how many wives would cuckold there husbands if they could get away with it?

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Since: Sep 11

United States

#1 Jul 7, 2012
If there was no aparent penalty?





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Dedham, MA

#2 Aug 27, 2012
If a wife cuckolds her husband then what exactly would be the penalty she would receive?

Since: Sep 11

Knoxville, TN

#3 Aug 27, 2012
That here husband would relent... and no one else (eg. family, friends etc) would find out... She would be free to be a hot wife and stay married to her sub hubby while she had strange dick and hubby would be denied.

Halesowen, UK

#4 Aug 28, 2012
so want my wife to cuckold me

Dedham, MA

#5 Aug 28, 2012
Most women who would consider cuckolding their husband aren't concerned about his relenting. She knows that he will do and say nothing about it. For the same reason that studies have found that over 90% of men who know their wives have cheated on them would/have never told anyone about it.

If a woman says a guy is lousy in bed and cheats on him, then he is angry with her. But the public humiliation of people knowing that your wife slept with another man, screams that you were not man enough to satisfy her so she had to look elsewhere. That embaressment and humiliation is too much for most men's egos.

That's why wives who cheat can get away with it, and why almost any woman can cuckold any man if she wanted to. The fact that he can't satisfy her enough is emasculating, but having everyone know that is too much.

As for nobody finding out, you have to remember that even though the bull may be dominant in the bedroom and take her rough and as he pleases, all the power in the relationship lays in the woman's hands. A married wife can easily find another dick to replace her current lover, so not even the bull will let the secret out if the wife demonstrates her control over the situation.

Since: Sep 11

Louisville, TN

#6 Aug 28, 2012
Indeed...i like it

Fredericton, Canada

#8 Sep 5, 2012
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United States

#9 Sep 5, 2012
when i take control of a mans wife, i make sure that their friends and nieghbors suspect she is my slut. also make sure any kids understand that i am her bull also.
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Dedham, MA

#11 Sep 6, 2012
blkdaddy11 wrote:
when i take control of a mans wife, i make sure that their friends and nieghbors suspect she is my slut. also make sure any kids understand that i am her bull also.
I am always amazed at how blind husbands can be.

When a woman is getting good sex, other women know, and she WANTS to tell them about how big and amazing her lover is. Two weeks after getting it good, all of his and her friends know because she tells her friends and the wives and the girlfriends and they in turn tell the men.

As for the neighbors, when a black man parks his car in your driveway in the evening and is seen walking back out to that car the next morning, they can figure out what he's doing in seconds.

As for kids, well they see and know what is going on in a house, especially when you try and keep it secret behind closed doors, the older they get the more they know whats happening when you try and hide it.

Fredericton, Canada

#12 Nov 11, 2012
most women who cuckold do both their husbands and their lovers , bulls are just men with cocks who provide a service for dominant women and they are no different than the cuckold

Witchford, UK

#14 Sep 20, 2013
would love my wife to cockhold i would love it.

Naples, FL

#15 Sep 22, 2013
I would love to be a cuckold!!!!
sexy girl

Woodridge, IL

#16 Sep 22, 2013
blkdaddy11 wrote:
when i take control of a mans wife, i make sure that their friends and nieghbors suspect she is my slut. also make sure any kids understand that i am her bull also.
i've got 3 bulls that blacken me regularly, my dad hated it when i was still in high school, but he can;t say anything now. some of the moms in my apartment building look at me strange after they see a bull leave in the morning, but i have had a few who wanted to know if i would share!! looks like there may be some cucks in the building soon!!

Barnsley, UK

#19 Sep 26, 2013
any women into this please k°k me steve0030
Blade Hannsen

Slidell, LA

#20 Oct 1, 2013
I remember the first time I saw one of these videos I didn't know what that word even meant . I have read how women get their "husbands" into allowing this . I think the man can't seperate Being Married and being the star in his own life long Adult Film vs. being a teen watching and developing the hots for his favorite Adult Film Actress whom he wants to see with the best Male Actors . To each his own if thats what they want to do but , how a Healthy Man could let or allow his Wife to spread her legs for another man and have him come inside of her is something I don't understand . I could see if he was in an accident and couldn't perform and he and his Wife had that understanding along those lines ... but then honestly she should deny herself and the man should also . I'm trying to understand the mindset of "allowed affairs" it's just taking some time . Like I said I don't look down on anyone if that's what makes you happy .

