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#1512 Jul 29, 2013
recognize wolf from david dantzler wolfe-a suspicious case. Any way I see no point of rehashing monopoly stuff at this point. The Other stuff could use some review right now. I see a scenario like this

Gary kills King because he is the oakland county killer. He tells you this and says he is going to be the second zodiac. He offers to prove it by asking what your favorite bar is. You do not answer a bar you drink at- but soap because you like to wash with soap.

He then kills Noble that is on washington Street because you wash with soap and to show it is not just coincidence a victim is in the hocking river ,he picks the name noble. he also picks the hocking river because he told you he killed king and he is the Oakland County County killer which is why ock or king is in Hocking. He leaves the body at the sand bar because he made a reference to your favorite bar. Dans becomes sand.

Right about Amber. Her middle name is Lynn. This also fits what Mark said. Mark allegedly talked to keyes-a contractor. The contractor allegedly had gary or some other mystery person work with him and this mystery person that fits garys' description is said to have been helped by keyes dispose of a body and told keyes about dumping bodies at the salt mines near Route 35. This mystery person claims to be the real leader of the sfk and smiley does leave some smileys as his calling card but he is not the leader. Now Mark allegedly goes to the police-so he says and the police tell him to shut the f up about smiley face killer shit because they can not waste their time running around chasing a ficticious killer.

As you can see from the map there are 2 salt mines. One is at Lynn Avenue in Savage minnesota and the other is at Black Dog Lake-possibly the reason for dog names.

Now amber went missing just after people like the guy at sneakers bar and shuh- cambell was the detective on the Shuh case-sounds like shoe. So So when they kill amber they may know she is from campbellsport and they also know she was wearing pink shoes-dont really know color of shoes-guessing on that. So later the graffitti ends up at the LYNN dale aquaport in pink. also notice the salt mine besides being on Lynn avenue is in savage. Just what is the meaning of the word savage.-

adjective. WILD - ferocious - fierce - brutal - barbarous

we know the graffitti is a line from an Oscar WILDe play

Any way as I said about the dog names. salt repeats with dog names so I am assuming about this time -97-98-they were dumping some bodies at the salt mines. For instance barker worked for atlas cold storage- aTLAS. notice the salt. Melancon at PET -i -BONE park ntoice the nacl in meLANCon. The symbol for salt.

Any way if I got anything wrong maybe Gary can correct me.

Philadelphia, NY

#1513 Jul 29, 2013
probably should have mentioned the ambulance drivers. I always thought the clusters of missing was odd and in fact LE has at time called it strange.-something you will not read on wikipedia because the control freaks keep info like that out. 2 of those called odd were ambulance drivers. Why an amulance driver? what this mark guy said makes sense in a very strange way. he even mentioned the ambulance drivers being some kind of strange clue. McNeil was an ambulance driver at the bar called the Dapper Dog. I mentioned salt repeats with dogs. ambuLANCe.

I am not so sure gary is the occk killer but yes,I think he could have claimed to be and do believe that much. I am not saying i believe either way. Anyone can say anything,but that does not make it true.

the addresses are
us salt 1020 west black dog road
cargill salt 12105 lynn avenue Savage Minnesota
Do not have a clue who would be dumped there.

Philadelphia, NY

#1514 Jul 29, 2013
I do not like to take 3rd hand info too literal after all stories can change and if u are not there yourself ,you never really can be 100 percent sure what the truth is. lets look at some facts though. You say gary worked construction. So did keyes and so did the guy at the Noble Street bar on martin Luther King day. Keyes lived with indians and Mike F was an indian. Richard was a fan of serial killers and from what you say Gary was also. richard possibly taunted police by telling them ahead of time he was going to kill and then possibly doing it as young men went missing right after that.

I wonder more about the army guy helping a victim into a cab more than if trane people were there. was he even really army or pretending to be? Playing a role as just an innocent guy that had nothing to do with any of this,much like the zodiac did when they were looking for him.

