Arrest illegal immigrants who rally a...

Arrest illegal immigrants who rally at the Oregon Capitol

There are 458 comments on the story from Jan 14, 2008, titled Arrest illegal immigrants who rally at the Oregon Capitol. In it, reports that:

National studies estimate the undocumented population in Oregon is somewhere between 150,000 and 175,000. Their family members, fellow Latino supporters, "bleeding hearts" who may have appeared on site ...

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Oregon Is Disgusting

United States

#416 Feb 9, 2009
Yet another dumb cluck from Oregon who has no idea about basic economics. People go away from places where jobs have been destroyed due to the likes of NAFTA and utter corruption and to places where jobs are or, in the case of Oregon, used to be.

Now that Oregon is doing the thing it always does, lead the country in unemployment, illegals and everyone else will flee. Sell this ridiculous despicable state and use the proceeds to stimulate the stimulus.

I know, I know no one will buy Oregon but that shouldn't stop us from trying to foist it off on someone stupider than the typical Oregonian.
Oregon Is Disgusting

United States

#417 Feb 14, 2009
Note the utterly racist rantings of native Oregonians who stole the land from indigenous peoples and then proceeded to pillage it. Oregonians stink to high heaven.

Oregon is absolutely the worst state in the union.
Oregon Is Disgusting

United States

#418 Feb 14, 2009
Oh yes, Real Neil is unemployed again.

Portland, OR

#419 Feb 14, 2009
Hey Flake -- Looking for a butt-lift?

You don’t give a rat’s ass about illegal immigration – You’re nothing (and I Do Mean NOTHING) more than Oregon’s Topix Troll! You jump from one high-hit subject to another attempting to blame your ugliness on something other than yourself or your parents. Yet you (STILL) haven’t the guts, initiative or ingenuity to pack up and leave!

The way I see it - the only thing wrong with “Oregon” is YOU -- You Narcissistic (the first stage of libidinal development, in which the self is an object of erotic pleasure) Troll! But while you’re here, check these out (PAGE 13!):

Part Thirteen:
Fishrmn wrote:
You are a disgrace to this country, and a useless waste of oxygen. Get back to your basement apt. in your parents house, pull out your lotion and dirty mags, and leave the rest of us alone.
Abe Lives wrote:
There is a TROLL a trolling
CitizenJane wrote:
Yep....another TROLL atrolling........
Feel better….. if not, more will be added … that’s if anyone bothers responding to your moldering vomit. And – I’ve been quite productive, you’ve not.

Portland, OR

#420 Feb 14, 2009

"Nineteen-year-old Jesus Alberto Vasquez plead guilty to one count each of attempted first-degree robbery and attempted second-degree robbery (aid and abetting), in addition to two counts each of second-degree theft and unlawful use of a weapon.

One count each of first-degree robbery and unlawful use of a weapon and three counts of menacing were dropped as part of a plea agreement.

The first robbery, carried out by two men, occurred at Everybody's Market, 2113 Portland Road, shortly after midnight on Dec. 2. The second, carried out by three men, occurred at the Newberg Food Mart, 1012 E. First St., about 11 hours later.

The Vasquez brothers allegedly participated in both robberies, Marciniuk only in the second, according to police and court records.
After the brothers entered Everybody's Market, Francisco Vasquez allegedly forced a customer backward several feet to a cooler and held a machete to his neck and chest. Then Jesus Vasquez allegedly demanded the clerk open the cash register and turn over the money as his brother slammed the machete on the counter.

"He (Jesus Vasquez) demanded the money and threatened to bust things up," Wiles said.

Police tried to track the men with a dog. In the process, they recovered a mask they believe one of the brothers was wearing.

About 11 hours later, three men used a machete to rob the Newberg Food Mart. They forced a clerk to open the till, then lie on the floor.

Francisco Vasquez allegedly held the clerk at machete-point while his brother cleaned out the cash register.
Marciniuk, wearing a mask, allegedly provided the machete and participated in the second robbery. He allegedly took some drink items before exiting with the brothers.