Walkerton, IN

#21 Nov 1, 2013
I as a man would not put up with any shit like that from any woman I get tired of reading about these women who cuck their husbands for stupid stuff like his cock is to small. Why did you marry him in the first place if you were a size queen get a guy with a big one to start with.Any man that puts up whoring around from his wife is a wimp Man up and dump the bitch.As for taking any shit off her Bull a bar of soap in a sock will bring him dowwn to size or a small stun gun. So youy cockolded men MAN UP Fight back don't cry get tough and mean and take no prisoers any way to WIN or at least com out even is OK then start over regardless of your age or how long you were with her don't matter at this point in time

Des Moines, IA

#22 Nov 4, 2013
True: We are married for close to 20 years. After 10 years she started she started fucking a man she met at work. It just happened. I donít know why. I remember I discovered it when she came home late from a business meeting they had both attended. When I undressed her she was totally wet. Her panties were soaked and she was ready to fuck me almost immediately.

I didnít say a word nor did she; no wild tear filled confessions; I just was so hot to have her that I didnít care. In fact I was completely taken over by lust for her as she passively allowed me this moment of discovery. But I didít let on that I knew and I fucked her hard that night, as hard and relentless as I ever. And she fucked me back in a delirious state of lust. I was captivated so much that I fucked her about every two hours the whole weekend as she just kept bringing her lustful self to my attention. Still not a word was mentioned of her indiscretions and her boldly tantalizing cheating silence.

About 1:30 a.m. Monday morning I woke up with a very stiff hard-on. Her hand was laying low on my stomach. I didnít move hoping I could push her hand on to my cock with out her noticing, but after a minute she moved her hand there herself. She started teasing my cock. I started to move and she stopped and so did I. Then a minute later it repeated. She acted as if she was just trying to get me wound up while I was sleeping and that was all. I think I even heard her kind of laugh in a whisper. So I just kept pretending to sleep. Her hand then went back to touching and teasing me to even greater hardness. My cock was swollen and was very hard and pulsing with her every tiny little teasing touch. Then I noticed as she touched me she seemed to shake a bit. Her other hand was in her pussy and she was also on the verge on cumming an then she did. She came so much that she left a damp spot on the sheets.

I was leaking precum and shaking very slightly as I involuntarily moved my hips up trying to get her to touch me again. But had she stopped. Now I was afraid she would discover I was awake the whole time. So I decided I should not wake up at all and then tried to sleep. I finally got to sleep even with that raging hard-on and all somewhere around 2:30 a.m.

My alarm went off at 6 a.m. But I had already been awake for a half hour because about 5:30 she had done the same thing she as earlier by giving me a full and pulsing erection. Up till about a minute before the alarm went off she had been stroking me lightly with her thumb and forefinger but then she stopped. As the alarm went off I was very hard and needful. I tried several times to get her interested but she told me no. She was too tired. So I let her be, even knowing she was the one who had made me this hard in the first place. I even noticed she was almost pink from the pre-climax mess she had worked herself into. As I got out of bed I noticed her eyes went straight to my very hard cock. She smiled as I walked to the shower and got dressed for work.

All day long I felt like I was on the verge on bursting into full mast. I couldnít stop thinking about my discovery, the wild weekend of passion and my wife enjoying keeping me on edge all night long. I was exhausted, sleep deprived and yet so sexually charged.

That evening she came home very late from work and again she was drenched and lustful. Iím rewarded with an evening of fucking and a night of teasing. I can't explain it. I donít care. Iím consumed and captivated by it all. And it all started with her fucking that guy. Last year he moved away and our sex life almost died until three month ago. I made another discovery. She is fucking someone else now at least three or four times a month. I know she is because she keeps letting me discover it on a regular basis. My mind is racing constantly and I am totally rapt into this thing. She keeps fucking him, fucking me, keeps me hard at night and needful all day.

Since: Nov 13

Loughborough, UK

#23 Nov 5, 2013
I was married for 30 years and was a cuckold for 28 of them. However I wasnt a "subhubby" as portrayed in the movies. We found out very early in our relationship that I loved watching people having sex and she really got turned on by being watched so it was a natural progression to me watching her have sex. I have a very small penis and it was a huge turn on for me to watch her take her lovers bigger one so we were both happy. Some of my friends knew because they were her lovers. Most of her friends knew because she told them. Yes it was a bit humiliating at first but we enjoyed doing it so much that I started to enjoy the humiliation side as well.
I suppose that the most humiliating part was when my mother found out, but it turned out she had been cuckolding my father for years.

Spring Green, WI

#24 Nov 5, 2013
I've had my husband do other guys and my friends watch too.
He really puts on a show, when he blows it's so hot.
Seeing him take a cock up his ass and the look on his!

Houston, TX

#25 Nov 7, 2013
any suggested methods of encouraging wife to do this...? I have brought up the fantasy but not getting anywhere with it....

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