Good Look Ink Announces Revolutionary...

Good Look Ink Announces Revolutionary Hair Replication Solution

There are 149 comments on the PRWeb story from May 13, 2010, titled Good Look Ink Announces Revolutionary Hair Replication Solution. In it, PRWeb reports that:

May 13, 2010 -- Good Look Inc announced a revolutionary hair replication solution recently at their Edina, Mn, office.

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Nappanee, IN

#95 Sep 1, 2012,NSpXi#1
heres my left side,NSpXi#0

This is literally 2 days after i got this done.
Theres still a little redness and the pigment color will lighten to match my normal hair color in a couple weeks

overall really pleased

Jonesboro, AR

#96 Sep 1, 2012
that looks great daman, thanks for sharing. do you have any 'before' pics?

i wish GLI would implement a forum on their website... it would be a lot easier than people all over the country having to post in this one topix thread.

a similar company has a very active forum full of past/present clients, with lot's of follow up pics and discussion. Makes it so much less stressful when you know what you are getting, without the worry of how accurate the 'promoted' pictures/testimonials are... as well as how it holds up over time.

'Day of' pics are one thing, but 1 month/6 month/1 year/etc. follow up pictures are what matters. Fading and/or tint problems once the treatment settles is the most important aspect of this.

I've only seen 2 people's GLI pictures that weren't taken the day of the procedure... and they were through personal email. One looked good, the other was bad.

The pictures on GLI's website are pretty much the best out there, in regards to this type of treatment... but Im not sure i could ever go with GLI without seeing way more 'non-promoted' follow-ups than the ZERO they currently offer... especially when there is a similar company that has dozens and dozens.

Atlanta, GA

#97 Sep 3, 2012
Hairy, why don't you just call GLI and ask them to put you in touch with some past clients? Since GLI does not have a forum like HIS I am sure they will not mind connecting you with unbiased previous clients. Gli loves to have the clients share their experience.
SeeingIsBelievin g

Lithonia, GA

#98 Sep 7, 2012
Hey Daman233, those pics u posted on that link its kinda hard to tell much especially without before. You got any befores and recent after photos? I emailed u twice, no reply from u.

Arlington, TX

#99 Sep 14, 2012
went to Gli some months back and had a wonderful experience! The employees were all very polite and helpful. I am quite pleased with my results and this is one of the better choices I have made. Cthr has given me a renewed self confidence that had been absent for quite some time due to my hairloss. I no longer have the burden of burying my head under a ball cap every time I leave the house which is very liberating. I have some photos that clearly display the vast improvement that GLI's services provided me with if anyone is interested. Not every angle looks great, but photos are not always the most accurate portrayal. I do not mind helping someone out who is struggling with this decision. I just feel that GLI is by far the best provider out there, and it is (forgive my bluntness) foolish to go anywhere else.

Arlington, TX

#100 Sep 20, 2012
I agree they do good work at GLI but I feel they are dishonest with their clients as far as what to expect. They told me I would "most likely" only need one session and that would last me for years. After I expressed my skepticism about that fact before going there, the operation manager lady called and left me a voice mail confidently stating that I shouldn't go into the process thinking that I'd need any enhancement for a while after the initial procedure.- Wrong! I was back there for enhancement within two months of the first procedure BC my results were very light and significant enough. That enhancement made a big difference but dots are still not dark or dense enough to fill in my bald gaps that exist between my remaining hair. When I shave my head with no guard on clippers, you can still see the bald areas when light hits my head. Also the president told me that I'd be able to grow my hair to an 8th of an inch and the pigments would match and this has not held true. I have to shave my head with no guard every day and my cthr is still not dense or dark enough. I'll have to pay $195 for enhancement if I want to go back there (+ travel expenses) and now they've told me they may refuse to do the enhancement once I get there BC after they've done one procedure and one 2 hour enhancement, the decision to do any further work is 100% up to their discretion and this decision can only be made once the client is in their office. That means the client has to pay for flight and hotel and may still be denied service once he gets to GLI. This info was "conveniently" not mentioned until after I requested more work from Gli due to my expectations not being met. At this point in my process I have no choice but to either spend about $800 more dollars to give Gli a 3rd shot at completing my process, or pay HIS $3000 to do it. My purpose for this lengthy post is to hopefully help guys out who are debating on which provider to choose, and to provide info that I was not given. Good luck to the 5% of legit posters on this thread. This cthr/achm2/mht/smp field is freakin sketchy as hell. I'll probably just purchase a Nouveau Contour machine and find a tattoo artist to complete my process. Geaux Tigers!

