The great patriotic Edward Snowden did for the American people and the world more than many Americans who go blind after Obama's conspiracy and lies against the American constitution. American Evidently, the NSA conspiracy to take control of the internet of the large Internet companies means ruling not only every e-mail or test message, pictures, u-tube videos of the each and every American but also controlling people around the world including Britain, Israel, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and other countries around the world that uses companies such as Google, Yahoo. The NSA conspiracy means that Obama will assume more power over each and every American and everyone who uses internet around the world by recording every word spoken and every word written by each and every American, Brits, French, Italian, and Israeli and keep it in large storage where it can be selected and used against the people. Most American do not care about the fact that the corrupt American Congress including the delusional McCain, Graham, King and others are behind the anti-American conspiracy to trash the US Constitution and deny basic human right, liberty, freedom according to the forth Amendment. However, the American people will fight their oppressors in the Obama regime and US Congress and will go to the Supreme Court to fight for the American Constitution.