Jeffrey MacDonald Is Guilty


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#7984 Jul 3, 2014
HNVS: I agree. According to the CID reinvestigation, MacDonald had at least 8 affairs and lead investigators Jack Pruett/Peter Kearns felt the more accurate number was 15. MacDonald created a ruse involving a trip to Russia in order to be with his high school girlfriend which would have made him absent during the birth of his 3rd child.

MacDonald craved being the center of attention and his appetites were prodigious. Even MacDonald couldn't juggle the mounting pressures that accompanied a lifestyle frought with pressure. The pressure to bed the most women. The pressure to be the best doctor. The pressure to create the illusion of a perfect husband and father.

This pressure was exacerbated by amphetamine use which led to an explosion on 2/17/70. He can deny his guilt until the end of time, but the physical evidence collected at the crime scene proves that he is a liar, a coward, and a mass murderer.
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#7985 Jul 24, 2014
DENIED for a new trial.



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#7986 Jul 24, 2014
The legal phase of the Jeffrey MacDonald case is finally over. On 7/24/14, Judge Fox took names and kicked ass. His decision covers both the "evidence as a whole" AND the merits of the Britt and DNA claims. Judge Fox clearly understood that the burden of proof was "extraordinarily high" and that the defense didn't come close to meeting that burden. The government proved that Britt was a serial fabricator, that the DNA tests were more inculpatory than exculpatory, and that the remaining issues had been litigated several times over.

Anyone who has followed the legal machinations of this case realizes that this was inmate's last REAL shot at a new trial. Yeah, inmate will give his lawyers more money to file an appeal to the 4th Circuit Court, but there is little chance that they will overturn Judge Fox for a 2nd time. The thoroughness of his decision put a stop to the hopes and dreams of Jeffrey MacDonald. He will not pop champagne with Kathryn. He will not practice medicine ever again.

He is a liar, a coward, and a psychopath. Without an ounce of remorse, he took the lives of Colette, Kimmie, and Kristen. He escaped justice for 9 years, but the truth caught up to him and he will spend the rest of life in prison. Kathryn, Rebel, Errol Morris, Harvey Silverglate, and other believes and/or advocates can no longer ignore documented fact. The evidence of his guilt is overwhelming and Judge Fox placed a big, rubber stamp on that evidence.

Cheers to all the hard work put in by investigators, lab technicians, lawyers, and Freddy Kassab. Kudos should also go out to those in the general public who fought the good fight and reminded everyone that this case was about the physical evidence. The evidence was always more important that inmate's looks, personality, and charisma. The evidence made those attributes irrelevant and proved beyond ALL doubt that Jeffrey MacDonald is a mass murderer.

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#7987 Jul 25, 2014
At last it's over.

Clute, TX

#7988 Jul 25, 2014
Ive been following this case since the early 80s. Kudos to JTF for his dilligence. Watched Fatal Vision on DVD a couple of weeks ago, and what stays with me most is the scene where Macmurderer is staring in the mirror at the beginning of the movie. You know, Ive seen the autopsy photos and the crime scene photos; seen all of the evidence; and, having 7 children, it's really difficult to combine the fact that this was a very intelligent doctor and father. That this could've happened at all is beyond comprehension sometimes. Kimberly and Kristen would be in their late 40s now. And the fact that this whiny piece of dung could've caved in the skull of his own child, and then deny it for so long, while remarrying and sending "special gifts" to other women on the outside, why, it just makes my head want to explode. Talked to Bob Stevenson on the phone about 3 years ago after I had sent a mesage to Macmurderer's website. He warned me that it wasn't wise to taunt Macmurderer because he could one day get out of prison and he might hold a grudge. I wish he'd bring his cowardly ass down to Texas. However, I'm especially glad today that he will not open champagne with his shoplifting wife. I know he will never quit trying to get his few moments in the sun now and then. Like JTF said in the previous post, he'll keep filing his appeals and such. Makes me wish he'd take it to another level and go on a hunger strike. Sometimes I wish this case wouldn't have caught my interest so long ago. And in this day of IP notification and instantaneous news fodder, those damn autopsy photos will forever be etched in my mind. Just makes any father want to cry.

