Hernia Mesh Patch Recall - FDA Warns of Death and Serious Healt...

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Patients should review the latest recall information to see if they have been implanted with the recalled device and seek medical attention if symptoms such as unexplained or persistent abdominal pain, fever, ... Full Story
Angela Levi

Cliffside Park, NJ

#4436 Aug 31, 2011
I would love to hear from you guys what you think , yes I have pain
in my stomach area, these surgeons do not listen to there patients at all.
cat scans are not always right , so they should listen to our complaints about how we feel .


#4437 Sep 1, 2011
This post is geared more toward women from Pelvic Mesh Implants. Good morning everyone. I just received thi ad in my e-mail. consumerinjuryalert.com/mesh_recall Asreported by the FDA. brand names of mesh implants many patients Reported problems with. Boston Scientific, C.R. Bard Avaulta, Johnson&Johnson, American Medical Systems, Mentor Corporation, Ethicon, Tyco, Sofradium, Caldera. FDA knows that this stuff hurts and kills yet this crap still on the market & making money for doctors, hospitals and yet costs disability medicare. Isn't this called medical fraud?@ the cost to our health!


#4438 Sep 1, 2011
My Husband has 7 hernia three years ago. The first time he had surgery of course it didn't take. The doctor took the staples out to soon. Then he tried a different kind of mesh. To this day, my husband has a hole that will not close. Any suggestions for me?
river rat

Winona, MN

#4439 Sep 1, 2011
get a lawyer
river rat

Winona, MN

#4440 Sep 1, 2011
theres 2 new infection that was never seen befor read this and have his doc look at it and be tested

was found in mesh
robin franks

Denton, KS

#4441 Sep 2, 2011
I had three hernia surgerys in 2004 i have had nothing but problems since i have a severe blood infection an another hernia i have high fevers an horrible pain an abcesses twice a month on my buttocks the emergancy rooms tell me it is merca staph but the cultures come back bacteria infection i cain't eat an when i do i vomit it back up is there anyone out there that has any of these symtoms or know what this is


#4442 Sep 2, 2011
Sheila - Florida wrote:
Update...my husband went to the surgeon that did the surgery. He did not look at the x-rays, only the CAT scan, and told him he could not do anything, and tried to refer him to pain management. He claims that his office only keeps records for 5 years. The hospital claims they only keep them for 7 years. In reading what Carole, from Oklahoma above wrote, it reminded me that my husband also has pain that also radiates to his hip. One thing we have learned so far is that no matter what you have done, get a copy of the procedure for your own personal records; because it is quite obvious that we cannot trust anyone else to keep records! It's like the surgeons are giving across the board type answers to everyone. I don't know how these so called doctors can sleep at night. I will keep you posted. Sheila
Hi know this is a very old post but I live in Jacksonville Fl. and am having mesh problems. Looking for a good surgeon,if you know of any please email me at sonyaslucky@aol.com

Osceola, MO

#4443 Sep 3, 2011
Lin wrote:
This post is geared more toward women from Pelvic Mesh Implants. Good morning everyone. I just received thi ad in my e-mail. consumerinjuryalert.com/mesh_recall Asreported by the FDA. brand names of mesh implants many patients Reported problems with. Boston Scientific, C.R. Bard Avaulta, Johnson&Johnson, American Medical Systems, Mentor Corporation, Ethicon, Tyco, Sofradium, Caldera. FDA knows that this stuff hurts and kills yet this crap still on the market & making money for doctors, hospitals and yet costs disability medicare. Isn't this called medical fraud?@ the cost to our health!
this post started from{ kugel mesh},it has nothing to do with male or female.


#4444 Sep 4, 2011
steven435 wrote:
<quoted text>this post started from{ kugel mesh},it has nothing to do with male or female.
Sorry Stevev435, I posted my post just as it came to me in my e-mail account. Meant no harm or to leave anyone out.

