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Myrtle Beach, SC

#62 Aug 15, 2011
I had hernia repair in 2007 useing Marlex mesh. shortly after having the surgery I started having severe abdominal pain. I went to the ER several times and back to the surgeon that had done the operation and was told he could not help me. In 2011 I had taken all I could stand. I went to see a doctor at MUSC in Charleston SC. The doctor told my wife the mesh had caused such severe damage that he was not sure he could repair it. I almost died if it had not been for GOD I would be dead. The mesh is faulty and need to be recalled so no one else will be hurt or killed by it.

Montrose, MI

#63 Aug 18, 2011
I'm trying to find out information. A friend had hernia surgery in April of 2005. He had the Marlex Mesh. He is having a lot of complications. Abdominal swelling, pain beyond belief & numerous other complications. He went to the hospital today to find out what is going on. I'm looking to see if there is a lawsuit involving Marlex Mesh. If there are others my friend would like to find out about how to start a lawsuit. He is going through hell right now & has been for a while.

San Diego, CA

#64 Aug 18, 2011
I had the Kugel Mesh in 2002. i haven't felt good sense. this last year has been the worst. in the last 8 years i have had 3 cokonoscopys, vaginal ultrasound, ct scan and the surgeon i saw last week said nothing was there to show my mesh failed or another hernia. i have pain night and day, he said he wants me to see a nerve specialist now. i feel i have a big lump inside of me where they did the hernia surgery. i also feel i have scar tissue. the Dr just push this a side and i also read on the compter last montgh that my mesh was recalled. Dr pushed that a side to and my surgeon that did the surgery in 2002 retired in 06'. has anyone helped you yet. also my stomach is buloted to and i was sick with and still am with diarrhea, and sometimes voimiting. i feel like somthing inside of me is going to burst. would love to know how your doing now?
Debbie wrote:
Hi, I had hernia surgery on Feb. 15,2007, they used the large Kugel Mesh,( which was already recalled then). For a year I was in so much pain, and so sick I thought I was going to die. I kept going back to the surgeon and he told me that it was adhesions causing the pain. Then I learned about the recall of this patch and asked my doctor and he told me that I did not have that kind of patch. So I called the hospital and requested all my records for the week that I was in the hospial. Sure enough it was right in my records that they used the Large Kugel Mesh Patch that was recalled. So I got me an lawyer. He contacted the doctor for the serial number of the patch and it was the recal patch. So Doctors do and will lie. I called my doctor back and told him the pain that I was having and how sick I still was and how I felt something moving around in my stomach all the time, he told me that he needs to do surgery because I have another hernia. And then also tells me about my patch being all wrinkled up. Mean while the lawyer pulls my records from the doctor, talking about being mad, wow was he ever. So I had the patch out on January 17, 2008, and still sick with pain, nausea, throwing up and infection. I have been trying to just survive but it is so hard when you have pain daily, they have taken my life. All because Of C.R.Bard. Thanks
david b ford

Bayfield, CO

#65 Aug 26, 2011
I read all comments but you never add the ref number or the lot numbers that is what most people need

San Diego, CA

#66 Aug 31, 2011
david b ford wrote:
I read all comments but you never add the ref number or the lot numbers that is what most people need
My Lot # on the Bard Kugel mesh is 43AMD217..ref # is 0112720. you need to get your medical records and its on there. Went to another Surgeon and he said it's my mesh and i have nerve damage now. he was wonderful and exsplained everything to me, but said he can't remove the mesh because i would be in more pain and it would cause another hernia. this has been awful for everyone that is going through this. The other surgeon said i had to live with this and take pain pills, which i do.i just need to think this out and get a lawyer. i have throwing up as well as some i read about and diahrrea at times. but feeling like medal coming thru and a heavey bluges in my stomach and back pain.


