creampie eating

Waterloo, Canada

#129 Feb 15, 2010
I like eating my own creampie, no other persons, would never happen. I also enjoy snowballing with my wife.

Manchester, CT

#132 Feb 15, 2010
My wife loves it and I love it when I get the wad to swallow!

Mystic, CT

#133 Feb 15, 2010
icyou wrote:
I like eating my own creampie, no other persons, would never happen. I also enjoy snowballing with my wife.
I have some ideas as to what snowballing is, but what is it?

Waterloo, Canada

#134 Feb 15, 2010
Bob, its when you c*m into a womans mouth, then she shares it back with you. In my case with a nice long passionate french kiss until all the juices are gone. Very intimate. We both love it.

Satellite Provider

#135 Feb 21, 2010
Had never done it before. But rrecntly we were both drunk and after i filled her up with my load I went down on her and licked and sucked it all out of her. She did not remember any of this, but I told her about it the next day. I am waiting to see if she will "make" me do it again.

Wakefield, UK

#136 Mar 4, 2010
panTsniffr wrote:
I did it to my ex after we had sex, then she started going out and coming home with fresh creampie's from other guys and OMG I got so turned on going down on her and cleaning it up!
my wifes the same she loves me cleaning her out after she has been out with other men

Wakefield, UK

#137 Mar 4, 2010
we like having a good night when my wife has been out for the night with other men now she wants to try something new ive yet to find out what she wants she knows i will let her do it when she wants

Leeds, UK

#138 Mar 11, 2010
i think its probably something most girls fantasise about secretly, especially if a guy cums before she has and she wants to be licked to a climax. similarly i think the vast majority of girls get massively turned on by the thought (or at least find it a bit arousing) of their husbands/bfs eating their sloppy pu**y's after sex. But i bet most girls are often too afraid to ask their partners to eat them out after orgasm as they know that the outcome will be the majority of the time!
I'm not bi and definately not gay, and in no way would eat another guys load, but do find it a big turn on at the thought of being submissive and forced into eating my creampie by her 69ing me and having to lick her oozing pus*y out deeply just to breathe. It's not the thought of eating my own cum that turns me on, because like most guys i really loose the urge after sex - its the thought of being powerless as she satisfies her own sexual needs, after i've satisfied mine.

New Bedford, MA

#140 Jun 21, 2010
Dave wrote:
I wanted to do this so bad I finally ended up paying a woman I met on craigslist when I was traveling for work. Her lover was kind of embarassed so I waited outside of my hotel room while they f***ed. He came out of the room and I went in. She laid legs spread open on the bed still wearing her shoes with her skirt pulled up to midwaist. She was very sloppy and I cleaned her out for about 45 min until she told me my time was up. It was awesome and I loved it,
I too paid a woman I met on craiglist (back in the day when craiglists let prostitutes post). Similar thing happened. He didnt like to be watched so they f**ked on my hotel bed while I waited in the hallway. He came out and I went in. She had her skirt removed though and was wearing some cheap fishnets and yes she still had her shoes and top on. She laid legs only partly open but it was obvious she was unshaved and had a big matted bush of pubic hair. I had told her in my email to her that I wanted her to talk nasty to me. She was a little unsure but she finally blurted out "clean me up like you said you would". I got on the bed and she opened her legs. OMG...this dude had ejaculated what seemed like a quart of cum. It was all soaked in her pubic hair and inside thighs and her pussy hole was dripping. I started licking her clit so I could get used to the taste and she got more direct and told me not to lick her clit anymore but put my tongue inside her hole and suck it out. I did just that. She sorta giggled and put her hand on the back of my head and pressed my mouth inside of her. She was pretty nasty and sloppy inside and I just sucked away. She humped my face and kept saying "swallow it"...."swallow it". It was totally awesome. Its funny, and sick and unhealthy as this sounds part of the turn on was cleaning up a prostitute full of cum. I took an occasional break and would lick her asshole too. We did this for about an hour until I tired. She told me I didnt have to stop if I didnt want to and we could take as long as we wanted. I had to quit because of biz meetings in the morning and my mouth and tongue were tired. Would you believe it?$75 for this great night.

