How do men feel about saggy breasts?


#383 Nov 8, 2008
Kelli wrote:
Mine are to small to
I love any boobs, big or small lol
Such a Quandry

Bronx, NY

#384 Nov 8, 2008
Okay. So it was refreshing and relieving to know that some men are totally fine with sagging breasts.
I had perfect breasts at a young age. Then at 13 with extreme weight gain-loss, I set the sagginess into motion prematurely.

I am sure because I am heavy breasted( my breasts are actually heavy as well as big and soft) they would have went south sooner than most young girls anyway.

So what does one do in a dating situation? How do you figure out if a man is going to be turned on or off-before you end up in a situation where clothing it coming off?

How do you determine if a man is not hung up on looks- or at least not sagging breasts?

I also have a feeling people on this forum have different levels of what they deem acceptable sagging.

Pointing south is true sagging. And while I never had kids, women who have- and women who went through a lot of extreme bouts of dieting have stretch marks on their breasts and this just makes for another reason to feel self conscious.

Question is: where do you meet men who don't put a woman's worth based on how perfect her body is?
How do you pose questions that help you figure out what his"true" thoughts are about body perfection ?

Chardon, OH

#385 Nov 21, 2008
dirty Harry wrote:
Let's just say that viewing the National Geographic photos showing the women of a pygmy tribe in Congo does not have the same effect for me as, say, Playboy magazine.
Enough said...
Wow... what a little boy.
Have you ever stopped and thought about why those women of a pygmy tribe in Congo don't mind having
their picture taken while they're naked? BECAUSE THEY AREN'T BRAINWASHED PIECES OF SH*T LIKE US PEOPLE FROM "DEVELOPED" COUNTRIES! Beauty has never been defined to them. And as sad as it is for most of the people in this world, it is.
Maybe if it wasn't for stupid magazines, like Playboy, that flash us images hundreds of times a day of "how" a woman should look, then maybe boys could could actually realize that women come in all different shapes and sizes, just like guys, and they could
actually become men. Because frankly, those women are so photoshopped in those magazines, it's not even funny. If you have ever been with a REAL woman, you would know that they sag, have stretch marks, and dimples on their asses. Everyone one of them has at least one of the things I've
mentioned. Everyone has their own preferences, but for God's sake, realize that a REAL woman will ALWAYS be sexier than a fake one.
Tits McGee

United States

#386 Nov 23, 2008
gr8tbarrister wrote:
I believe we would have to define the boob subject before we can truly analyze it. To that end, the bra manufacturers have led the way and provide us with a measurement system. For those interested, I will share a sample of their findings:
A= almost there
B= barely there
C= can't complain
D= Dang
DD+ double dang
E= enormous
F= fake
G= get a reduction
H= help, i've fallen and can't get up
are you following me? now, we can all be on the same page.
if questions?
I've been a 34F since my sophomore year in highschool, until I got pregnant that is, so F does not = fake.

Mound, MN

#387 Nov 23, 2008
I don't really care. I'm a guy and guys love tits.
Big D

Sheffield, UK

#388 Nov 26, 2008
I would love a pair of Saggy Boobs to play with right now!! I just love them all wabbly and jiggley!!

Vancouver, Canada

#390 Nov 26, 2008
to tell you the truth, i kinda like saggy boobs. Of course, supple, ample boobs are nice, but i kinda dont mind if they sag. they actually make a better cleavage.

Singapore, Singapore

#391 Nov 27, 2008
I get turned on by seeing the breasts. It shoudl also combin with a pleasing smile from the person. It should be casual and not very cautious. Just saggin due to weight is not a problem it iS still a turn on. Just ensure the surfaces are shiny and the breasts slightly showing out fromthe dress and preferably a shade lighter than outside.
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Beckton, UK

#392 Nov 28, 2008
ive got 34ff breasts and i always wer my bra except wen i wash. ive neva tuk my bra off wen ive had sex. do men stil get turned on by droppy breasts or wud dey b put off staight away.
Wilhelm Von Klinten

Harleysville, PA

#393 Dec 15, 2008
I adore saggy breasts, the softer, the saggier, the better. Nothing turns me on more than slim, young girls with saggy breasts, especially with stretch marks. Of course, I'll accept less than ideal. LOL. I know I'm in the minority on this, but for all you girls who feel rejected or inadequate, you're my dream girl and I'm right here waiting for you!

Since: Dec 08

Novato, CA

#394 Dec 15, 2008
i'm in the minority too ... saggy is NICE and my preference. women worry too much about them and don't
realize how much 'men' like them. saggier is better.

Portland, OR

#395 Dec 16, 2008
dont worry, you will never be perfect, and the future is for the living. womens tits and ass sag but so do mens.

Since: Dec 08

Novato, CA

#396 Dec 19, 2008
saggy = natural = pointing south = YUMMMMMY

Glen Allen, VA

#397 Dec 20, 2008
As a 80% gay guy, I really dont like saggy breasts too much, but hey, different stroke for different folks.

“Understand people,”

Since: Mar 08

you must, understand people.

#398 Dec 28, 2008
Smack 'em up, flip 'em, rub 'em down!

Glen Allen, VA

#399 Dec 29, 2008
UnderstandPeople wrote:
Smack 'em up, flip 'em, rub 'em down!
That sounds hornyrefic as hell.


Since: Nov 08

London, silly

#400 Dec 29, 2008
cant say im a fan of saggy tits. lol. i realise its natural but... i just dont like it. lol

luckily mi princess has a beautiful pair lol

yeah thats my old profile. i cant use it anymore though.:)

Glen Allen, VA

#401 Dec 29, 2008
Like I said before, saggy isnt hot to me. But whatever floats your boar.

And Kaz is def. working with hot hooters.

Sandefjord, Norway

#402 Dec 29, 2008
Saggy breasts can be very sexy also, but they need to have som size. And the woman shouldn't be to fat. I would prefer large saggy tits over smal perky tits.

Glen Allen, VA

#403 Dec 29, 2008
Saggy are better than fake.

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