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Hazel Green, AL

#46 Jan 13, 2010
Kate wrote:
I suppose this is most relevant to ladies not from the USA. What was it like when you first saw a penis "ready for action" in other words with the foreskin pulled down.
As a girl I had seen a few penises, they all had skin the full length and looked fairly innocuous. Then in my teans, for the first time I saw an erect boy pull his foreskin down. It really shocked me and grossed me out. I thought it was very ugly.
Was it the same for any of you? I have to say my views have changed since and I am now rather fond of the little fellas!
Well, I know this sounds odd, but I had sex several times before I actually SAW an erect penis. My high school bf and I started having sex in his car, but it was always somewhere dark, so I felt his cock alright but hadn't actually seen it until one afternoon when his parents were gone we used his bedroom. He was circumsized although at the time I didn't know anything about cut vs. uncut. And we didn't waste any time just standing there and starting at each other.

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Kuwait, Kuwait

#48 Jan 18, 2010
The first time I saw one I was very intrigued.

In fact..... I been playing with it ever since - dspite mommies protestations about it falling off!
Tea Party girl

Hickory, NC

#49 Jan 18, 2010
My dad would bring over some real winner sluts to our house after we left my Mom.

He had those girl magazines and would make himself feel better.This didn't bother me at all.Better than those tramps coming over.His was the first I saw.I was curious though at 13 and on.He was a little more bashful when I got older.I told him it was ok to please himself.Since there are no sex secrets from the girls at school.

United States

#50 Jan 18, 2010
I'm a guy who wants to experiment with pic trading. Never have yet but I'm willing to have fun and do whatever in some pics. Ill trade with guys but I'd much rather with girls and I will with ANY age if you're not over 40. Some would say my d!ck is average when others would say huge. My email is plz email me peps!

United States

#52 Jan 18, 2010
Does the topic say "what do you prefer uncircumcised or circumcised" or does it say "the first time you saw a penis????"


#53 Jan 18, 2010
I was in the in the locker room, when I saw another guys penis, and I was shocked, his was so puny and hanging sadly.


#56 Jul 2, 2010
I want to try VPXL penis enlargement pills from nature meds. i'm going to buy that pills very soon. my manhood is just 4.5" in length and it's also 4.5" in width. does is too small for girls? Sometimes i feel really depressed about my size and couldn't help thinking that i'm too small for my lady :(
Honest Abe

Pawleys Island, SC

#57 Jul 2, 2010
The first and only penis that I've seen ready for action was MINE and it looked pretty normal to me!
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Chicago, IL

#58 Aug 30, 2010
The first time that I saw another boy naked was when I was 12. My mom's youngest brother age 16, stayed with us for a month when grandma was sick. Mom was going to have him stay in th guest room. Neither he nor I wanted that. We wanted to share my room, since it has two single beds. It also had a large closet, and an extra dresser. Dad stepped in and said that it would be good for the boys, since he shared a room with an older brother.
The first night was very educational for me; maybe also for my uncle. He told me NOT to call him uncle. He cam,e out of the bathroom nude. I never knew that peters got that big and had hair. He climbed into his bed nude saying that he was too old for pjs. At home he only had them on long enough so that he was covered when grandma checked before she went to bed. He said grandpa knew that he like to be naked.
He asked me to strip but I was worried because my peter was so small. I told him and he said that he would show me some exercises to make it grow. He started to play with his peter and it did get bigger. He told me to play with mine. I was going it incorrectly. He climbed in bed with me and showed me the correct way to jerk off as he called it. I loved every bit of it. Dad walked in and found us; he just smiled and gave us a wack on the butt. He said lock the door for privacy. You don't want mom waling in on you.

Sheffield, UK

#59 Sep 22, 2010
Probably around 12 or 13 at school, word got round that one of the boys had a "strange" penis and he would show it to the girls. I eventually got myself into a crowd he was showing it to. The "strange" bit was that he could roll the skin off the end and it had this shiny purple head underneath. Freaked me out at the time!

First time I properly fumbled with a boy I realised it was normal (well actually rather nice!).

Canton, MS

#60 Sep 28, 2010
My dads best friend went swimming with us and I saw his penis hard. It was huge. Now I cant stop looking at it when we go swimming. Is that normal

Phoenix, AZ

#61 Sep 28, 2010
I grew up with a boy as my best friend from birth, until around 15 we were in separable. When we were about 11 or 12 we decided that we needed to get to know the bodies of the opposite sexes and being friends, we thought that would be the best way, so show each other. One day at the river when all the others went home, we began our discovery, I was a bit nervous, being a girl back then you always heard that the boys just couldnt control themselves lol, but we proceeded. He slid off his trunks and stood in front of me naked. I thought his penis was the strangest looking thing and I giggled and he punched my arm. But then we got serious and we began to explore. Enough said, but that was my first sighting of the fabulous equipment.

Dallas, TX

#62 Oct 17, 2010
1st time when i saw erect penis my age was 15,i saw my young neighbour taking naked bath,during bath when he see me his small penis become large,he put his finger in his anal hole

Austin, TX

#63 Oct 17, 2010
Cindy100 wrote:
My dads best friend went swimming with us and I saw his penis hard. It was huge. Now I cant stop looking at it when we go swimming. Is that normal
How old are you Cindy? And how were you able to see your dad's friend's penis? Do you think you would enjoy either sucking him off or having sex with, since his penis is so big? Do you ever flirt with him when you go swimming with him?
mr wadds

Arlington Heights, IL

#64 Oct 17, 2010
Cindy100 wrote:
My dads best friend went swimming with us and I saw his penis hard. It was huge. Now I cant stop looking at it when we go swimming. Is that normal
Why was it hard was he staring at your hot assss?

Hazleton, PA

#66 Oct 18, 2010
He was 11,I was 12. He was a neighbor who was often at our house when his parents were out.

I talked him into doing a little exploration, kissing and touching. He didn't like the kissing but was all over my tits. I offered to take off my top if he would take off his pants. He stood immediately and peeled off his pants and underwear.
His dick was hard pointing straight up, hairless and about 4 t0 4.5 inches long.


Hazleton, PA

#67 Oct 18, 2010
Lol, i mean hard, I have never felt a harder one.

Walla Walla, WA

#68 Oct 18, 2010
As soon as my eyes could focus after I was born. I am male in case you wonder..

Bessemer, AL

#69 Nov 30, 2010
Not all of them are dark. Im proud to be cut becausei have no odor and mine doesn't hang. Also i dont feel uncomfortable when im changing in the locker room and all the other guys have cut penises.
It doesn't feel weird to me when i see an uncut but i think they should be cut because it looks a whole lot better.

Bolton, UK

#70 Dec 12, 2010
when i was about 14 in school locker room i changed with a guy that was circumcised i was not & had a long foreskin he liked to put our penus end to end & role my skin over is glands this way we both mastbated together. When i was 30 i got a tight circumcision it was the best thing i ever did. Better organisams

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