Arlington, TX

#101 Sep 20, 2012
Wait.. I said they do good work. What I meant was that they replicate tiny realistic follicles. This place good look ink requires 3-5 sessions at least and only offers one. I'll paint the forums with my honesty until they full fill their promise!
Derek UK


#102 Sep 21, 2012
I have had this procedure done in December 2011 and I am
Very pleased with my results the reason I chose GLI is that you
They do your whole head in one session in one day if you need a top up
They will do this free the next day if you have any irregular follicles
Ie blotches of ink which turn blue they have offered to do mine FREE
Of charge and they have even extended the period to April 2012 at my
Request. My thoughts the owner of this business has suffered with hair loss
All his life and does not want to rip people off hence that is why he is willing
To do any re work without charge very commendable I think.
As for the comment as to the authentication of people who comment on this forum this is a real comment - and No I don't work for GLI .
My testimony features on their website under Derek from England.
If people who complain have a real complaint why are they not contacting
BBB. This is just my opinion.

Jonesboro, AR

#103 Sep 25, 2012
@ hairwego - Yes GLI will put me in touch with some past clients, and i will do this before i make a final decision of where i go. At the same time, it's a handful of clients of their choosing versus dozens (50+ maybe) of voluntary testimonials at HIS.

@ justfacts - Thanks so much for sharing your experience... it helps a lot. I hope everything gets worked out for you... keep us updated. BTW would you mind sharing some before/after pics?

@ derek - You might be an actual customer, but from my point of view your comment reads more like an advertisement. Again, before/after pictures are the most helpful things for people trying to decide about this company. Also, i did not find a testimonial from anyone named Derek on their website.


I hear the 'no bbb complaints' thing a lot, and im not sure if it really helps. First of all, I dont know the specifics of what would/wouldn't qualify for an official 'bbb complaint' in regards to a subjective cosmetic procedure. Secondly, having zero complaints for a cosmetic procedure like this isn't necessarily reassuring... i would expect occasional problems.

That's the thing... i simply dont believe that a procedure like this could result in nearly 100% no problems, as advertised (meaning only 1 or maybe 2 visits) results. Yet there is hardly ANY discussion of the problems GLI clients might face (like justfacts provided).

I've been burned by promises from this industry before... GLI can talk all they want about how good their product is, but IMO the truth lies with the clients. And it may turn out that it IS that good of a product... but without better transparency, questions remain.

What's "better transparency"? Well in this day and age, it's relatively easy to include a forum on your website. Customers now expect to be able to read reviews and/or discuss concerns about the products they buy... especially something like this. Not having one makes me wonder why they dont.

Long term results (6 mth, 1 yr, etc.), problems that occur, and how GLI handles the problems that occur... these are the things that matter to me. Saying you have no bbb complaints is not going to get me in the door.

my two cents

okay, four

p.s.- Let me clarify that I dont believe that GLI is a scam, and I assume that they have many happy customers. I've said before that their advertised pictures are pretty much the best i've seen. I am just naturally skeptical/critical of any company that offers a service like this.
Derek UK

Leicester, UK

#104 Sep 25, 2012
I am very surprised you could not find my
Testimonial that's me regarding before pics just
Send me your email and I will send you them.
As for HIS hair yes they have a forum as do
GLI on their face book page. I totally disagree
With your comments re BBB do you work for HIS
hair ?? By the way I think people are not stupid who read this forum. I can spot a fake comment
By a biased company a mile away. If you want facts I checked out his hair before travelling to USA because they are in England as well if I thought they were that good I would of gone there.
Pictures can be touched up anyway.
That is my final comment on this forum apart
From my promise of sending my untouched before
Pictures if you supply your email address!

Jonesboro, AR

#105 Sep 26, 2012
@ Derek - Sorry man, i had only looked under the 'testimonials' tab on the website... didn't know what section it was in. I apologize for the doubt, but it's hard to tell whats a legit post and what isn't sometimes.

I can understand you doubting my sincerity, but i dont work for HIS. I've actually asked them on their forum why GLI results look better than theirs in pictures (although my name was slightly different i think).

I think all the points i raised are valid, and aren't unreasonable.

Seattle, WA

#109 Oct 5, 2012
Check out:

Yeah, I also spoke to customers of GLI who filed complaints with BBB. Yes, BBB is BS. The complaint above shows that GLI "failed to resolve the complaint." So guess they blew off the customer. The word will get out on these scammers...