Hamilton, OH

#141 Sep 9, 2010
I ate my wife after we had sex, one time. I would rather have it straight from the "hose", which I have done many, many times. one night at an adult movie theater I did 6 guys before I released mine.

Walnut Creek, CA

#145 Nov 6, 2010
Joe wrote:
I have not eaten my own,but I have eaten another mans,I had an ex that used to call me to come over a lot after her and her boyfriend had sex.
I always thought that it was because she was mad he wouldn't spend the night at her apartment.Though maybe he just wouldn't do it and she wanted it and the only time she could get it was when he wasn't there.
Anyway she was so sexy and I wanted her so bad I didn't even care,I was just happy to be able to bury my face in her honeypot,that went on for about eight or nine months,during that time I probably ate about a hundred creampies lol.
She would never let me have intercourse with her and she never gave me head it was always 68.She was nice enough to let me kneel at the edge of the bed and masturbate while I licked her doggystyle.I enjoyed every minute of it,she was always soaking wet,oozing cum,and stretched wide open.
I only lived a block away so I used to get there right after he left,She would leave the door open,I presume he left and she said she would lock the door in a few,she would never share any details at all,when I asked it was simply none of my business.
Just when I thought I had a unique experience, I find this posting. I had the same thing happen to me in the early 80's with an ex-gf who still wanted me to give her head after she left me for another guy. I was still infactuated with her, so I went along with it even tho' I knew I was licking up her new bf's sperm. She let me jo on her leg, if I licked that clean too. Crazy? Yes, but lust makes us do crazy things!

Atlanta, GA

#146 Nov 8, 2010
white people are weird.....

Monticello, IN

#147 Nov 8, 2010
Totally agree!
flyboy wrote:
I love those creampies. It is so tasty, erotic, kinky, intimate and delicious. But it is best when it is another guys c*m Im eating out instead of my own!
a person

Houston, TX

#149 Nov 24, 2010
I would like my husband to do this but I doubt he would EVER go for it. Too "gay" for him!

York, UK

#151 Nov 26, 2010
I absolutely love to clean up my c*m from her pu**y afterwards, only thing I can think of that would be even better is having my wife come home with someone elses c*m inside for me to clean up, now that would be like being in to persuade her it needs doing.

Boston, MA

#153 Jan 12, 2011
Diane wrote:
My bf almost always eats me out after he barebacks my p*ssy and fills it with come. It indeed drives me nuts--both the feeling of his tongue inside so soon after I've orgasmed and the idea of him eating our combined secretions often sends me over the top into another orgasm.
Other times I return the favor and orally clean his penis after he's f*cked me.
I'm from boston and I'd love to do this with you

Hyannis, MA

#156 Jan 13, 2011
miked58 wrote:
<quoted text>
Hey Scott,
My wife and I are from Mass and are trying to find another guy to join us and make a nice creampie for me to eat from her. If interested let me know or leave me an email address and Ill get back to you. Thanks
I'd love to join you, and eat your creampie from your wife, while you watch. I'll rent a hotel in your town if you'd like, and I'm totally safe and sane. Thanks, I'll look for your reply.

Gilbert, AZ

#157 Jan 13, 2011
I think Ice Cream taste a lot better ;)


Chicago, IL

#158 Jan 13, 2011
nightwolf909 wrote:
My wife brings home guys all the time and has sex with them while I watch, mostly black guys, and sometimes 2 at a time. When they are finished I am always told to clean up, weather its all inside her pus or over her body and face I lick it all up. some of the guys even want me to lick them clean, I dont really like that part, but I do it. Some of them have even gotten hard again and make me suck them off. They all think thats pretty funny
My ex Gf and I did that with black guys too! Yummy

Chicago, IL

#160 Jan 14, 2011
Aids? STD's doing bare back with others
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