Good for the leaders of Beeville for taking proactive measures. However, I do not believe they know exactly how much they are helping their community.
I hope all cities being taken advantage of by Corpus Christi follow the lead of Beeville.
What will follow this record drought is record pollution. Corpus Christi will be selling an inferior, polluted and dangerous product. Corpus Christi is also fully aware of this and have taken no measures of prevention, enforcement or even concern.
With the lake levels down the lakebed is traveled by hundreds of vehicles a day. Hundreds. These vehicles park in the same spots over and over and over. Road legal vehicles. We’re talking trucks, and cars and SUVs. Sitting on the lakebed for hours. Vehicles that track in road pollutants to the lakebed. Vehicles that leak antifreeze, transmission fluid, oil, diesel….just sitting on the lakebed. The soil is saturated with contaminants. What do you think will happen when the water comes back up? It will absorb and carry these contaminates. You will have the oil of diesel floating on the water, and you will have fish dead from the pollutants floating along side it.
Also, some of the more greedy residents on the lake have taken to filling in the lake to increase the size of their own property. They are changing the volume of the water shed, one little acre at a time . This means Corpus Christi will have less product to sell. Less product results in higher prices. The quality of material many use to fill in the lake to increase their own acreage is also polluted material. So cities will be buying for their citizens double polluted water at double price.
Good for Beeville, and I really hope all the other communities follow their lead.