Philadelphia, NY

#1515 Jul 29, 2013
another thing I probably should have mentioned. I will probably think of ten more things after I leave. Ambers initials. She was from campbellsport and the law man that investigated the shue case was campbell. ALW-re arrange to make law

West Salem, WI

#1516 Jul 29, 2013
LOL LOL Smooth! Does anyone other than me
catch the BRILLANCE of these killers!?? I mean to kill like this and bury and place their bodies in this way? One guy alledgly goes into the police talks about SFK and the police kick him out. I tell you he f brillant! They will go down in history! If I don't laugh, I will cry..
Suspicious Friend

Spanaway, WA

#1517 Jul 29, 2013
mrxxxxx wrote:
In May 2011, a $2.5 million lawsuit was filed against Club 915--which lost its liquor license on Jan. 7, 2011 after a series of other violations--and its security company, Top Flyte Security for ejecting Ellis out of the club. The suit contends that Top Flyte Security assaulted Ellis
Michael Ellis was approached by someone talking into a radio - security? Bouncer? Police impersonator? To my knowledge this person was never identified nor questioned, even though security cameras show Michael Ellis running away from this person in fear. Maybe he was followed by one of the Top Flight Security, possibly the one who assaulted and threw Michael down the stairs inside club 915, and this was why he ran from him in fear? Michael's last name is Ellis, wasn't there a victim found on Ellis Island? Found on Nov. 23, and there was mention of Pier 23 in other cases. Michael worked at a large hotel, other victims worked at a Mariott Hotel. And there was mentioned the name Dunbar and the Jim Dunbar Show - Michael's twin sisters are his half-sisters and their last name is Dunbar. Why didn't the police investigating this case look deeper?

New York, NY

#1518 Jul 30, 2013
interesting suspicious how these stories fit together like a puzzle. The zodiac called the dunbar show and dan says gary wanted to be the second zodiac. I personally do not believe my friend got in a real cab but it was perhaps an impersonator. The zodiac left crypic clues and now there possibly is someone out there doing the same thing

look at even a bigger picture.There are often cases that seem to mirror each other and le never seems to take much notice. girls bing picked up by similar looking men and disappearing. Woen that look like they could be sisters disappearing. etc. they denied there was ever an alantic child killer bu the families kept pushing for answers. it was not until the zodiac sent in a piece of Stein's shirt thatthey took him seriously. On one hand experts says there are a lage number of serial killers running around at any one time and on the other when you suggest what there crimes might be they try to downplay or even deny . Why does no one question the ceter for homicide that tried and failed to debunk these possible crimes? 4 drownings of young men with a similar profile in the same city over 7 months is far,far above their own average. When the ambulance drivers died le even admitted it was an unusual amount of young men dying at the time.

New York, NY

#1519 Jul 30, 2013
david reilly was at a bar called Pier 23 which I find odd. The pire office mentioned by Mike F is on route 23. Reilly was the same day as Ross. Nick Rossini was right after Jesse Ross. jesse Ross's nickname-notice nick in Nick Rossini-is opie Taylor. It was Shaffer on the street with the pire office and according to Mark a body was left near Fred Taylor Boulevard. I am assuming that could be Shaffer.

New York, NY

#1520 Jul 30, 2013
oh btw according to the story on Amber Lynn Wilde there was 900 miles driven._they knew how many miles were on the vehicle before she disappeared. So what is about 400-450 miles away? maybe that is where the body is.

New York, NY

#1521 Jul 30, 2013
BTW Dan it seems to me the things you posted with the monopoly stuff are just random things. I am not seeing it. If I can not see it I doubt any one else will either. I could create all kinds of patterns if I wanted to but I am not going to work that hard. I already knew who was missing the arm so did not have to keep looking at random names. I knew there was 4 young men that suddenly drowned ,including Blatz.

I read about runningen being at the Nubush City Limits and knew where I saw Bush before -people like luzio that worked at LIMITED brands with the bush bumper sticker. I new when matt lacrosse -who was missing just before Veterans day- that the last victim in lacrosse was a veteran . matt lacrosse also went missing the same day as someone in North Carolina and Matt Lacrosse was at Carolinas bar. Also the same time a car was found abandoned in Caroll County-etc-etc

Taylor, WI

#1522 Jul 30, 2013
Google maps gives route to the salt mine from Amber's house that are 294 up to 348 miles away. The salt mine may be a good place to look.

