Ludlow, MA

#49 Mar 25, 2008
michele wrote:
<quoted text>im glad you guys enjoyed my story. i hope it brought you to a climax. it surley did 4 me
Yes it did! I mean a lot of it to. It hit my tougue!

Clifton, NJ

#51 Mar 25, 2008
steve wrote:
<quoted text> Yes it did! I mean a lot of it to. It hit my tougue!
i wish it hit my tongue

Clifton, NJ

#53 Mar 25, 2008
DarthVader wrote:
<quoted text>
...Hi, there!!!
...DarthVader at your service...
...I loved your tale, and look foward to reading more...
...I promise to reciprocate in kind!
i also read and enjoyed your stories too

Ludlow, MA

#54 Mar 25, 2008
michele wrote:
<quoted text>i wish it hit my tongue
Me to! Your so hot! Let me begin with a story for you. I went to the store the other day, and ran into an old girl friend. She was excited to see me, and I asked her over to my place to catch up on old timesss. Well as soon as I closed the entrace door she was all over me telling me that I was hot in bed, and she wanted some right now! Damm I thought? Your hot! Yea she said. I couldn't wait either, and tore my close off while she did the same while I was watching her hot body. I've not seen those big tits in a while, and I couldn't help get a real serious hard on. She starting blowing me while I began to lick her hot pussy. She tasted so great. She was a hot blond about 5/4 110lbs, and really hot. Her body was driving me crazy! I remember how much she used to like doggy style so I told her to get into that position. She was panting in desire when I began to rub my dick in circles around her wet clit. She was mouning and telling me to f**k her hard in that wet ........P**sy. I remember the feeling I was having while I banged her tight cl*t it was a feeling that was so warm and she tighted her inner muscles while I pushed deep inside that ....I blew my lo*d all over her, and pulled out and it went all over her ass, and reached the back of her head. It was so hot. Guess we needed it! She is comming over all more now! bye

Clifton, NJ

#56 Mar 26, 2008
DarthVader wrote:
Gather 'round, kiddies, it's STORYTIME!!!
...Years ago I took my then GF Christi to a family reunion being held at a nearby lake...
...She was wearing a white string bikini and cut-off daisy dukes, and was looking totally HOT. At 5'5" tall and 125 pounds, with dark brunette hair and piercing blue eyes, Christi was a walking wet dream...
...Anyway, the reunion was a boring affair, and after a while Christy and I wandered away from the pavillion and made our way toward the campgrounds and the swimming area...
...We saw some friends of ours camped out and having a party, so we decided that we'd join them for a while. We drank several beers and smoked a little herb and got to feeling pretty darn good. Christi said she was hot and wanted to go for a swim, and seeing as how it was in the 90's that day I readilly agreed. She shed her shorts and we jumped in the water. It felt great and I quickly noticed that the white bikini she was wearing became transparent when wet. We splashed around and kissed and felt each other up for a while, then I suggested that we go back and get another beer. When Christy came out of the water you could see her hard nipples and the thin strip of pubic hair through her bikini, which made me EXTREMELY horny. My buds were watching intently and smiling. I leaned Christi against their truck and started kissin her. I ran my hands over her tits and she moaned softly. I slipped my hand into her top and pulled it to the side, exposing one tit entirely. She arched her back and made no move to stop me, so I untied her top and let it fall away. I started sucking in her nipples and stroking her clit through her bottoms. She started rubbing my hardon through my shorts, so I untied her bottoms and the fell to the ground. There she was, in front of my friends and God knows who else, totally nude and stroking my rod like crazy. I knelt in front of her and started eating her out like it was my last meal. She was tossing her head back and playing with her tits and moaning loudly. Suddenly, she grabbed the back of my head and pressed my face into her muff. She was bucking like crazy, and damn near screaming. When she settled down a little a stood up and dropped my shorts and set her up on the hood of the truck and entered her roughly. I banged away on her for 20, or 30 minutes and then I came like a frieght train. Not long after we finished, One of my buds said that the lake patrol was coming our way. I pulled up my shorts and she grabbed her shorts and was trying to tie on her top when the lake patrol pulled up. Chisti's left tit was still visible as she was trying to get it together. The lake patrolman smiled and said that someone said that there was a sex show going on here and if we wanted to get nasty he didn't care, just to take it somewhere a LITTLE more private. Then he said "have a nice day", and left...
...Good times, I tell ya!
good story. i liked

Novosibirsk, Russia

#59 Mar 29, 2008
i love to share my wifes pics , if anyone would like to trade pics etc email me at
Same Interest

Kochi, India

#60 Jun 7, 2008
I too do the same, my wife I know wont allow, so I too do as you do it, without her knowledge. I am looking out for a husband like you so that we can live out our fantasy without the knowledge of our wives, you can contact me at my id cam_on_wife in the yahoo messenger, Iam from India too.
Pic swapper

