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#42 Aug 8, 2007
PR left the house and went to a party where she hooked up with the father of her children's classmate?

Really? I doubt this. Not on moral issues, but certainly everyone at the party would have reported that PR was lying when she reported the events at home on the night of the 25th.

Too many people would have been witnesses.

Jackson, TN

#43 Aug 9, 2007
And, Jameson, didn't you also make money off the case?
Keona Wright

Miami, FL

#44 Aug 9, 2007
Farmhand wrote:
And, Jameson, didn't you also make money off the case?
OH MY GOD!! This again!! Don't you guys get tired of that same boring song!!

New Orleans, LA

#45 Aug 10, 2007
She was citing all the people who had made money off the case(on this very thread), and I thought she made money, too. Just wondering why she left herself off the list?
Keona Wright

Miami, FL

#46 Aug 10, 2007
farmhand wrote:
She was citing all the people who had made money off the case(on this very thread), and I thought she made money, too. Just wondering why she left herself off the list?
Ohh, ok..I didn't see where Jameson was citing people who made money. I thought it was just somebody bringing up the issue of her making money (again).

Jackson, TN

#47 Aug 10, 2007
Jameson said, "She [Judith Phillips] has made a lot of money off this case - as has Linda Pugh. And you know what? I don't care that she made money selling the photos -- I really don't. I DO mind that she supported the ramseys 100% in the first days and flipped for profit."
Henri McPhee

Plymouth, UK

#48 Aug 13, 2007
Tricia wrote:
Fleet White served jail time for refusing to appear in court so he obviously didn't try to hide anywhere... and didn't the process servers admit that they lied about serving Thomas?
Candy is the expert on all this Fleet White and Steve Thomas subpoena stuff for the Tom Miller case in 2001.

I do agree with Tricia that I seem to remember seeing transcripts years ago of unseemly wrangles in court about whether a subpoena was properly served on Fleet White and Steve Thomas.

From what I can gather Fleet White was most unfriendly when a subpoena was personally delivered to his house. Fleet just ignored it saying he couldn't be bothered to attend court for a tabloid lawyer like Tom Miller.

There is some story that Steve Thomas was dressed in workman's overalls and he ran away when a subpoena was served on him. Candy knows more about this than I do.

I don't believe Fleet White or Steve Thomas were too keen on turning up for that Chris Wolf libel case in 2001 to be questioned by Lin Wood. I believe Fleet White going to jail for a month for not turning up in court in that Tom Miller court case may have concentrated their minds about that.

What I do know is that the judge in the Tom Miller case distinctly said that subpoenas were properly served on Fleet White and Steve Thomas in the Tom Miller case in 2001.

This is how the Boulder Daily Camera reported the matter on June 21 2001:

Thomas: Drop arrest warrant

By Sandra Fish
Camera Staff Writer

"Former Boulder police Detective Steve Thomas appeared in a Jefferson County courtroom Wednesday asking that a contempt-of-court arrest warrant be withdrawn.

A motion filed by lawyer Daniel Caplis on behalf of Thomas said the former detective was never served with a subpoena to testify as a witness in a criminal trial last week.

Thomas was a lead detective in the JonBenét Ramsey homicide investigation. He resigned in August 1998 out of frustration and subsequently wrote a book about the investigation.

Last week, Thomas was expected to appear in the criminal-bribery trial of a Boulder lawyer accused of trying to buy the ransom note in the Ramsey case. A warrant was issued for Thomas on Wednesday when he didn't show up to testify.

But in a sworn affidavit, Thomas said he never received the subpoena, despite a process server's allegation he was served. Thomas said he showed up for previous court dates when subpoenaed.

JonBenét's parents, John and Patsy, claim in a lawsuit against Thomas that his book falsely accused the couple of killing their 6-year-old daughter. The Ramseys, who contend an intruder killed their daughter, are seeking $80 million from Thomas.

Thomas accompanied his wife to Europe last week, where she recently was transferred for work. But Caplis said Thomas will remain here pending the libel suit.

"Steve has been living in Colorado, continues to live in Colorado, will continue to live in Colorado until he finishes successfully defending himself against the frivolous lawsuit brought by the Ramseys," Caplis said. "Steve and his wife are selling their house to help pay the expense of defending themselves. Steve is going to move in with his father and live with his father in the Denver area."

A warrant also was issued last week for Fleet White, a former friend of John Ramsey's who also failed to appear in last week's trial. White turned himself in Monday and will appear at 1 p.m. next Monday for a hearing on the contempt charge.

A hearing on Thomas' motion will be at 3 p.m. Monday."

East Lansing, MI

#49 Aug 13, 2007
Henri, the subpoena server recanted THREE MINOR points, which DID NOT include if he ever served Steve at all, which he still insisted he did. Not only that, but in the transcripts, the first person to subpoena Steve for the Miller case, a hearing on May 3rd, also stated Steve threatened him and said he wasn't going to show up. That is three different subpoena servers all saying the same thing within a period of 10 days for three different hearings (Wolf case, May 3rd Miller Hearing, June 12th trial) about the same man.