Soria, Spain

#67 Oct 8, 2011
Kerri-Long Island- NY wrote:
<quoted text>
Hi Lou, My father in-law has almost exactly the same case as you've described. I'm not sure how old you are, but he is 72 and has a very bad heart. He's had 2 massive heart attacks. He is afraid to have the surgery done again, but this seems to be the only option. I'm wondering if you've had any luck with your situation that could perhaps help us with ours. I hope you are doing well. Thank you for your time.
I had a double Marlex hernia iguinal mesh inserted in 2007 had problems from day one, pain. crumpling of the mesh, pulling one one side, distortion and my stomach look like a piece of crumpled carton. A doctor operated in 2010 and removed some of the mesh it is very difficult because it all becomes part of you, the peritoneum the fascia and the mesh all bind together, but apart from the complications I had I must say that this month is one year after the op AND i AM BEGINNING to feel 50 percent better, not so much corrugated cafrton feeling, not so ,much pain in standing, shuffling shopping is the worst and take pain killers very little. It is now one year and I feel 60 percent better for having some of this mesh removed, it could not all be removed. WiTH PATIENCE i BELIEVE THE BODY WILL TAKE OVER and give some help. Hope this is some help I am 70 mand didnt need this at my time of life either, good luck

Soria, Spain

#68 Oct 8, 2011
also my stomach would swell to such an extent I LOOKED LIKE A NINE MONTH PREGNANT mUM YEH AT 70 NOT GOOD FOR THE IMAGE,

San Diego, CA

#69 Oct 27, 2011
kathy wrote:
also my stomach would swell to such an extent I LOOKED LIKE A NINE MONTH PREGNANT mUM YEH AT 70 NOT GOOD FOR THE IMAGE,

United States

#70 Oct 29, 2011
Lou wrote:
Hello my name is Lou and I had a Ventral Hernia operation back in July 2006, in which they used a Davol Bard Composix/Marlex hernia mesh patch. Within 10 days from the surgery I had severe abdominal pain and discomfort in addition to the scar I have 4 major wounds a good 3-5 inches deep that discharge blood and fluids everyday all day. Some heal then abscess again within 2-3 days. Due to the patch I have suffered an extreme financial, work, and social loss. In addition to having depression and stress for almost 2 yrs with not one doctor telling me what is going on and blaming it all on my Adult Type 2 Diabetes.
I have cut myself several times (construction) some worse than others, all over my body without any issue of healing...I had a deep cut above the would from sheetrock and it healed in no time and stayed healed for 8 months now...I believe from doing my own research I have some form of chronic enteric fistula due to the type of mesh that was used to fix my hernia. I take 3600mg + in antibiotics...and I still have constant bacterial infections. I have been to 2 different wound clinics...used the wound vac for 3+ months with no help from it I turned it back in due to daily costs and upkeep. Doctors seem to not really say what is going on...they want to take the mesh out but nobody will say what they are replacing it with...I feel the synthetic of the mesh is what is wrong with me...if anyone has had similar issues please let me know. I could really use your help in obtaining any information you might have maybe directly dealing with this or knowing someone who has. Also if you have had to have it removed what did they replace it with? Or if you have sued who have you used as a Law Firm to represent your case…Thank you all so much for listening to me and best of luck for everyone going through this! I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy :)
I know this has been a while since this has been posted. But have you found relief from this. I've got this mesh, Bard Marlex put in for a vault supension in April 2011. Now I'm going thru a lot of pain and other symtoms. I've been doing a lot of investigation on the net about others who are having trouble w/ this mesh. Can you give me some updates about a lawyer etc.. for I'm in the process to in hiring a lawyer.. the dr. neglect did not fully explaining this product. Could you email me at [email protected] Thanks and hopefully hearing back from you.

Ogden, UT

#71 Nov 3, 2011
I hsd marlex mesh wrapped around my trachea & it worked it's way through in a few days, killing the back wall of my trachea. The dr was trying to add support to a weak trachea (malacia) but I believe only divine intervention kept me alive. I now live with a painful endotrscheal stent & my current Drs think the mesh may one day start to damage the esophagus so I won't be able to eat. This mesh may not hurt every patient but it has severely affected me! They can't remove it because it has already imbedded itself clear through my trachea. What do I do now? I'm very worried plus I think the mesh is the source of the constant pain in my throat! I don't think that my original surgeon had ANY idea that mesh could do this. He was very surprised.