"The victims are not here, but they were desirous of the maximum sentence," Wiles said. Chang Suh (one of the clerks) was a friend of a clerk who was shot to death in a robbery in Portland. He said,'We need to stop this."

The sentence also includes three years postprison supervision, but with an Immigration and Customs Enforcement hold hanging over Vasquez, he will be deported when he completes his sentence.

Brother Francisco Javier Vasquez-Reyes, 20, of the same address, indicted on two counts each of first-degree robbery, second-degree robbery and second-degree theft, and three counts each of menacing and unlawful use of a weapon.

He is subject to an ICE hold, as well, so he is being held without bail."
Oregon Is Disgusting

United States

#421 Feb 14, 2009
Real Neil cannot find a job so Real Neil spams Topix and harasses other people.

Washington, DC

#422 Feb 14, 2009
patriot55 wrote:
Deport them all. First the bleeding hearts in oregon were whining about the spotted Owl, now it is the illegals. Don't demonstrate.......deport
Article written by Deanna Tofte depicting her personal story: Deanna Tofte's hard work paid-off again. This time, her work resulted in the arrest of a man charged with sexually abusing two young children and the suspect said "you fu--in american homie, I am a ms-13 and I kill your family and you too you sh---y pig" and the suspect was arrested anyway. But this isn't just Tofte's job, it's her passion and she is against latin kings and ms-13's and calls them whops and garbage and she is right. She lives to bring justice to the young and innocent. She's forced to wear two masks -- one of the detective who must remain professional and one of the mother who cares for the victims as though they were her own. During her career she's covered 1000 abuse cases, but she never tires of protecting children.
Oregon Is Disgusting

United States

#423 Feb 14, 2009

The posts are not getting even creepier.
Oregon Is Disgusting

United States

#424 Feb 14, 2009
That would be, the posts are NOW getting even creepier which they are.

Stockton, CA

#425 Mar 1, 2009
March 1, 2009

The never-ending arrest of illegal alien drug smugglers continues on unabated in Oregon. This is the fourth arrest report in a week.

Please ask your state senator and representative, your Congressman and Senators why Oregon is such an attractive place for illegal aliens to traffic their illicit drugs.

“Deputies bust suspected cocaine, heroin trafficking ring -
by Michelle Roberts, The Oregonian
Friday February 27, 2009, 12:31 PM

The Multnomah County Sheriff's Office has arrested three people as part of a four-month cocaine and heroin drug trafficking investigation, officials said today.

Using confidential informants and undercover surveillance, the county's special investigations unit on Thursday charged Lucy Elena Castro, 35, Carlos Javier Cruz, 36, and Dennis Lopez, 24, each with several counts of possession and distribution of cocaine and heroin.

The arrest occurred after police searched a home in the 8700 block of S.E. 67th Avenue in Portland and discovered more than 40 balloons of heroin packaged for sale, 24 grams valued at about $4,000.

Sheriff's investigators also found 8 grams of cocaine valued at $800 and $5,100 in cash. The trio is being held at the Multnomah County Detention Center and have been placed on immigration holds.”
Oregon Is Disgusting

United States

#426 Mar 1, 2009
Oregon cop pleads no contest to menacing

Travis Henson will have his certification revoked for incident involving teenager

A former Medford, Oregon, police officer who threatened a runaway teenager with a Taser, then lied about it to investigators, pleaded no contest to a single charge of menacing in Jackson County Circuit Court, prosecutors said.

Travis Henson, 36, agreed to voluntarily have his police certification with the state Department of Public Safety Standards and Training revoked in exchange for the dismissal of a charge of official misconduct in a plea agreement before Circuit Judge Ray White...
Oregon Is Disgusting

United States

#427 Mar 1, 2009
Wednesday, March 5, 2008
Oregon teacher/coach accused of sexual misconduct.with student

ACCUSED: Jason Stubbs, 27, a forestry and horticulture teacher at Henley High School in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Stubbs is also an assistant football coach and is an advisor to the forestry club. He has been on administrative leave since February. Stubbs has been a teacher at Henley for three years.

