We must come against terrorism. United with Israel, we stand one nation under G-D to come against evil terrorist. "Let G-D arise and let HIS enemies be scattered!" Jesus is LORD over these nations. We are allies to Israel. As long as we remain allies to Israel, we wil be blessed by G-D. The devil is a liar and G-D is on
the throne! It is written, get thee behind us satan in the NAME of JESUS! G-D gave ISRAEL the land of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob - it belongs to ISRAEL. They have a right to it! Yeshua is LORD over Israel and over the United States. Whoever says otherwise is deceived and is a liar. Just remember satan is the master deceiver, master distorter, master liar. Whoever is listening to satan is child of satan. Whoever is listening to G-D is a child of the most High G-D! You choose who you will follow. Read the BIBLE - it the truth that will stand the test of time! Wake up leaders of Nations - wake-up to the truth. Belive the WORD of G-D and be set free from the lies of the enemy that wants you to live in hell for eternity! Wake up America!