Marlex Hernia Mesh Patch (Davol Bard ...
ken griffiths

Sherwood Park, Canada

#83 Feb 11, 2012
I wanted ''in'' on the class action lawsuit against my mesh but they told me i did not qualify because mine was a neoprene and not a kugel. Constant bloating since 5 hernia left inguinal repairs and pain out-of -control I found zanaflex to help sleep and provide at least relief to relax muscles for beter evacuations. I wake up frequently at night and find myself in HELL. and cannot go back to sleep. The hot water bottle helps minimally and percodans but sleep is difficult and pain always between 4-10 Gabapentin, topomax, lyrica are useless for me--also i had radical left inguinal nerve and femoral nerve dissections Docs want to perscribe more heavy duty drugs but the side effects are horrible Some of you may benefit from Zanoflex especially at bedtime. I at least get some sleep with this muscle relaxant. Sorry for all of you with mesh/ implants etc. I feel for you cuz i know the hell ive been in since 1985

San Diego, CA

#84 Feb 11, 2012
Not one Lawyer i called will have anything to do with even the Kugel mesh. they say i didn't have the ring breakage. i suffer so much too. Surgeon i went to last year said i would be is more serious problems having it fixed. i feel like scar tissue grown all around my intestins. getting worst every year. they are so many having this. they say i have to live with this. good luck. i am thinking of calling him again just to see if he could release some of my pain by cleaning out some of the scar tissue. i just want to feel better.

Alexandria, VA

#85 Feb 13, 2012
I don't see anyone with my pain issues here but hoping to find answers all the same. Umbilicus hernia repair above the belly button in 2006ish I think. I can't sleep at night because I have intense pain above the belly button that shoots up into my chest and around to my back. I can't take a deep breath. My body just shuts the breath down due to the pain. It doesn't matter what side I lay on. I'm up all night peeing because I think that will relieve the pressure. Sometimes it helps. I'm hunched over taking little gasps of air on the way to the toilet. During the day I don't have so much trouble unless my bladder gets full. I feel the implant and I can feel a distinct circular boundry with a dot on top. This pain shoots and hurts under my left breast with a pulsating nerve pain sensation. Nothing on the mammos. I believe its all related to the hernia repair.

San Diego, CA

#86 Feb 13, 2012
It's relate for sure. i get pain like that all the time. i am never without pain. and when i get sick. all my sick feelings go to the mesh. the mesh will just throb. now i fell like my scar tissue has or is wrapping around my spine. even my kidney dr said he can feel my scar tissue like a rope from my back bone to past my hip in my weist. i take a pain pill every morning for my knee. but now it's more for the mesh. i take one at night to. i can't do anything for to long with out pain in that area. walking, sitting. or houswork.i had a left flank incesional hernia in 2002 repair.

Atlanta, GA

#87 Feb 13, 2012
I'm a 49 year old male that started having hernia surgery in 1997 both sides 6 mounths later blew out rt. side had repair since then I've had continuious pain ,a nerve block 5 colonostomies,Ive asked primary care&specialists if this mesh I have is the problem and have got the run around after $1,oooo's in co-pays, medication that does not work and missed time from work . I recently went to anougther surgen who look at my latest cat scan and told me I had too much mesh inside me and that I have to start with yet anouther start is cycle over again 2-10-12 had henia repair to left side .I emailed hospital in Va. to try and get infomation on 1st surgery no response yet.I could use any suggestions out there this is just wearing me out.

