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Erie, PA

#1 Jan 21, 2012
I thought it might be fun to hear everyone's favorite sex stories. It doesn't have to the dirtiest, nastiest or most outrageous, just share your favorite person sexual story for everyone else to read and enjoy.

My favorite story was from high school...I had been dating my then girlfriend for about 4 months. I used to go to her house after school to fool around because her parents were never home from work. We were fooling around, as usual, when her dad came home from work early, luckily we got our clothes on before he actually walked in. Regardless I was still hard as a rock and I told her I needed to get off...problem was her dad came home early to do work around the house and he was going to be in and out of the house all afternoon. To get around it, she had me watch her dad through the window as he worked outside while she sucked my cock. Whenever he would start toward the house I would stop her and we would move to another room where I could see him better. We ended up moving room to room while she sucked me off and I watched her dad on lookout. It was such a turn on have her suck me off while I watched her clueless dad walk around non the wiser. I dont think I have came that hard since!

Anyway...that's my favorite story, I'm sure I speak for everyone else when I say that I would love to hear yours. No judgments, just good fashion story sharing!

Erie, PA

#2 Jan 21, 2012
I'm sure someone has a good story they can share?

Kingston, Canada

#3 Jul 23, 2012
My parents were out of town for the weekend, I called my boyfriend and told him to come over and stay with me cause I was scared (such a lie), but it worked! So he came over and we just watched movies until we started making out so fierely, then I rolled on top of him. He stripped me.. With his mouth, what a sensation !! I did the same to him. Then he started by licking and sucking, I was moaning so loud, and orgasming like crazy!! So to return the favor, I gave him a lap dance then sucked, hard . He enjoyed it, he became hard. So then we just stayed there, I was orgasming and he was hard as a rock. The next day we had shower sex, totally try it!! Best weekend ever!!

United States

#4 Sep 7, 2012

United States

#5 Sep 7, 2012
good time

Columbia, SC

#6 Nov 3, 2012
I was at home making dinner when my bf walked in. He wrapped his arms around and whispered that he had missed me the slowly started kissing my neck. It wasn't long before he started fondling my breast and I let a slight moan.(such a turn on for me). I put down what I was doing and begin rubbing him from behind. Slowly my bra slipped off and hit the floor and my shirt was taken off. Standing there topless he begin to suck and fondle my breast even more. I slipped off his shirt and he came back up and kissed me. We stood there and kissed for about 10 minutes when finally he led me to the living room. There he layed me down on the floor and slipped off my underwear. I had on a skirt which he kept on. He then slipped under my skirt and begin to lick me and play with my clit. About 10 minutes in I had a massive orgasim. He then slipped off my skirt and stripped down to nothing. He got directly on top of me and then turned. We began 69. We proceeded to that until I climaxed again....which made it impossible for me to continue giving him BJ. He flipped back around and slipped inside of me. We had sex until I climaxed two more times and then he Cumed. It was the best ever!!

Mumbai, India

#8 Feb 16, 2013
I so want to share this with someone but who I don't know.... I am happy that I am not the only one who feels that way. I am in a relationship from 5 years and its going thru some rough patches. I am very loyal and a nice girl...make out only with potential Husbands but this time on this valentine night my best friend made his moves by touching my hands, face etc...OH BOY!! We went crazy, I liked it specially coz he is like a crazy puppy, jumping all over me, wants to explore me like mad but hey hey!! I ;loved it and got scared the moment he handed over his rock solid in my hands and he insisted that I stroke it... he was kind of dominating (I love it ;)) but I immediately pulled myself away and now... I so want the full course... convincing my boyfriend to come back...As I am feeling super horny, probably the horniest... My body is trembling like mad and my lady core is simply oozing love drops every ten minutes since yesterday, my panty is fully wet with my cream that I afraid to even meet any potential Man before I meet my boyfriend and shower my love upon him. Oh God! please save me from committing sin.
Josh and Me

