusting and to be ashamed of while they are sexualizing the bodies of women. Of course I think that those in power who are trying to make people uneasy about their own male nudity and that of others that homophobia plays a big role in that.

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#83 Nov 1, 2013
I think many locker room/shower room/changing areas are designed or redesigned with today's new form of homophobia in mind. Urinals have partitions and showers are in stalls or cubicles most of the time with curtains or stall doors. It's almost as if society is trying to force the issue and strongly hint to males to be modest, prudish, and skittish and ashamed of their own nudity and that of other males. It's anti-male and anti-gay. The majority of people are not pedophiles but society is probably petrified about males that are underage being nude with nude adult males. It's American puritanical society and paranoia. I'm surprised men aren't forced to wear long pants and long sleeves and always have a shirt on. lol.

The two Rec Centers in Fernandina Beach/Amelia Island/Nassau County, Florida were once indoor open showers with a big room with a changing area when I was a kid. Now there are only three shower stalls with concrete block walls and curtains and it is designed to make you feel like you are doing something naughty if you happen to dry off outside of the shower in the nude.

Naval base gyms are even starting to have partition stalls with curtains where there were none before to divide each showerhead. Navy guys aren't usually prudish and the people behind those new shower plans were most likely civilians.

Saskatoon, Canada

#85 Nov 23, 2013
i have seen a few guys shower naked in a swim pool change room. I do not see the problem since the men are in one change room and girls in the other. Its not like we have not seen other men's penis before also its not a problem because you go naked when changing into your clothing anyways so why not make it easy, have a quick naked shower in change room, if you want put a towel over your package which I can not see why people do this and then go near your locker and change. my point is showering naked is fine because you go naked in the bathroom part and at the lockers. hope this helps.

Saskatoon, Canada

#86 Nov 23, 2013
I should add this as well I have seen grown men and boys(kids) shower naked and it does not matter age little boy do it and men do it not a problem at all. hope this helps again with extra point included.

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#87 Nov 23, 2013
when iam done swimmin i usually shower and rinse my speedo then take it off and shower naked in the open public shower room, most other guys do too, sometimes i see em lookin at me, probably cause i got a real good speedo tan line, i look at them too

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#88 Nov 30, 2013
speedo tanline wrote:
when iam done swimmin i usually shower and rinse my speedo then take it off and shower naked in the open public shower room, most other guys do too, sometimes i see em lookin at me, probably cause i got a real good speedo tan line, i look at them too
U got ki k?

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#90 Nov 30, 2013
always shower naked after swim
even if kids with me and make them do same

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#91 Nov 30, 2013
James wrote:
always shower naked after swim
even if kids with me and make them do same
That's because unlike the United States of America the United Kingdom is not prudish or afraid of nudity. I'm glad that the UK are not ashamed of their bodies! I wish the U.S.A. would stop thinking nudity is a bad or sexual thing.

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#92 Nov 30, 2013
I've read people change and shower nude all the time in the indoor shower facilities at Siesta Key Public Beach Pavilion in Siesta Key (Sarasota, Florida, U.S.A.). At least there are a few places including Haulover Beach, Florida (they have a nude beach for families and an end of it that is more oriented toward gay men. The only LEGAL NUDE beach in Florida) near Miami and Ft. Lauderdale that aren't afraid of nudity.

United States

#93 Nov 30, 2013
Last month I was taking shower in the locker room and the guy next to had the largest shaved penis I ever saw I told him that too he said I have a nice hot body he told me no one will know I said ok so I lick it up and down and round and sucking the head of he said go deeper I was trying to but it was too long and thick so he was fu@king my mouth then he moved me all the way to the wall and push it half way in me so I get use to it he told ok im going to do you I said ok when he was doing me I was moaning loud he was spanking my ass hard tell me that it take deep and harder I told him that it hurts and he ketp doing me then he made me ride it all the way down and up hard and deep and he came in me and then he did me doggy keep Cummings and doing me he rape me I couldn't walk for a long time.
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