Possible explanation for Ransom note ...

Possible explanation for Ransom note narrative and sign off.

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#1 Aug 4, 2012
So many ways sleuths have tried to decipher the Ramsey ransom note, often digging beneath the surface, taking little if anything at face value. Especially that seemingly impenetrable sign off. Was it written to direct attention to Son of a Bitch Tom Carson? Or, was Jonbenet, ultimately, Saved By The Cross? Could it have meant, naively, Subic Bay Training Center? A supposed Naval installation located within a country which had a history of executions via the garrote?

Maybe, just maybe, the Ransom note, though most likely never intended to be genuine, wasn’t meant to be all that “indecipherably deceptive.”

It was a fabrication, for sure, but it was born of its time.

“We are a group of individuals that represent a small foreign faction. We respect your bussiness but not the country it serves.”

In 1996, which part of the world kept American foreign policy experts up at night? The Balkans, where country-less Serbs, a small foreign faction (to Americans, Croats and Muslims) were viciously and dramatically engaged in creating a Greater Serbia. Now, why would Serbs of any flavor target John Ramsey?

In 1995, Captain Scott O’Grady was shot down over the Balkans (big, big news) in a F-16C, which – according to Wikipedia – was manufactured by General Dynamics and – you guessed it – Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin (which makes a lot of weapons, instruments of American foreign policy) owned which company? Access Graphics. Who was the biggest big shot for Access Graphics? John Ramsey.
So, after Jonbenet somehow got herself killed that night, and a panicky manslaughterer (and possibly accomplice(s) or vice-versa) was frantically fishing about for an explanation, any explanation ... voila, a cockeyed narrative was born: South Slavic Terrorists (don’t you read the papers, circa 1996?) hitting back at America where it was vulnerable: an executive of a company, owned by another company, one that was making weapons to terrorize Serbs.

Serbian Bosnian Terror Cell/ Cadre.

(Note: Jonbenet’s death, her “near” beheading, was a result of impulsive Patsy ignoring the Ransom Note’s instructions. Maybe.)

East Lansing, MI

#2 Aug 4, 2012
That's one scenario. The Scams were movie buffs; they had a drop down screen and movie projector in their bedroom to watch movies, and were said to watch the latest movies. Ransom was out then, a violent Mel Gibson movie, some phrases were like ones you would see in movies. The use of acronyms was all Patsy, the double indented closure was all Patsy, the manuscript a, many phrases she or he used that we can document, etc.


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#3 Aug 5, 2012
Patsy wrote the note for herself. The initialisms are all Muriel Spark. S.B.T.C has to be included with Victory! to be understood.

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#4 Jun 25, 2013
I think I have found a reason why the ransom note began business like yet turned personal. Patsy authored the note to cover Burke's involvement with the death of his sister. She started composing the note in a professional manner. Then she recalled how John had dismissed her attempts to talk with him about Burke's underlying anger toward his sister, and she became increasingly angry toward her husband. Thus, the personal, degrading comments at the end of the note. That is why John admitted feeling guilty about Jonbenet's death. When he realized that he had failed to take Patsy seriously in her efforts to inform him of Burke's problems that possibly even involved sexual manipulation and ultimately ended in the murder of his daughter by his son. Merely speculation but...

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#5 Jun 26, 2013
Candy, you wrote that the double indented closure was all Patsy...Just a thought here.......Way back in grade school Patsy was probably taught to line up the closing and signature of a letter. My age is fairly close to the age Patsy would be today, and our age group was taught to line up the signature and closing. People a bit older than I am, were taught to double indent. Many people sixty years of age and older still double indent the closing and signature of a letter and they also indent each line on the envelope: name, address, city.
Perhaps people in different parts of the country were taught different ways to indent envelopes and letters. Nowadays, many people line up the body of the letter, closing and signature on the left side. Many do not indent the opening of each new paragraph. I would love to hear from people from different age groups and different locations in the US, to see if you were taught to double indent the closing and signature and to see if you continue to do this.

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#6 Jun 26, 2013
Brother Moon, I do not agree with you that Patsy wrote the note. I do agree with you that SBTC has to be tied to 'Victory' to be understood. For what it is worth, I have always thought that SBTC stood for 'So Begin The Celebration'....another way to say 'pay up' so the private victory party could begin. Just my thoughts.

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#7 Jun 26, 2013
I am also in Patsy's age group and was taught that for a business letter there were no indentations and that everything lined up on the left

For personal correspondence, we were taught to indent, but only once. We never learned about double indenting ever.

I don't think it changes much from state to state as business letters were to and from all over the country and there was a "standard".

Patsy penned that note

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#8 Jun 26, 2013
Patsy killed JonBenet deliberately. No one else was involved. There was no staging for police. Everything that was done was done by Patsy for Patsy as part of a psychotic fantasy revolving around an imagined relationship with a supernatural being, the fear of judgment by that God and the fear of death. What people mistakingly take as staging for police had symbolic meaning known only to Patsy. This includes the ransom note. There were two aspects to what was done to the body: the ligatures were suspension devices, the body was posed and viewed and then taken down, placed in the small room, wrapped and the duct tape applied to set the kidnapping scene up in Patsy's mind. The ransom note is full of the ideas that swirled in Patsy's mind that night and plagued her for many years.

The goal was not to kill JonBenet but to make an Angel out of her.

Patsy herself said after the funeral "JonBenet is in Heaven with God awaiting her mother's arrival and it won't be long." Patsy put JonBenet in that heaven to complete the fantasy and in her mind assure her life after death.

As the dedication in DOI says:

Wherever we go ...
Whatever we do ...
[We're gonna go through it together ...]

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