Program illustrates Islamic faith

Program illustrates Islamic faith

There are 12 comments on the Argus Leader story from Oct 21, 2013, titled Program illustrates Islamic faith. In it, Argus Leader reports that:

Siouxland Libraries and the Multi-Cultural Center on Wednesday start a three-part program to promote an understanding of Islam and remove stereotypes.

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New Baltimore, MI

#1 Oct 21, 2013
All muslims are terrorists or terrorist sympathizers.
Qadir Mengal

Islamabad, Pakistan

#3 Oct 21, 2013

He was arrested from Pakistan in March 2002 and kept as prisoner of war of terror. He was interrogated. First he was severely beat by permission of justice department of U S. A. It is confirmed By Red Cross. They wrapped collar around his neck and smashed him over and over against a wall. They forced his body in to a tiny, pitch-dark box and left him for hours. They stripped him naked and suspended him from hooks in the ceiling. They kept him awake for days. And they strapped him to an inverted board and poured water over his cover nose and mouth to produce the sensation of suffocation and incipient panic. Abu zubyda as, we know was nothing but a simple clerk. As a result of injuries he suffered and his mental grasp is slipping away, today he suffers blinding, headaches and permanent brain damage. He has an excruciating sensitivity to sounds, hearing what others do not. The slightest noise drives him nearly insane. He has experienced about 200 seizures. But physical pain is a passing thing. The enduring torment is the taunting reminder that darkness encroaches, already he cannot picture his mothers face or recall his fathers’ name. Gradually, his past like his future eluded him.
Qadir Mengal

Islamabad, Pakistan

#4 Oct 21, 2013

Islam means Peace acquired by submitting his will before the creator The Allah [God] Almighty. The meaning of Muslim means He who bow before will of Almighty Allah and also give support the cause of Islam.

The first Muslim was Adam who surrendered his will before Almighty Allah and where after in obedience of Allah spent his life. After that a chain of prophets and Messengers sent every age and every period by God Almighty Allah to call the people to Islam to submit their will before Allah, The God and His commandments. SO being The Islam is the oldest religion on earth; beginning with teachings of Adam than Noah; where after Abraham; Moses and Jesus. This concept that Arabs are only Muslims or Mohammed [SAW] has come with new religion is totally wrong and incorrect. The Mohammed [SAW] was Messenger of God like Adam Abraham; Moses and Jesus [peace is upon all of them] All prophets called people towards Allah and show them light and truth. To warned those to save them from evil and do good and righteous deeds for which Almighty Allah has promised to give them reward hereafter or the Day of Judgment. This message never changed from very beginning till Mohammad (SAW) as Holy Quran says.
33- 62
That was the way of Allah in the case of those who passed away of old: and you will not find any change in the way of Allah

According to the Holly Quran man has been created by Lord Almighty Allah only for His worship. Almighty Allah also has raised his position high above sprits and made him His vicegerent. All other creatures, even earth has made to facilitate the man or human being.

Where as all men one day finally have to be gathered before Almighty Allah and will be accountable for their deeds which they did in this life according to commandments of Allah which messengers of Allah conveyed to man kind.

The Mohammad (SAW) being last Messenger of Allah came with final message or Book called Holy Quran.

According to Quran Ch: 21 Verse 107

"And we have sent you (O Mohammad SAW) not but as a Mercy for the all human and all that exists in this World"

In the Sight of Allah the only religion which is acceptable is Islam

Quran Says

"On this day I have perfected your religion for you and completed my favors upon you and have chosen for you Islam as your religion.”
Qadir Mengal

Islamabad, Pakistan

#5 Oct 21, 2013
Jesus ,under question on Day of Judgment.

Q- what, is your answer about your people, who made you partner with me?

A- Jesus glory be to you, I had what right or power to make partner to thee and say any thing for what I had no right.
My lord if I would have been saying so, Thy honor surely would were in knowledge of that. I am innocent what my people attributed to me and my mother. Thy is lord and they are your servant Thow to for give them of their acts or to punish. Thow is Exalted and knower of all things. I had conveyed them nothing but what were Thy ordained to me, that worship none but Allah Who is Lord of mine and so as your Lord.
Qadir Mengal

Islamabad, Pakistan

#6 Oct 21, 2013
who="Paul WV"]<quoted text>
The koran is a book?????? Are you muslim?.


Yes this is wonder of Koran see/

1- Word “World’’ has been used -115- times in Quran
Word “ Here After” also has been used-115-times in Quran.

2-Word “Life” has been used-145- times in Quran.
Word “Death” has been used-145- times in Quran.

3-word “Satan” has been used-88- times in Quran.
Word “ Angel “has been used -88- times in Quran.

4-Word “Non believe” has been used -25- times in Quran.

Word “Faith” has been used -25 times in Quran.

5-word “Month “ used in Quran -12- times . And months of year are-12- twelve.

6- Word “ Day” used in Quran -365- times. And days of year are -365- days
Qadir Mengal

Islamabad, Pakistan

#7 Oct 21, 2013
Last sermon of Prophet Mohammad(saw)

who="Quadratus"]The fact is Muslims reject the worship of all the other prophets, except Muhammed. And at the same time they say God does not change! Good luck on judgment day.


