Emissions test, repair attempts stres...

Emissions test, repair attempts stress driver

There are 47 comments on the Chicago Tribune story from Dec 12, 2008, titled Emissions test, repair attempts stress driver. In it, Chicago Tribune reports that:

You can say this about Daryl Daniels: He's persistent. Over the past two years, the South Side resident took his 1996 Ford Escort to state emissions testing facilities nine times.

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Springfield, IL

#21 Dec 15, 2008
The way mechanics charge for car repairs these days, sometimes you are better off buying an used car for $3,000-5,000.

Tinley Park, IL

#22 Dec 15, 2008
Correct, this emissions testing system is a joke; from the unreliable test results to the unknowledgable staff at these places. Then there are the rip-off mechanics that convince you of much more repair than is probably really needed (AutoBarn in Evanston is a joke...ugh!)and they never even fixed the emissions issue. I ended up going to a small independant, local mechanic on Western near Division. He solved my emmissions repair quickly, without hassle, and under budget.
Jess Wundrin

Melrose Park, IL

#23 Dec 15, 2008
noneoftheabove wrote:
The whole emissions scam should be ended.
Michigan doesn't have it, Indiana doesn't have it.
Leave it to the corrupt chicago politicians to look at it as another tool of corruption to suck money from the public!
Indiana has it, but just in the counties around Chicago. Same like Illinois. So I gues it's OK to have a polluter in Pixley but not Chicago.....

Cary, IL

#24 Dec 15, 2008
whatever wrote:
<quoted text> Correction: even if check engine light is on, they will test you.
They may or may not test you; but if the light is on you WILL fail. You will also fail if the light has just been reset - the computer must go through a certain number of drive cycles after the light has been reset for a clean test. It has to relearn and verify the sensor readings.

Homewood, IL

#25 Dec 15, 2008
just find someone to reset the computer on the car. then take it over. It will pass, no problem. Why spend hundreds to fix it? thats what I did every time!
"I never paid anyone at the State to get on their list though.
It's very simple, If your "check engine" light is on, you won't be tested. Period. "

“things that make you go "hmmmm”

Since: May 08

Homewood, IL

#26 Dec 15, 2008
A-ha-ha.....here's an amusing story. I had a Ford Taurus wagon. One day the ignition refused to turn over and my friend (who was Chief of police in a very far south suburb told me he'd yank me out of my car and make me do the spread eagle) mentioned that a funny ignition is a sign of a stolen car. I had to use a screwdriver to start the car. Well, sure, I want to test a stolen car. Please, please test me.
They got all huffy and said that they couldn't test the car. And then they tried to call the cops because I was "belligerent" when I said that they weren't testing the "theft-worthiness" of said vehicle, they were testing the emissions.
Mind Your Own Dumb Old Business.

Ashkum, IL

#27 Dec 15, 2008
pjb720 wrote:
<quoted text>
Explain why the law of the state of Illinois is a reason you moved out of Cook county - this could happen to you in any county if your plates are suspended due to non-testing.
I moved to a rural area where this nonsense is not required. Only certain parts of Illannoy are required to screw the citizens with this.
The Average You

Carol Stream, IL

#28 Dec 15, 2008
I have a 1968 VW, that I couldn't renew the plates on (back in 05), because it hadn't passed emissions.
Explaining to the Secy of State that the car was 35+ years old didn't help. Since the car had "officially failed", there was "nothing they could do."
Ended up having to get antique plates.

Chicago, IL

#29 Dec 15, 2008
I think that is crazy. I had a 1998 chevy malibu. Nevered got an notice about an emission test in the mail. I went to the currency exchange about two weeks before my plates expire and was told my plates were suspended due to an emission test. My car failed twice. I did not have the money to get it fixed right then and there. I had just finished college and got a job. Were I was on probation meaning I couldn't miss any days. Of course with the fucked up system I lost my job because I had no transportation. My job was in willowbrook, IL. So I eventually sold it to the junk yard because it could not sit on the street with expired plates.

United States

#30 Dec 18, 2008
I'm going through pretty much the same problem as this guy. I cant pass and the dealer wont reset my light which is keeping me from passing. Even though they themselves have said it was an electircal problem and not an emissions related problem... I hate cars, and might just junk it. Its on it's way out anyway.
just read

Fort Worth, TX

#31 Jan 15, 2009
I have a emmissions test problem. My car had a check engine light on. A diagnosis point out my O2 sensors. I replace one and the light went away. I took my car to the emmissions test and it fail. O2 sensor problem. I replaced the second sensor and brougth the car back to the emissions test and it fail again, The second O2 sensor fail.
I have a pocket scaner to read the codes from the computer's car, no code found. I took my car to have scann with a bigger scaner. No codes found.
I believe I have a bad bussines in front. I will take the car back one more time,if it fails again I will take my car to a reputable emissions testing. If I pass, I know this shops machine is rig. Who can I report this to?