Philadelphia, NY

#1523 Jul 30, 2013
Ellis island is where all the immigrants came to become citizens. The immigrants that came and took indian land and told them how to live in their own country.

Philadelphia, NY

#1524 Jul 30, 2013
Right about the peterson boarding house is where they took lincoln after Booth shot him. Just realized not only was booth and Olsen and the theater worker missing the same day so was peterson the same day as those 3.

personally I think a lot of the military people were murdered and intentionally targeted. Others i think were Snell on Bush's birthday-Luzio with the Bush bumper sticker-possibly Ellis -victims on Flag day and veterans day. victims with a christian religion theme-along with some of the others just to make clues where some victims still are and some just to make their own version of cryptic clues because they are serial killer fans. That would be my guess how they know each other,but each may have a slightly different motivation but may be united by their love of killing. It is the 90's and they are going to think"now we have this thing called the internet to meet people like nus and create even new ways to kill" and then they do. It is a fact smiley and his pals chatted about how to do the perfect crimes and things like that online.

Taylor, WI

#1525 Jul 30, 2013
Isn't Ellis Island where the staue of Liberty Is

Philadelphia, NY

#1526 Aug 1, 2013
Just read some occk stuff-sounds all too familiar-bodies face up arms across chest-body on bruce lane and another in Wayne county-body across from the police station. someone was tauntin le then and someone still is. if it is the same people or person i can not say-these crimes could definitely be inspirations for killers

Elgin, IL

#1527 Aug 4, 2013
DETROIT wrote:
http://footprintsattheriversed hive.html Most recent list of drowned missing college
* 48. Willie Jacobson, 19 (NY)
* 47. Josh Szostak, 21 (NY)
* 46. Christopher Melancon, 24 (WI)
* 45. Brad Olsen, 26 (IL) MISSING
* 44. Abel Bolanos, 19 (IA)
* 43. Wade Steffey, 19 (IN)
* 42. Nick Rossini, 21 (MN)
* 41. Jesse Ross, 20 (IL) MISSING
* 40. Lucas Homan, 21 (WI)
* 39. Max Walker, 26 (WI)
* 38. Brian Shaffer, 27 (OH) MISSING
* 37. Scott Radel, 21 (MN)
* 36. Kenji Ohmi, 20 (WI)
* 35. Cullen Fortney, 21 (WI)
* 34. Patrick Kycia, 19 (MN)
* 33. Matt Kruziki, 24 (IA)
* 32. Matthew Soumakis, 31 (IL)
* 31. Albert Campbell, 22 (NY)
* 30. Josh Snell, 22 (WI)
* 29. Chris Thiem, 19 (IN)
* 28. Adam Falcon, 20 (NY)
* 27. Chris Olberding, 18 (OH)
* 26. Marlon Blue, 21 (IL)
* 25. Glenn Leadley, 23 (IL)
* 24. Jared Dion, 21 (WI)
* 23. Nathan Herr, 21 (WI)
* 22. Chad Sharon, 18 (IN)
* 21. Josh Guimond, 21 (MN) MISSING
* 20. Michael Noll, 22 (WI)
* 19. Chris Jenkins, 21 (MN)
* 18. Craig Burrows, 23 (WI)
* 17. Chris Nordby, 27 (MN)
* 16. Eric Blair, 18 (MI)
* 15. Ryan Katcher, 19 (IL)
* 14. Brian Welzien, 21 (IL)
* 13. Patrick Runningen, 23 (WI)
* 12. Ken Christiansen, 19 (MN)
* 11. Nathan Edberg, 21 (MN) MISSING
* 10. Jeffrey Geesey, 21 (WI)
* 09. Trevor Hoheisel, 27 (IL)
* 08. Keith Noble, 19 (OH)
* 07. Nathan Kapfer, 19 (WI)
* 06. Ryan Getz, 21 (MI)
* 05. Anthony Skifton, 19 (WI)
* 04. Charles Blatz, 28 (WI)
* 03. Richard Hlavaty, 19 (WI)
* 02. Patrick McNeil, 21 (NY)
* 01. Morgan White, 19 (MI)
* Unconfirmed - Dale Shields (MI)
Search for Similiarities
* academic (15)
* athletic (13)
* bar/party (48)
* bridge (10)
* cab (3)
* car accident (2)
* City: Chicago (6)
* City: DeKalb (3)
* City: Eau Claire (3)
* City: LaCrosse (10)
* City: St. Cloud (1)
* coincidences (6)
* costume (2)
* disoriented (2)
* downtown (16)
* fight (3)
* foul play (2)
* fraternity (3)
* hotel (5)
* ice (2)
* ill (2)
* injuries (2)
* kicked out of bar (3)
* lake (5)
* military (5)
* Mississippi River (10)
* My (5)
* new to town (9)
* no provisions (5)
* OktoberFest (3)
* park (9)
* Pearl and Third area (4)
* police (5)
* pond (3)
* serial killer theory (7)
* slough (4)
* State: Illinois (9)
* State: Indiana (3)
* State: Iowa (2)
* State: Michigan (2)
* State: Minnesota (8)
* State: New York (5)
* State: Ohio (3)
* State: Wisconsin (16)
* unlisted (4)
* witness (3)
Just came upon this site while googling for something else, and as I've never heard of this "Smiley Face Killer", started reading. My question to this entry is, if the one's that say "MISSING" next to their names are still missing, as I'm assuming, how does anyone know they were drowned?