Quezon City, Philippines

#10 Feb 24, 2013
So heres a true story of me and my bf. So we were in seniors we were both 18. It was friday that time my mom and dad told me theyre going on a trip and theyll be back in a week or two. So since im an only child i was alone. I called my boyfriend to accompany me. It was all good with my parents. So one night my boyfriend was in the shower i went to my parents room and found boxes of condoms. I got one and placed it on my bed. I was really horny that time and i was wet. So i pretend i was asleep when he was laying on the bed watching, i took of the blanket showing my half naked body. I touched his chest making my way down under his boxers reaching for his massive penis. I was touching it and jerking it.i know he got turned on he was really hard so we didnt waste anytime now. He grabbed on me pulling me untop of him taking of his boxers and he also took of my bras and panties we were both naked. He was sucking on my boobs and i was sitting in his penis just between my vag lips. He grabbed me again and kissed me whispering in my ear "baby i want your pussy" so istoody up reaching for his penis making its way inside my tight vag. He was moving me up and down making me scream. I love how he moans. He loves sucking my vag as well as i suck his penis. I made him cum inside my vag. The condoms were not used so i put it back my parers room. He stayed in my house for a week and everynight we pretend we are husband and wife and we have sex in different ways. Until my parents came back not noing what me and my bf did.. Im now in college 21 years old we are still together and doing some more fun and exciting creative sex. Thats my story..:)
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Since: Mar 13

Eastpointe, MI

#11 Mar 12, 2013
My turn(;
I was at my boyfriends house and well we were watching a innocent movie when all off a sudden bam! Sex scene. An of course we were kissing softer sweet kisses that is. My boyfriend reached under my shirt and mind you were laying down. Plus his parents and his brother were home. Anyway being the jack ass he is he un classped my bra and was like oops, I'm like oops as I un did his belt and pants. As the sex scene got hotter he removed his hand from my shirt and hovered over me, he leaned down and he kissed me as our kisses got rougher I was getting more turned on. He reached under him and pulled my shirt over my head not removing out lips until he loved the shirt as he threw my bra on the floor. He quickly threw his shirt on the floor also, and went back to kissing me. He removed his lips and they went from my neck to my chest and down my stomach and (we still had our pants on) to the hem or whatever I my pants. I was softly moaning as he kissed down me. Him having his pants un did, slowly undid my belt and un buttoned my pants. Kissing me down as he slid them off. He jumped up real fast pulling his pants off as I saw the bulge In his pants I got more wet. He came back over me now just me in my panties and him in boxers. We began kissing again when I felt his hand touch me through my panties. I hear him chuckle. Like he always dose becuse like I said before He is a jack ass, anyway he started rubbing harder and harder through my panties slipping one hand in the side of them rubbing over my clit with his bare hand. His touch was just do amazing. He removed his hand and re positioned me on the bed and slip my panties off, he began kissing my inner thighs as he went back to my clit and vagina, touching it in all the right spots, as he slowly started kissing all around it. He came back up to me and started kissing me again as he slid his boxers off as I laughed an mumbled you fucking tease into his kiss, you know it baby he said as he kissed me more passionalty. We got in more of a a comfortable position and he positioned himself over me, and he was like now baby, shh. They can't know. As he slowly entered into me... I almost screamed, it was do much pain but alot of pleasure. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door, J are you two okay? His mom asked. Yes mom were fine... He laughed. Okay honey she said as you heard her walk away, almost getting caught made me do much more horny. He started kissing down my neck again and making his way to my chest kissing around each nipple, he made his way back up to my lips an we started roughly kissing again, getting more rough with each thrust. I started moaning his name really loud when we flipped so now I was on top, oh boy that was fun. All you heard was him, yes him moaning my name. When we flipped again it wasn't long before we both reached climax, and he collapsed onto me. Best sex ever. Anyway while we were cuddling his dad walked in and where the clothes were you couldn't tell they were on the floor, we were covered by the blanket so he ncouldnt see. Guys we new to talk to you down stairs. Kay be there in a minute. We said as he walked out. We got up and started to get get dressed it hurt so bad to walk but I did and as soon as I got down there his brother was like oh baby, harder harder!!(Mocking me) we walked into the kitchen where his mom was and she was like oh Jake. Jakkke in a moaning voice. I could take this I was so embarrassed. We walked down the hall into where his da was and his da was like do y'all need a new bed? Most embarrassing day but best sex ever!!!(;

Urbana, IL

#12 Apr 10, 2013
I went on a camping trip with my (then) girlfriend and her parents to the Gulf Coast. They had a pop-up camper, which had two beds (one on each side of the camper) and a dining/living area in the middle. One night, her parents went to bed early and we stayed up watching a little TV outside. We had it hooked up through the camper, and sitting on a dining table. After a bit, she started whispering in my ear that she wanted to have sex outside. Her parents didn't have windows in their bed area, so she starts feeling on me and I start feeling on her as we kiss. She was only wearing a bikini bottom and a t-shirt with her bikini top under it. I had on my trunks. She untied my trunks and pulled them down to my ankles, and started going down on me. Then, I picked her up and put her on the table, took off her shirt and undid her top as we kissed more. I ran my fingers lightly along her thighs, and pulled her bottoms aside so I could play with her clit. She untied her bikini bottoms and I bent her over the table, sliding inside of her and thrusting without making too much noise. Then, she sat me down in one of the chairs and rode me like her life depended on it. It was amazing having her on top of me. A couple of times, she let out a bit too much of a scream and I'd put my hand over her mouth, which seemed to turn her on more. She came at least twice (that I could count) and then asked me to cum. When I was ready, she used her hand so perfectly as I went.