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#7989 Jul 25, 2014
What a great way to start my day, finding Judge Fox's decision finally posted (I found it posted at ).

JTF, you said it perfectly. I'm only halfway through it so far, but Fox's thoroughness is very evident. It'll be interesting to see how long it will take for Kathryn to update Mac's website, and to see what she'll have to say about this final nail in his coffin.

Phoenix, AZ

#7990 Jul 25, 2014
I note on the last two pages that Fox writes: "Having denied MacDonald’s motion, the court must determine if he has made a sufficient showing to entitle him to a certificate of appealability ... Here, Macdonald has not made the requisite showing, and therefore, a certificate of appealability is DENIED."


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#7991 Jul 25, 2014
In his 2008 decision, Judge Fox came to the same conclusion regarding inmate's right to file a COA, but the 4th Circuit Court disagreed. IMO, the 4th Circuit Court will allow inmate to file a COA, oral arguments will occur late next year, and they will concur with Judge Fox's 7/24/14 decision in 2016.

Inmate will then appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court and, IMO, they will refuse to hear the case which will bring an OFFICIAL end to the legal phase of the Jeffrey MacDonald case. As I mentioned in my prior post, Judge Fox's decision ended any REAL chance for inmate to receive a new trial.

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#7992 Jul 28, 2014
Bunny wrote:
What a great way to start my day, finding Judge Fox's decision finally posted (I found it posted at ).
JTF, you said it perfectly. I'm only halfway through it so far, but Fox's thoroughness is very evident. It'll be interesting to see how long it will take for Kathryn to update Mac's website, and to see what she'll have to say about this final nail in his coffin.
What do you mean you "found it posted". You are the one who posted it there.

What is all the mystery? It is a most particular thing when a person
has a website and denies that it is theirs. I thought you didn’t lie.
I and several others were at JTF’s chat discussing when Judge Fox’s
decision would come down. A chatter asked JTF,“do we have to depend
on cm or is there someone else who will put it up?” JTF’s answer was
“Bunny beat cm putting the last filing up.”


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#7993 Jul 30, 2014
As expected, MacDonald attorney Gordon Widenhouse told the media that there are several issues ripe for appeal to the 4th Circuit Court. Not only is Gordie grandiose, he is grasping at straws. Examples...

- Appeal on constitutional grounds? Nope.

- Appeal on the merits of the Britt and DNA claims? Nope.

- Appeal on the evidence as a whole? Nope.

- Appeal on gatekeeping issues? Nope.

Gordie, you lost, big time. Deal with it.

Mckees Rocks, PA

#7995 Aug 1, 2014
I'm a little late to the party,
but just gotta give a BIG HELL YEAH!! Final Nail in the Coffin
for all the MacMurder appologists... and the scum bag himself!!

Freddy Kasab would be smiling if e were still here.
Just think how long this disgraceful fiasco has gone on...
and now it can truly be said:


Mckees Rocks, PA

#7996 Aug 1, 2014
To anyone with common sense and a modicum of logic,
this Final outcome was seen many longyears ago.
MacDonald and his advocates were ALWAYS on the wrong side of
the TRUTH.

I would be remiss not to give a big Thank You to JTF and all the other
voices for those without a voice,
who put all the FACTS on he Web for all to see!