United States

#110 Oct 9, 2012
How s this for a great business.....the manager of this company (Darren) has to have their own product lasered off (CTHR) because the dots turned blue after two years. If they did this to their own employee, what are they doing to paying customers. Not so good reports are flooding into the BBB. Look at this complaint:

I am disapointed with the dullness of the dots. They dont show very well unless I put lubriderm skin moisturizing lotion on my head. Also on the back portion or crown of my head the ink is not dark enough to cover my thinning bald area, and this is true even if I shave with a zero guard. My hairline is crooked; it looked good when I left GLI s office but some of the pigments appear to have faded leaving the hairline asymetrical. Overall my results are a definite improvement to what I looked like before, but definitley not what I was promised by them. I suppose even more disapointing than my results is the overall disregard Good Look Ink has for their previous clients who have spent several thousand dollars with them and invested emotionally in a procedure that is suppose to solve this genetic flaw. After having my initial procedure s results fade, I made numerous phone calls to GLI that went unreturned, and sent several emails that were not responded to. When I was finally able to schedule an enhancement I was forced to pay around $600 to travel back to Minneapolis for a two hour session, because their initial one day treatment did not produce anywhere near the results they claimed it would. I definitely misjudged GLI thinking that they were a legit professional business. They lack common courtesy. I am still optimistic that with one more enhancement I could be finished, but who knows. GLI would charge me $200 for an enhancement, but I will also have to shell out cash for plane ticket, hotel, and food. GLI actually discourages client communication.

Decatur, GA

#112 Oct 10, 2012
For the record though, I do not believe the statement by real nuts is accurate about Darren. I saw his head a few months ago and it didn't look blue and I'm pretty sure he's not planning laser treatment

Dallas, TX

#114 Oct 12, 2012
Hey guys....check out this thread on a popular forum:

It seems Good Look makes a habit of blowing men off after they screw there heads up.

Stone Mountain, GA

#116 Oct 31, 2012
I agree 100% with hairy hairs above post. Very true that in this day and age with internet and social media, businesses are held 2-3 times more accountable than say 20 or 30 years ago, and businesses (cosmetic or not) must adjust to this by being more forthcoming with product/service information and especially by encouraging client communication which Gli does not. A legit business who is confident in their product and services and who plans on being a success for as many years as possible (as opposed to a business who is simply trying to rip people out of thousands and close down shop quickly) will desire very much for past clients to speak with potential ones. If the business knows they do good work then previous clients would only serve as excellent references. If you look at HIS hair clinic, for example, they have a forum set up that ANYONE can post on. I have read hundreds of posts on that forum, and they aren't all positive experiences, which shows that HIS is willing to take some criticism on an openly-viewed platform. Furthermore, the moderator Damien for the HIS forum is quick to address these complaints in a helpful (not defensive) manner and quickly finds logical steps for the HIS client to have the problem with the mht work addressed in order to satisfy the customer. There are tons of photos of HIS clients posted on that forum, and it is encouraged by the HIS staff to post them. I am a former client of Good Look Ink, and when I still had a large bald spot and minimal results on frontal area within two weeks post procedure and I called Gli, they were not sympathetic to my situation, and had a very defensive tone over the phone. That is baffling! Any confident business will greatly desire to have their former/present clients help do their advertising for them but Gli seems to prefer to restrict their testimonials by people whom are probably friends, family, and colleagues. For example, if u view "Richard's story" video, he is portrayed as being a random man with male patterned baldness, but he was and GLI employed consultant. Look at "Alex's story" videos and he is also portrayed as just an average consumer young man with premature hairloss, but again, Alex is GLI's active men's consultant. The whole thing is very dishonest and misleading. Gli could very easily add a forum to their site but don't. I have to wonder WHY? It seems obvious. As far as Artistry Concepts in Florida, they appear to do really good work and the gallery on their site is impressive, but from my experience they lack professionalism and even though they still may do excellent work, today's consumer has much higher expectations, probably due to the digital age and social media. I am very very disappointed with GLIs services and my personality is such that if I pay over $4,000 and over $1,000 in travel and don't receive good results, good results that I was guaranteed, I will stand up for myself and demand an explanation and resolution. I am not a wealthy man and to spend that amount of money for a failed procedure is a BIG deal. I don't think anyone can fault me for being upset.

Atlanta, GA

#117 Nov 3, 2012
Check out this client's bad experience on hair restoration network. Looks like I'm not the only one
Who got screwed over.
GoodlookinkScamA rtists

Union City, GA

#118 Nov 7, 2012
Guys seriously, if you have run across this forum and hoping it can help you decide on smp company then you MUST read the forum thread on link below! It reveals how you will be treated if you go to GLI!

Minneapolis, MN

#119 Nov 10, 2012
TO PHILLY BALD BROTHER: If you are in Pennsylvania, why does your IP address come up as Hopkins, Minnesota? What a coincidence that you say you're from Phiily, but your IP is the same town as this Good Look Ink? Looks like this place is posting their own comments....and as for the other poster, the BOBMB? You can at least learn to spell when making your own comments.......
Who cares?!?!?
GoodlookinkScamA rtists

Decatur, GA

#120 Nov 10, 2012
If you are a person interested in Good Look ink's services and this thread has not convinced you of how terrible they are, it is imperative you read this thread

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