Carmichael, CA

#73 Nov 15, 2011
Continued from ABOVE…I’m only 30…been living a life of chronic pain for 6 years now and Im sick and tired of it. I have future medical provision from a workers comp settlement, but I also was left with tens of thousands in debt from medical bills the WC insurer refuses to pay to this day. I went into arbitration against KAISER, particularly towards the surgeon who performed my first 3 operations…it was the LONGEST arbitration proceeding in KAISER HISTORY…with over 7 expert testimonies that firmly concluded that my treatment and surgeries fell well below the standard of care in ALL 3 operations, including several clear acts of malpractice. My primary expert testimony (Dr Lawrence Danto…former head of surgery as a professor at UC Davis) said that discovery of granuloma tissue formed around my hernia mesh bodies, in addition to the discovery of a large neuroma formation at the distal end of one R inguinal nerve body (that was excised during neurectomy); were proof enough, that I was experiencing severe “meshoma” complications that would only get drastically worse and may only be alleviated by mesh removal. MESH REMOVAL was NEVER offered to me throughout my treatment regimens.
If I had to review the list of problems I’ve experienced related to my mesh repairs, I would need a novel. Everything from debilitating pain strikes to electrocution or burning sensations, to hypersensitivity with concurrent numbness, to crawling skin with temperature hypersensitivity, from debilitating bowel/GI pain to destructive genital pain destroying my ability to have a healthy sex life…all of this pain is widespread from my mid front/inner thigh (R) to my hip/mid abdomen…over bilateral to genitalia/rectal region…to L groin/mid abdomen/hip.
I started experiencing postural headaches followed by hemi-paralysis attacks over one year ago. Myelogram confirmed CSF leak @ site of SCS paddle implant. St Jude Medical firmly denies that their products have ANYTHING to do with my problems (even though, as a REPRESENTATIVE for the company, I have actually done media TV spots for them, been featured on their website, and I am one of less than a dozen total patient ambassadors for the company).

I will be going in for SURGERY #11 (Spinal Cord Stim system removal with laminectomy above T11) before 2012…that’s ELEVEN major operations in less than 7 years…ALL starting with a R, then L…inguinal hernia repairs using MARLEX MESH.

MY STORY GETS MUCH MORE COMPLEX THAN THIS…so if you think its worth DIVING into the depths of medical HELL with me, be my guest!! My story is not for the faint of heart…there are MANY disturbing recollections and I’ve PHOTO DOCUMENTED many of my surgery wounds…you will get ILL just taking one look, guaranteed.

BY THE WAY…that Arbitration against Kaiser? Yea, I lost it…because the arbitrator decided that he “did not feel that Dr S did anything wrong.” Yea, that was his conclusion after extensive review of the longest proceeding in Kaiser history, with 7 of 8 expert testimonies favoring me (#8 did not rule in Kaiser’s favor, they just did not FULLY support our argument). The day following the arbitration, the arbitrator had the FULL taped recording of the ENTIRE arbitration proceeding DESTROYED, therefore, NO record of the proceeding exists except for an arbitrators verdict and loads of depositions/testimonies.

IF YOU COULD HELP ME OUT…PLEASE…sign my petition. I need MASS amounts of signatures…I believe you all feel that these device companies should be RESPONSIBLE, so I encourage you to SIGN!!

BY THE WAY, I have MASS amounts of documentation regarding inguinodynia and meshoma…from the highest regarded doctors in the business…so if ANYONE needs ammunition for their “case,” once that day comes…feel free to contact me!!

Since: Nov 11

Carmichael, CA

#74 Nov 25, 2011

WE NEED me, without a SHOW OF FORCE, we are unlikely to even be given the opportunity to fight for our cause!!

PLEASE HELP...I just spent Thanksgiving BY MYSELF...because I am having paralysis attacks caused by a faulty device implant. This isn't some sob story, this is REAL LIFE.

I just ran across this quote...think about it...

"It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience."