Los Angeles, CA

#4445 Sep 4, 2011
In Feb.of this year 2011 I had hernia repair from a prior surgery two years ago where mesh was used. They replaced it with cadivoir skin. At present, the hernia has returned. What's wrong w/this picture. My surgeon did not to tell me not to put any pressure on the original hernia repair such as certain exercises, etc. and constipation issues.

Los Angeles, CA

#4446 Sep 5, 2011
Howie wrote:
For all you complainers, I am not sure you are familiar with TiMesh. It is a mesh that does not migrate and incorporates naturally. You need to visit a surgeon that uses it. I have been researching mesh and think this could be the answer to many problems.
howie timesh is for cosmedic surgery and is very light weight mesh coated with titanium and should not be used for hernia repairs it is not the answer i have it in me and i am still having the same problems NO MESH

Louisville, KY

#4447 Sep 6, 2011
Ok, here's my deal and I hope someone can help me out. I don't want to start tracking down manufacturers and the FDA unless it's actually warranted, as I do not know what I am dealing with.

In Feb., I had surgery to remove a part of my colon, intestine, and appendix due to Crohn's Disease. NO MESH. I got an insane infection which required a vac for the fluid and I was attached to it for over 3 months. The surgeon informs me I have a hernia in June and he can do the operation the next week. OK, we have it done and I come home.

Now, it's been almost 3 months and I feel like I am being stabbed with fork tines in 2 different places every time I cough, sneeze, or laugh. BUT, in the last week, I've had 3 incidents where I suddenly get very hot, like I have spiked a very high fever and by the time my mind can register this, I am vomiting. Now, this doesn't feel like normal vomiting. It's not coming from the lower ab muscles, there's no gagging or dry heaves, and something HAS to come out. When it does, it feels like my actual tummy is twisting to get it out. On each of these occasions, I've consumed different things (liquids 2x and solids 1x). Also, when I try to turn over in bed or sit up straight I can feel the stabbing.

They cannot say I've all of the sudden contracted a digestive disease, as I have a lot of them and they knew this. Crohn's Disease, IBS, gallbladder (at one time), and hysterectomy.

Does this sound like a mesh problem to anyone? The surgeon has released me, but thank God, my gp won't for a few more months. The surgeon released me about 8 weeks after the 2d operation and allowed me to "go back to my reg. activities" about 7 weeks after. My gp was furious and said "no way" when I saw him at 8 weeks after. He restricted me back to more rest, and no lifting or carrying anything heavier than 10 lbs for AT LEAST 6 months. He also reminded me the procedure had been performed LESS than 2 months earlier, although I didn't need to be told. He agreed to take over my care as most surgeons are more the "slash and dash" types. I called the surgeon that day and relayed (without the slash and dash comment) what the gp had said and he RELEASED ME!?!?!? OVER THE PHONE?!?!? He's not seen me again! I called the gp today, he will see me Thursday, but I have to wonder, DOES THIS SOUND LIKE THE MESH?!?!

