Extremely Rough Sex- who's into it?

Corona, CA

#185 Nov 30, 2009
I have a beautiful wife. She is a tall slender blonde who looks alot like "Blondie." She enjoys sex but is rather vanilla. She gave a buddy of mine a blow job when he was shipping out to Iraq and she masturbates with my sister every now and then but that is about the extent of her kinkiness. I've always had a fantasy of slapping my wife's face and pissing on her, but was always afraid to do it. That was until yesterday. I was in watching the Cargers/Chiefs game and she was sitting out back reading. I took off my pants and charged out there like I was pissed. She turned to me and had a quizzical look on her face. I grabbed her hair on the back of her head. She started to yelp and grope at my hand holding her hair. With my left hand I slapped her across the face. She stopped struggling and just stared up at me with a look that I've never seen before. Her cheek was red and there was a little blood coming out of her nose. I was still holding her hair, so I positioned her head in front of my cock and I pissed on her face. She did not struggle or say a word. When I finished pissing on her I face fucked her.

Lancaster, PA

#186 Dec 18, 2009
Michael wrote:
I want to do the ruff stuff but my balls hurt after slamming aginst her ass. Maybe I should just punch her in the eye while she's blowing me???
take it kool you try and give her pleasure while she enjoys your rough sex act

Lancaster, PA

#187 Dec 18, 2009
its the way to go,give her pleasure when she wants to the place she needs it

Hamar, Norway

#188 Jan 7, 2010
Ah,my kind of link, finally...I'm 20 and have just discovered exactly how much rough sex turns me on...I go crazy when my new boyfriend knocks me hard into the wall by my throat, making me gasp for air, or when he comes from behind and grabs me rough so I can't get away and then feeling me up... I'm sexually turned on all the time especially when with him, but also at other times..I love when he just grabs me in some unexpected moment and fucks me really hard, and just throws me around...
I also provoke him, like going for a very small walk quite late with just a small dress on when he tells me not to is enough to put him over the edge, and throw him into a rage..oh, and then I'll do anything in my power to try and get away from his grip and he'll force me violently...god it's good

Hamar, Norway

#189 Jan 7, 2010
but right now he's in the US and I think I'm going crazy with lust..I'm really hooked on sex and I need that roughness, that violence, that pure passion and pain..it's nothing like it

Fayetteville, NC

#190 Mar 5, 2010
i know the feeling, I LOVE ROUGH SEX! I'm 36, and I've met someone for the first time in my life that i'm completely in tune with sexually, and it's wonderful. we have the hottest sex ever. I get turned on just by being in the same room with him. It's extremely difficult to concentrate, because I think about him all the time and I wanna fuck all the time. He slaps me, chokes me, pulls my hair, spanks my bad kitty, and calls me his dirty fucking whore and I LOVE every bit of it. I don't even have to provoke him; he loves to please me and do what ever gets me off, and he said knowing what excites me and gets me off is the biggest turn on for him. The entire sexual experience with him brings about the most incredible feelings. We are completely in tune with each other!

Since: Nov 08

Boston, UK

#191 Mar 7, 2010
Rough sex makes me so horny....
I love the feeling of being used like a little sex toy, being spanked and slapped :p
okay this is makking me horny now

Forest, VA

#193 Mar 27, 2010
i would love to find a girl who could take my punishment and begg for more.

the first girl i was with:

she was covered with bruises neck to ankle(she wasnt into foot play...bummer)
bitemarks,bruises from grabbing, internal bruising.

one day, i found her limit.

i was f#cking her mouth as hard and fast as possible with her hair wrapped around my fist,pulling as i hurt her. well she stopped and we fought. i tore the skin off the back of her throat the day before. she told me not to be so rough. i need it rough. i love sim rape although i havent found a girl that i think could take the psycological trama/pleasure/release.

i look at girls who talk to me and know that i would seriously damage them. i love to make girls cry, but not in that way. i'd love to grab a girl by the hair and slap her face while forcing her to tell me what i want to hear.

the 2 girls i was with were heavy and even though im skinny i threw them up against walls n stuff.

it sucks how its hard to find a girl who needs this. i dont look like what im describing, so it makes it harder for me. im a nice mix of romantic/sex fiend,which only throws girls off even more.

does anyone else have a problem finding a girl for relationship with rough sex?

if anyone knows how to solve this prblem, post it!
(i only want a monomogius relationship with my sex slave,so sex clubs and group stuff advice need not apply)

Forest, VA

#194 Mar 27, 2010
i read what lina wrote and that is exactly what i need from a girl. i hope to find a girl exactly like this woman.(no im not hitting on you lina, i respect
your happiness.) even when im nice, im rough. i love tearing a womans clothes off;making her walk around nude. i love tearing an orgasm out of a girl. you never get to really know a girl until you tramatize her. thats the first day of her life. a new arousing
begining. every where she goes,shes still recovering
from her last orgasm and antisapating her next.
makes me alive to know that anywhere that girl goes, she's obsessivly thinking of me:)

Rotherham, UK

#195 Aug 17, 2010
Mmmmm yeh, I like nothing better than being pushed around during hot sex <3

“Eat my c*ck!!!!!”

Since: Apr 10

Location hidden

#196 Aug 17, 2010
Yeah I like it.

South Africa

#197 Aug 17, 2010
yes love it, tie me up blindfold me, and have your wild rough way with me.

Monroe, LA

#199 Jan 31, 2011
I love it like that all the time! The rougher the better. I LOVE to be choked and put in positions that I have to just take it! To be bitten is glorious! I could go on... but

Since: Feb 11


#202 Feb 20, 2011
I treat my girl like a disposable sex toy! I want to do it to every [email protected] just can't seem to find any takers daring enough?

[email protected]

“We are all entitled to a say!!”

Since: Jan 11


#203 Feb 20, 2011
My bf's ex wife used to love rough sex, when she got really horny she'd want him to pull her hair, slap her face and ass, strangle her and ram it up her a** without any lube and stuff like that. I on the other hand never have or never would try it that rough!

Since: Feb 11

Location hidden

#204 Mar 20, 2011
I was washing clothes one evening and my boyfriend,(yea, that one), came in and proceeded to pull my robe off, remove my panties, and bend me over the washer.
He pounded me until he came and then pull off, picked up his boxers, and walked out without a word.
I stay in that position for a few moments, bent over the Maytag with my ass exposed, and cum running down the inside of my thighs.
I felt used and humiliated.

Columbus, OH

#205 Mar 20, 2011
Love rough sex
[email protected]
guys or girls

Since: Feb 11

Location hidden

#207 Mar 20, 2011
figjam wrote:
love doing my wife hard she loves me slapping her she loves having marks left on her tits
well,...that IS getting a little rough.

Worcester, MA

#208 Apr 9, 2011
Not sure why but I lovebeing smack choked hit hair pulled and spit on durningv sex, such a turn on

“Tired of being alone!!”

Since: Mar 11

Massillon Ohio

#209 Apr 9, 2011
I am to ruffing her up a litle but not so bad leaves marks on her face...chain collar her,tie her up but...not abuse!! Just mostly play act!!
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