Scott Peterson Sued by Laci's Parents...

Scott Peterson Sued by Laci's Parents for 25 Million Dollars

There are 746 comments on the KNX-AM Los Angeles story from Mar 21, 2006, titled Scott Peterson Sued by Laci's Parents for 25 Million Dollars. In it, KNX-AM Los Angeles reports that:

MODESTO, CA -- The parents of murdered Laci Peterson want to make sure that their former son-in-law, Scott Peterson never cashes in on their daughter's death.

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Playa Del Rey, CA

#1226 Dec 22, 2010
No0b wrote:
<quoted text>
I actually think the biggest problem Scott Peterson had was that he didn't have a media advisor / PR manager from the start to limit the impact of the news that he cheated with Amber Frey on Laci.
Cheating, while really common, is still perceived really bad in the US society.
<quoted text>
Scott had some very good advice from Kirk McAllister, a seasoned attorney who was a DA for many years. McAllister told him NOT to talk to Amber or go on television.
That Scott decided to do these things is--to me--evidence that he really thought things would work out since he was innocent. He may have figured talking to Amber was the right thing to do, since he had lied to her about being married. I believe he talked to her for a number of reasons: loneliness, a hope they could be friends in spite of everything, and remorse for lying to her. Yes, I believe Scott DID show remorse, over and over and over---but only for lying about Amber. He apologized to a Modesto police detective after he said on Diane Sawyer that he had told them about Amber December 24th---it's in the evidence, like the other phone conversations. In the same conversation he keeps breaking down and is telling the detective he's losing it and can't function well without his wife but insists he will find her; the detective ignores his remarks except to ask if he's going to hurt himself; then tells him he's the only one the evidence points toward. This was a flat-out lie, since Xavier Aponte from Norco Correctional turned in a tip that defintely was legit and definitely pointed away from Scott. The MPD covered up that tip, and it didn't come out until a concerned citizen alerted the court when the trial was almost over. Jury never heard about it. If one reads the transcripts of Scott's phone conversations, it's clear that he is NOT the evil asshole he was accused of being--in fact, he's so mild mannered that you want to tell him not to take so much abuse from people. Laci's family said he was nice to his wife even when he shouldn't have been, maybe---and that is confirmed by his conversations.
But what I meant to say at the beginning was that McAllister strongly advised him against talking--McAllister also confronted Modesto PD detective Craig Grogan because he kept calling Scott and trying to get a confession; Grogan responded he wasn't breaking the law, and McAllister retorted his concerns were ethical ones. Scott was invariably polite and never gave Grogan or any of the others ANY grief at all and never refused to talk to him. The only weird thing he did was drive crazy when there were six or more vehicles on his tail, and he was being swarmed by media, National Enquirer, and getting death threats daily; of course he's not going to give his location over the cell phone!!!! Good grief, everyone knows cell phones aren't remotely private, they are radios.
Scott was getting guilt-tripped by Amber (the trancripts are amazing--as if someone she's known a month owes her more than one apology, but of course, she was working with the police---)and she insisted that he go on TV. So he did!! Got up in front of the whole world, apologized to Laci's family for the affair, said they were wonderful people, and it did no good, all they wanted to do was kill him. McAllister knew a lynching was underway and told Scott he was playing a "deadly game."
Scott was *NOT* the deadly one.
And he believed, I'll bet, that people would see him get up before the world, express remorse for the affair, and reach out to Laci's family. It did no good and the entertainer/TV heads who interviewed him accused him of crying fake tears and looked at him with disgust and disrespect. He should not have gone on TV, but he thought it was the right thing to do.
People said he was cocky and that he thought he could go up before the whole world and "get away" with it---but it's clear he went on TV because he felt bad about the affair.
Did him no good.

Playa Del Rey, CA

#1227 Dec 22, 2010
Lani wrote:
<quoted text>
So why do you put the blame on Amber when she was just complying with the police. Keep in mind that HE was the one that murdered his pregnant wife, and in the event that she lied, HE lied about things much more EXTREME than she did...
There's no evidence he lied about anything more extreme than an affair. But since you seem so positive, perhaps you could enlighten us.

It was Amber's idea to tape Scott and try to get a confession out of him, not the police's. She also offered to lie to him and tell him she was pregnant in hopes getting him worked up so he might say something, but the police turned down that idea.
It's in her book.

"He's a con man."
"He's a big suspect, but we're not telling anyone that."

-Alan Brocchini, Modesto PD, at his first meeting with Amber Frey

Playa Del Rey, CA

#1228 Dec 22, 2010
Bev wrote:
<quoted text>
She was NOT at the trial everyday. It was a lottery system and since she was neither a news reporter or a member of the family, she had to stand through the lottery like everyone else.
And her site has more MIS-INFORMATION than any site on the internet
Hint: Her junk science Kermit experiment.
Really, Bev. How about some real examples, if you're going to make accusations. Junk science? No, junk science if Ralph Cheng and Dr. Devore. Did you learn the term junk science from SII? Because you sure didn't hear it on the news. How about some specific information, let's have it.

It has complete transcripts, independent research and articles by a number of people, extensive analysis, court exhibits and photos, maps---it is the most comprehensive library on the Peterson case that you will find. The articles are literate and well-written, easy to follow, and every single quote is referenced in the transcripts and linked. It is a very, very well-done site, not sensational unlike the rest of the coverage of this case. SII puts television and print journalism to absolute shame. Remember the widely-broadcast lies? Blood and vomit on the mop? Life insurance? Smell of bleach? Never retracted, never acknowledged--this is what passes for journalism. That is not what you find at SII--it is far superior to the gushing stream of hate-filled garbage that bears along public sentiment about this case. Since you're so concerned about mistakes, Bev, you should be gravely concerned about the lack of integrity of the media reports about this case.
In fact, that people went in, purchased those transcripts and made them available online, is a genuine public service, something that might be unfamiliar to people who only live to eat, buy stuff, reproduce and burn petrol.
SII is a huge and well-organized site. Is there a mistake in there somewhere? I'm sure there is. There are mistakes in every book about the case. If you put stuff out there, it's never going to be 100 per cent correct. HOWEVER I have yet to see the inaccuracies you're attributing to this site.

Do *you* have a website? Do you put anything out there into the world trying to make it a better place? I love how everyone's a critic without contributing to the body of knowledge, but seriously, since you have made such a serious accusation in a public forum, unless you back it up with facts, it's going to be clear you've got some agenda and that your accusations are baseless and empty.
I won't hold my breath
Cari from Modesto

Mesquite, NV

#1229 Jan 23, 2011
Amber Fry was a cheap fling, she is not the kind of woman men take seriously much less kill for. the evidence with the bodies is enough to prove they were dumped in the ocean AFTER Scott was already being harassed by the police and they were watching his EVERY move. I have seen the pictures, Connor was a full term baby who had not been in water for 4 months!!

Brentwood, TN

#1231 Mar 13, 2011
CBL, Interesting post and site, especilly the twine around Conner's neck. I find it far more likely that someone other than Scott say like someone trying to frame Scott dumped Laci in the bay, than the chances of a to small loop of twine finding it's self around Conner's neck. But good luck convencing the brain washed team guilty of anything.

Brentwood, TN

#1233 Mar 27, 2011
the slack in the twine seems consistant with holding a stiff tarp which may have sliped away leaving the twine. The tarp would also have protected Connor from damages yo would expect.

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