O, Dear Quadratus "Muslim believe, all messengers from God. And respect them, However all prophets were meant to that time and for that people. Hence final message came through final messenger namely Mohammad, Quran is purely in its virgin position without change of single Dot. As such it is for you to get truth or reject the same, however, according to sayings of prophet when he was leaving the world. He in presence of more than ten thousand people in his last pilgrimage while addressing the people said, a glimpse of that i am mentioning for your information and consideration.
." O, People hear me carefully. Your religion today has been completed, and Allah has completed has mercy upon you. and has chosen for you Islam. Hear me o, people from today Humans are equal in all respect, No Blake is superior to that of white and no white is superior to that of black .No Arab has superiority over non Arab and so no non Arab has superiority over Arab. The usury is prohibited and in first step I forgive the usury of my tribe Bany Hashim. And no one form now paid ad ional amount to Bany Hashim, O people Hear me you do not find me next time here in Arafat I am leaving you. Listen me i am leaving among you two things Quran And my Sunnah (tridition) you will not be astray until you hold both fast. O people as I would not be present among you ,so on ward it is your duty what ever you listen to convey those who are not present. And than when prophet reached Medina than within three(3) months he left the world. However this is our belief in respect of all prophets,

" I believe in Allah his angles, His books and his Prophets And the day of judgment and to this that every good or bad happens that is from Allah And that we will be raised after death."
Qadir Mengal

Islamabad, Pakistan

#8 Oct 21, 2013
Life Of Mohammad(saw)And Status of Mary in Trinity?

Those who interested in life of Mohammad as a prophet or other wise,So as those having interst in life of Mary(rw) and trinity come and visit the thread” Qadir mengal Miss understanding islam”An important series about the life of Mohammad(saw) has been given from page 33 of topix on this thread, this series will go number wise just as 1 (2) 3 … along with mentioning the thread number where the series is located.
Note-Post no, 1,2,3,4,5,6,of life of Mohammad(saw) of this series have come on page 33 of Miss understanding islam, while post number 7,8,9,9-a,and10,11,to 18 have appeared on page no, 34 of this thread i,e miss understanding islam so as post no 19 and 20 and others have appeared on page 35 of this thread kindly follow,
Again the posts about (Jesus Mary)and trinity have come on page 38 and 39 of Missunderstanding islam By Qadir mengal.. So as Qadir mengal also (insha Allah) will give you the answers about your questions and Queries about islam on this thread if you questioned him about islam.

New York, NY

#9 Oct 21, 2013
Only goal of these kinds of programns arr to hogwash Jihad and evil intention of Islam. Promoting understatning is just a cover.

If Islam really wants to promote understatning them they should stop killin Christian in Pakistand and in Egypt and in other muslim contries.

For the library conspiracy, are Watch Groups looking into this? Perhaps we should inform the watch groups like Jihad Wath, Atlas Shrugg, American Freedom Initiative etc.
Aisha Welahi

London, UK

#10 Oct 21, 2013
News wrote:
Only goal of these kinds of programns arr to hogwash Jihad and evil intention of Islam. Promoting understatning is just a cover.
If Islam really wants to promote understatning them they should stop killin Christian in Pakistand and in Egypt and in other muslim contries.
For the library conspiracy, are Watch Groups looking into this? Perhaps we should inform the watch groups like Jihad Wath, Atlas Shrugg, American Freedom Initiative etc.
Islam is not spiritual but more about conquests, conversions and population percentages. This under the guise of no national boundaries and encouraging religious apartheid...Muslims vs Kaffirs. It is okay for Muslims to be wicked or even kill Kafirs or even non-abiding Muslims and Shiia.

Muslims think they are high and mighty because the do wudoo and pray to a pagan stone 5 times a day. They don't even use toilet paper as this is haram!!!

However, Muslims practice polygamy and underage marriages..
Type Bacha Bazi on google and learn about pedophilia Islam.
Murder and mayhem are allowed.
Lying is encouraged (taqiyya)

Islam is of the a masterpiece of the Satan.

London, UK

#11 Oct 21, 2013
People, listen Muslims are full of lies...don't trust them...we need to warn people about the evils of Islam. Islam is Satan's masterpiece!!!


Since: Jan 12

Location hidden

#12 Oct 22, 2013
Faith wrote:
All muslims are terrorists or terrorist sympathizers.
am i terrorist? did i terrorize you?

Keswick, Canada

#13 Oct 22, 2013
Qadir Mengal wrote:
Jesus ,under question on Day of Judgment.
Q- what, is your answer about your people, who made you partner with me?
Jesus: "What a dumb Allah you are? My people never made me partner with you. You have mistaken(as you have done in many cases of mine)".
"Listen to me carefully o Allah-I am not a partner to any Allah, but I am of the same flesh and blood of the Supreme God called Jehovah, whom I symbolically call as my father. We are one. I had to take up the form of human being due to my Father's will, and I came down to earth as a human being. On earth I suffered like a human, without disclosing that I was the Divine Son of God. Satan took this opportunity to spread the lies that I am not divine Son of God, but a mere human being. Billions of people believed Satan and went astray. Humans crucified and nailed me on to the cross to die. But I rose again from the dead on the third day, and ascended into heaven to my original forum(father God Jehovah)".

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