We went to bed shortly after this. In the middle of the night, she woke me up and wanted to try it in the camper bed. Remember, her parents were right across the way in their bed with just a curtain/sheet pulled for privacy. So, I was nervous about this. She went down on me to get me going, and then slid it in from behind as we laid on our sides. As I grabbed onto her hips and she moved them into me over and over, I was so turned on! I was playing with her clit and we did this and she came two more times, and then told me she wanted me to go all over her ass. It didn't take long and I did.

The next morning, her dad seemed oblivious that anything had happened but her mom somehow kept giving us these interesting looks and acted a bit strange. Later, when her dad left to go get some supplies, she asked her daughter if we'd be messing around or anything, to which she promptly denied. Of course, she had to know.
My sexy teacher


#13 Apr 18, 2013
For a few weeks my teacher Mr Aldous ( better known as mr sexy) kept glancing at me only for a few split seconds but enough to make me blush a little this happend for a few weeks. I even started to put makeup on and fix up my hair every time I saw his class on my timetable. I think I had a crush on him and I Think he felt the same way. I mean I am not the best looking girl you could say I have dimples and little freckles on my nose and my hair was dead straight and dirty blonde. So not that good looking but Mr A had wavy brown hair a nice complexion and I think he had abit of a six pack well I know so I saw him with no top once in my PE lesson. BTW I am 18
Anyrate the bell rang and Mr A told me to sit down near his desk for a few minutes because he wanted a word I was scared because I never get in trouble I hate getting into trouble. He got his hand and brushed my hair out of my face all the other students were gone and he locked the door and shut the blinds I asked him what the hell he was doing and he said he loved me and he thought I was sexy. He started to unbutton my top at first I pushed his hand away but then I thought it was my big chance.
So I let him unbutton my top half way I smiled at him. He then got his hands and pulled down his pants. My eyes widend like flying saucers it was at least 10 inches. He got his dick and started jerking off. I looked as droplets of cum flew off his ****on the carpet. I kneeled down underneath it then let the cum drip in my mouth. I then grabbed his hand and put it on my breast he was shocked but pleased he then said suck my **** I did as he said and widend my mouth and sucked deep.
He moaned and then said was my turn he told me to get on all fours like a dog I did that and he started rubbing my clit faster and faster I moaned and moaned until he stopped and spanked my ass. He got my ass cheeks and shoved one of his middle fingers in my ass the other one still massaging my clit. I shouted and asked to have his ****inside me he did what I said and opend my lips of my **** and shoved his 10 inch into me my face lit up it was so good. My ****was dripping with juices he then pulled his **** out and ejaculated into my mouth it was tasty stuff.
He then said it was diffintally a A+ i then smiled and pushed the buttons back into my top and pulled up my short skirt. He wrote down his phone number and gave me another kiss but this time it was a Frenchie on the letter it said want more call so and so I was in heaven. It was abit awkward in class the next day but I did if again a week after and if was even better.


#14 Apr 19, 2013
Wow sexy story

Albany, GA

#15 May 6, 2013
i was 17.
my bf came into my dorm and we did it. my roommate saw and we both got suspended. it was a good college too.:(

it sucked.

Inglewood, CA

#16 May 7, 2013
I'm feeling a story what going to happen.

My family friend is one year older than me and I'm planning to have sex with him. We have had sex before and it was great. Anyways I'm planing to call him to the room when my parents are out and when he gets in I'm going to get his hand and put them on my breast. And he's an easy guy to get so he of course going to make out with me and take me to the bed. And I'm not planning to have real sex but at least oral sex and make out for a while and let him see my b88bs and pus*y

Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

#17 May 20, 2013
I had a one night stand at a friends party, which was alright but we were drunk so it didn't go that well. We arranged to go on a date later that week to the cinema because we wanted to see if it would go anywhere. When the film started, we stopped making out and realised it was empty. Not a single person. So we had amazing, mind blowing sex numerous times - on the floor and on the seats. It was without a doubt the best sex of my life. It's been 3 months since then and our sex life is still as amazing - we've also done it in a disabled toilet and on the beach. The chemistry between us is amazing, we know what we like. He struggles to keep up with me to be honest, because I love sex :')