Malone, NY

#62 Jun 12, 2008
turn me one bigtime. my wife has never been w/another man. Ever! H.S sweethearts that got married. Would love to see her w/ a well-endowed man (would also satisfy my bi curiousity). At the very least would love to swap pics w/ someone that is in the same boat. Have alot of good pics. She is not model hot but still inocently beautiful.
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Since: Jun 08

Ankara, Turkey

#63 Jun 12, 2008
Pic swapper wrote:
turn me one bigtime. my wife has never been w/another man. Ever! H.S sweethearts that got married. Would love to see her w/ a well-endowed man (would also satisfy my bi curiousity). At the very least would love to swap pics w/ someone that is in the same boat. Have alot of good pics. She is not model hot but still inocently beautiful.
hey wanna talk online? and you can show how nice pics :)

Ashland, OR

#64 Jun 13, 2008
DarthVader wrote:
Oh, hell, I'll go first...
...Years ago, my ex and I lived in an apartment. We became friends with this guy named "Gary" downstairs. Gary would come up and drink beer with us and play cards, ect. I had been trying to get my wife to be more experimental sexually, but up until the, I had little success. I knew she liked Gary because she was very comfortable around him and would wear revealing cloths around him without being self-concious about it. One night Gary was up drinking a few beers and we stayed up fairly late. Eventually, my wife went into the bedroom and came out in a t-shirt and panties. The shirt barely covered her panties and when she would move around, she would give us glimpses of her panties. Soon, she said that she was tired and her back was hurting. She said she wanted me to rub her back. She lay on the floor facedown and I knelt next to her and began rubbing her back. I noticed Gary was watching intently, so I started working her shirt up her back. It wasn't too long before I had her shirt up to her shoulders, and her panty clad butt was completely exposed. When she didn't complain, I asked gary if he would help me rub her back. He readily agreed, and got down on the floor on her other side. I told him to rub on his side wherever I rubbed on my side. After a bit I said we should rub her legs, and started at her feet and started working my way up. Gary followed suit and soon we were within inches of her snatch. Her legs were too close together for us to get any closer, so I asked her to open her legs wider for us. To my suprise, she did just that. Now we started rubbing the insides of her thighs and slipping our hands inside her panties and pushing them up the crack of her booty. Her p*zzy was complely open to our view and we were taking turns slipping our fingers into it. Finally, I told my wife that she shoul turn over so we could rub her front. She flipped over, tearing her t-shirt off as she did and lay there in just her panties. While Gary rubbed her tits, I pulled her panties down and off. There my wife lay, completely nude and allowing Gary and me to touch her everywhere. I told her that I was going to lick her p*zzy until she screamed. I jumped between her legs and started licking away. Much to my suprise when I looked up she was giving Gary a BJ. After she came, I told her it was my turn, and she started licking me while Gary mounted her from behind. Needless to say, It was a fantastic evening for all...
...Will tell more later...
We have had the same thing happen to us. The rubbing started and turned into caressing. Our friend caressed every inch of my wife that night, sucked on her, and gave her a big O.

Chennevières-sur-marne, France

#67 Aug 19, 2008
I've noticed that when I take oictures of my lady,she allows the artistic ones at first,then I begin to pull away her clothes,talking slowly at the same time,she spreads her legs without me asking,touches her pussy,(which she never does infront of me),and when I come to touch her she's like dripping wet! I think ALL women like the attention of being desired through a camera,or even drawn,they just love it!
I think I should get a few pairs of extra eyes over to lust her into a dripping mass! Good idea?

Mississauga, Canada

#68 Sep 16, 2008
I do the same and honestly i dont know y do i do it....but i like to expose her in front of other ppl....i like ppl to see her and give comments...i like ppl to watch her fig...her attractive parts..i dont know either its normal or not
rishi wrote:
we r from India and have been married for 10 yrs now.somehow now i feel my wife is less inclined toward regular sex and i have developed a fetish to expose her on cam to other couples when she does'nt turns me on tohave other couples watch her and comment on her.At times i dream of getting her fucked by a couple in real life.Am i pervert or is it normal.If there r hubbies or women like me then plz share

Mississauga, Canada

#69 Sep 16, 2008
I want to expose her every time...she is young and have a very good figure....but she never allow me to expose i like to expose her without her knowing....i have done it two or three times....she used to take sleeping day when she took sleeping pills i called my friend to come to my place....he came late in night....she was sleeping in mini skirt and front open sleeveless friend me and she was on one bed....she was on one corner and my friend was on one corner and i was in between them and we started touching her...when he was squeezing her boobs he was so excited,her size is really good....and she was in mini skirt...i pulled off her shirt and mini skirt and then we both enjoyed her a lot....that was the best night when i enjoyed her...i m still trying but i dont find any one who can join me and show trust so i can bring him in the home.

