If I were an Egyptian, I would be thinking long and hard about what I might need to do to get my children out in case the country erupts in a civil war. But as a man, I would stay to fight for democracy even if it costs me my life. Just wait, eventually there will be widespread abductions of those who Morsi and his Islamist government believe are instigators of overthrow of the government. Another Saddam Hussein-like regime where women are not safe and men disappear. And I am worried about the Coptic Christians because an Islamic government and it's hate-filled Muslims persecutors will eventually target the Cops. Make no mistake, the Islamists will try to banish Christianity from Egypt. What the United Nations sit back and do nothing because the U.N. is a total JOKE! If I were President Obama, I would be thinking long and hard about selling weapons to Egypt and already have plans to destroy the F-16 already delivered.