Possible explosion and fire sends one...

Possible explosion and fire sends one to hospital

There are 58 comments on the Pasadena Citizen story from Jul 19, 2008, titled Possible explosion and fire sends one to hospital. In it, Pasadena Citizen reports that:

A man working on his houseboat was flown to the hospital by helicopter Saturday afternoon.

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League City, TX

#1 Jul 20, 2008
He did not unplug the wires from the battery.

Jacksonville, FL

#2 Sep 14, 2008
the boat had been discharging gasoline into the marina since the previous night. many reidents and boat owners had smelled the strong odor of gasoline. the owner of the marina ,nor the harbormaster notified the coast guard of the spill. had they acted responsibly in this situation, the fire would have been avoided and the boat owner would not have been burned. it was a clear case of incompetance the owner, garson silvers. he is known for allowing uninsured boats into the marina, as well as allowing uninsured contractors to set up shop. now that the hurricane has destroyed the maina, el lago should condemn the propety and turn it into a park. the property has always been an eyesore to the area, and a magnet for drug use and criminal activity. the city would be better off without silver'slum. slum.

Houston, TX

#3 Sep 15, 2008
[No one, not the police, or any witnesses have ever claimed this boat was leaking all night. The fact that you, Dan, claim this boat was leaking all night, just implicated you either as 1). lying and making-up false information, or 2). being involved somehow.
No one knows why this boat was leaking fuel. Why didn't you call the National Response Center or the General Land Office and / or Coast Guard if you knew this boat was pouring gas into the water all night? Why didn't anyone you apparently talked to, residents and boat owners attempt to call the owner or anyone at all.
You just wait until after a disaster when Garson is getting press and talk about a fire that happened a month ago that was limited to 3 boats, and tell your side of the story. Believe me, there are two sides to every story and the police have already investigated ours.]
The police will be interested to hear about how much you know. And yes, a man was burned. The owner of the boat went onto his boat, assured everyone he knew what he was doing, and burn himself and started a fire that burned two other boats.)
J Hern

Saint Johnsville, NY

#4 Sep 18, 2008
It has been long known that if you have horrible credit and can't afford insurance, Garson's El Lago Marina will take you in. That is why all you see there are junk boats that are barely (and not always) staying afloat.
The urinal and showers drain directly into the lake. There are dozens of fire and safety hazards everywhere you look.
It is WELL KNOWN around that place that Garson will throw you out of the marina for calling the Coast Guard, NRC, local authorities, etc. He makes it very clear that he does not want that type of attention, and anyone bringing it upon him shall 'feel his wrath.' The people who live there don't have much of a choice, as no where else on the lake will take them without decent credit and insurance.
Not to mention that the HARBORMASTER, known only as THOR has robbed nearly every tenant in the marina. He has also been caught 'squatting' on boats when the owners were away. He is employed by Garson Silvers. I can not, however say for sure if Garson is involved in THOR's theivery. Involved or not, I can say that Garson is WELL aware of his harbormaster's actions. Either Garson is involved, or he chooses to turn his head. I have been told by someone close to Garson that the only reason he keeps THOR around is so he will have a scapegoat for when El Lago Marina is sued by several parties for the forementioned fire.
I simply can not believe this place has been overlooked for so long. I expected that after this fire, inspectors and area officials would turn an eye towards El Lago Marina, but it has not happened. It makes you wonder who Garson Silvers 'knows' in the city of El Lago.
All of Dan from Ft. Worth's statments are correct. I was there the day of the fire and can verify everything.

United States

#5 Sep 19, 2008
Now that the marina is empty, save the "harbormaster", Silvers will soon find out just how many witnesses there are that are ready to damage his credibility and come forth with testimony to prove his words are false, his concern for anyones safety is a joke, and that he is no better than the common theif that he has left to watch what is left of his marina. and the way that he blamed the city of El Lago for not having proper insurance, is just about as pathetic as claiming that Dan was involved in the cause of the explosion. ever since the city denied his request for a permit to build a high rise condominium project, he has turned on his former tenants in order to extort money, and or property in order to line his now empty pockets. his presence in the Bay Area as a slumlord has negatively impacted and hurt many lives. his policies of doing business has made him many enemies. There is no sympathy owed him.
TD Transom

Seabrook, TX

#6 Sep 20, 2008
Thank God El Lago Marina has finally been flicked over the precarious edge by the fingernail of Ike. Hopefully the new owners will not be induced by illusions of grandiour as was the case with Garson Silvers. His remedies for repairs were like putting band-aids on handgrenade wounds. The buildings were rusting away to nothing before your very eyes. The roofs were falling in over the covered slips. Pilings, rotted below the waterline were chainsawed to keep them from collapsing on tennants boats. The boatlift was condemned by a licensed crane inspector and Garson continued to allow the use and rental of said lift and then tried to sue someone to have it repaired. I agree with Dan, make a park and all the current pot-heads (Thor, the "harbormaster", Steve, Carl, Butch, Robby Jones, and Garson himself) can go have a nice life somewhere else.
About the fire, Thor was there the night before and that morning and knew about the fuel leak. He, as harbormaster, called the owner of the boat, Dr. Wilson, and placed some absorbant booms in the water. But he did not call the C.G. or the fire dept until the fire started. What an idiot. He was most likely more concerned with when his weed would run out and have to steal something to pawn and find some more. He claims to run a boat bottom business. By the look of things, I don't think anyone believes him.
In closing, you get what you put in, and people get what they deserve. Garson, you slumlord piece of crap, your champagne dreams blew up in your face because you didn't even have a beer budget. You've surrounded yourself with crooks and idiots and now you must sink with them. Your poor wife, along for the ride, can go down with you.
Beth Eden Isle