Los Angeles, CA

#20 May 28, 2013
my husband and I enjoy visiting an adult theater in a nearby city. at first, I would jack him off while other men in the theater would watch us. About six months ago my husband admitted that he wanted to see me with other men, he said he had been thinking about it for a long time. At first I wasn't real keen on the idea, I didn't mind other men watching and I did like seeing them jack off as they watched me pleasure my husband. over the next few weeks I gave a few guys hand jobs and my husband enjoyed watching and then I would take care him and we'd leave. Last visit I decided to see just how far my husband would let me go. There was an older man that had watched us several times and on this night, he was the only other man in the theater. I played with my husband for a few minutes and when the older man began jacking himself off, I reached over to him and began playing with him. My husband didn't say or do anything so I leaned in close and took him deep into my mouth. Again, my husband didn't say a word. It only took a minute or two and he came for me. As I looked to see my husbands reaction I could see that he was cumming too. On the drive home that night we talked about other things my husband thought he would like to see me do to other men. Some things sound like fun and I find myself wishing my husband had let me know he was thinking about all this a long time ago.

Houston, TX

#21 May 28, 2013
One spring break, me and my boyfriend of 4 years spent 3 days at a local hotel to have some "alone time". It was our first time spending the night together, so we were a bit akward at first. But when we realized we would have no one to disturb us, we let go! We made out for about 5 minutes and slowly started to strip in front of each other. I wore a nice set, and my bra pushed up my DDs in all the right ways. He was really pleased.:P After licking his chest(he loves it) and stroking his penis for a couple of minutes, he couldn't take it anymore and yanked my panties down and shoved 2 fingers in me. He nearly choked at how wet I was and started to pump them into me. It was a very slow, yet rough pace and it was glorious! When he curled his fingers it kept hitting a spot that made my toes curl. Then he started finger fucking me until I came. Once I orgasimed for the third time, he finally pulled off his shorts (no underwear needed) and set a hard and quick pace. He normally can go for about 5-6 minutes, but after that foreplay and him toying with me, he exploded in 2, not that I minded, my brain was mush at that point anyway. After he came I decided to give him head,(using my tongue mostly I have small mouth and he's rather large)and watching him whimper and come again made my day! It was a good week after that.

Since: Feb 13

Location hidden

#23 May 28, 2013
I was on vacation with my girl friend of 6 months. We were still virgins. We were walking along a beach, her in her bikini me in my swim trunks. My trunks were sticking out like a tent over a tent pole. We saw a cave in some cliffs and she suggested we go inside. We put a dry towel down on the sand, got on it and started kissing. We'd never kissed wearing so little and our hands started exploring. Soon her hand was feeling the length and stiffness of my erection. I put my hand down inside her bikini briefs and my shaft nearly j*rked when I felt her pubic hair first time. Then I pulled her bikini top down and started on her breasts. After that there was no stopping us and I tok her briefs off and she took my trunks off. I'd never seen a naked girl before and she'd never seen a naked boy. We didn't have ex, just spent ages kissing and feeling and wrapped round each other naked. We were scared to have full sex but I was so excited I just had to m@sturbate so I lay on my back, grabbed my sh@ft and started stroking. She got the idea and did it for me, kneeling beside me. She was in just the right place for me to run my hands all over her as she stroked me off. After that we got dressed in my trunks and her bikini again and walked back to our folks. By the time we met them I had a massive stiff again and our folks mus have guessed from her face but they said nothing. I felt a mile high because I'd seen a naked girl first time and had my first hand job. She felt the same because she'd just given her first HJ. We didn't have sex but it was my first real hot sex experience.

