Milking the prostate
German Guy

Betzdorf, Germany

#76 Aug 24, 2007
to shot a full load - it depends on serveral factors
-how long since the last time he ejaculated
-if he is very horny and getting masturbated for one or two hours,
he will always shot a full load


#77 Sep 2, 2007

Raeford, NC

#78 Sep 10, 2007
Call me dumb, go ahead... but I'm trying to understand and accept the fact that my bf has to do this, even though I get him off just fine.

Once again, call me dumb, but do most men use just fingers or would toys do? I mean... is toys a little TOO much or what? Would you consider that being on the borderline of Gay, or what?

Advice, please?

Henderson, TX

#80 Sep 30, 2007
franko wrote:
<quoted text>
THis is a myth that a guy can produce that much semen.
Also, how the guy is stimultated does not decide how much semen there is. THat has to do with the size of his balls, and how long since the last time he ejaculated (it takes 24 to 48 hours to produce a "full load). Now matter how the guy was stimulated, he always ejaculates the same amount, given the first two factors mentioned.
not true, seeing as balls don't make semen, they make sperm cells and the more stimulation there is, the more you can launch.

Gilbert, AZ

#81 Oct 2, 2007
my wife uses her fingers in my butt while she gives me head. She is amazed at how hard it makes me cum and how much. It feels so good that I would really like to have her try a strap on. How do I get her to make the move to that stage. I have made subtle hints but she still hasn't tried it. I think she sees it like being gay. I am not interested in men but I think it would feel even better than her fingers.

San Francisco, CA

#84 Oct 3, 2007
For all you guys enjoying prostate massage, congratulations- this pleasurable activity has also been shown to support prostate health. Check out for more on how to do it and why it is healthy (and fun!)

Kingsport, TN

#85 Oct 3, 2007
I'm still curious to my question...

Berlin, Germany

#86 Oct 4, 2007
You have GOT to try this. The first time my GF started to do it, I freaked out a little ("what are you doing?!")

But after I agreed to let her try it once, and had the most un-#$%#!@ING BE-LIEVEABLE orgasm of my life, I was hooked. After that, if she started to give me head I would BEG her to try it.

Just make sure she gets you going with a bj first.

(Post an update here when you do!)
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Kingsport, TN

#87 Oct 4, 2007
Yeah, no it still sounds pretty gay to me. If you need to "massage" the prostate to make it feel good... theres something wrong. I've talked to many dr's and they said yes, it works. Yes, it feels good but theres also something else going on.

I'd try it... just to satisfy him... but he's pretty hooked on doing it himself with his materbation and his buttplug. I'll just leave it be.

(I think theres more to it all, honestly)

“Sex Educator with Heart”

Since: Oct 07

Oakland, CA

#88 Oct 8, 2007
Can you believe that all this pleasure is healthy? Stimulation of the prostate and relaxing the muscles in the pelvic floor are excellent steps in supporting lifelong prostate health.

Learning about prostate massage is worth your time- with a little technique, this can be an amazing addition to your sex life. Check out my profile for a link to an excellent resource.


Saudi Arabia

#89 Oct 11, 2007
I always massage the shaft between Scortum and rectum. While having intercourse, also use Blakoe ring at same time. at the time of ejaculation it gives areal blow to whole body and the lady starts crying because of the penis expansion during the ejaculation. Everyday i do massage the prostae area from outside by pressing and moving forward and backward movment , sitiing in a round curved palsic chair handle.

“Sex Educator with Heart”

Since: Oct 07

Oakland, CA

#90 Oct 17, 2007
Tricky, can you describe what you are calling "Blakoe ring"?

Excellent that you do perineum massage daily- a great practice for prostate health!
Sancho Panza


#91 Oct 21, 2007
franko wrote:
<quoted text>
Now matter how the guy was stimulated, he always ejaculates the same amount, given the first two factors mentioned.
actually, that's bologna.
if you are brought close to climax (by your self or your spouse/gf/whatever), but not allowed to ejaculate. over and over again. then once you actually DO ejaculate you WILL ejaculate A LOT more than if you'd simply just rub one out as fast as you can.

also the level of sexual tension is involved in the amount of sperm one shoots.

if I try not to ejaculate for say 2 days and then rub one out as fast as I can I will ejaculate a certain amount. but if I have sex with my wife and ejaculate 8-12 times in a day then EACH of those ejaculations will be more than what came when I rubbed that quick one out.
so saying that you always shoot the same amount is bs.

also 24-48 hours of time to "reload" your max load is also bologna. I dunno where you get your ridiculous numbers from, but a NORMAL male reloads a full load in just a few hours. some of us take even less. given that you drink enough fluids and have a healthy diet.

if you have any questions you can send them to [email protected]
I'd be happy to answer them for you

Trenton, NJ

#92 Nov 2, 2007
hammer wrote:
<quoted text>
have her stick a well lubed vibrator up your a$$ and give you head. my ex used to do that all the time. i shot so hard it came out her nose.

“Shred This....”

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Melbourne, Australia

#93 Nov 2, 2007
Paco wrote:
My wife wants to try that on me while shes giving me head. Does that feels good or its not worth trying. Any suggestion anyone? I know getting my salad tossed feels great,but gotta be a diffrence
Get a butt plug while your woman is giving you head.

Long Beach, CA

#94 Dec 4, 2007
ok so if i milk my prostate a few day lets sa for 4 days without masturbation or ejaculation and the 5th day i milk it for last time.... then i have sex with my girlfriend do you guy think i will come more and feel more pleasure?

for me volume and spurs are very important I already have a good diet with zink arginine and some iother supplements including pineapple juice and all but now the physical area of cum more is what i want to develope....I also do muscle contractions as exercise....


#95 Dec 4, 2007
One thing I did a couple of times is, I have a vibrating prostate stimulator...If you have it on with a vibrating cock ring, and when me and my wife tried it out..Oh My God! you get the most amazing orgasm, for both of you. We do it all the time now, Highly Reccomend it to anybody who has had success with milking your prostate

Edmonton, Canada

#96 Dec 8, 2007
sounds very exciting, i wish a woman would do that to me...

London, UK

#97 Dec 8, 2007
hey there every one, my ex used to play with my prostate and i have tryed it with my other gf's but never been able to find it.
i have read up on it and we are doing how all the books ect........ say to do it but still no joy

can anyone help with an easy way to hit the spot
many thanks

Santiago, Chile

#98 Dec 22, 2007
milking yourself can be very rewarding

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