~Julius Caesar
Donna Ingalls

United States

#75 Dec 6, 2011
This only allows me 4000 charactors? My story is too long. After having several hernia repairs with marlex mesh after having my son in 1992, I had complications of not healing and was told because I was fat, my fat was liquifying. IT was an actual rejection of the mesh. I also had an abdominal wall infection another time. 3/3/09 I had an abcess that began draining in my belly, followed with emergency surgery, abcess as big as my 22 year old son's head! It healed up remarkably except now for past 2 years, it is a tiny hole about the size of the end of a wooden match stick. I also have a fistula now involving my intestine. This tiny hole drains more and more all the time. It is uncomfortable, embarrassing, I can not work, etc. I have also been ill since they put that first mesh inside of me back in 1992. Of course, the abcess was blamed on my Type 2 diabetes, but, as somebody above mentioned, I heal from everything else. In fact, I believe the infections have been in the mesh a very long time and are in fact what caused my diabetes. Since the abcess burst we know there are 3 infections inside the mesh. I did have a specialist named Yuri Novitsky who was at UCONN here in CT. He moved to Cleveland, OH. Everybody in CT recommended him to me. If you can get to Clevelend, OH hospital, HE is the man to see about this situation. I am currently looking for an attorney to help me with this situation. The marlex mesh has literally ruined my life. They can never truely compensate me for what I have been through, but, a HUGE cash settlement might relieve some of the emotionsl pain and improve my financial situation. I've had meshes that have pulled out , one that collapsed like an accordian. Last time they told me it had to come out again, I refused until they found something different to use. Well, there is pig skin mesh and cow hide mesh. Dr Novitsky was having great success with the pig skin mesh. My "hernia" involved my entire abdominal wall from top of abdoman to bottom. It feels as if mesh is collapsed and poking outward. I have NO abdominal wall down the center of my abdoman and I have bulging again.(In 1992 I delivered an 11 lb 14 oz baby via CSection and I had whopping cough the last 1-2 weeks of pregnancy. This totally shredded my abdominal wall and they pieced it back together as best they could. I was scheduled for surgery at Griffin Hospital here in CT for 12/9/11, but, right now, I have a bad case of thrush and am NOT feeling well. It has to be postponed again. Now looking to January 2012. I noticed nobody has posted since 2009 when my latest ordeal began. If anybody out there has more information for me, let me know. I have NOT enjoyed one moment of my guinni pig status!!! If and when I find a solution to this issue and if I survive it, I will let you all know! Be well and keep everybody informed. Thank you, Donna Ingalls
Donna Ingalls

United States

#76 Dec 6, 2011
Well, here's to my next 4000 charactors in comments. In reading your stories, mine is so similar. As for not feeling well since the first repair. I too have been suffering from relux, chronic diarrhea, abdominal pain, abdominal bloating that is absolutely unreal. Now that there has been an opening, I am not getting as much of the gas which horrible smelling from "both ends". My Veterinarian was the one who told me the meshes were tested in animals and they fudged their results. Animals had high incidents of rejection. And that was what I was going through when the Dr decided it was all my fault for being fat and told me my fat was liquifying. My incision actually burst open after my C-Section, spewing hot liquified fat. It took from beginning of May 1992 til October 1992 for the incision to finally heal shut. Meanwhile I contracted an infection IN the mesh and was told I would become septic and die if the infection got under the mesh. I was blessed, I am still here! I am amazed at my own body being able to heal these complications when so many have never healed. I had a hysterectomy and told the Dr to be careful because my intestines were stuck on the mesh. He quizzed me to how i knew that. I told him every time I exercised, there was such tugging and pulling. If I walked around the block by my house, I came running home having diarrhea! This Dr did admit later that my intestine was stuck to mesh and he just peeled it off. He had to cut through mesh to do the hysterectomy. Again, my body is amazing, because I healed very well from that surgery! Even now with this nearly 3 year ordeal, my body works over time to try to heal something it will take surgical intervention to fix or a miracle. Dr can give me no guarantee what my outcome is going to be. I may end up with a colostomy or ilestomy. Hopefully temporary but no guarantee there either. Anyone planning to undergo surgery for this mesh, needs to know they are risking their lives. I've gotten to the point tho, that after nearly 3 years of draining offensive liquids and materials from my body from a tiny opening, it is well worth the risk. I was told by a previoius Dr this was going to be a long haul to being well again. On 3/3/12 it will officially be 3 years. I thank GOD every day, I am covered in prayers from all religions and many countries. I, myself, am a Christian, yet embrace all major religions. I take a lot of suppliments and vitamins to help me. If anyone is interested, they can contact me here and I will get notification of updates via my email. I don't know about your opinion on this subject, but, I surely was sick and tired of having Dr.'s trying to tell me all my symptoms were "in my head". They keep making comments on my huge bulding abdoman like it's fat. I never had a huge bulging abdoman til they put in the meshes. I feel strongly that all the bloating, gasses, nausea, abdominal pain and lower back pain are complications from this mesh. I also have a huge curvature in my spine from the bulging. I will contine to add as much information as I can and also compare my situation with others on here as I slowly read through all the posts. TY for reading and for posting. I think this is the best way we can help ourselves. Information and sharing ! Thanks again, am almost out of "charactors" to use here.:)
Donna Ingalls