Ottawa, Canada

#24 Jun 7, 2013
I had my first visitor to my new apartment this week. My ex-boyfriends younger brother (Ryan) stopped by for a visit without his bitch of a girlfriend (Kim) thank god. Iíve always been attracted to him but I was with his brother and he had a girlfriend (never liked that bitch). After showing him around the apartment we sat on the couch to have a few drinks and chat. He was happy to see me leave his brother as he felt he never treated me the way he should, I asked how things were with his girl, they are having some troubles he said, he complained about having to beg for sex. I expressed how excited I was to have my own place as it has been too long since I last had sex and I was eager to find someone, just as his phone rings. I hear him telling to his girlfriend that he will pick her up from work in a few hours. We continued chatting and had a second drink, when suddenly he asked if I wanted to have some fun with him. I told him no it would be weird and that he has a girl, he said she hasnít touched him all week and he has always wanted me. He teases me for a while until I break down and we start kissing, it didnít take long for things to progress as we found ourselves ripping off each otherís clothes and off to the bedroom we go for the best sex I have had in years. He was younger than his brother and the first thing I noticed was that his cock was much bigger too. After some intense foreplay and Iíve got to say sucking his cock was so much fun even though it barley fit in my mouth, he flips me over and as he kisses me he slides his big thick cock inside me. OMG it was so big and thick it took him a few minutes to loosen me up so he could have his way with me, he was gentle with me at first then started to fuck me harder. Iím sure my new neighbors heard my screams of delight as he continued to fuck my brains out for what felt like forever, his brother never fucked me like that. After making me cum twice it was his turn, he finished on top of me pounding his big dick inside me, as I screamed his name he pulled out his cock and started shooting his load on my belly and chest, the second shot hit me in the chin. He sat on top of me stroking his cock as we giggle about the size of the load he just dumped on me, I have some more for you if you want it he says, I smile just as he slams his cock back inside me for round two. He was quicker the second time lasting maybe 10 minutes as he fucked me as hard as he could until he came again, as he pulled out I slide my body down so I could take his load in the face, he tasted so good. We cleaned up and headed back to the living room, still a little in shock I thanked him for making my night and let him know that in 5 years his brother never fucked me so good, he kisses me as he walks to the door and says ďso Iíll see you next week thenĒ. I canít wait for Ryan and his big cock to come visit me again

Kane, IL

#25 Jun 10, 2013
I have a friend. She is a hottie. She is married and I mostly kept my hands off for over a decade. We were friends for years, just talking in neighborhood bars, coming by to help her paint her kitchen, her visiting to use my PC for email (she had no computer back then), that sort of stuff. Nothing physical, although I durn sure looked now and then when she wouldn't notice, cause she is a hotty. Told her so more than once, but always jokingly. Great ass, long legs, fair sized perky breasts, etc.
Anyway, one night her husband got really drunk in this club and I took them home. She asked me to wait and she brought him inside, then she came out and said she really didn't want to call it a night yet, but she didn't want to go clubbing without her husband either. It was only about 6PM, so I suggested come on by my place, I will fry up some burgers and we can watch a movie and kill a few Buds or Michelob. She agreed and we did.
Somewhere around beer 5, I was sitting next to her on the couch while we were watching the DVD and she was looking fine. I reached out and innocently brushed her hair, and in response she just took another sip of wine. I felt something stir, and began to stroke her back and put my arm around her shoulders. She leaned in and cuddled against me while having another sip of her wine. Basically I had the impression she was going to allow that. My hand somehow lowered to touch her breast area, at which point she said stop that. This happened several times, but she didn't move away either. Eventually she turned around and told me I shouldn't do that because we were friends and she is married. But she then reassumed more or less the same position in my arms. Half a beer later my hands wandered again. This time the no was slower in coming, not until I began to unbutton her blouse. I stopped for a few moments, but again my hand wandered and her hand now rested on my knee. The blouse was still unbuttoned at the top, so I slid a few fingers in and I ignored the look of annoyance on her face since she wasn't saying anything, or moving my hand. Her breasts grew hard under my fingers, and when I slid my hand under her bra under the now more or less fully buttoned blouse her nipples were very erect, then she said stop, announced she had to go to the bathroom and left the room. I figured I had blown it big time with her and she would probably leave in a moment. Instead she comes back in with some of the buttons closed, takes a sop of wine, puts a different DVD in (the first one had ended) and sits back leaning against me.
Again I begin touching. This time she again tells me at once to stop it. Emboldened by the alcohol I tell her, I am sorry, I can't help it. You look so good and for almost a decade I have just wanted to touch you. I don't want to destroy anything, but durn it, can't I please just touch (or words along that line). She looks at me, then says, I love my husband so you have to first promise me you will never, ever tell him I let you touch me anywhere, ever. I agree, and she says, if it will make you behave, go ahead and play with them. OMG. I do. Blouse is fully unbuttoned in seconds. Wow, they were gorgeous. I begin to stroke them, with small circle motions. Her hand is on my thigh. Every now and then I know this is a good spot because there is an exhalation or a squeezing of my thigh. I unhook her bra and she lets me. Suddenly seeing for the first time a breast even more perfect than I had imagined. Nipples fully erect i begin to circle them She stops leaning against me and sits up straight but makes no other move to stop me. Instead she stares at the TV screen and takes another sip of wine. She has an,'I will ignore this' expression on her face, so I think ignore this and put my mouth on her left nipple, while she moves her head because mine is blocking her view of the TV. <continued>

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