Gilbert, AZ

#4448 Sep 7, 2011

FROM MY OWN HELLISH EXPERIENCE FROM THE HERNIA MESH, I WOULD SAY YES YOU ARE OR HAVE EXPEREINCED SMALL BOWEL OBSTRUCTION (LOWER BOWEL) CAUSED BY THE INFLAMMATION AND ADHESIONS FROM THE MESH. My body was rejecting the mesh from the beginning, it caused seroma, began experiencing hives and odd auto-immune disorders (just was diagnosed with several endocrine disorders). I had the mesh in my body for six yrs, it was recalled 5 1/2 yrs ago but my surgeon never told me of such recall even though I went to him 7 additional times to complain of my pain and digestive disorders. I was referred and checked and tested by a GI specialist, nothing was found. I kept insisting it's the mesh because after all it is MY body, so I know how I felt prior to the mesh implant and after the mesh implant. These surgeons will never ever admit the mesh could be causing it fear of litigation. They will ignore until statute of limitation runs out. I was hospitalized for severe abdominal pain and several small bowel obstruction, vomitting green stuff is not fun...NG tube therapy for a week in a hosp. is no fun either. I probably had 30 doctors in and out of the hospital and tell me my tests, including CT scans that show "no etiology" for my condition. Yeah right! After I suffered for 6 yrs and have had problems from another implant, I finally sought answers via internet. I finally end up going to UCLA and the doctors who took a look at the exact same CT scans that several of AZ doctors told me nothing was found to be abnormal but the UCLA doctor tells me immediately from just looking at the CT scans, he could tell I'm suffering from chronic small bowel obstruction, obviously partial but at times it probably is full obstruction which would send me to the ER or I'll have to literally push the food down for hours. Sometimes, I would eat someting and suffer for 3 days, will just cry and massage my lower belly. Looking back, it was food stuck between the adhesions from the mesh and or infections/inflammations which required me to push the food down. If I didn't then I would end up in the hospital. I've learned the doctors who knew the mesh was causing my ailments, still would not verbally tell me that was the case, I'm assuming they did not want to get supoenaed (sp). Anyways, yes do more research online, there are several doctors who do not believe in mesh hernia surgeries and also is experienced in removing the meshes. AZ is a 5th largest city in the nation yet I could not find a doctor expereinced enough to have it removed so I ended up going out to UCLA. There is a female doctor from Cedar Sinai in LA who is the President or something like that, that will remove it and very well knowledgeable. It was recently noted the mesh, basically the plastic chemical leaching into our system attacks the endocrine system (hormones) and is known to cause havoc with the immune system. Did I tell you I have an auto-immune disorder diagnosed after the mesh and just last week diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency and is being tested for rest of my endocrine system, since I gained 45lbs in less then 8 mos, my body is not regulating sugar, salt or potassium which is all controlled by the endocrine system. So yeah, this mesh in our body is literally poisoning us, slowly. Please do not trust most doctors, they are not created equal. They are not trained equal nor is capable of learning equally, hense can't treat you as the best ones out there.
May God help you and all of us.... judgement day will come to those doctors who did this to us and then refused to help us and made us out to feel like we are crazy.

Houston, TX

#4449 Sep 7, 2011
Julie wrote:
I had an umbilical hernia repair in 2005. I dont know what type of mesh was used. I have had abdominal pain, constipation and then diahrea. Recently I was in the emergency room with severe pain in my addomen and they thought it was my appendix. It turned out not to be. I have had catscan after catscan and nothing turns out. I finally found a doctor to care and he is going to remove the hernia mesh patch. If anyone has had this done please let me know how it went and how difficult it was to recover from.
I also had mesh for hernia repair, and I have suffered infection for 3 yrs. This yr had resulted in abcesses, which I take antibiotics till I can take the time off for another surgery,.

Palouse, WA

#4450 Sep 7, 2011
My pain is getting so bad that I have even consulted a surgeon in the Dominican Republic to have the mesh removed! I can not get anywhere with the doc's here- they all want an ENORMOUS amount upfront- because I no longer have medical insurance. And at last look my patch has not been recalled as of yet- I have 11 tears, my bowels have torn 2 times now and at the moment I have a 4 1/2 inch lump off the left side where my small intestine and bowel are stuck in the wall. I just want to get rid of the pain- and if going to some other country and taking the chance of infection is all I can do then I am gonna try. Seriously nothing could be as bad as crying everyday, not using the bathroom and not being able hold my 2 1/2 yr old!
river rat

Winona, MN

#4451 Sep 8, 2011
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concerned kid

Saint Paul, MN

#4452 Sep 8, 2011
My mother in law got a Parietex hernia patch 2 years ago and complains daily about stomach pain..she walks around holding her stomach all the time...Is this a recalled patch??
river rat

Winona, MN

#4453 Sep 8, 2011
wish my git was nise

Sioux Falls, SD

#4454 Sep 8, 2011
YES! the parietex mesh has been recalled. As should all of these products.

Osceola, MO

#4455 Sep 9, 2011
kugel mesh phone cofrence next friday.

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