Peoria, AZ

#89 Mar 24, 2012
djbds wrote:
Continued from ABOVE…I’m only 30…been living a life of chronic pain for 6 years now and Im sick and tired of it. I have future medical provision from a workers comp settlement, but I also was left with tens of thousands in debt from medical bills the WC insurer refuses to pay to this day. I went into arbitration against KAISER, particularly towards the surgeon who performed my first 3 operations…it was the LONGEST arbitration proceeding in KAISER HISTORY…with over 7 expert testimonies that firmly concluded that my treatment and surgeries fell well below the standard of care in ALL 3 operations, including several clear acts of malpractice. My primary expert testimony (Dr Lawrence Danto…former head ESH REMOVAL was NEVER offered to me throughout my treatment regimens.
If I had to review the list of problems I’ve experienced related to my mesh repairs, I would need a novel. Everything from debilitating pain strikes to electrocution or burning sensations, to hypersensitivity with concurrent numbness, to crawling skin with temperature hypersensitivity, from debilitating bowel/GI pain to destructive genital pain destroying my ability to have a healthy sex life…all of this pain is widespread from my mid front/inner thigh (R) to my hip/mid abdomen…over bilateral to genitalia/rectal region…to L groin/mid abdomen/hip.
I started experiencing postural headaches followed by hemi-paralysis attacks over one year ago. Myelogram confirmed CSF leak @ site of SCS paddle implant. St Jude Medical firmly denies that their products have ANYTHING to do with my problems (even though, as a REPRESENTATIVE for the company, I have actually done media TV spots for them, been featured on their website, and I am one of less than a dozen total patient ambassadors for the company).
I will be going in for SURGERY #11 (Spinal Cord Stim system removal with laminectomy above T11) before 2012…that’s ELEVEN major operations in less than 7 years…ALL starting with a R, then L…inguinal hernia repairs using MARLEX MESH.
MY STORY GETS MUCH MORE COMPLEX THAN THIS…so if you think its worth DIVING into the depths of medical HELL with me, be my guest!! My story is not for the faint of heart…there are MANY disturbing recollections and I’ve PHOTO DOCUMENTED many of my surgery wounds…you will get ILL just taking one look, guaranteed.
BY THE WAY…that Arbitration against Kaiser? Yea, I lost it…because the arbitrator decided that he “did not feel that Dr S did anything wrong.” Yea, that was his conclusion after extensive review of the longest proceeding in Kaiser history, with 7 of 8 expert testimonies favoring me (#8 did not rule in Kaiser’s favor, they just did not FULLY support our argument). The day following the arbitration, the arbitrator had the FULL taped recording of the ENTIRE arbitration proceeding DESTROYED, therefore, NO record of the proceeding exists except for an arbitrators verdict and loads of depositions/testimonies.
IF YOU COULD HELP ME OUT…PLEASE…sign my petition. I need MASS amounts of signatures…I believe you all feel that these device companies should be RESPONSIBLE, so I encourage you to SIGN!!
BY THE WAY, I have MASS amounts of documentation regarding inguinodynia and meshoma…from the highest regarded doctors in the business…so if ANYONE needs ammunition for their “case,” once that day comes…feel free to contact me!!
The meshes are evolving continuously. Biologics do have some advantage over prosthetic meshes. I would recommend the following, lose wt, better control of diabetes, healthy life style, exercise daily and quit smoking.. Then chances of hernia repair improve considerably. I do this procedure and that is what u can do at your end. Then find one of the hernia experts..

Dallas, TX

#90 Apr 12, 2012
I have a Marlex Mesh Implant for a denervation of my abdominal wall. A complication from a flank incesion made while removing a tumor from my spine.
The past six months I have been experiencing sharp pains in the area and a strange sensation of movement,where the Marlex was implanted.
The Clark Law firm is not handeling this type of mesh.
any other suggestions would be appreciated.
Rob Indiana

Nineveh, IN

#91 Apr 25, 2012
Hi, I am a litigation paralegal for a small firm. We have just launched a law suit against the doctor, the hospital, and the makers of the mesh (Bard, Inc.). We have found that this mesh is quite deadly and most doctors blame other symptoms for the trouble they cause. The reality is that they, doctors, merely cover up their misstakes while Bard Inc. hides behind a bunch of legal crap. Our client has been diagnosed with less thna 6 months to live from a hernia surgery that was done in 2010. She has had 4 layers of mesh placed over each other in the course of 2 years. It has began attaching itself to her organs and moving in such a way as to roll up and form a hard edge in her abdomen. This woman has decided to stand up to the goliath company and fight for what was done to her. yes, there are other attorneys who wil fight for you and no, I don't know if they are any good. However, I do know that if you look for an attorney who has the fire of fight in his eye then I would tell you to fight for it but if they don't truly care about you and your illness then keep searching. If you are in Indiana then I would be more than happy to show you who I would recommend, not just our firm, but there are others whom I would suggest. Please email [email protected] if you need advise.
karen Brookst

