JonBenet's Mother: The Tragedy and Th...

JonBenet's Mother: The Tragedy and The Truth!

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#29 Jan 13, 2017
jameson245 wrote:
OK, so we know in the beginning, the Ramseys asked their friends not to give interviews, be public. This was largely in response to the public reaction to their early CNN interview that thw BORG police, media and Internet posters twisted to hold against both John and Patsy.

There came a time when Linda McLean and a couple others decided enough was enough. John's friend, Jim Marino, went public and defended his feiend and Linda McLean went to Patsy and FINALLY got permission to write a book. Patsy's friends were eager to contribite and this is the result.

This is the last paragraph of the introduction:

We are a variety of people of different ages from different parts of the country who are coming together with one common bond: WE BELIEVE IN PATSY AND JOHN RAMSEY WITH ALL OUR HEARTS. We have faith in human reason. We have faith in normal people.We believe that when you ger to know Patsy and John you will realize how wonderful they are. You will know in your heart that this father did not kill his little girl. You will know in your soul that this mother did not kill her baby.
Few are claiming that Patsy or John did not love their children. Most are claiming that they loved them so much--and they loved their "perfect" family--that they would cover for one disturbed child who killed their other beloved child. Out of guilt of having failed to seek "help" for the one and for not managing to protect the other. And to preserve their fašade of perfection.

So, their friends' estimation of the Ramseys' love for their children fits right into this particular theory. Do you not agree?

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