New Orleans, LA

#7 Sep 23, 2008
When visiting the area I attempted to dock my Pierson. I did not know the area and was looking for a place to put in for the night. I had no sooner tied off, when this "harbormaster" began sexis remarks to both myself and my daughters. I can describe him perfectly, long greasy brown hair in a ponytail.(ponytails belong on horse's butts) When daylight came I saw the real condition of this dock. I can not beleive the conditions that I had subjected by family and my boat to. This place should have been condemmend along time ago. I do not blame this Garson guy....I blame the city of EL LAGO for allowing this place to conduct buisness. SHAME ON YOU!!!!

Mesquite, TX

#8 Sep 25, 2008
WOW, J Hern, you are very judgemental for some one who got a slip at the marina for the very reasons you discribed. And talk about a thief and an idiot, you were the worst of all the people that ever graced El Lago marina.

United States

#9 Sep 30, 2008
Hi everyone Still around....Regardless of Mr.Silvers
captain ralph

United States

#10 Oct 21, 2008
I just want to thank Thor, that waste of human space, for letting me get my airplanes out of the boat barn. if not for his need for dope, my airplanes would been destroyed in the hurricane. I do have no intention of picking up a bar tab for as you asked me to. I would rather piss on you for getting Marie kicked out of the marina. But I guess you and Garson thought you would gain from stealing her Carver, well you know see what happens to pieces of crap like you two. Marie never did nothing to you. And as for Garson, according to Butch, he is loosing the marina, the farm and his ass, and everyone in Clear Lake is thrilled!
captain ralph

United States

#11 Oct 21, 2008
and Garson. if you think you can intimidate people like John {the guy who lost his floating house due to El Lago Marina incompetance}, guess again. John owns a maritime security company. He has resecured tanker ships that have been hijacked by pirates in foreign waters. your threat letter that you sent the other day is the best joke around the lake. You are pathetic. and broke., or you wouldnt be stealing the wire out of the buildings for scrap.

Houston, TX

#12 Oct 23, 2008
Where's the love ! I thought all you "boat people" were close.
captain ralph

United States

#13 Oct 24, 2008
Desi, its hard to love thieves who STEAL!!! But remember one thing, all scum floats up the waters edge. and it concentrated at El Lago Marina. i mean hey, just drive by the place now. And Desi, most of the marinas that i have ever been to, eveyone got along very well. But El Lago was a cut below. Garson allows the place to be inhabited by squatters, druggies, and other types of lowlifes. most marinas only allow in boat owneres who have actually paid money for their boats, spent money upkeep, and have actually registered and insured them. Or at the least, had a job.
Bacliff Bill

United States

#14 Oct 29, 2008
Ralph if you are so pissed at this guy why don't you do something instead of pissin' and moaning. Sounds like you just like to run your mouth a lot, come down to Bacliff if you need to borrow some backbone.
Bacliff Bill

United States

#15 Oct 29, 2008
Desi wrote:
Where's the love ! I thought all you "boat people" were close.
I'll bet Ralph doesn't even own a boat, probably one of those wannabe's that hang around the South Shore beer garden and pretend to know how to sail.

Houston, TX

#16 Oct 29, 2008
By reading the post it sounds like Ralph owns not only a boat but airplanes as well.
Bacliff Bill

United States

#17 Oct 29, 2008
Those of us here at Legend Point do own our boats and you can come aboard and have a cool one if you aren't sneaking around in the night like Ralph. Why doesn't Ralph Osborn's name come up as a boat owner when you do a Coast Guard or Texas Parks & Wildlife search? it also doesn't come up when you do a FAA aircraft owner or pilot's search. The guy is a major poser, just full of BS to anyone who doesn't check facts. Real boat owners have real bosts sitting in the water and real pilots have flight certificates.
Kemah Carl

Conyers, GA

#18 Nov 1, 2008
Hey there Bacliff Bill! How did you know the guy's full name? All it says in the post is 'captain ralph'

Please fill us in on how you know his real name? and maybe tell us what your REAL name is?
Bacliff Bill

Whittier, NC

#19 Nov 3, 2008
Carl if you are on the lake it's pretty easy to find out what's going on and who's involved. Captain Ralph is not shy about running his mouth around the marinas about what he's going to do and what he has done. Once you hear a few of his stories all you have to do then is drop by the El Lago Police Department and check the complaint file. It's a public record, and that's where you find Ralph's full name, then just do a computer search of the Coast Guard, FAA or any other group he is claiming some kind of connection with. With the freedom of information act it's kinda hard for a poser to get away with telling these kinda big lies like it used to be.
Captain Ralph

Plano, TX

#20 Nov 3, 2008
Hey Bacliff Bill, blah blah blah blah. we know who you are.

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