Beckley, WV

#7997 Aug 5, 2014
Jeffery Macdonald assaulted Kimberly for wetting the bed Collette interrupted him he beat her "thought" she was dead then murdered Kimberly because of wounds she had that could not be explained then went to Kristen's room started assaulting her Collette came in to protect her and he finished her there then placed both girls in their own beds and took Collette back to master bedroom and staged scene calmly self injured then calling for help after everyone but him was dead. The end die in prison scumbag.
Macdonald discussed bed wetting with colleague was a on going issue for him so much that was seeking help he negatively describes Kimberly on numerous occasions she was weak needy not outgoing clingy does not describe Kristen this way
Wetting bed known reason for murder by parents many cases documented 
Colette's injuries horrible but also defensive
Kimberly's face completely obliterated showing pure anger (she was target) even in interviews describing both girls Kimberly is described negatively
Kristen only injured enough to mercifully kill she was his favorite described only positively 
Both girls put back in own bed with comforting items ( Kim blankey Kristen bottle)
Wounds to Jeff self inflicted he knew he could survive one collapse lung.......he was a brilliant surgeon blah blah blah
Helena confession untrue drug addict false confession for attention no proof (in ramsey case Carr confessed) weirdos do this for their own reasons
Mp mica said told other mp about lady no one says this but him even though he said he told his driver dennis morris and called it in to report no proof disputed by morris to this day
Blue mustang never found wouldn't this be easily found and couldn't it be examined for blood not there.
Weapons from home only no blood outside home
No drugs taken wouldn't drug addicts take the drs drugs if they were there yes yes they would but they didn't cause they weren't there
His pj top was on whole time until he took Collete back to her room then removed it placed on her and stabbed her with ice pick for overkill effect
Luggage set out blood under it? Maybe was thinking of running
Vacuum moved 
Conclusion Dr Jeffery Macdonald is a murdering drug using narcissistic self serving cheating abusing scumbag who deserves to die in prison and burn in hell for what he did to Collete Kimberly Kristen Colette's parents his parents and this whole nation

Mckees Rocks, PA

#7998 Aug 6, 2014
WOW! You have just summed up 40 plus years of this fiasco
called a case IN ONE GLORIOUS POST !
Way to go Trecia.

I read Fatal Vision in the mid eighties and although I may have "left"
the case for yearsat a never left me.
When I saw 2 or 3 years ago "MacDonald may get New Trial"
I searched and found this site and JTFs site.

After catching up it was hard for me to believe his advocates were
STILL trying to spin, mislead, bluff, and just plain lie their way to
When you peel the first layer of the onion, you see clearly:

Beckly, WV eh?
I always cut across from I-79 to I-77 at Beckly when driving South...
keeping an eye out for the Speed Trap in Bluefield, Va.!

Beckley, WV

#7999 Aug 6, 2014
Ty this is my "theory" only but I believe every word is supported by forensics, transcripts and Macdonalds own statements. I too have been interested in this case for many years my husband is retired and we have two daughters and it really hurts me that a so called Father could do this to his family.


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#8000 Aug 10, 2014
For the most part, the media fawned over the claims leveled by the defense in the first few days of the 2012 evidentiary hearing and the content in WOE. They couldn't resist the hook of Jeffrey MacDonald, Tortured Innocent. Once the government began to present their boring facts, the reporters and camera dispersed like a group of locusts.

Before leaving the reality of the government's factual presentation, the media and Errol Morris admitted that this was MacDonald's last LEGITIMATE shot at a new trial. Morris even predicted that Judge Fox would not rule in MacDonald's favor. Anyone with a working cerebral cortex realizes that there are no Jimmy Britt's left to save the day. No extraneous hairs that will match the DNA profile of Stoeckley or Mitchell.

Judge Fox has ruled on gatekeeping issues, merits, constitutional claims, and the evidence as a whole. What does Gordie have left? I guess he can take the Innocence Protection Act route and/or fight for Touch DNA testing after Judge Fox denies their motion for additional DNA testing.

The cold, hard truth is that the 4th Circuit provided Judge Fox with a roadmap and he followed it to a tee. One could argue that he expanded upon that roadmap, so I doubt that the 4th Circuit will again take MacDonald to their bosom. One of the most notorious murderers of the 20th Century will spend the rest of his life in prison.