Savage, MN

#92 Apr 25, 2012
I was told that I was out of the statu of limitations! I suffer from my work not understanding of my illness. I was inffected from 1996 to 2009. I am a single parent and lost numerous hours off work. I went to an attorney and he told me not to make a living off law suties. That is not what I am seeking. I am being punished for the mesh and also losing time from work. It is a no win situation! I know God is on my side and if the doctors that did me an injust they will pay! Maybe not here on earth but they will pay!
karen Brookst

Savage, MN

#93 Apr 25, 2012
My mesh was replaced with what they called human material. I sought attonery's advice and was told not to make a living off medical malpratice suites. I wish I could help. That is all the information I have. If anyone has more please let me know

Needham, MA

#94 Jun 19, 2012
I too am a recent victim of the Marlex mesh. I had a hernia repair in 2006 and in June of 2012 I had emergency surgery .The mesh was infected and I spent a week in the hospital. I cannot believe that with all the problems reported that there is no class action suit on our behalf.

Since: Dec 11

Staten Island, NY

#95 Jun 19, 2012
I have too have a large mesh, two sheets, in my abdomen. I also have many other health issues and now have been diagnosed with different infections that are intracellular. It's a battle cause my netting has ripped and anchors on top gone and muscle split open in the center. The bottom is holding, but I know it's not the only cause of my problems, but it's a large part. There have been class action suits and there are more, but people aren't getting what the injury is truly worth. This destroys your life. Key is detoxing out the polypropylene that is going into us every day, eat good organic food, juicing (organic only) A Good time to learn about natural medicine, nutrition and all its benefits.

Link to the other message board with so many more people hurt by this mesh.

"Hernia Mesh Patch Recall - FDA Warns of Death and Serious Healt..."
Chris Richards

Quesnel, Canada

#96 Jun 25, 2012
Since having the surgery with Marlex Mesh in Dec of 2004 and all I can say is I have had twinges of pain every day since then. Some days worse than others. I also recognise that tearing sensation too.
ken griffiths

Sherwood Park, Canada

#97 Jul 17, 2012
glenda wrote:
hello lou
i had myhernia repair done one in 1991 and one in 1994 i have been going through hell with this for 17 years so many infections its a shame they wait till 2006 to recall these marlex meshes i have so much pain in my stomach its gotton so bad that the pain is causing my right kidney to bother me i cant sleep at night i have a doctors appt next week to find out whats going on if any good news ill get back to u ok
Hi Glenda, Having had 5 hernia left surgeries w/ nerve dissection and mesh--i can empathize with you. I found the muscle relaxant ''Zanaflex'' to help me sleep together with Percodan or percocets. I can at leasst fall asleep even with hellish pain--maybe itll help you! Take care

Sparks, OK

#98 Jul 17, 2012
I had a marlex plug put in both sides of my groin in 2008. I have suffered severe pain in my abdomen, groin and every other inch of that area since. The pain is a burning, stinging, tearing and shooting pain down my leg and into my back. I am not able to function some days. The pain will take me to my knees. I have had a series of steroid injections and they caused more pain that the problem itself. I have seen 2 different surgeons. The first wouldn't even consider surgery to fix the problem. The second said that he could remove the plug and clean up the scar tissue, but that he would have to use a different kind of mesh to fix the hernia again, the right way he said. He said the plug is a terrible way of fixing the hernia because it isn't flexible and that it will move out of place and cause problems (like it has done to me). He said that I will suffer permanent nerve loss from that area. Being near my groin, this is just not a good option either. I am 38 years old with a young daughter. This pain has ruined my life.