Mississauga, Canada

#70 Sep 16, 2008
same problem here my friend....if you get any advice plz share with me too.
itguy wrote:
I agree with all of you, having my wife undressed my another man's eyes is a real turn on,i want to take it to the next level but my wife is shy and conservative,,, please help

Mississauga, Canada

#71 Sep 16, 2008
just think brown girl with fair complexion,black hairs,real indian beauty, with big tits....i have taken her some pics when she was sleeping...i opened her buttons...and took pics of her boobs....some more sexy pics...and those pics turn me on big time....i often see those pics on public places, other ppl can get a chance to see tht sexy lady...
khan wrote:
same problem here my friend....if you get any advice plz share with me too.<quoted text>

Huntington Park, CA

#72 Sep 16, 2008
true story - my wife and I had sex on our apartment balcony. I did her from behind while she stood upright and looked out into the city. It was night, so I don't know if anyone could see, but the thrill I got from doing her as I lifted her shirt up to expose her tits to the world was cool.
Sarah Palin

Troy, MI

#73 Sep 16, 2008
Next time you are in the car on the freeway inch her skirt up until her panties show than get in the passing lane next to a big truck.They can look right down inside your car and see her bare thighs and panties.If she falls asleep on trips you can unbutton her shirt or dress giving them a good show.I like to travel without wearing a bra or panties to be more comfortable on a long drive,talk her into going comando on your next trip,tell her you read that the body relaxes three times better on a long road trip without underwear than with.Be a salesman and sell her on the dress and going comando,it will be the best trip you ever went on.

“And tell me he's not comfy...”

Since: Feb 08

Westminster, MD

#74 Sep 16, 2008
The closest thing I get to exposing my gf is grabbing her boobs in public

which is very fun

United States

#75 Sep 16, 2008
I was married to a woman who had slight exhibitionistic tendencies. She was 41, shoulder length brown hair, hazel eyes, and slender. One evening we had an artist friend, Chris (he was 28), spend the night because he didn't want to drive home so late. We were drinking wine and having pleasant conversation.
Wearing a regular length skirt and tee shirt she sat on the table across from us. She crossed and uncrossed her legs many times, trying to make it look unintentional that more and more of her thighs were exposed. Sometimes she did it slow so that Chris could see all the way up her skirt to her crotch. It wasn't the first time I had seen her do this, sometimes in public. She was a bit tipsy from the wine and became bolder. Suddenly she stated she has small tits, which is true. Then she pulled off her tee shirt, tore off the bra to show us. She laughed and Chris enjoyed it too. I was getting aroused as well. She said, "See how small they are. Most guys like big boobs."
Chris wanted to compliment. He said they were okay. Then, with a big smile, she leaned back on the table, drew her legs up, exposing all her thighs and panties, while rocking from side to side on the tabletop. "Do you like this?" she asked. I picked her up and carried her into the bedroom, telling Chris to follow. Once on the bed, she whispered "no, no, no" and pressed her legs tightly together. Sometimes she likes to be forced. Roughly I pulled her panties off and pried her thighs apart so her genital area was open. I invited Chris to go first. He nestled in between her legs and started pumping her as I watched. She moaned and moved her head from side to side. My eyes were wild watching her thighs quiver with every thrust. Before he climaxed I tapped him on the shoulder, indicating it was my turn. It felt very good inserting my penis into her already slimey, slippery vagina. I motioned to Chris to get closer to her head so she could suck on him. Seconds later he shot his load into her mouth. That scene excited me so much I shot my load into her. Then Chris went to the guest room to sleep.
In the morning we drank coffee and fondly recalled the previous evening. She was wearing a long tee shirt with no underwear. She took Chris' hand and put it between her tighs and squeezed. Then we decided to take my wive to bed again before he departed. Over the next few weeks I derived much pleasure watching her getting screwed by him.
My wife did a few things in public and with other friends. I didn't mind.

Mississauga, Canada

#76 Sep 17, 2008
one day she was taking bath...i had made a hole on that door already to take pictures or make movie when she takes turns me on when i see her withourt knowing her and take her pics and make movies, day when she was taking bath i called my friend again....since tht night when he saw her all naked...squeezed her boobs and rub his dick on her he was a big fan of her sexy fig....he came right away....and we both were watching her from that hole....he was so excited specially when she was rubbing her big boobs with soap......immagine 25 year old girl...with awsome figure...all naked and wet....rubbing her sexy wet body with soap....he got so hard....he was watching her and remembering tht night when he was squeezing her boobs....playing with her boobs....rubbing her all naked body...her boobs..belly...thighs...hips.. ..he was so much in tht....and we both really enjoyed it...i have taken her so many pics....and i really want to do it again...tell me how should i tell her that she wil enjoy more when another man will be with us or will be with her on bed....or how good she will feel when she will expose her sexy fig....give me some tips....when i think that some one is on bed with her and playing with her i feel so good and i want to see it in real life..all this is normall or something wrong with me ?

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