ACCUSATION: Stubbs is accused of inappropriate touching involving a student. The alleged incident occurred in February, according to Klamath County Sheriff Tim Evinger.

CHARGES: Stubbs faces charges of harassment, official misconduct and third degree sexual abuse, all misdemeanors.(3/5/2008)

Stockton, CA

#428 Mar 13, 2009
While Senator Wyden voted to let E-Verify die in order to protect the jobs of illegal aliens the carnage in Oregon continues.

Garcia-Hernandez was arrested for a fatal hit-and-run crash in Woodburn that killed a 2-year old child. There is an ICE hold placed on Garcia-Hernandez.

Garcia-Hernandez also was arrested twice in 2006 for driving under the influence of intoxicants yet apparently he was not turned over to ICE. Does anyone wonder what company Garcia-Hernandez works for? Do we thank Senator Wyden for protecting Garcia-Hernandez’s job?

“March 11, 2009
By Ruth Liao • Statesman Journal • March 11, 2009

A man accused in a fatal hit-and-run crash in Woodburn stopped after striking a child, got of his truck and talked on his cell phone, before getting into his pickup and driving away, prosecutors said Tuesday.

The accused driver in Monday's crash in Woodburn that killed a 2-year-old appeared in Marion County court Tuesday.

Victor Noe Garcia-Hernandez, 23, was arraigned on charges of failure to perform the duties of a driver in a hit-and-run crash and driving under the influence of intoxicants.

Garcia-Hernandez likely will face more serious charges once the homicide investigation is complete, Marion County Deputy District Attorney Doug Prince said.

Bail was set at $500,000. Garcia-Hernandez is set to appear in court on an indictment on March 19.

Lab tests and the review of a surveillance video are pending, Prince said.

Prince said Garcia-Hernandez allegedly got out of the vehicle after striking the child, saw what had happened and returned to his truck before driving away.

Garcia-Hernandez was allegedly under the influence of cocaine and marijuana at the time of his arrest by Woodburn police, Prince said.

A federal immigration hold also has been placed on Garcia-Hernandez by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said Marion County sheriff's spokeswoman Lt. Sheila Lorance…”

Stockton, CA

#429 Mar 26, 2009
Illegal Alien Sentenced for Possession of Firearm Silencer and Drug Trafficking

Portland, Ore.– On Wednesday, March 18, 2009, United States District Judge Garr M. King sentenced Enrique Reyes-Rodriguez, 35, to 10 years in prison followed by five years of supervised release. Reyes-Rodriguez previously plead guilty to possession of an unregistered firearm silencer, and possession with intent to distribute over 50 grams of actual methamphetamine and cocaine. As part of his sentence, Reyes-Rodriguez forfeited the following property: an unregistered firearm silencer; a Ruger .357 caliber SP 101 revolver; a 9mm Hi-Point rifle model 995; a .357 caliber Winchester rifle model 94 Big bore XTR; a Balance 500 Digital Scale; and $8,000 in U.S. currency.

This case was investigated through the joint efforts of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, and the Longview, Washington, Police Department, which was instrumental to the successful prosecution of this case in Oregon. Reyes-Rodriguez is in the custody of the Bureau of Prisons with an immigration detainer and will be deported back to Mexico upon completion of his federal sentence.

This case was prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Jane Shoemaker.
Oregon is Disgusting

United States

#430 Mar 26, 2009
I told ya. Oregon has high unemployment, lousy weather, the worst government in the country, the dumbest and rudest people in the country.

What shouldn't we love?
Oregon is Disgusting

United States

#431 Mar 26, 2009
Cops arrest cop for teen booze, sex violations
Cops arrest cop for teen booze, sex violations

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* Cop steals $5K, gets less than 3 weeks jail

Story Published: Mar 19, 2009 at 4:56 PM PDT
By Associated Press

COOS BAY, Ore.(AP)- Coos Bay police have arrested a Coquille police officer on charges of attempted contributing to the sexual delinquency of a minor and furnishing alcohol to a minor.