Elgin, IL

#1528 Aug 4, 2013
tsk tsk tsk wrote:
I thought his name was Gary McGreen
Not Gary MacNeil, you are such a crazy McNugget McDetroit.
Is this GDI story a lie like the McStory you told about your Mcdaughter who had a 4.0 grade average went to a major Mcuniversity & had Mcmorals? Then when the Mctruth came out the story was alot Mcdifferent, turns out she gots arrested for being a drug using prostitute who was pushing under age kids into drugs & prostitution?
tsk tsk the Mclies continue. Look out Gary's of the world Detroits looking for a last name for his Mckilla.
New to this site, and story, so sorry if this is a stupid question - but what does GDI stand for? Thanks.

Elgin, IL

#1529 Aug 4, 2013
tsk tsk tsk wrote:
<quoted text>Where are YOU gonna find one of those? Just pull it out of your rear like you do when your looking for stuff you can use against the R's?
Again, sorry if this is a dumb question, but who are the "R's"?

Since: Mar 07

Detroit, MI

#1530 Aug 4, 2013
IllustratedGrrl wrote:
<quoted text>
New to this site, and story, so sorry if this is a stupid question - but what does GDI stand for? Thanks.
The OCCK case and Smiley Face are on the Jonbenet Ramsey Forum because I believe that the same killer is involved in all 3 murders. R would stand for Ramsey`s. RDI means Ramseys did it. IDI means Intruder did it. GDI means Gary Did It.

New York, NY

#1531 Aug 5, 2013
Sounds like a possibility to me they are related but nothing I would bet money on. Notice though the occk victims are people like Timothy King and a Royal Oak victim. Even the batman thing sounds lausible,but would not put money on that either. I would put money that something dam strange occurred.

Possible SFK victims are Noble in the Hocking River.- Joe Grozelle in Kingston at the Royal Military Acadamy.- A River qeen victim with the initials MK on the same day scent of a victim is traced to the Martin Luther King monument. Another victim with those initials is Kevin Martin that was at the Royal Mile bar.- These are also he first ad last initials of Martin luther King who is best known for fighting for civil rights and his speech at the Lincoln Memorial.

Suspects such as Archibald Sloan and there seem to be a SLoan Wilson connection. Possible victims like Archer. There was possible sfk graffiti that said something about killing in Vietnam and one of the OCCK suspects said he was killing rich kids as payback for making him kill their children in Vietnam. We know good candidates for SFK are often Military and often from well off families.

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