Clute, TX

#8001 Aug 11, 2014
Trecia, good post. I wonder if Kimberly had been assaulted before like Freddy had opined in his writings. Maybe that is why she was "clingy" or "weak". We'll never know all of that. Macmurderer will never pop champagne corks with his ignorant bride. She'll probably split too, and that would be just the icing on the cake. I sent an email to their site saying something like. "The devil is waiting for Jeff for what he did," and Kathryn called and told the owner of my company that I was harassing her husband. My boss told her that 1 email wasn't harassment, and if Popeye was harassing him you would surely know it. We had a good laugh about it. This case has stayed with me since the early 80s. I've studied everything I could get hold of, and JTF, Christina, and a couple of others have my deepest regard. I always thought some con would stick a shiv in old Macmurderer's back. Maybe that wasn't the plan. With all of Jeff's whining, the case remains in the public eye, and therefore, the victims do too. I'm sure that many others mumble a silent prayer as I do every February 17th. Even though we don't understand the plan sometimes doesn't mean it's not the best way.
Just Wondering

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#8002 Aug 11, 2014
After reading MacDonald's interviews to the author of the book I read, my one nagging thought was that he sounded as if he was indeed homosexual or he doubted his prowess with the opposite sex. I was pleased to note that the psychiatrists had the same opinion.

I think he wanted his freedom. He was carrying an unhealthy work load and extracurricular activities. When did he have time to bond with his family? Looking at it from a purely selfish viewpoint, he may well have felt that his family was dispensable since they provided him with less of a feeling of accomplishment than the other aspects of his life. In fact, he probably came to view them as more of a liability. Being the egotistical overachiever that he apparently was.


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#8003 Aug 13, 2014
This case is frequently described as being overly complex and MacDonald advocates have used this tag to jump all over the map when presenting their arguments for inmate's innocence. The reality is that this case is quite simple. As soon as MacDonald told CID investigators that he took off his pajama top after "finding" Colette on the master bedroom carpet, the ballgame was over. Considering that MacDonald has stated that he doesn't know for sure when the pajama top was torn, let's go with the theory put forth by Fred Bost that the pajama top was torn as he was removing it from his wrists in the master bedroom. This scenario ends any salient debate about whether MacDonald is guilty of these horrific crimes. Why?

1) Twenty Four pajama fibers were found under Colette's body.

2) One of those fibers was found directly under her head and was protruding from the carpet in pigtail fashion.

3) Twenty Two pajama fibers were found on top of the master bed.

4) Six pajama fibers were found on the master bed pillow.

5) A pajama fiber was found by the headboard of the master bed. The word PIG was written on the headboard in Colette's blood.

6) A bloody pajama fiber was found entwined with a bloody head hair from Colette on a multi-colored bedspread. This bedspread was found bundled with a blue bedsheet near the closet in the master bedroom.

7) A finger section of a surgeon's glove was found in this bundled bedding and it was stained with Colette's blood.

8) Multiple pajama fibers were found on the blue bedsheet.

9) Two bloody pajama cuff impressions sourced to MacDonald's pajama top were found on the blue bedsheet.

10) Two bloody pajama cuff impressions sourced to Colette's pajama top were found on the blue bedsheet.

11) Fourteen pajama fibers were found under Kimmie's blankets.

12) A 20.5 inch warp yarn sourced to MacDonald's pajama top was found on top of Kimmie's pillow.

13) A pajama fiber was found under Kimmie's pillow.

14) Two pajama fibers were found under Kristen's blankets.

15) A bloody pajama fiber was found embedded under Kristen's fingernail.

16) Four Type A blood stains that continued across a tear on MacDonald's pajama top demonstrated that Colette bled on that pajama top before it was torn.

17) Six Type A blood stains found on the face of the pocket of MacDonald's torn pajama top demonstrated that Colette bled on that pocket before it was torn from the garment.

18) The torn pajama top was found on Colette's chest and subsequent analysis determined that the stab wound pattern in Colette's chest matched the pattern of puncture holes in the pajama top. The only viable conclusion that could be drawn from this analysis is that the ice pick pierced the pajama top as it lay on Colette's chest.


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#8004 Aug 17, 2014
Pulitzer Prize winner Gene Weingarten followed up his excellent piece on Brian Murtagh with the following speech at Joe McGinniss' funeral. Enjoy.

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