A citizen complaint alleged that officer James Bryant gave alcohol to a teenage girl and solicited sex from another. Police say the teenagers are 17 and 18.

Coquille asked Coos Bay to investigate. Bryant was jailed and released.

Coquille Police Chief Mark Dannels says Bryant is on administrative leave.

Bryant is the second Coquille police officer arrested in six months. Randy Ulmer pleaded guilty to stealing money from the evidence locker at Coquille Police Department and is serving a 20-day sentence.
Oregon is Disgusting

United States

#432 Mar 26, 2009
Cop steals $5K, gets less than 3 weeks jail

Randy Ulmer, a former officer in Coquille, Ore., was sentenced to 20 days in Coos County Jail and two years of probation stemming from his arrest last November. Ulmer pleaded guilty to stealing more than $5,000 dollars froma police evidence locker for personal use.

Story Published: Mar 18, 2009 at 9:29 AM PDT
By Kristina Nelson KCBY News

COQUILLE, Ore.- A former police officer who pleaded guilty to stealing thousands of dollars in cash from a police evidence locker was sentenced to less than three weeks in jail Tuesday.

Randy Ulmer, a former officer in Coquille, Ore., was sentenced to 20 days in Coos County Jail and two years of probation stemming from his arrest last November. Ulmer pleaded guilty to stealing more than $5,000 dollars froma police evidence locker for personal use.

Coos County District Attorney Paul Frasier said the sentence reflected the fact that Ulmer has no prior criminal record.

"Because of us having to shut our jail halfway down, the most he could get under the guidelines was 20 days in jail. If our jail had been back where it was two years ago, we could have potentially doubled that," Frasier said.

Ulmer was also ordered to pay the city of Coquille $3,767 in restitution fees.

He will never again be allowed to work as a police officer in the state of Oregon.

"He signed a stipulation as part of his agreement where his certification as a police officer is revoked," Frasier said, "so he cannot work as a police officer in the state of Oregon anymore."

Because the charge is a Class C felony, after he completes his probation, Ulmer will be eligible to file a motion to reduce his sentence to a misdemeanor.
Oregon is Disgusting

United States

#434 Mar 26, 2009
You should hope that we get single payer health care as health care costs are exploding to 20% of GDP.

Oregon is Disgusting

United States

#435 Mar 26, 2009
Cop arrested in home invasions
Feared impostor is an officer, Riley says
Saturday, March 21, 2009
By Brendan McCarthy
Staff writer

Throughout the week, police detectives and on-edge residents were looking for a man impersonating a police officer who burglarized and threatened residents in three home invasions, forcing some of them to strip.

On Friday morning, New Orleans police announced they had found their man, and it turns out he wasn't an impostor. Rather, he is a rogue rookie cop who used his badge while off-duty to victimize men and women in the Mid-City area, authorities said.

Darrius Clipps, 36, a patrolman of almost one year, appeared for work as scheduled Thursday evening, showing up at roll call for his night shift in the 2nd District, police said.
Oregon is Disgusting

United States

#436 Mar 26, 2009
Ex-cop arrested in connection with shooting on transit platform

A former Bay Area Rapid Transit police officer waived extradition to California on a murder charge during an appearance this morning in East Fork Justice Court in Minden.

Johannes Mehserle, 27, was ordered returned to California by noon on Friday to answer to a murder charge stemming from an unarmed man being shot New Year's Eve as he lay face down on a subway platform.

Mehserle surrendered without incident Tuesday night to the Douglas County Sheriff's Office when he walked out of a home in the 1000 block of Skyland Drive in Zephyr Cove, the sheriff's office said.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Tom Gregory said this morning he did not know why Mehserle was in Zephyr Cove. He is being held in a segregated area of the jail on a health and welfare watch, the sheriff's office said.

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