#50 Aug 13, 2007
I fail to see why there is any concern by anyone on this forum over who did or did not show up for the Miller trial.
Henri McPhee

Plymouth, UK

#51 Aug 13, 2007
The Miller trial was very relevant to the Ramsey case.

The lawyers wanted to ask people like John Fernie and Fleet White and Steve Thomas what they knew about the Ramsey case and the Ramsey ransom note. Why were Fleet and Steve Thomas so bashful about answering questions about that?

John Fernie testified in that case that Fleet and Priscilla were there at the murder scene before Fernie arrived. That's interesting information because that's something Schiller got wrong in his Ramsey case PMPT book.

There is also some interesting background information about Tom Miller in that Miller case when Miller was questioned about his background.

Steve Thomas and Fleet White refused to turn up for that Tom Miller case. Steve Thomas did turn up for the Chris Wolf libel case a few months later. The Steve Thomas deposition is on the internet.

I have just noticed that the chief hater of the innocent Dr Jeffrey MacDonald, Just the Facts or JTF, has now decided to post on the JonBenet Court TV crimelibrary JonBenet forum. That has put me in a bad mood.

Guess what his first posting was? What a wonderful person and detective Steve Thomas is. I think somebody should put Jameson on to him.

New York, NY

#52 Aug 13, 2007
"Guess what his first posting was? What a wonderful person and detective Steve Thomas is. I think somebody should put Jameson on to him."

And just what do you think Jameson will do?

Fort Benning, GA

#53 Aug 13, 2007
There were many important things that came out in the Miller trial regarding the JonBenet case. Stunning admissions by the Ramseys' own attorney about case evidence; on the record testimony about corruption in the legal system of Colorado.

Yet Thomas and White end up being the only detail of that trial that ever gets mentioned by candy. What happened to Thomas and White in the Miller trial is truly an irrelevant side show to the Miller trial or the murder of JonBenet. What candy is really so bitter about is that White and Thomas didn't support nor save the inadequate lawyering of Darnay Hoffman, who lost BIG in the Wolf v Ramsey law suit. Candy was riding high with an inside line to Darnay, thinking her turn as the forums' gossip of import had come.

Oops. Not nice to fool gutter candy.

On her tombstone, candy will have engraved: THE DEATH PENALTY FOR THOMAS AND WHITE!

Fort Benning, GA

#54 Aug 13, 2007
[QUOTE who="Capricorn]And just what do you think Jameson will do?[/QUOTE]

Can she make any money off of it?

Chickasha, OK

#55 Oct 8, 2007

East Lansing, MI

#56 Dec 30, 2012
If you haven't read this, it is exellent. I want to note among so many noteworthy comments, that Patsy Ramsey had a book on her reading table that mentioned a garotte and beheading(s):

"Patsy had long fancied herself an artist, and so certainly would have appreciated the "art" in the staging of her daughter's death. She might have recognized the method of the garrote as one described by a book on her nightstand, a spy novel by Alan Folsom entitled, The Day after Tomorrow. Folsom's thriller includes not only the use of a garrote, but multiple beheadings.[24] The movie "Ransom," may have suggested to the intruder/writer that the bagman would be "screened for electronic devises," and that the kidnapper was "familiar with police procedures." Patsy, even when heavily drugged, might have mentioned the intruder's uncanny plagiarism of the book on the bedside table, but she did not. The ransom note threatens beheading and the corpse in the cellar has been virtually "beheaded" by a garrote."

Marrakech, Morocco

#57 Dec 31, 2012
Hi candy
thanks for this info i will see if i can find it on kindle and see if i can detect any similarites with the crime cos mind hunter on chapter 16 the only thing i have found is only the LISTEN CAREFULY from the Ransom note and a girl's head was bashed and strangled hopefully this book can make us see a clearer picture about what actuly happened to that poor little girl.

East Lansing, MI

#58 Dec 31, 2012
Hi Passion,

I agree. The idea of a garotte came from somewhere, and it will be interesting to see what is in that book. I never heard of this book linked to Patsy before, I assume Judith Phillips saw the book on her nightstand.

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#60 Jan 25, 2013
I see the MISinformation reporter is back!

You might want to rethink WHO sold WHAT to the tabs. There were a select few who wanted justice...oops, profits from this case and you might want to look inward before you point the fingers elsewhere.

You seem to be critical that something was sold to the tabs, yet were fully supportive when the NE was being sold the transcripts by a forum owner for a BIG profit.

You can't have it both ways. Either it is okay to sell stuff to the tabs or it isn't. If it isn't you have a lot of criticism to start; and they are all IDIs

Physician, heal thyself!


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#61 Jan 25, 2013
Posting JMO does not exonerate you from libeling people!
biz wrote:
Also Tal Jones was working for Miller at the same time and he is the one who started the whole "Burke Did It Rumor". I suspect it was Miller and Tal who sold the RN to the tabloids and they got the copy from FW. JMO
Steve Eller

United States

#62 Jan 25, 2013
DrSeussMd wrote:
Posting JMO does not exonerate you from libeling people!
<quoted text>
While certainly not justifiable in any way, they have no other recoutse other than sliming people and imputing their motives. While the prospect of an arrest in this becomes increasingly unlikely, for those who are studying the case the reality that the Ramseys did it will eventually become a resolved outcome not in dispute.

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