United States

#77 Dec 6, 2011
kathy wrote:
also my stomach would swell to such an extent I LOOKED LIKE A NINE MONTH PREGNANT mUM YEH AT 70 NOT GOOD FOR THE IMAGE,
Since the Dr put in my mesh, the bloating and "pregnant" look has been getting worse. Evrybody says how I look pregnant. I wouldn't mind, but. there is no baby involved. Just an awful mesh that must be removed and replaced! Hopefully by pig skin mesh!

San Diego, CA

#78 Dec 6, 2011
Donna Ingalls wrote:
<quoted text>
Since the Dr put in my mesh, the bloating and "pregnant" look has been getting worse. Evrybody says how I look pregnant. I wouldn't mind, but. there is no baby involved. Just an awful mesh that must be removed and replaced! Hopefully by pig skin mesh!
I have the Kuge Bard Mesh in 2002. i don't have the draining from my stomach. but i have the pulling around the mesh, bloating, diahrrea, constpation, Nasuesa, sometimes throwing up. i have complained sense day on and never knew it was the mesh until last June when i went to the hospital and got my medical records. does anyone have trouble with the Kugel Mesh? i have been to two surgeons and one said it's my mesh, but he said not to touch it. i told my husband sometimes i feel like ripping it out so i have some reliefe from the discomfor. my back always hurts to and when i read about the last story of it rapping around her spine that's how i feel. i only hear about the Marlex Hernia Mesh Patch. does that also mean the Kugel Bard Davol mesh?

Taylors, SC

#79 Dec 29, 2011
Hi all!!! Could use helpful info please. In 08 I had my first incisional hernia surgery the surgeon using a polyester mesh that i instantly began having a bad reaction to. After months of pain and sickness I found a surgeon that only performs hernia surgeries. He immediately insisted my body was rejection and to take out materials. He had to open me in order to take all out but didn't have to replace, until my year check up when it returned... Jan 11 I had another surgery to place polyurethane which is suppose to be the best material, I got sick from anesthesia and it ripped causing doc to go back in to reintact mesh causing a week stay in hospital. About 2 months ago I started having severe pain in the same area along with constant nausea... What can this be??? My quality of life is gone and I am only 36;(
kathy phillips

London, UK

#80 Jan 6, 2012
i had epigstric hernia repair done last year march
2010 and returned to work for 2 months after which i notice i was getting serious dioreah and cramps, i to have had all types of colonoscopy and sidnoidoscopy and also a ct scan which show nothing but have movments in the area of the operation and lots of pain. Somtimes you can actually see the lump get bigger,i to think now the doctors belive it all in my head i hav'nt worked since july 2010 and really am fed up with them not finding anything when i no somyhing is'nt right. I had previously worked for my employer for 11years with only miner illness, where do i go from here i really feel i need to no why this is happening.

San Diego, CA

#81 Jan 6, 2012
kathy Dr's feel that way because a dr invented the mesh. Dr Kugel. i get sick all the time and mind was done in 2002. i have burning, sick to my stomach, dierhrea, sometime voimiting. and no one listen to me. i get sick all over. i was told its my mesh but there was nothing they could do for me. not even a Lawyer will listen. they say will you don't have a ring in your Kugel Bard Mesh.i also live with that part of my stomach larger and sticking out. i can feel metal trying to works its way out of my stomach. i had a left flank incisioal hernia surgery in 2002. as the years have gone by i have gotten worst. people on here need to let all of us know if anyone is helping with at lease a class action.
mariam salas

Albuquerque, NM

#82 Feb 1, 2012
Can anyone refer me to attorneys handling mesh cases in New Mexico my email is [email protected]

Thank you

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