Lansing, IL

#32 Jan 16, 2009
We didn't receive a test notice. I went to renew our tags and discovered that we should have. So - no tags. I'm going to take the car to the test center today but now I'm concerned. We had a blown fuse and the check engine and one seat belt light are on. Is it true they won't test it with the light on? Shouldn't the test show that the lights are not on due to a malfunction in the engine or exhaust system? If we unhook the battery and reset everything will it be "ready" by the time I warm up the car and drive it the 15 miles to the test station?

Chicago, IL

#33 Jan 18, 2009
I wonder how much money the "Registered" test and repair shops paid Blago to shut down all of the emissions testing centers so they can get paid to fix non-issue problems. I was told by a cop when I got pulled over that you can just pay a service station $20 (or so) to reset your check engine light and you will pass without having to pay the costly repairs.
What a complete joke.
just read

Fort Worth, TX

#34 Jan 19, 2009
When Congress demands better quality made cars that can last up 300,000 miles or more, and cars made to easily work on them, like some foreing made, I believe our car industry will be in Financial trouble.

Chicago, IL

#35 Jan 26, 2009
I'll add my name to this list of folks who were essentially forced against their will to a sell an older car simply because of a failed emissions test. I owned a 1996 import that had only 62,000 miles on it and was in decent working condition. The previous January, I had alot of work done on the exhaust system (new exhaust pipes, muffler, etc). It was at that time the emissions lamp on my vehicle illuminated for the first time in the 8 or so years I owned it. Of course, I figured it was just a bad connection or something minor.

I took it to the emissions testing and they failed it. Returned it to the mechanic and these guys were looking for something in the ballpark of $600 for an oxygen sensor and trying to get me to put a new catalytic on it as well. Highway robbery.

I wound up selling the car. Now, I'm worried after reading some of these posts, that they are still going to bug me for something. The car is sold, but I'm sure they are still looking for some fee or penalty, even though they essentially screwed me out of the car just for a minor compliance issue.

Westchester, IL

#36 Feb 7, 2009
I have a 1998 Ford Windstar that runs a smooth a silk. However it will not pass the emissions test. The Mechanic says I need about 2k in work done on the car. This is insane. Thats about what I think the car is worth. So I have a car that runs fine, that I can not drive to work because now the plates are suspended cause I failed.
What should I do. Its all a scam.
just read

Fort Worth, TX

#37 Feb 17, 2009
I got good news! I replaced the O2 sensors (2), and finally pass, My code reader could not find any problems, how ever the testing inspection keep diagnosing a faulty O2 sensor. It turns out that if you clear the codes rigth before the inspection or the battery gets disconected before the inspection, it will erase all the codes out of the computers car and the car need to re-learn all the functions. The testing wanted me to drive my car for 30 miles, I drove it and I took it back and it failed. They clear the codes again and I drove it for nearly 100 miles on a weeks period and it finally pass.
Disillusioned Chicagoan

Chicago, IL

#38 Feb 18, 2009
For those who are going through the scandalous horror that is the prevention of your license plate renewal for lack of an emissions test, you should know that, for $10, you can purchase a temporary 7-day registration permit, at an Illinois Secretary of State Driver Facility, that allows you to legally drive.

As important, if you have the 7-day permit, you will not receive any tickets for an expired registration! Just make sure that you clearly tape the temporary permit to your rear windshield AND remove both your front and rear license plates. If it's difficult to remove your license plates (e.g. because of rusty screws or bolts), you should cover up your license plate(s) as thoroughly as possible or have a service station mechanic or other "expert" remove them. DO NOT leave your license plates on the car or you will be ticketed for expired registration on a public street!

Note that under some circumstances, you may be able to purchase additional 7-day permits (like if your retested car is "rejected" rather than "failed"). I've heard from a mechanic that you should drive your car about 40-60 miles after a successful repair job, before you do the retest. A driver's facility employee also told me that filling up your tank with "premium" gasoline, until it is at least half-full, may also prevent your car from being "rejected" after a repair job.

What the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois are doing with this policy is a monumental disservice--potentially costing drivers an absurd amount of time, money (e.g. late registration fees, permit fees, auto repair costs, extra gasoline costs, parking tickets, etc.) AND likely not substantially reducing environmental pollution. I hardly ever drove my car before this process began, but as a result of the perverse incentives inherent to how this program is currently structured, I have been driving substantially more in order to pass the emissions test--even after the car has been successfully repaired!

I love(d?) Chicago (and Illinois), put this scheme to rip off Chicago-area drivers is too much--it's beyond contemptible.
just read

Fort Worth, TX

#39 Mar 1, 2009
Is a good idea to take your car for inspection at the begining of the month when the stickers are due. If your car fails, you still have until the end of the month to correct the problem without driving with expired inspection.

Franklin Park, IL

#40 Mar 18, 2009
is it true that working for the state emission test. is very bad for your health some one told me about the worker have to be tested a lot for carbon true or fale

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