North Brunswick, NJ

#99 Jul 30, 2012
I have read that the marlex mesh NAME was changed multiple times to avoid legal action so it might have another name now. In addition, alawyer told me that there was medical evidence that the mesh should not be used in female inguinal hernia repairs because the inguinal canal is too narrow.

I had a right inguinal hernia repair, with marlex mesh, in 1994, after which I suffered bradycardia. A hysterectomy, nerve transection , multiple nerve blocks,treatments, and finally mesh removal in 1996, and one more mesh related neuroma surgery1999).Constant bladder and neuritis issues still exist. Pathological results stated that there was a giant cell reaction to the mesh.

I had the mesh removed at Mt Sinai Medical Center in NYC for those of you who need relief.( I initially saw a neurologist there and was referred to the surgeon.)

Send email to [email protected] regarding your mesh questions and complaints and be sure to register a formal complaint on their site.

Albany, GA

#100 Aug 24, 2012
Lou wrote:
Hello my name is Lou and I had a Ventral Hernia operation back in July 2006, in which they used a Davol Bard Composix/Marlex hernia mesh patch. Within 10 days from the surgery I had severe abdominal pain and discomfort in addition to the scar I have 4 major wounds a good 3-5 inches deep that discharge blood and fluids everyday all day. Some heal then abscess again within 2-3 days. Due to the patch I have suffered an extreme financial, work, and social loss. In addition to having depression and stress for almost 2 yrs with not one doctor telling me what is going on and blaming it all on my Adult Type 2 Diabetes.
I have cut myself several times (construction) some worse than others, all over my body without any issue of healing...I had a deep cut above the would from sheetrock and it healed in no time and stayed healed for 8 months now...I believe from doing my own research I have some form of chronic enteric fistula due to the type of mesh that was used to fix my hernia. I take 3600mg + in antibiotics...and I still have constant bacterial infections. I have been to 2 different wound clinics...used the wound vac for 3+ months with no help from it I turned it back in due to daily costs and upkeep. Doctors seem to not really say what is going on...they want to take the mesh out but nobody will say what they are replacing it with...I feel the synthetic of the mesh is what is wrong with me...if anyone has had similar issues please let me know. I could really use your help in obtaining any information you might have maybe directly dealing with this or knowing someone who has. Also if you have had to have it removed what did they replace it with? Or if you have sued who have you used as a Law Firm to represent your case…Thank you all so much for listening to me and best of luck for everyone going through this! I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy :)
who='rolondamarshall']Hello my name is rolondamarshall.I have had a Ventral Hernia operation in jan.2011. which the doctor had placed a Marlex Mesh inside of me which i later had develop a infection.which the doctor had to perform a emergency operation to take it out of me.then later i had develop a Fistula because of this procedure which lasts for one year. so i need a lawyer who can take my case. i also need the phone number of this lawyer please call me soon.i will give u the number as soon as you reply back.
Mike m

United States

#101 Oct 22, 2012
I had operation dec 09 they put medium atrium mesh plug inanchored with2-0 prolene suture then put patch of marlex over top for repair of left inguinal hernia.ive had pain ever since mris 3 diffdrent docs check it they did cortisone shots nothing helps pain walkin workin sleeping been tryin to live with it cause they say if i have surgery to get it out i have good chance loosing left testicle what the heck do u do
ken griffiths

Sherwood Park, Canada

#102 Nov 3, 2012
Those with mesh inside for hernia repairs [ i had 5 of them and femoral nerve dissection and inguinal nerve dissection---] with mesh inside you will NEVER GET BETTER-this i know---only thing you can do is take narcotic meds, muscle relaxants and or tegretol, gabapentin in combinations. zanaflex & percodan have helped me--but for sure ive really struggled with insomnia and pain since 1985 Ifu ever get a hernia surgery--never allow them to put in a mesh---it will disable you

North Hollywood, CA

#103 Nov 6, 2012
I had a tram flap which is when the dr, takes muscles and blood vesses from my stomach to rebuild a mascetomy. I have protruding, pain, can't walk fast, cough, laugh hard or wear pants that have a zipper. Has anybody heard of this?

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